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TLN Note: Apologies of the earlier chapter that I used Magical Power instead of Mana, for this chapter, it will be changed to Mana.

Eh? Has he realised the cause of Airy’s poor body condition?


『Waffle, what do you mean by Airy’s mana?』


When asking Waffle for further details, it seemed that every living organisms be it large or small depending on the race, but all living organisms will have mana accumulated in their body.

When a certain amount of mana is reduced from within the body, it seemed that various obstacles would appear during your living activities.


For example, Dizziness・Shortness of breathand Palpitations『sensation of your heart is racing and could be felt on the chest』 are some of the symptoms said to appear.


Based on Waffle’s perception, apparently Airy was holding ⅔ of a typical Hume’s mana on her body.


She seemed to have suffered from a serious illness when she was young.


When she was young, she complained about being sick all the time, and it seemed that the organ that controlled her mana went wrong and that triggered the disease.

Therefore, we might’ve reached a conclusion that it is the cause of chronic manaal deficiency.


『Waffle, you’ve done a huge deed!』


Yes, if this was really the case, no matter how much skilled doctor were to treat her, it would not do any good in recovering Airy’s condition.

As they could not identify the cause of her illness.


Only when someone like Waffle who is a Divine Beast with incredible perception ability, that he would notice Airy’s lack of mana in her body.

To begin with, we did not have this concept of someone having mana deficiency.


Thus, we couldn’t tell.


『Then, has Airy been completely recovered?』


『I’m not sure~』


As Sylphy further asked, Waffle had a ‘I don’t know’ expression.

Well that was logical, as Waffle wasn’t a doctor neither is he a healer.


「……..For now, I’ll head out.」


If I were to hang around at the changing room, then Airy wouldn’t be able to get out anytime soon.

Let’s return to the living room for now.


When I went back to the living room, Aisha and Amy-san greeted me while carrying an anxious expression.


「What happened to the Princess?」


「……..Uhm, I might have understand what was the cause of Airy’s poor body condition.」


Aisha obviously knew about Airy’s chronic physical disorder and was always shut inside her room.

From what I said about “Understanding the cause of her poor body condition”, I knew how severe those words could be.


Conversely, Amy-san who had just met Airy for the first time, she wouldn’t know about the burden the royalty had been holding this entire time.


「What exactly was exchanged just now?」 with a confused expression, she was listening on our conversation.


Thus I repeated the conversation we had when Waffle was telepathically explaining to us about the cause of her poor condition was due to the mana deficiency.


「Wa, wait just a minute!?」


While explaining midway, Amy-san cuts me off in a hurry.

Hm? What seemed to be the problem? Did I say something strange?


「Myne-san, Waffle-chan……is a divine beast!?」


Ah, now I get it.

It was a secret that Waffle is a divine beast.


Amy-san, I accidentally thought that you knew about it this entire time.


……Well either way, since she’s part of our Clan, sooner or later she would’ve known and it’ll be bad to keep it from her anyways…….


「……Yes, that’s true.

Though, please keep this a secret from people outside of our clan.

If something were to happen to Waffle, Fenrir-sama would not stay put with it.」


As I finished saying, 「I understand, I will absolutely not tell it to anyone」 was Amy-san’s answer while repeatedly saying it with teary eyes while trembling.


Isn’t she strangely desperate……I wonder what’s wrong?

While finding it strange, I asked and I was reminded of the Divine Beast Ymir who completely destroyed the country of Wills.


……That’s right, she knew about the strength of a divine best and thus was trembling in fear when seeing one in sight.


I was also shown of Fenrir-sama’s might once, and it was an absurd amount of strength.

Even with that kind of power, to Fenrir-sama it was at the level of just fooling around.


Amy-san who had seen the full power of a divine beast would obviously be frightened by it, so it can’t be help.


「You don’t have to be so afraid, Waffle is as he is, an adorable creature.

Same with Fenrir-sama, she’s kind, and she isn’t scary in the slightest bit!」


After finished talking, just in time, Sylphy and the excited Airy had just bathed and was returning to the living room.


「……..Eh? Where’s Waffle?」


「I immediately came to Aisha and the rest, so he might still be inside.」


Amy-san who heard that, so she hurriedly head to the bathroom in order not to let the divine beast wait any further.

……As I said, she doesn’t  have to be in a panic.


「Aisha, please follow after Amy-san.」


After saying so, Aisha walked to the bathroom at a quick pace.


「…….What happened?」


Sylphy who didn’t know of the circumstances had a strange look while asking.

Fuu, this time I explained what happened just now in the living room to the both of them.


…….It seemed like, I have been explaining quite a lot of things today.


「I see, well I heard that Ymir-sama’s powers are indeed amazing.

Seeing it in action, when being told that Waffle is a divine beast, she would be fearful towards him.」


While relieved, Sylphy said as such while Airy participated in the conversation.


