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The burning flames followed me.


[Haah, Haah, Haah…….P, pl…please help me……]


Being pursued by the flames, I desperately ran through the forest in the dark.


[…….Haah, Haah, Aaah……it hurts !]


Not noticing the dent on the ground, my feet was caught on it, and I splendidly fell down to the ground.

Then, the flames circled around me, trapping me in.


……..Ahh, is this where I’m going to die?


Having those thoughts, I closed my eyes as I welcomed death.




[……..Haah! ?……A, a dream?]


When I opened my eyes again, what jumped into sight wasn’t the burning flames surrounding me, but a room, or more specifically one of the Guild’s room that I was currently renting.


My throat was extremely dry, and I was drenched in sweat.

…….My sleeping attires were sticking onto my skin and I felt disgusted by that sensation.


[Haaah, it’s that dream again……]


My name is Amy.


Because of a certain disaster long ago, I was one of the few surviving elves, making us an endangered species.

……..Strictly speaking, I was among the upper class of the elves called the “High・Elf” but…….


Originally, we elves, including the High・Elves were few in population to begin with, so there were only a few inhabitants.

And within that, High・Elves were even more scarce than elves.


As such, High・Elves were given an important role by God.


The Gods brought the “Mythical Tree・World Tree(Yggdrasil)” into this world to stabilize the climate and magic power of this world.


In order to not let the “Mythical Tree・World Tree(Yggdrasil)” wilt and die, we would take care of it.

Occasionally, we would look out for those who tries to steal valuable materials from the World Tree, and we have spent many years protecting it.


There are no race suitable for taking care of the World Tree as much as the High・Elves as they have a longer lifespan than any other living beings on this world.


Maybe it was thankful for their daily care on it, the High・Elves were given a special protection from the tree called <Blessings of the World Tree>.


People who received the <Blessings of the World Tree>, would gain different effects depending on the person.


For example, the low combat abilities HIgh・Elves would obtain abilities that specializes in fighting against people who have evil intentions, or some would get Healing abilities…..there were all different.


Though, when I received the <Blessings of the World Tree>, the effects were unclear.

It wasn’t as powerful as the former, and wasn’t a strong magic that could destroy opponents.


Though, there wasn’t any doubt that I received the protection…..


Hence why, even without strengthening my abilities with the help of the protection, I was able to put in more effort for the tasks imposed on the High・Elves.


As I was the daughter of the Chief of the High・Elves who guard the  World Tree, I had the skills to protect the tree.


The skills which were <Magic・Recovery L> and <Alchemy>.

Plus the <Unique Magic・Trees> that allows me to freely control the growth of trees.


This <Unique Magic・Tree>, though limited ability wise, it could also be used for the World Tree.


In such circumstances, we, the elves were living our clam lives while under the protection of the World Tree.

However, we have always been targeted by the Hume Race.


If anything, the elves’ appearance seemed to be said to be “extremely beautiful” in the eyes of the Hume Race, both men and women.

Many of them would capture us and sell us as slaves, as it exists in the outside world.


Just the other day, sevel elf women disappeared from the village.

Everyone speculated that they were probably caught by the Hume race.


……Unfortunately, there were very few people with the power to defend themselves, so it wasn’t unusual when we were caught in this manner.


I asked God several times why must we be put into such mess.

Though naturally, God did not reply to us even once.


After all, what we could do was to live quietly, just live, and not be found by the Hume.


…….Hopefully, without anything happening, we could enjoy passing our time.

Yes, everyday, hoping we could live another day.




And, the destined day arrived.


As always, I was heading to the World Tree to fulfill my day as well.

As soon as I arrived at the World Tree, at that timing……that madness event begun.


At first, the King of the Hume race brought in hordes into our village.


We had people to fight but it was hard as we have few in numbers.

Also, due to differences in our combat capabilities, they were quickly defeated, and were captured by the Hume one after another.


I’ll be caught at this rate!

My body desperately moved as I cower with fear, and hid myself in one of the many caves of the World Tree, waiting for time to pass.


