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Me and Aisha’s cooking abilities were being carried throughout the kitchen.


It wasn’t just us family alone, but 2 guests that were staying over for dinner, thus we put in our utmost efforts into making an excellent dish for them.


……As a result, my 【Cooking】 abilities had risen to level 3!


Well, it wasn’t as great as Aisha’s cooking where she makes our meals everyday.

Though, even if it wasn’t the greatest, but Aisha complimented my dish as she said it was delicious.


As expected, I’ll get fired up after being complimented!

Thus, I wanted to cause her less trouble by improving my cooking skills even more.


「This is incredible! This, is this really the work of Brother-In-Law and Sister-In-Law Aisha?」


Looking at the dishes being arranged neatly, Airy shouted excitedly.

Yes, if she was this happy then it was worth the effort to cook them!


「Fumu, it looks like the both of you put in extra effort in making these…..

It seemed like Dear husband has improved yet again, I guess it is necessary to memorize more dishes……」


「Dear Sister, cooking isn’t the same as sword fighting you know?

You use a knife okay, a knife! Do you understand dear sister?」


Uhmm, Ary…….

Even if it’s Sylphy, I’m sure she knows what a knife is?


I don’t think she’ll actually use a sword to cook, makes me wonder what she actually thinks of her sister as……?




Aaaaaahhh! Waffle !!!


I wasn’t sure if he was hungry, or he couldn’t wait any longer, but Waffle’s mouth was overflowing with drools!

His tail was even more vigorous than usual as it was swinging like crazy.


This, I guess we should hurry up and start eating!


「Since Waffle can’t wait any longer, let’s start eating!」


After declaring as such, all of us sat down and started praying to God.

After we prayed, we started eating the delicious dishes on the table.


「This is delicious!!」

「Un, as expected!」

「……..This is really delicious.」


There were a few compliments flying around, which made Aisha and I high fived without thinking.


「Myne-kun, aren’t you glad!」

「Yes! Because Aisha has taught me various techniques!」


I’m glad that Ary and Amy-san were enjoying it this much, this was a huge success indeed.




Yeap, Waffle looked extremely satisfied too!




The huge amounts of food that were there were now cleanly swept away, and now we were drinking our after dinner tea whilst enjoying ourselves.


「Dear Sister, I want to try the rumoured bathtub!」


While drinking her tea, Ary faced towards Sylphy’s direction and started having a conversation with her.


…….Ah, I see.

Now that she’d mentioned it, brother-in-law-san was the one that mentioned about the bathtub to everyone.


Even though I did not mention it to anyone whatsoever, but apparently everyone just loves to take a bath!


「……The rumoured bathtub huh?」


I guess she reacted to the word bathtub.

Previously, she was quietly listening to our conversation, but after hearing the word bathtub, Amy-san decided to participate in the conversation too.


「Yeah! This house’s bathtub feels even better than a royal family’s bathtub!

Even Elder brother Alto was praising it. Thus, I’m looking forward to it!」


「It feels…..even better than the royal family’s !?」


Oh, Amy-san was curious…..


「Myne-san, Ca, may I enter too?」


「Of course it’s an okay! Then, I’ll go and heat it up first!」


Since everyone was looking forward to it, so yeah.

Let’s quickly boil the water up.


Well, since it isn’t an ordinary bathtub, it would boil quicker than normal!


As I got up to walk towards the bathroom, Waffle also followed suit.


『Wafu! Bath–!』


『…….I’m only going to boil it, so you can’t immediately enter okay?』




『Besides, we have guests with us today.』




『Probably, Sylphy and Ary would enter together, and Aisha and Amy-san would enter too?

So I guess Waffle and I would enter afterwards?』




『Hmm, what’s wrong? Waffle.』


Waffle completely stopped moving, and his tail was hanging down.


