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[Good morning!]


With the usual scene of Waffle riding on top of my head, we head over to the living room as Amy-san and Aisha were already there preparing breakfast for the family.


Eh, they woke up even earlier than me…..?

My lifestyle pattern was always waking up earlier than my two wives and take a nice morning bath but today was somewhat different.


As mentioned before, yesterday night, Sylphy and Airy, Aisha and Amy-san stayed together at my wives rooms respectively.


My guess was that Aisha was probably influenced by how early Amy-san woke up, hence she woke up at about the same time as her.


Ah, just so you know, in honor of my wives I’ll say this right now, but it’s not that they oversleep all the time but it’s more of me waking up too early that made it seemed like they usually oversleep.


Since I would have to hunt for my own food, I would often hunt in the forest before the sun rises.

Thus I would consciously wake up when the clock strikes.


[Myne-kun, morning!]


[……Good morning.]


As soon as the two of them saw me and Waffle approaching they greeted us.


Nothing less from Aisha, but even Amy-san’s skills were impressive to say the least.

She should not have cooking skills but…..


[Amy-san, your skills are impressive! Is cooking your specialty?]


As I asked, she shyly looked and simply answered with [Yeah, I’ve been cooking for the past 100 years].


…..I see, she is an Elf.

And she’s 121 years old. (TLN: RUDE!)


If she’s been cooking for such an extensive period of time, even without the skill her skill would undoubtedly improve overtime.


Listening to the number 100 which defies our usual common sense, Aisha and I both smiled wryly.


[I wasn’t able to return the favour yesterday, thus, I thought that today I shall show you my cooking skills to show my gratitude…..

Our races might be different, but I hope that it would suit your taste….]


With low self-esteem words coming from Amy-san, Aisha shook her head while making ‘pun pun’ sound, she denied Amy-san’s words.


[That’s not true! Myne-kun, Amy-san’s cooking are extremely delicious!

So do look forward to it!]


If Aisha said so, I will surely look forward to it.


…..Well then, what should I do.

If it was the usual, I would head to the bath right about now but….


While thinking about it, my line of sight had a Waffle on it, with a face as if he wanted to head to the bath right this instance while wagging his tail violently.




As if saying, you understood right? As I sigh at the appearance of Waffle, I spoke to Aisha.


[…….Aisha, I’ll be heading for a bath right now.]


[Ufufu, Waffle seems to be waiting for you to say that, please do so then.]


As expected, even Aisha understood that much.

We lightly waved hands as she sent me off.


[Alright, Waffle. Shall we head for a bath then.]




With that, Waffle and I spent our time soaking in the bath as our usual morning routine.




[That felt great right, Waffle!]




Both Waffle and I were in a great mood as we returned from the bath as Sylphy and Airy were also in the living room.


Ehh? Though, oddly the two of them looked low in energy?

…..Do they want to sleep some more?


[Morning, Sylphy, Airy.]


[……Aah, morning dear husband.]


[……Good..morning….Dear brother-in-law.]


Hm? They don’t seem to be bursting with energy.

This isn’t just an average thing? Let’s ask them.


[What’s wrong? Both of you seemed to be lacking of energy…..]


As I asked, Airy’s eyes were overflowing with tears.


Eh? Eeeehh?? Did I say something that might be unpleasant?


While frantically trying to calm down Airy who was crying, Sylphy spoke.


[Actually, Airy’s body condition…..resurfaced just this morning.]


Eh? I thought that the mana water recovered her yesterday night?


(Waffle, what’s the meaning of this?)


After asking Waffle, he stared at Airy to take a look.


(Airy’s magic, has disappeared.

It was the same as when she first came here.)


Huh? ‘The same as is’ meaning the mana supply that she accumulated from bathing has ran out?

……Hm? Though saying ‘the same as is’ meant that it did not decrease to a critical condition?


Hm, hm, hm……?


If that was the case, then translating it to an image, wouldn’t that mean?


On top of a cup, there is a small opening hole, so even if you filled up the entire cup, the water would still leak out.

