FF: Chapter 63: The Strongest Dinosaur-Man

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The Strongest Dinosaur-man


If witnessing the Phantom using its ability and creating afterimages induces fear in the evolutionaries;


Then now, what they felt was just pure shock!


Bull’s totemic pole drop onto the ground with a ‘thump, not registering the pain from the 150kg pole dropping onto his foot.


The mouths of Dog and Pig was wide enough to fit a whole ostrich egg.


The Phantom is a boss after all, and Lin Xii is an evolutionary.


What’s the difference between a 3 star and 6 star bloodline?


It isn’t just merely double, it could be quadruple the difference, or even 10 times the difference!


Even Wu Yan was panicking when facing the Phantom, what does Lin Xii with his 3 star Bloodline could even amount to?


Of course they don’t know that Lin Xii is actually an 5 star Bloodline user——the Ukaku is too eye-catching after all——the Progenitor Bloodline is not striking in its combat ability, but what’s important is what did the user gone through.


Wu Yan with his 6 star Bloodline only encountered one slightly dangerous battle against the Flaming Witch Binoche.


Lin Xii? How many near death experience he had again?


First it was getting shot nearly to death by the Desert Eagle, resulting in him awakening ‘Burst’; then it was Su Mei that almost eaten him, awakening ‘Hot Blood’ in his rage; after that was him engulfing the ghoul’s genes and developing his Ukaku; lastly, it was him obtaining his Ice powers after killing the Ice Witch in the Grand Flores.


On the road of evolution, others were slowly treading along while he had already took 4 big steps!


His wafer sword clashed against the dagger of the Phantom.


What’s worth mentioning——none of the bosses have their trademark weapon, the Phantom without his crescent moon sabre, the Butcher without both of his knives. The Phantom could only make do with a normal dagger and the Butcher was empty handed.


“Dang, Dang, Dang!”


The sword and the dagger clashed against each other a total of 3 times, there wasn’t a 4th time as Lin Xii sliced off the neck of the Phantom with his wafer sword on his 4th strike.


At this moment, even Xiao Qing, Wang Wei and Zhen Tian that knew Lin Xii’s power level was stunned.


4 strikes and kill the Phantom?


Don’t joke with me!


The last battle in the secret base, he was in a harsh battle against the Phantom and only redeeming the Sundae Fusion and performing ‘Omnislash’ managed to end this boss.


Now, he only need 4 strikes!


Of course none of them knew that the Phantom that’s devoid of any intelligence was not even a threat to Lin Xii.


The first 2 strikes, he transfer ice element energy through his wafer sword into his opponent’s body through the dagger.


With his ‘Burst’, these sort of high speed battle are usually decided in an instant.


So, as the Phantom slowed down due to the icy chill, the 3rd strike deflected the Phantom’s dagger away as the 4th sliced into the throat and trachea, breaking the delicate spine as well!


If the Phantom possessed any kind of intelligence, it would definitely not use its dagger to clash against the shiny blue wafer sword.


EVen if it did, after feeling the icy chill from the first clash it would definitely not continue to do so, it could even throw the dagger away and escape.


4 strikes…..and the Phantom dies. The boss that freaked everyone out just dies like that, the gap in events was just unacceptable for everyone, who’s the boss again?


Wu Yan was going crazy, he always thought Lin Xii as his rival, but never once did he actually looked at him……could a 3 star ghoul’s Bloodline actually be better than his 6 star Protoss Bloodline?




“Everything, is a dream, it must be an illusion……” He mumbled to himself.


After gathering back his stunned surprise, Xiao Qiang turned his head and looked at Wu Yan, speaking to him with a cold smile.

“A person that’s really strong, won’t be bothered to announce or say anything.”


“Also, they would stand up at a crucial moment. Just like in the forest, just like during the secret base, just like now……”


He slightly laughed sarcastically, “Did you know why he didn’t say anything when you blabbered a bunch of nonsense?”


“Because he doesn’t have the time to reply to the likes of you.”


“The difference between you and him are just worlds apart!”


Lin Xii that ended the Phantom in 4 strikes furrowed his brows, why does the boss gives only 4600 points after killing it? About ⅕ of the original Phantom? Also, it did not drop any vials after kill it.


Looks like these unintelligent bosses are really just fakes.


Seeing the Ruffian, Butcher, Tyrog and the Savage rushing to him, Lin XIi did not bother with them. Instead he activate his Ukaku and flew into the air.


The fake bosses are just vastly different from the real boss, the rest of them are much tankier and harder to kill compared to the Phantom. If he had the time to kill them, it’s much better to aim for a better target——he had already spotted Dr Fessenden on a hill with his enhanced sight.


That’s the final boss of the Cadillac and Dinosaurs World, the mastermind behind everything!


If Lin Xii doesn’t go after him now, he will definitely escape!


“I will leave the 4 other bosses to you all!”


Earlier what Wu Yan did angered everyone, and now looking at Lin Xii’s action; just comparing that would already show Lin Xii in a higher position, not hogging all the boss for himself even with his superior strength.


