FF: Chapter 62: Tragic

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The muscles on Wu Yan’s face started twitching——his heart started panicking, his mental strength started wavering strongly, the 3 blue white shield flickered more and more and finally gave out and dispersed into tiny light particles.




The 4 boss finally rushed in front of him, and his shield gave up at this very moment?


Also, the Phantom had just done killing off Xu Ping and looking for a new target. At this crucial moment, he just had to lose his shield……


Wu Yan almost could felt his being crumbling.




Mu Tie and the others that was gazing far away let out cries of surprise, Wu Yan does really have the bravery of someone strong! After noticing that Xu Ping was killed by the Phantom, instead of escaping he dropped his shield? What’s he doing, preparing to fight the bosses with his fist?


Such an amount of bravery he have!


At this very moment, the Ruffian, Butcher, Tyrog and the Savage all rushed and jumped onto Wu Yan.


They also activated they skills too!


The Ruffian leaped into the air with a flying kick, the Butcher ran with the ground shaking immensely, Tyrog lowered his head and rushed forward with a headbutt and the Savage stretched its long arms and claws for the kill.


Due to the enhancement to the body from the vials, most of the monsters was taller than 2 meters, even the shortest of them, the Savage that was evolved from a punk was above 1.9 meters!


Compared the 4 bosses, Wu Yan with his above 1.7 meters height was small and skinny.


The scene resembled 4 burly man leaping hungrily towards a small loli girl……


If time could stop, one could see how interesting the face of Wu Yan is, being surrounded by 4 bosses——it’s the face of ‘in despair’.




Wu Yan that was kicked flying by the Ruffian let out a miserable scream.


This boss that’s strong strength-wise, slamming a kick with a huge feet of about size 60 UK into Wu Yan’s chest. The immense strength immediately broke 2 of his ribs and send the young man flying 20 meters away.


“Oh Ya!”


Wang Wei and Zhen Tian cheered as they witnesses this and gave each other a high five——they were waiting for the moment for a long while——at the same time they let out a understanding smile to each other.


Even Xiao Qiang that’s known for his seriousness couldn’t help but laugh loudly.


Wu Yan that was kicked and sent away flying shoot a stream of blood out from his mouth——if it wasn’t for his already enhanced physique for a total of 10 times, he would definitely died from the kick!


Lin Xii that was prepared to use ‘Burst’ and intercept the Phantom before it targets them stopped, not understanding what was going on.


First it was Wu Yan dropping his shield just before the bosses reached to him, as he thought that Wu Yan would be using his trump card——


Dropping his shield? Of course it would be to use those extra mental strength to further increase his ultimate attack!


But the very next thing that happened was, Wu Yan was sent flying away by a lovely flying kick……


And at the very next second, the Ruffian that landed from his flying kick was caught into a tumble against the other bosses?


It was like 4 cars agreed to slam into one person together, but one of the car decided to go first and the others still continue their rush and slammed into the first car.


The falling Ruffian was slammed away by the Tyrog, after that the Savage landed its claws into the Tyrog’s head, gouging out 5 deep claw marks. The Savage was then immediately body slammed by the rushing Butcher, blood spraying from its mouth crazily.


The Phantom came rushing in with afterimages at the same time, slashing the huge belly of the Butcher.


The belly of the Butcher was sliced open, but thanks to its thick layer of fat, none of its entrails came out——but the the 1 meter long gash coupled with a large amount of yellow thick fat came pouring out, looking extremely disgusting.


Lin Xii felt for the first time that his IQ wasn’t enough to understand what’s going on……


No matter what, the attacks of the 5 bosses created a huge mess and this saved Wu Yan’s life. He crawled back up with difficulty with his broken ribs and took out an item from his phone.


A light blue shield then proceed to form and protect him.


Portable Defense Shield ‘S’!


This was the same defensive shield that Lin Xii bought for Sui and Fi Fi, a 5000 point shield that could absorb any damage but you cannot attack from within. Wu Yan with his wealthy would definitely able to afford it.


To be honest, Wu Yan looked down on the thing, thinking to himself that he would never even have the chance to use it anyways.


He just bought it for the sake of buying it, an, insurance that he would probably never use.


After having the shield covering his body, he felt much safer. Even though 5 of the bosses knocking into each other was hilarious, but Wu Yan did not had the time to laugh, he was still shaking from the near death experience.


“Fuck, I almost died, the Protoss me almost, fucking, die!”


