Level 1 Guy: Chapter 138 – Aiming

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After eating breakfast, in front of the Transportation Room.

I’ve applied the new magic Quick Silver, to my teammates.


Quick Silver, a magic that consumes all of your mana and increases one of the statuses of your friends for 24 hours.

Using once, I could restore my MP entirely with Infinite Recovery Bullets, and use it again.

After raising the statuses of my teammates, they went into the dungeon.


Emily and Celeste needed to be used for a few times.

As both of them have few statuses reaching A—-Quick Silver would also apply to the status with A and thus needed to be used a number of times.


Well, it’s not like it costs anything. Although it used up my entire MP, it can immediately be recovered with Infinite Recovery bullet, so it was only a matter of time whether it would land on the stats we want.

After sending out Emily, Celeste, and Alice, finally it was Eve’s turns.


[You wearing your costume today?] (Ryouta)

[A bunny became a rabbit.] (Eve)

[Well, to me, Eve has been a rabbit all the time when we first met, but before that you were wearing a bunny suit.] (Ryouta)


[Recently, that has been called a four-eared bunny.] (Eve)

[Four? Oh your own plus the costumes, is it?] (Ryouta)

[Yes, bunny is happy.] (Eve)


So he’s happy.

Eve had her cheeks slightly dyed red.

It looked like she was joking but she looked really happy.


The only strange friend of mine, Eve・Carlsleader.

There were still some characteristics I couldn’t grasp from her yet.


Well, it’s not like it’s urgent to know right now.


[Well then, I’ll cast the magic on you now.] (Ryouta)

[It’s good.] (Eve)

[It’s good?] (Ryouta)

[If you want to buff me, give me a carrot.] (Eve)

[Isn’t that comparison kinda odd?] (Ryouta)

[Give me a carrot if you want to buff me.] (Eve)


It was like a certain child-like line.


[You sure you don’t need any buffs?] (Ryouta)


Eve quietly nodded.


[But carrots are nice.] (Eve)

[I’ll hunt some later.] (Ryouta)

[I want carrot sashimi tonight.] (Eve)


While having a slightly red cheek, Eve used the transportation room as it was and went out to the dungeon.

What kind of sashimi is a carrot sashimi??


……..Well if I tell that to Emily, that sort of dish would be made.


Well, I’ve sent everyone out, should I also head to the dungeon too?


[Aah, good morning Ryouta-san.] This time Elza appeared.


Though strictly not our teammates, but she is still someone who lives in this mansion as she would come to our home to buy our stuff, <Swallow’s Repayment>.


[Morning. Everyone has went out, so take care of me again for today.] (Ryouta)

[Yes.] (Elza)

[Also, if this is possible too, I would like to get a K-I-A board here.] (Ryouta)

[Ah, I heard that you’ve gotten a room that can go to any dungeon. I understand, I’ll try and sort it out.] (Elza)


It’s true that we have an entrance to any dungeon, and now having Quick Silver it would be easier to check the statuses over here.


It’s really inefficient to check the effects of Quick Silver everytime with the portable K-I-A board like just now.


[It should be available by tomorrow.] (Elza)

[That fast?] (Ryouta)

[Because Ryouta-san is a super loyal customer.] (Elza)

[I see.] (Ryouta)


Facing each other, Elza had a huge smile on her face.


[Master.] This time Cerberus came.


Our huge watchdog jumped walked through the hallway while wagging his tails.


[Are you heading out now, Master?] (Cerberus)

[Yeah, I’m going to go for work in the dungeon. This room is directly link to a dungeon, so do not enter even if you made a mistake.] (Ryouta)

[I understand.] (Cerberus)

[And also please guard Elza when we’re out. She’s an important person to me.] (Ryouta)

[Huh?] Elza was surprised, and her face turned red at once.


[Aah, eehh uhmm, be, because you’re an important customer.] (Elza)


My words were probably misunderstood.

…….Well it wasn’t a mistake even if I said she was an important person, but for the time being let’s not say that.


[I understand. I’ll do my best as my Master’s watchdog.] (Cerberus)

[Good. Elza, you can depend on Cerberus. If the weather gets worse, then you can use Cerberus as a shield.

[Eeeh!? Ma, Master, that’s terrible.] (Cerberus)

[Well even though I said that.] (Ryouta)

[Because I depend on you.] (Ryouta)


Garururu, Cerberus raised a low growling voice.

The monster named Cerberus, a gigantic watchdog.

A big figure with a lot of killing intent.


I opened the window and shot the Infinite Lightning bullet outside.

Landing on the ground, thunder and explosion roared.


[Kyaain!] (Cerberus)


Cerberus rolled into a ball and was frightened.

Though it was a ferocious watchdog, he was vulnerable to lightning.


While smiling bitterly to the frightened Cerberus, I talked to Elza.


[Well, if the weather breaks down this is what happens, so even if you wanted to use him to shield you, he would’ve already escaped.] (Ryouta)


Of course I was jokingly saying it, and Elza smiled happily.


[Sob, Master is horrible……] (Cerberus)


I held Cerberus hands and shook it while he was throwing a tantrum, and I headed for the dungeon using the transportation room.



Nihonium Dungeon, 6th Floor.


While being invincible with the Absolute Rock’s item, I headshot the Poison Zombie with normal bullets that was releasing poison.


Intelligence seeds dropped from the defeated zombies, and I slowly raised my Intelligence by picking it up.


People in this world raise their level which raises their statuses, but me being me, my level is affixed to level 1 which is already the highest.

But because of this dungeon dropping the seeds that made a path for me.


To prevent myself from being dull and rusty, I used a shield today.

When I met a monster, and if they are aware of my existence I’ll immediately kill them, if not, I’ll take advantage of the topography and approached them like a ninja, and aim for assassination from close range.


Although it did not go well at the beginning, I gradually became to understand how to erase my footsteps, how to fade, and how to wrap around.


Different from other dungeons, this is a place where you do not need to raise efficiency that much.

Plus it’s a place to raise my skills, so it was a good place for me to practice.


While practicing techniques that do not appear in motion or status.


Thus today, I constantly hunted for Poison Zombies.


Level 1/1
Strength SS
Endurance SS
Intelligence B
Mentality F
Speed SS
Dexterity F
Luck F



My intelligence went from C to B.

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Also thank you to Kiet Nguyen, Vincent A Beard, and Mcgwier Colleen!


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