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TLN Note: Should I do an April Fool’s joke and do something horrible? Nah, too lazy to think of one~


For the next day, I went to Bismuth Dungeon’s 6th floor to hunt.


Alice would locate the monsters for me, whereas I’ll use Repetition to instantly kill them.

Then, sending the drops off using the Magic Cart.


After firing Repetition, my other hand would fire the Infinite Recovery Bullets, healing my MP to max again.

Thinking about when I was attacked yesterday, I prepared for my MP (and HP too) to be at full at all times.


[This cake is really delicious, right.] (Celeste?)

[It’s a cake made out of Pumpkin nanodesu, and it’s obviously the Pumpkins from Yoda-san nanodesu.] (Emily)

[Low level’s carrots are number 1.] (Eve)


And in the same dungeon, my teammates were here with me as well.

Placing a sheet on the ground with the Bismuth crystals around it, they were having a picnic on it.


They looked completely relaxed while having a picnic in a dungeon.


[Well then, let’s do our best for today as well——Uoo !]


Adventurers that were passing by this floor would look at this phenomenon and get a surprised.

Emily with her hammer, Celeste with her Bicorn, and Eve aligning her fingers together to form a chopping motion.

They would immediately be vigilant to any unrelated adventurers that passed by this floor to the next floor.


[We’re so grateful, being protected by all these ladies.] (Alice)

[That’s right, because of everyone we could give our all into hunting for monsters.] (Ryouta)


I was really grateful to all of them as I was hunting down the Chameleons.

While continuing, another adventurer passed by.


Similar to just now, they immediately stayed vigilant at the adventurer. Though, the adventurer wasn’t surprised but instead stared at us for some time.

After looking at them, he turned and stared at me.


And, as if nothing ever happened, he walked away.

Though nothing happened, the girls were even more cautious than ever by their behaviours.


[That guy was staring at us just now desu.] (Emily)

[Yeah, I’m pretty sure he is a member of the Clifford Family.] (Celeste)

[Quite high level.] (Eve)

[But he did not come and attack us desu.] (Emily)

[Just staring at us gives me the creeps.] (Celeste)

[No matter how many comes, it’ll be fine. A carrot is dangling in front of bunny.] (Eve)

[Yes desu! I’ll not let anyone bother Yoda-san desu!] (Emily)

[That’s right. No matter how many comes, we’ll stop them.] (Celeste)


My teammates were all very reliable.

Wait a minute, Eve, are you sure about that. Saying that a carrot is dangling in front of you. (TLN: Being baited? Jebaited? I’m not sure)


Having the three of them protecting me made me feel at ease, I’ll defeat the Chameleon the best I can.

Defeating the best I could, and getting the dropped wheat.


I managed to burn earnings to cover one city’s one day consumption, and night came.


Thus, I managed to complete Clint’s request.

And, by the sidelines.

The earnings for today has reached 5 Million Piro.




Morning. Guess I’ll do my best at Bismuth for today as well. Oh, better get up from bed and get out of my room.


[Yoda-san, you’re here just in time desu.] (Emily)

[You have something to ask me Emily?] (Ryouta)

[The Association Chief is here to see you desu.] (Emily)

[Clint is?] (Ryouta)

[Also——–welcome back nanodesu.] (Emily)


Emily looked behind me and greeted someone.

When I turned back, I could see the appearance of Eve.

Eve who came walking from the other side of the corridor has her usual lack of emotion on her face.


[How was it desu?] (Emily)

[It’s there. Probably same as usual.] (Eve)

[What does that mean? Don’t just connect by yourselves, can you tell me what’s going on?] (Ryouta)

[It’s alright desu, you’ll soon know after meeting up with Clint-san desu.] (Emily)

[……Fumu.] (Ryouta)


With Emily’s tone of voice, I could somehow guess what’s gonna happen.

I changed and washed my face, and with my morning dress I went towards the living room.




[It’s the ace of Shikuro !] (Clint)


Standing up from the sofa, he came running towards me to give me a hug but I dodged him.

With quite some strength coming straight towards me, his face went smacking against the wall behind me.


[Ah, ouch. That’s horrible Satou, how could you dodge me.] (Clint)

[No, normally one would avoid though. Having an old man with sugar stains around his mouth come running towards me.] (Ryouta)


Clint indeed had sugar stains on his mouth after crashing into the wall. If I did not avoid that, those sugars would’ve stained my clothes.


I went and sat on the sofa, and urged him to sit down too.


[So, what do you want from me today?] (Ryouta)

[The Clifford Family has returned to the dungeon.] (Clint)

[I see.] (Ryouta)


I knew it.


[You don’t seem fazed, guess you heard it from your teammates huh.] (Clint)

[Huh…yeah, Eve did say “As per usual”, so I sorta guessed it. So the purpose this time is to return to normal.] (Ryouta)


Clint quickly nodded.

The conversation today, to summarize into one sentence, it was negotiating the increase in price.

After being in a state of oligopoly, they’re negotiating a price increase, so I straight up said [If you mind it then stop oligopoly then.].

In fact, the Ryouta Family was able to supply the necessary amount for Shikuro.

Besides, I’m not doing anything wrong.


Though I foiled their plans, the production of wheat itself wasn’t particularly wrong.


If that happens, the other side only loses some. As they would not have income unless they farm in the dungeon.


So, while it was worth doing it if the value goes up, but if it does not, their lost would be much more higher.

Hence why they returned and did their usual route.


[You understand just from the words ‘as per usual’?] (Clint)

[We were seen yesterday. He is probably from the Clifford Family. Maybe after seeing us he reported to his leader and this was the result.] (Ryouta)

[I see, there were already indications.] (Clint)

[Yeah, thus I understood.] (Ryouta)


Clint nodded as if he got it.

Afterwards, he looked straight at me in the eyes.


[Thank you Satou for helping us yet again. This gratitude of mine——-] (Clint)

[Please pardon me from a years worth of sugar.] (Ryouta)


I form my hands into an ‘X’ mark, and tears came out of Clint’s eyes.


[You really meant what you said——no you were really going to do it.] (Ryouta)

[The sugars did no wrong ! Satou is the best !] (Clint)

[Yeah yeah, sure.] (Ryouta)


Although he just emphasized, I felt that I would get diabetes merely by hearing him say it.

Well, in any case.

With that, my normal live has returned.

There might be grudges from other but in the meantime——


[A suspicious person ! It’s the enemy of Master !] (Cerberus)



I have a reliable watchdog at home too, my teammates are all strong too, it’s all good.


[Thank you Satou, Really, thanks.] (Clint)


The sugar freak Clint looked straight to me and showed his sincere thank you.


[In addition to checking over the other side, I’ll pay the same amount as how much wheat you hunted.] (Clint)

[Alright.] (Ryouta)


The two days of my earning was doubled.

Putting in what I normally earned per day, the total was 50 Million Piros.

Seeing that amount, I’d gotten slightly excited.


Author Note:

The 3rd book has been released today (30th of March)! Please take care of me from now onwards!

Translator’s Note: To support our lovely LN, Level 1 Guy, I’ll be purchasing his third book and scanning the third book images as well! So, stay tuned ~


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