“Yo, let’s go!”


As Bull was about to pick his totemic pole up and rush into battle, he then only realized the heavy pole that was on his feet. A cry that was akin to a pig getting slaughtered rang out……


On the top of the hill, Fessenden was running away.




He knew of these people, in fact, when he befell onto this world and took over the ration base with his underlings, he already met one.




Earlier when Lin Xii and the others wiped the previous bosses out, he was already on his guard and tried his best to overestimate their strength, that was why he left the base. Only after capturing the 5 dinosaurs and finding the super huge T-Rex then only he dared going back for revenge.


But, not only they have a huge giant that’s comparable to the T-Rex, and also someone that could kill the Phantom in a few clashes!


Fessenden understood that he kicked onto a metal plate this time……


“Shit, I can’t outrun him.”


Looking above, he spotted Lin Xii with his blood red wings already flying on top of him. The Dr. with his twisted his ugly face, “If I can’t run, then let’s battle then! The strength of the dinosaurs dominated the ancient times, something that even the gods fear!”


A syringe plunged into his arm. As the liquid surged in, Dr Fessenden let out a painful cry. The cry sounded human at first, then gradually turn deeper and deeper.




Fessenden slumped onto the ground with his knees curled up, his whole body trembling. The nerves and muscles underneath his skin started wiggling, as if something was about to burst out from within.


His eyes started changing rapidly.


The whites of his eyes was getting covered with streaks of blood, his pupils trembled, the base of it turning dark brown and elongated into slits!


A golden slit!


Dr Fessenden that stood up once again, turned into a green skin Dinosaur-Man!


Lin Xii landed from the air onto the ground.


There was a dinosaur-man in the 5 bosses earlier, but that dinosaur-man was dazed, without a sense of self awareness. Whereas Dr Fessenden eyes was cruel, evil and bloodthirsty, he definitely retained his sense of self.


Icy Aura~


A clockwise spinning icy aura appeared underneath Lin Xii’s feet.


Frost started forming on the surface of the Dinosaur-Man.

But Lin Xii realized that the Dinosaur-Man started trembling at a certain frequency. Each of the muscles on its green body trembled individually.


Before the frost could settle and hardened, it was break off——just from this alone, it could be seen that how much the Dinosaur-Man had control over its own body!


After all it is the final boss, how could it be weak?


Lin Xii immediately shut the icy aura off, there’s no need to waste his biological energy on sustaining the aura if it doesn’t work.




After a roar, Dr Fessenden bent his knees and lowered his center of gravity. He’s now like a barrel of gunpowder, exploding with the slightest touch!


The ground underneath his legs cracked, chipped rocks and soil trembled. Just from a stomp from the Dinosaur-Man, it shows that its strength is stronger than the Ruffian that specialized in strength!


With a 30 meter long leap, it ran with long strides, each of them covering more than 10 meters. The ground shook, its jaw wide open as it ran, the sharpness of its teeth could be seen clearly.




With Lin Xii’s current physique it would definitely not hold up against the Dinosaur-Man bites and claws, he did not inherit the ghoul’s defenses after all, so all he could do is dodge.


Afterimages flashes by, the 2 wafer swords slashed two long streak with his highspeed movement.


A 1cm deep ‘X’ mark appeared on the Dinosaur-Man’s torso. What ridiculous defense this monster possessed! Lin Xii could felt the density of its muscles as he slashed with his wafer swords.


Even though the wafer swords aren’t shinkis, but they are weapons that’s worth 30000 after all; alas they couldn’t even break the skin of Dr Fessenden.


The mutated skin was much, much harder than the mud armor of the stonetusk boar.


He kept the 2 wafer swords into his storage space and took out the desert eagle. Lin Xii continued weaved around with his ‘Burst’ state and shoot with his gun.


Afterimages stacked together in a line, each of them showing the posture of lifting the gun up and shoot.


Obviously the desert eagle could not penetrate the skin of the Dinosaur-Man, Lin Xii was just using the desert eagle as a measuring equipment to test the hardness of the Dinosaur-Man’s skin.


As the bullets hit onto the skin, it was different from Su Mei that deflected the bullet away and made sparks fly. Even though the bullet was unable to penetrate the skin of the Dinosaur-Man, it managed to sink into it and made a small dent.


After that it was squeezed out from the strength of the Dinosaur-Man’s muscles, each of the bullets dropping onto the ground.


“This level of defense coupled with the crazy regenerative powers, even with the Omnislash it would be hard to kill this monster!”


He kept the desert eagle.


So, he need to use his other trump card.


The red light in his eyes disappeared, and lighted up again in under a second——this time it was slightly different, it a more passionate red than before, like the redness of fire and blood combined!


The surface of Lin Xii’s skin was dyed crimson red, his veins popped up on the surface on his skin.  His heart thumped loudly, audible to the surroundings. As his blood pressure increased and his blood flowed faster, he gripped onto his fist.


“Let us see, who’s the stronger one then!”


‘Hot Blood’!

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