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TLN Note: If you’re here after reading JunkBurst’s Translations, you might’ve remember Myne being able to summon a mythological weapon called <<Twirling>> right? as what JunkBurst wrote, but for me I wanted to know what the heck was “Twirling” so I did some research(after half an hour) and finally came with a solid conclusion that I’m probably 80-90% sure that the author was trying to name this sword <<Tyrving>>. If you look at the 5th sentence, I’ve explained it there and if you click on the link you can see the origins of that mythological sword.


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Leveling up Alchemy


Just after showing my two wives and Waffle the “Beginner Weapons”, the story progressed at a stretched.

After all, I’ve greatly realised that it wasn’t a big deal to ask someone rather than thinking about it alone.


Although it turned into a theory, but I wished that I’ve talked this out sooner.


…..Well then, let’s put aside my reflections.


First off, let’s think about the weapons I should prioritized first.


I do have the Lightning Edge, worse case scenario I could just use Tyrving. (トゥワリング is the Jap katakana, and after searching high and low for this darn meaning, I have came to a conclusion it is this mythological weapon.)

Tyrving, the strongest dagger artifact that was created by God…….


I’m not sure which would be the strongest, but from my experience of using Tyrving so far, it could be said that the weapon is OP『overpowered』.


If you think about it like that, my current dagger would be lagging behind so there should be no problems at all.


Also, Sylphy owns a Rare・Weapon called the Lynus・Sword. (TLN: Kill me with all these names.)

There is no mistake that that weapon is also a very powerful weapon.


The performance of the weapon itself was already amazing, but there is even a strong Martial Arts that can only be used after equipping it.

………..If you think about it, the weapon is good enough that there isn’t anything to upgrade, so let’s postpone that for now.


From the above, what remained after the process of elimination is Aisha’s weapon, that was, the “Beginner Bow”.


However, out of the three kinds of materials required for the “Beginner Bow” and the “Beginner One-Handed Sword”, one of the materials needed 2 monsters.


Which means, at the end it would be……


「Okay, let’s make Aisha’s bow first.

Since we need the Manticore’s Leather for Sylphy’s One-handed sword to upgrade so let’s gather it as well.」


「That’s right, I agree with it.

If we think about the order in which we should upgrade first, I agree that Aisha would be the first to get an upgrade.」


「Eh, Eeh? Are you sure we should start with me first?」


Aisha was refraining herself, but in the end she was defeated by me and Sylphy’s remarks and answered tearfully with a 「I understand」, so it was decided that we should upgrade the bow first.


Even though she doesn’t need to hold back at all.


「……By the way Dear Husband, I wanted to ask you one thing, after collecting the required materials, what must you do in order to upgrade the weapon?」


「Yes, that would be a little problematic as you would need the 【Alchemy】 skill.

Previously, I’ve heard that Airy has the 【Alchemy】 skill, which made me remember these weapons……

The problem now is how much level must we increase for 【Alchemy】 to work.」


「……Wait a minute, Myne-kun.」


Aisha suddenly cut us off.

Hm? What’s the matter…..this is rare of her to do so.


「What’s wrong? Aisha.」


「Just now, what is the “Level” thing that you said just now?」


Eh? Haven’t I told them about the Level system?

Which meant……That I’ve forgotten to tell them about the skill level too?


「……Haven’t I mentioned about it before?」


「No, I’ve never heard of it either.」


Aah, so I did not talk about it! I’m sorry, both of you…….


Thus, I once again explained the 【Appraisal・Total】 skill to the two of them.


The concept of level, and the concept of skill levels.

Although they existed, but it can’t be seen by normal standards, the both of them were shocked beyond belief.


「Th, then, what are our levels now! ?」


Sylphy spoke while perplexed.


「Aisha is Level 43, I’m Level 63, and Sylphy is Level 69.」


「Is that number high?」


「Brother-In-Law…..was Level 43 from when I last saw him? The King was around Level 51 if I’m not mistaken?」


「My level is higher than both father and dear husband?」


「Remember the time when we hunted a lot of Slimes?

