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「Moom, when are you coming back?」


「Let’s see my dear, probably around 2~3 days.

As always, stay at home and protect the home while I’m away.

If you’re good, I’ll bring lots of delicious honeys for you to eat.」


Mom is a Divine Beast Fenrir that was given life by God.

And I am one of her 3 sons and also the eldest out of all three.


Speaking of Divine Beast, they’re really strong and great you know!

There are only 10 of them in this world!


Between mom and Uncle Jormungand, and her younger sister Aunt Hel, mom is the strongest!


And also, Uncle Ymir, was proud that he could destroy the nation of human being in a flash.

It was momentarily, but he had hurt other races too, when I heard from it from mom, she was angry.


「For god’s sake, you don’t know the meaning of moderation huh!」


Uncle Ymir couldn’t lift his head up in front of mom as he desperately pleaded with 「No, that was……」.


Oh, just so you know, out of all the Divine Beasts, mom is the greatest.

Uncle Jormungand is the greatest out of all the Dragons.

Aunt Hel is the greatest out of all the Demons.

And Uncle Ymir is the greatest out of all the Giants.


How’s that! Everyone is outstanding, you know! They’re amazing right!


…..But, I… slightly bad when it comes to Aunt Hel.

Aunt Hel is persistent when she gets angry.


Before this, when God sent food to us, Uncle Jormungand ate it all by himself.

Mom and Aunt Hel was really really mad at him.


……..This is a secret, but I was afraid too at that time, I was really scared……


And then, mom was only furious at that moment, but as for Aunt Hel, whenever he looked at Uncle Jormungand, she would immediately get angry at him.

Uncle was really pitiable.

When I talked to mom about it, she answered with 「It’s Jor’s fault」 and immediately sided with Aunt Hel.


Uncle Jormungand has already reflected on his action, so please just forgive him!


Hence why I’m bad when it comes to Aunt Hel.

…..Ah, this is a secret, okay? If it was revealed, I’ll be in lots of trouble.


Since mom was suddenly called by God, she has to leave for 2~3 days.

If I be a good boy and protect the house, I’ll be promised with a ton of Royal・Honey which is said to be the most delicious honey.


It is a rarely-eaten feast, so I’ll be a good boy and guard the house!




After mom went to where the Gods were, the 3rd day.

She should be coming back today! I can finally eat my Royal・Honey!


My younger brothers are all looking forward to it too…..Eh, wait a minute? They’re not here?


Where did they went? If they don’t be a good boy we can’t have any Royal・Honey you know!


Don’t tell me they’re playing around outside?

Even though they’ve promised mom, that is bad!




Hm? It’s one of the brother’s voice, sounds like his crying! What happened!?

Let’s hurry to where the sound was heard.


「Wait for me! Big brother will come to you now!」


Afterwards, the place I arrived and saw…..

……Was humans capturing my two younger brothers.


Why are humans wandering around here!?

And this is the first time seeing so many humans!


The younger brothers are being forced to wear some black-like collars.

Is it because of that, that they could not fight back?


「Oh, there’s one more there! It’s a rare wolf huh, it’s gonna sell for a hella lot!!」


That’s what the humans said.

He wants to capture me too huh! I won’t let you do that!




I faced the humans and used the skill 【Great Roar«Howling God≫】.

This is a skill that stops the opponent’s movements regardless of the level difference.


「 「 「Wh, what’s this!?」 」 」


The humans, after they can’t move I closed in the gap with 【Good Legs】 and used 【Twin Strike of the Divine Beast】.

With this attack, I was able to kill half of the humans who were there.


The other half, wait for me! Big brother will save you soon!


「Oi, chibi! Capture him now!!!」


Hm? The humans are commanding my younger brothers?

That’s stupid, my brothers would not heed such orders!


…..But, contrary to my expectations, my brothers cried while they attacked me.


『Big brother I’m sorry, I’m sorry.』

『Big brother, run away, run away.』


Wafu! If my younger brothers come, I can’t do anything….


I was restrained by my younger brothers in a blink of an eye.

The humans came close to me quickly and placed the same black-like collar on my neck.


Hm? Eh…..this is weird, my body won’t do as what I say.

It’s because of this black thing?!


After the humans saw I could not move, I was immediately kicked.




『 『Big brother, big brother』 』


I could not resist and I was being hit on the ground many times.

Damnit, I would never lose against these guys…..!!


「Tsk, giving us so much trouble……How many were killed?」


…….While trampling on me, he was talking to another human.


「7 people.」


「I wonder if there are anymore hidden behind the depths of this cave, go check it out.

To be sure, bring two of them over.」


The human brought my younger brothers and entered our home.


Damnit, damnit, damnit, even though I’ve promised mom……

I am, ashamed of myself…..


…….Tears fell from my eyes.


