FF: Chapter 59: Dinosaur V. Titan

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Dinosaur V. Titan


“Monster! The monsters are here!”


Panic erupted at the creek. The attack this time was different from the ambush at the forest, there’s too much disturbance and the fact that you could spot the 40 meters tall dinosaur from far away was just shocking.




A 10 meter tall titan would be just a one bite snack to the huge beast.


Think about it, a 10 stories tall beast with red eyes and a huge maw, heading towards you with the ground trembling beneath it. What kinda scene would it be?


Two tanks that was on standby duty immediately reload their main cannon with 100 mm armor-piercing rounds.


The soldiers that’s in charge of the rpg hurriedly placed their bowl down, went to loading the rpgs with demolition rounds and started raining artillery towards the direction of the T-Rex.


The fire power of the army isn’t low by any means.


Even if Lin Xii activated his ‘Hot Blood’ and slam his fist with all his might, how could it deal more damage than a tank with armor-piercing rounds?


The ambush in the forest previously was too sudden, this hampered the capabilities of the army. Adding that more than half of the tanks were ruined instantly, the army could barely do anything.


The gigantic T-Rex was just too large, the armor-piercing rounds, demolitions rpgs and bullets just couldn’t miss it even if you shoot while closing your eyes!


If the ‘thing’ came close enough, no matter tanks or trucks or anything else would just be swept away like wooden blocks.


But with the distance between them, even if the hide of the T-Rex was tough and strong, all the different variation of explosive still dealt a ton of damage; the explosives broke its hide open, streams of blood flow down and drench the ground red while it moves closer and closer.


The huge beast let out a painful roar, it doesn’t have the same regenerative powers as the titans; the non-stop artillery rain really injured it severely!


But it still continue rushing in, tanking the non-stop bombing with it’s thick flesh and huge body!


The tanks, trucks and soldiers immediately retreated. If they get close up with the T-Rex it would just spell death for them.


So what happens to the T-Rex after it gets into the creek?


Naturally it falls to the evolutionary to deal with.


Sounds of bones snapping together and muscles knitting rang out and mixed together. A large and scary shadow loomed over the creek, it was Bertolt that completed his transformation into a 60 meter tall titan! Just from the height, he’s much bigger than the beast.


The Colossal Titan!




The titan took a deep breath white hot steam expelled outwards from the seams of the muscled body.


Bertolt understood that during the last attack in the forest, the fact he didn’t do anything already lead to many unsatisfied with him.


After all he’s a monster that befell onto this world, not a normal home grown human.


Now that they encountered such a huge beast, he understands that if he doesn’t act now he would be most likely silently die in his sleep one night——the evolutionaries here would definitely be interested in what would he drop.


A deep sadness well up within Bertolt, he was forced to be a spy for his titan homeland; now he has to serve and be humble to these weaklings to live.


With his anger the Colossal Titan started running, each step would leave behind a deep imprint and leave the ground quaking!


He grabbed onto his fist tightly as he ran.


The bleeding and angry berserking T-Rex collided with Bertolt’s Colossal Titan.


As the two of them clashed, no words could describe the grandness of the scene! The closest thing that you can find to resemble is in a mythology, during the clash of Hercules and the Nemean Lion.


The huge size of their body brought tons after tons of force, adding these with their rushing momentum, their clash produced an unimaginable large shock wave. Even the evolutionary that was standing far away felt a sudden shock of static electricity beneath their feet.


The both of them back away a few steps after their clash. It was the T-Rex that stabilized its body first, it continue rushing forward, raising its claws to strike.


With that gigantic body and muscle, this ‘strike’ would be enough to tear apart a huge tank like paper!


But before the claw strike could land, a titan fist already smashed on its head.


The heavy punch with steam surrounding it slammed onto the T-Rex, staggering it and making its claw strike wobbled.


But it is the strongest living thing in ancient times after all, adding that to the mutation it undergo the T-Rex now owns a terrifying combat instinct. As it falls down from the punch, it flicked and whipped its huge, thick tail onto the Colossal Titan.


The Colossal Titan was whipped and flown back 10 meters away, slamming onto the ground and creating a huge crater. It was like getting whipped by a tornado!


The muscles on the large titan was spasming, he understood how strong his opponent is just by this blow. A large mark was imprinted on his red, muscle fibre chest——the imprint that the dinosaur tail left behind!