For Sylphy’s case, the 【10 times Experience】 Skill that I took and pasted on you had a high effect.

The Labyrinth of Power that we went and defeated the Troll Magister also gave a huge sum of experience right?」


Sylphy was being taken aback with these unexpected answers.


『Myne, how about me, me ! ?』


『Waffle is now level 31.』


『I, am the lowest out of everyone! ?』


『For now, but I’ve put the 【10 Times Experience】 on Waffle so you’ll eventually level up quickly from now.』


I wonder if Waffle was extremely excited after I explained about it, but his tail was wagging in a high speed, and was running around me.


「So, going back to the topic….. I don’t know how much level I would need 【Alchemy】 to be for it to work.」


Returning back to the topic of the “Beginners Weapon”, I explained to everyone that the skills ability changes as the skill level rises.


「I see……When I heard the story, I thought it would be as simple as bringing it to Airy and ask her to use her 【Alchemy】 skill….

It isn’t as simple as that as I can tell….」


Sylphy muttered as such, folded her arms and started pondering.


From Waffle’s story, the “Beginners Weapon” had different upgradable stages.

……..Although this was my speculation, if we’re talking about Artifacts, then the 【Alchemy】 level must be as high as it can to refine an artifact weapon.


If what I thought was correct, even though I don’t know how many stages are there, but I think it is necessary to borrow the power of a high level Alchemist.


「…….I get what you mean, so should we give up on making it then?」


Aisha asked.


「No, for now, we should slowly look for an Alchemist, so I think we should start collecting the materials first.

Then, once we find an Alchemist, we can ask him to help us make it!」


「I understand, then should we find the place where Elder Treants are inhabited.」


After talking about it with Aisha, maybe her thoughts were settled, Sylphy cried out.


「……Dear Husband, if you’re talking about a high-level Alchemist, there is but one person in mind.」


…..Who would that be?

I wonder if Sylphy thought of a person of the royal family?


「Really! ? If that’s the case then he would be able to make Artifact weapons!」


While raising voices of delight, Sylphy showed a slightly troubled look and continued talking.


「But, he is a very tough person to speak with, he only accepts requests from his mother.

…….No, I think it’s better if you do not even meet him.」


Only accepts requests from the Queen……

Well then, the possibility of me leveling 【Alchemy】 would be far better than requesting.


「……Is that so, so it’s impossible to do it then.」


「I don’t think I could get a response that soon, but if I persuade it over time…..then there might be a possibility…..

Besides, there is also a way where I can just ask mother to ask him.」


……Yeap, that’s right.

If you know who to ask, then the person’s feeling would change considerably too!


As for now, let’s just look at it positively!


「That’s right! If we give up from the beginning, then it would all be over.」


「Yeah, we have not even gathered the materials yet, so there is no need to hurry.

When I go to the royal palace, I would ask for an Alchemist!

If that doesn’t’ work, then I would consult with mother.」


Plus, if it is the first stage, then we would probably not need a high level Alchemist to do so.

If that is the case, we could try asking Airy to do it.


Also, over time if she uses her alchemy skills plus the 【10 Times Experience】 pasted on her skills, then I’m sure her level would rise up considerably.

I’m sure if you were to make such an amazing weapon, the experience points earned would be something great as well.


If it all works out, there might be a possibility that Airy’s level would bring us to the final stage too.


Anyhow, we should do what we can for now!


So first up, we should complete the Clan House before everything.

Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.


I will reply to you on Saturday which we have written in the activity report.

A situation where I would have not enough time continues.


I’m sorry and please take care of me onwards.


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Tyrfing (also Tirfing or Tyrving), the cursed sword of Svafrlami with a golden hilt that would never miss a stroke, would never rust and would cut through stone and iron as easily as through clothes. The dwarves made the sword, and it shone and gleamed like fire. However, they cursed it so that it would kill a man every time it was used and that it would be the cause of three great evils.

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