The water would leak out from the small gaping hole, after awhile it would not leak out anymore, and whatever was remained……


Applying that concept to Airy, that meant that there is a bad spot somewhere on her body, where the mana is leaking out from there.

However, for some reason, mana absolutely could not escape above a certain level.


Something along the lines as such?


Although it was just my imagination, perhaps it wasn’t greatly different from it.

I told everyone about what I thought.


[…..I see, that would make sense if we think about it.]


[The bath is heated right now, Airy, do you want to enter right now?]


As I asked, though slightly, but Airy energetically answered with [Yes~] and head to where the bathroom is.


[Dear husband, I’ll follow and bring Airy there.

Though she should be fine, but I’m still worried.]


As she said so, Sylphy hurriedly catched up to Airy and walked to the bathroom.


It’s her important little sister after all, so I do understand how she felt.

Yesterday, when Airy’s condition was better, the one who was the happiest was probably Sylphy.


[Aisha, Amy-san…..Could we wait on the meal for a little while?]


Even though the both of them went out of their way to make breakfast for us, as I bowed down…..

[Of course it’s not a problem! I should be apologizing instead!] Amy-san said as she bowed her head down for some reason.


We waited for Airy and Sylphy, after about 10 minutes.


The both of them came to the living room from the bathroom.

Looking pale, their footsteps are lightly felt.


[…..How was it?]


As I asked the both of them…..


[It might be just as brother-in-law-sama guessed!

After heading in the bath, my condition gradually went away!]


Airy’s face were red, as she energetically answered.


[Better than yesterday, where it took a shorter amount of time to get out.

If it’s just as dear husband guessed, her mana would leak out faster.]


Yeah, just as she thought.

If the time it took for mana to accumulate was short, then the speed which it disappear would be faster.


Let’s wait awhile and take a look first, if her condition worsens then…..the reason for her condition would be just as I described.

Plus, if her body worsened quicker than usual, then it would be a fact that my theory would be spot on.


[Well then, let’s finish our meal for the time being!] Aisha brightly declared.




She was in a good mood because her physical condition has improved again.

Airy raised her hands and responded to Aisha’s words.


[Alright, let’s pray to God.]


With that, we all sat down and started our breakfast.


[Dear brother-in-law-sama, brother-in-law-sama!]


The moment we started our meal, Airy started talking to me.


[Hm? What’s the matter?]


[Just now, when we were in the bath, I talked with elder sister-sama!]


With Sylphy? What did they talk about?


[If, what brother-in-law-sama said was correct then…..!]




[Then I wish to also join brother-in-law-sama’s clan!]




[I was the one who proposed.

In order to recover Airy’s physical condition, she would have to come to enter our home’s bath.

If that’s the case, the distance between the royal palace and to here would be a problem.

Plus, calling dear husband to get her everyday would be troublesome…..

Thus I thought of just letting Airy stay here for the time being.]


[No no no no no, we couldn’t afford Airy to fight all the time!?]


[She doesn’t have to fight anything.

As Airy has <Training> and <Memory>.

I think it would be nice to have her do it inside the Clan.]


……No, what should I do.

I’ll have to protect Amy-san too, thus thinking about Airy’s safety is…..


Ah, wait a minute!


[That’s right! She doesn’t have to come all the way to our house, I could just bring the mana water over to the royal palace…..]


Before I could finish my words, Airy had tears forming on her eyes as she held my hands.


……Ah, these tears…..I remember it….


[……Does Dear brother-in-law-sama, really hate me that much?]


……I knew she was gonna say that!

This is impossible, I can’t win against Airy with tears floating on her eyes…..


[I got it okay…..but, please go back and ask permission from the King and Queen….]


[Thank you! Dear brother-in-law-sama!!]


Again, Waffle was patting on my back as if comforting me.


Eventually, Airy’s condition went back to before, which proved that my theory was right.

Though, despite having a bad physical condition, Airy had a full smile on her face.


…….Is this alright? With this……..

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