But the Hume were greedy and stupid than I expected.


Nevertheless, they began to cut down the World Tree which was a gift sent from God to this world.


What was it?

Yggdrasil, by the hands of the Hume, were slowly chopped down and changing in shape.


If this continues, it’ll be disastrous.


Taking care and protecting the World Tree is the proud role of us High・Elves.


Though, what can I do by myself.

I’m not good at fighting, and even with the protection I can’t use it.


If I show up blindly like that, I would probably be caught and made into a slave.


……But, no precisely because, I could not allow the Hume race to have their way towards the World Tree.


I embrace my trembling self as I confirmed my resolution.

Now, it is the time to show what the prideful High・Elves are made of!


As I tried to jump out of the hidden cave with a strong determination in mind, what I saw in front of me…..


A huge object whose entire body was shining in white(jesus?)……..In my entire 100 years of living, this was the first time seeing such a huge figure.


At that moment, the situation changed drastically.


From the World Tree, slightly far away from the base of the Hume race, a silver giant suddenly fell from the sky.


[From the Gods, given by them, this World Tree, vulgarity, unreachable items.

I, the Divine Beast Ymir………given to life by God, has arrived, to completely annihilate everyone of you.

It is God’s mercy, at the very least without suffering, I will kill all of you.]


…….The Divine Beast Ymir, that was what he clearly said.


As the legend used by the Gods, the Divine Beast who is said to have 10 bodies in this world.


The giant in front of me, one of the pillar of that Divine Beast……was it Ymir?


Ymir-sama squeezed the huge hammer that he had on his hand and wiped the whole area around him cleanly.


Birds chirping, the beautiful rivers flowing, and surrounded by beautifully cultivated trees, our village.

……The hometown of Elf is being destroyed.


Then, together with the Hume race, my brothers and sisters that were captured by them were wiped out of this world as well.


Today, what I witness with my eyes…..the disappearance of my hometown, the appearance of my friends, and the appearance of the Hume race attacking, I’ve seen it all.


[How could this……]


Repeating in self-denial as tears flowed down from my eyes.


What the heck am I going to do at this point.

God, we……why must we received such harsh punishment !


[Answer me ! WHY !? What did we ever do to you!!! GODDD!!!!!!]


My screams from within my heart was drowned by the roar of the hammer by Ymir-sama, and he disappeared.

Then unexpectedly, fire started rising from our village, and it went to the forest.


One last time, I turned and look back on the World Tree.


[…….I’ll surely come back.] I muttered as I ran away.


I have to escape from this scourge place, I have to survive! !


……I have to escape to a safe place before the fire spreads over here.


Desperately, I ran.

The burning flame came close to me.


[I cannot die in such a place! I’m alive because of everyone. I’ll show you that I will live through this ! ! ]


I was surprised by the sudden movement, neglecting my heart which was rampant, I desperately assert energy on my feet as I ran in fear.


…..After running as fast I could for 5 minutes.


As expected I was out of breath, as I could see the flames catching up to me.


[Haah, Haah, Haah…..P, pl, please help me…..] unconsciously, a weak voice escaped from my mouth.

……My eyes were overflowing with tears.


[…….Haah, haah, Aaaah……That hurts !]


Not noticing the dent on the ground, my feet was caught on it, and I fell down as is.

Then, I was wrapped in flames.






…..My eyes opened as I slowly got up.

Strange, why am I alive? I was definitely covered in flames….I should’ve died.


As evidence, the ground surrounding me was burned to the ground.


Why, was I alive.

I survived and not a single strand of hair was damaged.


I don’t know what the heck happened.


Looking back at the direction in which i ran, that is, the direction where my village was, Ymir-sama’s appearance could not be seen.

Perhaps, he went back after completely destroying everything.


With the little strength I have left, I will walk to where my village was.


What has become of my hometown.

I have to see till the end…..

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Tomorrow will be the continuation of this chapter.


Thank you very much and please take care of me from now on as well.


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