『Myne, my turn, is it the last?』


『Yeah, that’s probably it, isn’t it?』






『Then, I’ll join with Sylphy!』




While I was confused, Waffle went back to the living room.

Does he like bathing so much that he wanted to get in as soon as possible, Waffle…..


Waffle went back to the living room alone? Since he left, I headed to the bathroom by myself.


As usual, I took out 【Constant : Water】, 【Constant : Heat】 stones from the storage bag, and placed it into the dent on the bath.

And as always, I pasted Water X5, and Heat X4 and waited for about 5 minutes.


After confirming that the bath was in perfect temperature, I returned to the lving room and told everyone that the bath was ready to go.


「Let’s bath!」


『Sylphy, let’s go~, Let’s go to the bath~!』


Without getting ready at all, Waffle was bitting on Sylphy’s clothes lightly while pulling her towards the bathroom.


『Wait, wait just a minute, Waffle. Let me go and get my clothes first.』


「Dear Sister! I’ll go ahead first! Let’s go Waffle-chan! Can you please guide me there?」




Listening to Ary’s call, he let go of his mouth on Sylphy’s clothes, and walked along with Ary with a pit pat sound.


The two wives and Amy-san that were looking at Waffle as they couldn’t help but smiled.

After all, seeing Waffle would make you feel better!


I can’t believe looking at this situation, you would not believe that he’d shielded me from the Black Dragon before.




「…….This is indeed a fantastic bathtub, it’s totally different from the one in the royal palace!」


Ary leaked out such thoughts.


It’s true that the hot water used was different from ordinary ones.

After coming out of the bath, energy was brought back in full and my fatigue has been lifted.


Maybe husband’s skill were involved, but because of that we got to immersed ourselves in such a bath every single day which made us such fortunate people.


「Dear Sister, the dullness of the body that I felt all the time is disappearing as if it was a lie to begin with……

What’s happening? This bath…..I can’t believe it…..」


Hmm? What’s going on?


The reason why Ary had to stay shut-in in her room, was because of her unexplained condition that was affecting her body.

Although it wasn’t anything life threatening, but she could still felt it, and even with a bit of intense exercise would cause her not being able to move.


……..So she was saying that the unexplained condition on her body disappeared?

Really, what on earth did our husband done in this bath?


「The hot water on this bath was put in by dear husband.

I don’t know the details, but…..has it really disappeared?」


「Yes there’s no mistaken, I feel like I would be able to sprint a 100 meters right now with my condition.」


「I can’t believe it, even though you’ve seen plenty of good doctors, you didn’t feel better until now….」




「Dear husband!?」


Hmm, I wonder what’s wrong.

Sylphy was calling for me in a state of panic.


Because Ary was inside right now, it was impossible to enter the bath so I replied to her from the changing room.


「What’s the matter?」


「What sort of hot water did you put inside this bath!?

Ary’s weak condition has disappeared!!」


Sylphy who called me excitedly, surprised me as I stopped and think for a moment.


……The hot water of the bath, hot water……

What on earth did I even put in?


I’m trying to remember………Aah!? It can’t possibly be!


「Aaah, this water… a magical water.」


「Magical water!?……I’ve never heard of it before. What on earth is that?」


I see, since she can’t appraise it thus she hasn’t heard of it.


「Uhmmm, it’s something like a normal water being mixed in with a huge amounts of magic…..I guess?」


「Water mixed with a lot of magic…..」


Although I’m not sure myself, but apparently Ary was healed thanks to the bath.


『Ary’s body, is lacking in magic.』


Suddenly, Waffle cuts into the talk.

……..Hmm? Wait! What did you just say!?


『Wh, what do you mean by that, Waffle?』


『From Ary, the magic that I feel, is extremely little.

Probably, this bath, has made her absorb a huge amounts of magic.』


……..Waffle unexpectedly gave a huge remark, and the movement of everyone who were there stopped.


Eh? Perhaps we finally know the cause of Ary’s unexplained physical condition?

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