FF: Chapter 61: A Sudden Death

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A Sudden Death


“Why don’t we go ahead and snatch the bosses away?” Even though Pig did not spoke out earlier, but he’s pissed too. “If all of us go at once, no matter how strong he is there’s nothing he could do about it.”


“There’s no need, just let the guy deal with the boss.” Zhen Tian and Wang Wei knew the exact power level of the bosses, both of them smiling and just couldn’t wait to see how Wu Yan fight with the 5 bosses.


Zhong Hou saw Xiao Wan standing near them, not following with her team. He asked, “Why don’t you follow your team?”


Xiao Wan smiled and replied, “Even though we are of the same team, but this doesn’t means that we are the same type of person. What he does has nothing to do with me, why do I need to go?”


At this moment, Elder Lee came rushing to them. It was obvious that someone from the army witnessed the scuffle earlier and reported it to him.


Xiao Qiang roughly explained the situation to him and Elder Lee sighed helplessly. “Haiz……even though Wu Yan seemed like a good man, I didn’t think that……there’s no way to this, just please try not to hold a grudge.”


“It’s just four more days to reach LZ city……my only wish is to bring everyone safely over, so that even if I die, I would be in peace……”


As they were talking, Wu Yan landed down from his floating position.


Each of the bosses attribute was different, so their speed would be different too. As they rushed down the hill, at the front was the Phantom, he’s still the fastest even though the Phantom’s ability wasn’t activated.


Currently the Phantom’s about 300 meters away from Wu Yan.


After that, 500 meters away was the Ruffian, Butcher, Tyrog(Dinosaur-man) and the Savage.


The hooligans were still a distance of more than a kilometer away.


“The Phantom……according to Xiao Wan, it has the ability to make fake shadows of itself to confuse the opponent……fuck, I remember the how pain in the ass it was in the game when I was a kid.”


“Sadly, no matter fake shadows or real clones like from Naruto, to me that’s useless.”


Wu Yan lifted up his arms, lights forms and spiral around it.


The stream of light gathered and form a basketball size blue energy ball, it then split into 10 individual energy balls the size of a fist.


Just from the fact that he could control his powers so intricately, it shows that Wu Yan does have the right to be proud!


Even after getting a 6 star bloodline, he doesn’t stagnant. He spends 5 to 6 hours a day meditating, gathering and refining the his method of using psychic energy.


Improving his mental strength and fine control to psychic energy constantly.


The size of his energy ball is about 5 times the size of a normal Protoss soldier! If he splits that ball into 10 individual balls, each have ½ the size of a normal energy ball!


It could be described as Wu Yan with his ‘fireball’ skill, managed to invent and use ‘Pyroblast’ and ‘Fireball Barrage”!


His exceptional talent and strength could be seen from this.


“Phantom……right, so let me erase you from this world with my barrage of energy balls!”


Different from other evolutionaries——including Lin Xii——he doesn’t fight like a peasant with his fists and kicks, Wu Yan’s battle style is manipulating energy and use it; as long as his mental strength is still strong, he could generate infinite psychic energy from his surroundings.


As Star Wars says: The Force is everywhere.


It could be said the same with psychic energy.


If the Force could be said as the living energy of a planet, the energy that create the forcefield of living things;


Then psychic energy could be explained as the mental energy that releases from the living beings on that planet, a energy that creates the forcefield of mental thoughts and strengths.


Even the Protoss race Starcraft, not every Protoss could utilize the surrounding psychic energy in battle.


This is something that only the talented could do!


Wu Yan’s heart was filled with pride as he let loose the 10 continuous barrage of energy balls. All of them rushed towards the ugly, green Phantom about a hundred meters away.


Even though the destructive powers of the energy was reduced after splitting it into 10 individual balls, but each of them was equivalent to a high explosive grenades.


This means each individual balls of energy was the same as the destructive powers of Mai’s butterfly fan!


Against the 10 barrages of energy balls, even if Mai were to use her Ulti, throwing 3 butterfly fans that’s enhanced with all her flames, she wouldn’t be able to fully destroy all the energy balls! Furthermore, this attack was just a normal battle skill that Wu Yan uses.


“One day, I will change from a Protoss(godling), to a real god that stands above every other living being!”


As he thought and continued making energy balls, the hairs of his the back of his neck suddenly stood up. His mental being that was gathering and churning psychic energy slightly trembled as well.


The gathering streams of light dispersed immediately, even the shields that was surrounding and rotating around him flickered and almost disappeared.




The 10 balls of psychic energy was shot out in a fan-sprayed method. If the Phantom was depending on the shadows that he created to dodge the attacks of it’s opponents, it definitely could not have dodged it, but……


There are shadows appearing on the surroundings of the Phantom.


But it isn’t something that it creates, but formed when it.fucking.moves! It was formed due to the speed the Phantom was moving, leaving behind afterimages that the human eye could not differentiate!


In just an instant, the Phantom dodged all 10 of the energy balls and disappeared from Wu Yan’s sight.


