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TLN Note: Everlasting Sunflower is now Eternal Sunflower from the Author himself, I’m sad. And second, labyrinth and dungeons are the same thing, but when he describes the name of the dungeon, it would be called Labyrinth of [something] instead.

Side Note: Title is (Katakana) -English-


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That lively slumber party? About a week has passed since that slumber party before our peaceful lives finally returned.


…….Well then, what happened to everyone after the slumber party.


First, Amy-san returned to the Guild.


After experiencing first hand of our house after the slumber party, Amy-san officially announced that she was going to move from the Guild to our home.

As a result, Amy-san gathered up her baggage and decided to move in.


However, there seemed to be procedures in the Guild and interactions with the Royal Palace. As for when will she be moving in, it is expected it would take about 1 to 2 weeks.


Other than that, Airy also reluctantly returned to the royal palace.


For her, if she was able to obtain the permission of the King and Queen, then she would be officially welcomed to our Clan.

However, even if she’d gotten the approval, she would only be able to come after the Clan House is built, so it will be a long way before that occurs.


And finally, as for us……

First up, I cleaned up my home thoroughly.


Reason being Amy-san needed a secure room to live in.


And after finished cleaning up the room, Sylphy said that she wanted to have a date with me.

As mentioned, I explained that I’ve went with Aisha to the Labyrinth of Power as a date.


Thus, she strongly insisted that she wanted to do the same thing, so I had to go to the Labyrinth of Power again with Sylphy.


Finished exploring the dungeon at about the same time as last time, I decided to slowly rest my body after coming back home.

Thinking for a bit, I’ve gotten a lot of Skills, and had always been busy.


Thinking that having a break is necessary once in a while, I’ve gotten the approval of the whole family to take our time for today.




And thus we have taken a break for almost a month.

It was time to think about what we should do next.


First thing that came into mind was the request from the royal family to the 「Eternal Sunflower」. (TLN Note: Okay guys, you win, the author himself wrote Eternal instead of Everlasting, so it will be Eternal from now.)

The objective was to search for newly discovered dungeons and destroy their cores.


Originally, I planned to start immediately, but priority came to securing Amy-san’s safety first.

Will there be an attack since I waited for the completion of the Clan House and Amy-san’s safety?


Though it is a new dungeon, it should not be a huge issue, but it is still a dungeon nonetheless.

Plus, it should be best to think that it might take some time to complete a dungeon.


Next would be……enhancing my beginner weapons.


As my wives knew about my skills, there wouldn’t be a problem even if I talked about the details of the weapons.

It wouldn’t just be a dagger, but also a bow and a one-handed sword are in my hands,  so it wouldn’t be bad to get a head start on that first.


Plus the number one objective is to capture the “Labyrinth of Prison”.


It would be a valuable opportunity to gain some rare dragon skills.


Dragon Race that had their freedoms stripped, as per what Jormungand-sama said.

But, he did say something else too.


「I do not mind you killing, but do not let them kill you.」 was what he said.


……That was to say that it was necessary to fight, although it was against a Dragon Race with handicap.


If I were to challenge the “Labyrinth of Prison”, I would have to raise the level of 【Appraisal・Total】 for the moment.

If possible, I would like to cut out race skills as it is too painful.


……And, at the same time, while fighting against a Dragon Race, it would be necessary to acquire the abilities to win against them.


Thinking along the lines of that, it should be expected…..that I should accumulate more power before facing against them head on.


Thus for now, which should I decide first?




「…….And so, I’d like to decide on our next objective!」


Waffle was sitting on my head as I started talking.


「Yeah, I’ve taken enough of rest, it is time for us to start moving!」


「Fumu, I have to get used to the skills I got from dear husband, am I right?」




Since it was an unanimous agreement, I took out my “Beginner Dagger”, “Beginner One-Handed Sword”, and the “Beginner Bow” from my storage and place it in front of everyone.


「Eh? Are these…..weapons brought in the Town of Adol?」


「Hm? I see, these were the weapons that you were talking about? Though, All I could see are the horns of rabbits, wouldn’t the performance be a tad bit low?」


『Wafu! ! It’s an Enhance Weapon! ! !』


…….Eh? What’s that?


『…..Waffle? Are you talking about the weapons? When you said that “Enhance Weapon”.』


『I was surprised too, it is my first time seeing it!

Probably, This, is what Aunt Hel said about a weapon that grows along with the user.』


……Aunt Hel? ?


『Who’s Aunt Hel?』


『Mom’s….little sister?』


! ! ! ! !


Did he meant by the Divine Beast Hel! ?


What Waffle said was, a weapon that God bestowed to the Humans as a trump card to slay the Demons.

By collecting materials and train daily, the weapon would grow into a strong weapon.


As it could be evolve multiple times, it is a weapon stronger than any existing weapons called a Artifact Weapon as it could grow in many stages.


When I saw it for the first time, I bought it because I felt something, but that it was such an amazing thing……


「…….That, is that kind of weapon huh……」


After listening to Waffle’s explanation, Sylphy held the “Beginner One-handed Sword”.


『I heard that this black thing could be found in the dungeon.』


Aah, I remembered the blacksmith of Adol mentioning this before.


As trying to enhance an Artifact would require a lot of materials, so it was awfully tough.

As there were a large number of people who gave up and gotten frustrated, God decided to increase the number of people who could create it, the first weapon, would be scattered on the ground.


If more people obtained it, then more people could finish it.


「…….Thus, I would like to do my best in completing this weapon, is that alright?」


As I suggested my opinion, Aisha and Sylphy both nodded in agreement.


「In all honesty, I used to go to the Labyrinth of Power before to hunt for Trolls.

……..Well, it was actually one of the materials for growing this Dagger.」


Name: Beginner Dagger
Materials Required: Troll’s Leather X10, Iron Ingot X20, Advanced Manastone


Name: Beginner One-Handed Sword
Materials Required: Manticore’s Leather X5, Iron Ingot X30, Advanced Manastone


Name: Beginner Bow
Materials Required: Manticore’s Leather X3, Elder Treant’s Material X10, Advanced Manastone X2


I explained the materials required to the both of them.


「Fumu, couldn’t you have bought the Iron Ingots from Craftsman-san?」


Sylphy came up with a thought.


Aah, I see! I could get my hands on some from Craftsman-san!


「……The advanced manastone had been obtained from the Cockatrice and the Troll Geyser… isn’t it a few more to go?」


Aisha also remembered about the Labyrinth of Power.


「……..So, our objective is to defeat Manticores and Elder Treants.」


Yeap, it seemed that I would be able to grow my weapons to the second stage earlier than expected.

TLN Note: Updates: Changed the descriptions of the Beginner names and used a table for each of them.

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