Wu Yan was shocked and angry, he then thought of something, “How did they deal with the boss the last time, especially Phantom? Maybe……they used a sort of trap? There’s no fucking way they could kill that sort of boss.”


“But……Zhen Tian, Wang Wei, Xiao Qiang, Lin Xii and Xiao Wan you bloody lying bitch, fuck, you guys wanted to stab me in the back!”


Wu Yan started heading to the direction of the evolutionaries, his shield and all. He wanted to lure the boss there, and since he has a shield he won’t be the bosses first target, just let those bloody sneaky bastard die in the hands of the bosses!


Lin Xii frown as he saw the bosses getting up from the hilarious accident, and understood something.




The green skin bosses were different from the previous batch, all of the current bosses looked daze, clearly without a sense of their self, devoid of intelligence and only possessing a primal urge to fight and kill.


Under their primal instinct, the Phantom choose Xu Ping solely because Wu Yan had a shield up.


And as his shield broke, the 4 other bosses immediately targets him and activated their skills.


Because of their devoid of intelligence, they did not bother with the others. So as Wu Yan was kicked flying away by the Ruffian, the others did not stop their movement and continue on, ending in slamming into each other.


What a mess!


If that’s the extent of them, then these 5 bosses are just nothing. They are just a pile of stats without the mind to utilize it, how strong could they be?


It cannot be compared to the bosses earlier.


As Lin Xii thought to himself, Wu Yan came rushing to them with his portable shield.


“Zhen Tian, Wang Wei, Xiao Qiang, Lin Xii and Xiao Wan…….you people are superb!”  Wu Yan spoke with a hint of fear in his voice as he recalled about what happened earlier, with anger and malicious resentment.


“Hehehe……Mr Wu, what are you angry for? Mr Xiao already said we should leave one boss to each group earlier, aren’t you the one that wanted to solo all 5 bosses? You are so strong, could even hold your own against all 5 bosses, how dare we stop you?”


Zhen Tian with his sarcastic overtone angers Wu Yan even further, he heaved heavily, bringing him even more pain as his ribs was still broken.


“Earlier you did want to hogged all the bosses by yourself right? You wanted it so much that you were willing to fight us, what made you came running back?” Wang Wei retorted back, his courage increased after using the speed vial and having an increase in his strength.


Before that, he definitely doesn’t have the courage to talk to Wu Yan like this.


“Fuck, you wanna die?” Wu Yan gritted through his teeth, green white light flashes through his eye.


“Stop talking nonsense to him, the bosses are about to arrive, with the Phantom in front!” Mu Tie reminded the evolutionaries with a heavy seriousness on his face, his skinny wrinkly hand trembling slightly. Even with his ‘Qing Gong’, he’s still no match against the Phantom.


Wu Yan laughed.


After his fall out with the evolutionaries, he doesn’t care about keeping up a front anymore.


“A bunch of retards, weren’t you all happy about seeing me fucked up? That’s good! Haha, now, I can leave anytime with my floating abilities, and you guys will die here! Trash!”


Looking at the guy that had definitely gone slightly crazy from all the hits that he took, Lin Xii smiled wordlessly. It’s not even the original Phantom, even if it is, he could fly away anytime.


“Brothers, don’t bother with him. Our lives matters first.” Bull said as he lifted up his totemic pole. “Me and my Tau King Bloodline, Zhen Tian, Xiao Qiang and Zhong Hou, us four defenses are the strongest, we need to go ahead and tank the bosses……”

He looked around as he finishes his sentence, “Before any casualties occurs, the others must find a way to kill of the Phantom!”


“There’s no need for all the trouble.” Zhen Tian smiled and turned around, proceed to speak to Lin Xii nicely, “Mr Lin, please.”


“Mr Lin?”

Bull could not help but furrowed his brows, Zhen Tian was obviously older, and……Lin Xii could deal with the Phantom?

How could that be?


Just with the Phantom speed, it was enough to be unbeatable!


When your speed is raised to a certain level, it’s almost equal to unbeatable.


There’s no way he can deal with it!


Lin Xii held a wafer sword in each of his hands, churning his biological energy and converting it into ice energies while pumping that into the swords. The orange yellow body of the sword was coated in a layer of white cold iciness.


“You want to one-v-one the Phantom? Are you actually stupid? Hahaha……what do you think you are? You sure want to die first, acting the hero role!”


Wu Yan laughed and proclaimed loudly, his eyes flashing madly. Even though his face could not be seen, but you can be sure that behind that mask is a very twisted face.


Lin Xii did not reply, instead looking onto him with pitying eyes.





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