“Where is it!?”


Wu Yan that was sweating cold sweat profusely hurriedly looked around. As he turned around, what he saw was the Phantom appearing several hundreds of meters behind him, using a dagger and plunging it into Xu Ping’s heart.


Due to the high speed movement, the shadows that was dragged behind him collided and merge into the real Phantom as he stops, making it seems that multiple Phantoms stabbing into Xu Ping at once.


“Wh,What……I’m……going to die?”


Xu Ping lowered her head, looking at the Phantom before her disbelievingly with blood gurgling in her throat.


As a Na’Vi, she has a high agility stat, superb arrow shooting skills and a special skill that allows her to control the beast on Pandora Planet with her nerves——but her body isn’t strong, even after a few enhancement.


Why does she need a strong physique as an archer?


Just like an ADC, you just need to increase your damage output, not defense.


As she was about to hunt the 5 bosses with Wu Yan, she stood a distance away and prepared to shoot her explosive arrows. She never thought that the Phantom that was a distance away could ever appeared in front of her.


She didn’t even had the time to raise her bow!


As the dagger plunged into her heart, Xu Ping understood that she’s about to die. Fear, Anger, Despair, Regret……all these feelings just came surging into her at once.


Before the apocalypse, she was just an ordinary woman. Due to her family being very strict, she was raised slightly old-fashioned, very meek and obedient like the woman in olden days……as she reach 20 years old, she was wed to an ordinary man and stayed obedient to him.


As the apocalypse came, her husband and children passed away and she became an evolutionary.


Even with her owning a unique bloodline, as a woman with a slightly old-fashioned thinking, she still felt insecure. She wishes for a strong male to protect her, be the tree to shelter her from the rain.


Wu Yan, the man with a 6 star bloodline was without a doubt the strongest in the transfer troop.


A few days ago, she finally had a relationship with Wu Yan, becoming his.


Even though she was slightly dissatisfied with Wu Yan’s falling out with the other evolutionaries, but she still held firm to her beliefs and stood behind him.


But, why, why is she dying?


Why couldn’t her man, the strong Wu Yan, couldn’t even manage to held the boss back?


Wasn’t he the one that wanted to deal with all 5 of the bosses at once?


Two streams of tears trickled down Xu Ping’s eyes, she looked at Wu Yan with unwillingness in her eyes one last time, and slowly fell onto the ground……


“Fuck, what the fuck!”


Zhong Hou, Mu Tie, Bull, Ling Ling that was all standing far away……stunned, their eyes widened with cold sweat running down their backs. The Phantom possessed this kind of speed? It just offed Xu Ping in an instant!


Witnessing Xu Ping’s death, Wu Yan couldn’t help but tremble. It wasn’t all due to fear, but also including a large amount of rage.


“Xiao Wan, you bloody bitch!”


Who cares if Xu Ping dies, she’s just a low ranked bloodline with no future potential anyways——him having a relationship with her earlier was just him using her, also a Na’Vi female does have uniqueness to it.


What angers him was, his life is in danger!


The information provided by Xiao Wan was false!


The shadows created by the Phantom was just due to his speed, not some cheap parlor trick! If he knew of it earlier, he wouldn’t had jump out and proclaim that he would handle all the bosses at once.


“Thankfully the Phantom’s first target wasn’t me, I do still have my shield, it definitely will target the rest before me.”


Thinking about the fact that Lin Xii, Xiao Qiang, Zhong Hou, Bull that as about to die to the Phantom, Wu Yan couldn’t help but felt a surge of perverted happiness.


“The other 4 bosses are about to reach me, hmm, killing the 4 bosses still profits me by a huge margin.’


“But……after the Phantom kills off Lin Xii and the rest, what do I do? I can’t deal with that sort of opponent, fuck, how could there be such a monster!”


“No matter what, after killing the four bosses I need to escape! 80000 points and 3 super vials, adding that to my 6 star bloodline, I just need time and I will become unbeatable!”


Wu Yan was just thankful that he propped up his shields earlier.


If it wasn’t of that, he would be the one that’s dead right now.


He took a deep breath and continue making energy balls and was preparing to quickly kill of the other bosses; but he realized, the psychic energy in the air was uncontrollable.


The psychic energy was in a state of chaos, so what can he do now? Wu Yan in his panic state started sweating crazily, but no matter how he tried, he just couldn’t harvest and utilize the psychic energy in the air. Blue lights would flicker and disappears before it could form into an energy ball.


What’s worse was that because of his panic state, the 3 rotating psychic shield started destabilizing, flickering and threaten to disappear.


Whereas Ruffian and the other bosses had already appeared before him!

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  2. Isn’t honor like basically inside of a protoss’ DNA? I’m pretty sure all protoss are filled with honor and righteousness from the moment they were born so wouldn’t getting the protoss DNA turn him more honorable? I dunno, maybe they were brainwashed when they were born only hearing “FOR AIUR!!!” until fully grown.

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