「But because of Waffle-chan, I now know understand the reason of my poor body!

Though I do not know who Ymir-sama is, but I can 100% guarantee that Waffle-chan isn’t scary whatsoever!」


As mentioned earlier, Airy is pretty favourable towards Waffle who identified the cause of her poor physical condition that she suffered for many years.

Well, Waffle’s cuteness was originally taken from the cuteness of my wives.


「So, how’s your condition right now?」


「Eeehmm, it’s perfect! I feel extremely pleasant!」


With a full smile on her face, Airy answered back energetically.


If this were to completely heal her, that’ll be great.

If there were people with similar symptoms besides Airy, it would be good news for them too.


I wish to help Airy too, but if there are others who are suffering then I would like to help them as well.

I thought so from the bottom of my heart.




「……Hawa~, this is really great……」


Amy-san opened her mouth wide while being astonished.


No matter what expression elves put, they would look beautiful, while thinking of such useless things, I looked at the bathtub.

……And Waffle made a splash while floating on his back.




Yeap, he seemed to enjoy himself.


「……As per what Myne-san said about this Mana water, it certainly seems that there are dense mana mixed into the water.

If I’m recovering from fatigue or minor injuries, it would be cured just by immersing this bath.」


「Ara? Can Amy-san detect mana too?」


「We elves are equipped with mana sensing abilities too.

So, elves who have been given magic related skills have amazing combat capabilities.」


……Heh, I didn’t know.

Well, even I had never paired up with elves before in my life.


「…….Divine beast Waffle sama, please excuse me.」


After Amy-san washed her body, she was afraid to enter the bathtub where Waffle was floating around.




Waffle raised one of his paw indicating his agreement to Amy-san.


Amy-san who did not receive the <Contract of the Divine Beast】 could not speak with Waffle, thus he used his body language to speak?

While thinking about such things, I too talked to Waffle while soaking myself in the bathtub.


Ah, naturally I’ve washed my body too before entering!


「So how about it? Our family?」


In order to get used to us, I brought her here today.

If I don’t hear what she has to say about it then there wasn’t much meaning in inviting her over.

Waffle seemed to be slightly conscious… he going to be alright?


「…….Everyone was really kind to me, I’m very happy.

I wonder if it really is okay to be treated to such kindness.」


「Myne-kun has already said that he will absolutely protect you.

So it’s safe to say it’s alright, plus there’s such a cute divine beast in our home as well!」


「Wafu Wafu!!」


As I said so, Waffle raised his voice as if saying, ‘Leave it to me’.

……Yes, I’m counting on you!


By the way, we have bathed for quite some time…….won’t he be soaking for a tad bit too long?


Anyway, looking at the innocent appearance of Waffle, Amy-san seemed to be getting used to him little by little, and she was even reaching to Waffle while caressing his head.

If she starts living in our home, Waffle might be able to resolve any bad conflicts with his warmth.


「If AMy-san has no problems, will it be possible for you to move to our home the day after tomorrow?」


Listening to my words, she replied 「…….Yes, please take care of me.」.


Yes, with this—-I’m relieved!




After Aisha and Amy-san got out from the bath and when I tried to take a bath, Waffle suddenly came out from inside the bath while splish *splash walking around the floor.


『I’m feeling lightheaded.』


…..It seemed that even Waffle would be lightheaded after soaking for so long.


While taking off my clothes, Waffle was wobbling around and suddenly jumped into the bathtub.

Obviously, water splashed all over me, but since I’m heading into the bathtub anyways so it wasn’t a problem.


『Come here Waffle. I’ll wipe you clean.』


I brought a clean new bath towel, and cover the head of Waffle while wiping clean Waffle, removing any wasteful moisture.

Waffle seemed to be in bliss while leaking out 「Wafu~♪」.


『Okay, it’s done.』


After I took the bath towel he licked my cheeks all over before running towards the living room.

Well then, I could finally slowly soak in the bathtub.


There wasn’t any intruder『wives』 today. Waffle has also went out.

……I’m bathing alone.


Let’s leisurely enjoy the bath.




When I got out of the bath, Airy was listening to the meeting with my two newlyweds.


Before being caught up into this mess, I better escape to my room.


「Well then, I’ll sleep now! Good night!!」


Aisha and Sylphy were looking at me begrudgingly but I pretended not to notice as I escaped quickly.


『Today, is Myne sleeping alone? If so, I’ll follow too~!』


Waffle ran after me and quickly positioned himself on top of me.


……..Somehow, the speed at which he rides on my head is getting fast, is it not?


With that, Waffle and I went into a deep sleep.


…….I heard this later that Airy was pursuing them about our lives tremendously which kept them awake for the entire night.


It can’t be help that Amy-san’s face was dyed red in colour the next morning.

Yes, even hearing about it my face turned red too……


You’re truly scary, Airy……


Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.

Please take care of me from now as well.


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