Level 1 Guy: Chapter 142 – If Satou made a move, then a Baker will benefit from it

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Resolving the wheat case, today was a free day for me.

So, in the morning I dived into Nihonium Dungeon’s 6th floor, and defeated some Poison Zombie.


In case something happens, I’ll definitely not miss out on practice.


Today, I decided to challenge myself on sniping.


Loading the normal bullets into the revolvers, I first explore the furthest distance that I can take to defeat them in a single blow.

It turns out that the max distance to get a headshot was about 30 meters.

If I fired at a distance beyond that, the bullet wouldn’t be able to penetrate it and in return not killing it.


Understanding the approximate distance, when I encountered a Poison Zombie, I would retreat back and take a distance.

Retreating to a distance that was measured beforehand, I whip out my revolver, aim at the Poison Zombie with one eye closed.


The Poison Zombie slowly approached, moaning while releasing poison.

Firmly grasping the target——–Fire !


The first bullet, grazed the cheeks of the zombie.

Only the ears were gouged out, it was way out of my initial target.


I took a deep breath, and restart my position.

Then again, aimed and fired. This time the head was blown off.


It wasn’t a Sniper Rifle, but sniping with a revolver.

Then, I continued to practice with that in mind.


Even at this distance, if I used the Homing Bullets, it would be a one shot, and it’s not that different with Repetition either.

Though till the end, I used the normal bullets to snip.

Not knowing when this would be necessary, but for the time being I practiced doing it.


The first few time was less than 30% in accuracy. Gradually that number rose, and before morning ended—–my Intelligence too rose from B to A, and so too my accuracy, coming up to about 50%.


In regards to sniping, I seemed to still have much room for improvement.




In the afternoon, I went to Teruru and after that I went back to the mansion.


[Ryouta-san, you have a guest over.] (Elza)


Elza, who stood in front of the Teleportation room greeted me.


[A guest?] (Ryouta)

[Yes, it’s his first time over. His name is Leon?Baker.] (Elza)

[Leon?Baker.] (Ryouta)


Repeating his name, it seemed to be a name I heard for the first time.

For now, I know that he’s a guy.


[What should I do?] (Elza)

[Is he still here?] (Ryouta)

[Inside the living room.] (Elza)

[Then let’s meet him.] (Ryouta)


Something might happen again. There also might be people who are in need.

I decided to meet with him, face to face.


Handing the items for Elza to check, I left for the living room by myself.

Knocked once, I went in.


The man who was sitting on the sofa stood up and looked at me.

He looked round the latter half of his twenties, he looks to be a gentleman with properly maintained beard.


[Hello, nice to meet you, I’m Leon?Baker.] (Leon)

[I’m Satou Ryouta.] (Ryouta)


After introducing ourselves, I sat on the sofa opposite of Leon.

So, what is it this time—–as I was figuring out what was the case, I noticed Leon was looking straight at me.


He stood still, then deeply lowering his head.


[Thank you so much.] (Leon)

[What did I do? I’m sure that this is the first time meeting with Leon, and I don’t remember having did something that would deserve a thank you from you.] (Ryouta)

[Yes it is our first time meeting. But, thank you.] (Leon)


Again he thanked me, as I poked my head with both my fingers and think in confusion.




The south side of Shikuro city, one bakery shop.

There, Leon brought me.


[This is my shop.] (Leon)

[It has a nice smell to it.] (Ryouta)


The store that has been guided by Leon can be said to not have many customers even when I complimented, though it is kept clean, and a good smell drifted outside as well.


Looking at the shop, that was the impression that it gave me.


[As you can see, I’m running a bakery. These past few days, because of Satou-san continuing to produce wheat that I had been saved.] (Leon)

[Aah……] (Ryouta)


I somehow understood the circumstances.

I got it, but……Is that worth being that thankful?


[Is it something that you should thank me? Is what your face seems to be saying.] (Leon)

[Putting it briefly. It’s true that, without the necessary ingredients you cannot make bread, and increasing the price of your bread would lead to some trouble. Though, the matter isn’t something worth bringing me all the way here.] (Ryouta)

[You’ll understand once you head in.] (Leon)

[…….Okay.] (Ryouta)


If he put it that way, there must be something going on.

Following what Leon said, I followed and went in.


The bakery shop was well lit, and from outside, and the image from outside was still beautiful, but the bread lineup was plain.


Bread, French bread, Table Roll.


There were no Delicatessen breads, let alone any Anpan.

Anyway, it was simple and plain.


What is this? As I turned around and looked and Leon, he continued further.


[Please.] (leon)


As soon as I entered the kitchen——I was surprised at the sight of the bread studio.


Three little pigs.


That was the first word that came into mind.

They looked to be around their lower elementary kids, the three of them with a human but a pig face, and they were kneaded bread doughs.

They had a certain charm, but no matter where I look, they seemed to be monsters.


[This is?] (Ryouta)

[They’re Mini Orcs. The demons who lived in a dungeon, and they are rogue monsters. I’m sure you know what I mean, Satou-san.] (Leon)

[Aah, so similar to Cerberus in my home.] (Ryouta)


It’s the same as that, was what he was trying to say.


[Couple years back, I met them in a field, I thought that these children would attack me, but somehow they seemed nostalgic, so we decided to live together.] (Leon)

[Collar—-they seemed to have collars on their wrists.] (Ryouta)

[I can’t endure putting it on their necks, so I pleaded on whether I could put it on their wrists instead.] (Leon)


Even while Leon was talking with me, the three little pigs—–I mean originally Mini Orcs continued to knead the dough.

They did the one thing without disturbance.


One of them came to show Leon the dough he had kneaded up.


[Ogo.] (Pig 1)

[Let’s see……Yeap, you did well. You worked hard.] (Leon)

[Ogo ?] (Pig 1)


Leon confirmed the dough and stroked the head of the Mini Orc.

The Mini Orc was delighted and continued to knead the next dough.


[When living together, we had many mistakes. Many.] (Leon)

[……Is that so.] (Ryouta)


Surely, I do not want to imagine how [many] was it.


[And thus the bakery was what I concluded. There’s nothing else but this…..is what I wouldn’t want to say, but this is the best match for these kids. I think you would understand after looking at them, but they can really knead the dough well, and they’re glad to be praised by me.] (Leon)


They have a good relationship, it was a little enviable.


[When there are days when they can’t make bread, they would be sad. For example, when I fell sick, they couldn’t knead any breads.] (Leon)

[I see.] (Ryouta)


Finally, I knew about the story of the bakery shop.

Leon also understood that I got it.


When the Clifford Family stopped the production of wheat, Leon and his three Mini Orcs were in trouble.

Connecting that with this, I came to understand why he thanked me from the beginning.


[Satou-san.] (Leon)


Leon turned to me, and bowed his head again.


[Thank you so much, really, thank you.] (Leon)


The things that I’ve done, it seemed to have produced surprising results in surprising places.

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