At this moment a sleek and agile looking female titan started rushing towards them.


It was Annie, the female titan.


She too had to do her part, normal battle is fine, but when something this huge pop up she just couldn’t stay back and not fight.


The height of the female titan is about 15 meters tall. It is short when compared to the likes of Bertolt and the huge T-Rex, but her intricate, deadly combat skills and her ability to crystallize make up for it.


Following her running momentum, Annie leaped up into the air, curling her left leg and stretching out her right leg; it was the classic flying kick.


The T-Rex that was about to get up took the flying kick in the head. But unfortunately the strength of the kick was not as powerful as the Colossal Titan’s punch; the T-Rex with its thick hide only stumbled slightly.


Due to her inexperience fighting against this type of opponent, Annie overestimate herself and underestimate the T-Rex. She was immediately placed in danger.


If it wasn’t for her quick thinking and quickly activated her ‘crystallization’ and covering her whole body with it, she would had definitely perished in the snapping jaws of the T-Rex.


The toughness of the crystals does hold up against the bite. Even with jaws that could chew tanks like candy couldn’t do anything, its teeth chipping against the hard crystal.


The T-Rex flung its head, flinging two of its chipped teeth and Annie to a nearby hill.


These intelligent titans’ body isn’t their own body that expanded. Instead, it’s a special substance that flows out from their body and form the titan quickly. The original person would be inside the cocoon, controlling the body to battle like driving a gundam.


The ‘cockpit’ would be at the back of the nape.


Earlier when Annie flying kick failed, the bite from the T-Rex would have chewed through the back nape and swallow her.


To prevent from the dinosaur from swallowing her titan whole, Annie had to waste most of her energy to crystallize her entire body.


Even though this crystals were able to protect her from the bite of the T-Rex, but the shock from the crashing of her into the hill still injured her severely.


Crystallization could not stop vibrations after all.


Seeing Annie not moving at a small crater in the hill, Bertolt instantly went into a rage.


Bertolt had always secretly crushed on Annie, in their world.


The Colossal Titan starting breathing in heavily, jets of steam started shooting out, forming a deep red shine on the surface of his body.


Using the steam in his body as kinetic energy, compressing it to quicken his blood flow and cells decomposition, this will give a huge burst of energy for a short while. The downside of using this is the major pain caused by the high pressured blood flowing in his bloodstream.


Also, he will go into a period of weakness after using this.


The name of this move is, ‘Boiling Blood’!


It is slightly different from Lin Xii’s ‘Hot Blood’, but the effect that it produces are almost the same. What would it be like when a 60 meters tall titan goes into a ‘Hot Blood’-like state? How much would his already terrifying strength increase?


Thick white steam continuously poured out from the gaps of the titan’s muscles like a steam engine. These hot steam raised the temperature of the surrounding hundreds of meters to unbearable levels of heat.


With the might that could even lift mountains, the huge Colossal Titan raised its steam covered fist and slammed it into the T-Rex head……


Dr Fessenden that was on a hill some distance away look disbelievingly at what was happening in the creek. He just did not expect that they would have someone comparable to the super huge mutated T-Rex! What in the world is this huge anatomically muscled giant?


Is it also the same as using a type of vial to mutate, like his dinosaurs? What kind of science that this monster processed? How much potential does the genes in it have?


“Find a way and capture him!”


The scientific side of Dr Fessenden was urging him to research, at the same time, he understood that he underestimate the troops——luckily, other than his T-Rex, he still have another 5 more mutated dinosaurs and a bunch of mutated boss.


“Now, you all, go and attack them too.”


The dinosaurs and the bosses rushed into the creek, other than the T-Rex that was still stuck in battle with the Colossal Titan and Female Titan, the other 5 dinosaurs faced their own opponent as well.


The huge pets that belongs to the evolutionaries was grazing at the trees and grass in the creek. They were just right in the path of the rushing dinosaurs.


On one side there’s the top predators of ancient times: Giganotosaurus; Acrocanthosaurus; Carcharodontosaurus; Stegosaurus and the Triceratops!


On the other is various beast and monster from other worlds: Three-headed Hydra; Armored Polar Bear; War Elephant; Hammerhead Beast and the huge turtle!


Both sides collided like meteors, using their huge body, their sharp fangs, their claws, tails, bones……everything that could be used as a weapon. They started their maddening brawl, harden hides tore open, curtains of blood sprayed everywhere.

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