After a while, the humans came out of my home and spoke to the man who was stepping on  me.


「There’s nothing inside.

Capturing 3 of these rare wolves, Claude-sama will be delighted.

Let’s just go already.」


The humans did not put us together, instead they placed us in different baskets as they lifted us.

Damnit, they’re gonna take us of somewhere.


Even if I tried resisting, my body won’t listen to what I said, my body can’t do anything without permission.


Mom, I’m scared, save me…….

Won’t I never see mom again.


……As I was giving up.




! ! ! !


It’s mom! Mom’s here!!


「Wh, what the, what is this howling!?」


The humans were surprised as their feet stopped……The body of several humans who were behind were torn apart and fell down on the spot.


「Wh, what’s going on!」


Two more humans floated up and crumbled down as well as being torned apart.


Wafu! As expected of mom’s 【Twin Strikes of the Divine Beast】, it’s completely different from mine!


「Humans, my children, where do you think you’re bringing them?」


Afterwards, mom appeared in front of the humans.


「Kuh!? It’s their parents!!」


While shouting something, I saw one of them throwing something to mom.


But, such an attack can’t go through mom!


As expected of 【Gravitational Demon Eye】, the things thrown by that human were shamelessly beaten down.


When mom came, you guys would never win anymore!


「It, it’s a monster! Everyone, run!」


The humans turned their backs at once to mom and ran away.


…..Such stupid humans, there is no way of escaping from mom!


Mom used 【Twin Strikes of the Divine Beast】 and striked at the backs of the humans one after another.

Even though I was bathed in blood, mom continued killing them without mercy.


Yay, only 3 more of the,!


My brothers were also relieved to see mom’s appearance.

It’s almost done! We’re almost saved and return to mom’s side!


「You humans! My children, returned them at once! ! ! ! ! ! ! 」


「Do, don’t move at all, you damn creature, don’t you dare attack us.

If you move even a little, yo, your children’s life will be gone! ! !」


「Don’t fuck with meeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!」


The humans heard my mom’s roar and was surprised and shakingly pointed a weapon against me with his trembling hand.


! ! !




Ah, I’m gonna die…..

I’m sorry mom, I could not keep my promise.


I’m so sorry that I wasn’t a good boy and stayed at home and protect.

……Aah, my consciousness is steadily fading.


……My body………n’t…….ve….any…..more…



「Yo, yo you get it!? If you defy us, the rest of your children will turn to this too.

So, wait over there and let us go quietly! ! ! !

Is that clear, your children is cute『?』 then you should listen to what I have to say!」


…….Eh, I’m not dead yet……isn’t dying painful, is it not?

What is this, white smokes are coming out of my body, the scar is gone?


What on earth is happening?


I did not know what happened to me, while I was being surprised a human jumped out of the bushes.


Another bad guy came! Was what I thought, but he wasn’t a bad person.


He helped me and my brothers with some skill on the bad people who caught us!

And he gently brought us to mom.


This human helped us!?


「…….Fumu, you’re clearly different from those scums.

First off, allow me to say my gratitude. For saving my children, I thank you wholeheartedly.

Even healing my stabbed child. It was by you too right?」


I see! So he was the one who healed my wounds!

This guy must be a good person!!! He doesn’t have a single bad person smell at all!!


I know! We should give something to the person who had just saved us.


Mom said this before.

If you get help, you must always return the favour……!


I thanked him by rubbing my face under his feet.


「My children, seemed to be showing their gratitude towards you too.」


Ou! Just as mom said, we’re really grateful.


While gazing at his face, he gently lifted me up.


「It hurts right, I’m sorry.」


I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I think he’s apologizing to me.

You shouldn’t be the one apologizing! I will lick your face, so don’t make such a face!


……This was my encounter with Myne.




It’s finally time to part ways with Myne.

He said that he would come and visit us, but I was really sad.


Myne is our benefactor and is a friend of mom.

He is always gentle with us, I love him.


『My friend, Myne. Our family will welcome you anytime.』


『Yes, thank you so much! I’ll use 【Special Magic・Spacetime】 to drop by here soon so I’ll surely come again!』


Wafuu~, Myne is leaving.


Myne entered the black hole and disappeared from our home.

Seeing that, my body moved without permission.




As I regained consciousness, I jumped into the black hole and chased after him.




「Waffle, hey Waffle!」


Someone was shaking my body…….

I’m still sleepy…..


「Waffle, I’ll be taking a bath, do you want to follow?」


…..A bath!?

I’m up, I’m already up! I love the bath!


Jumping out in a hurry, there was the face of Myne that I love.

Without warning, I happily licked the cheeks of Myne.


……Aah, was that a dream just now.

It was a dream of meeting Myne for the first time.


『Wafu! Myne! Bath! Let’s go and bath!』


I’m a very happy person『beast』.


Because I’m together with Myne that I love!


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