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TLN Note: Shiro-kun was lazy for the past few days so he did not post anything, but he was scolded by his editor so he had to resume work, and also apologizes for his behaviour so he posts 1 chapter of level 1 guy and Cut&Paste

「Well, Dear Brother-In-Law! Shall we!」


…..Eh? What’s happening?


「Previously, you’ve promised me! You said that you’ll bring me to your house and play!」


Aah! I did recall having promise her that……..

Though, it’s already quite late? She wanted to head into the bath, so I assumed she won’t immediately leave right after a bath?


「Ary, isn’t it better to come at an earlier time?

We could take our time is what I think……」


As I answered her, Waffle that was on my head was nodding his head in approval too.


Then, with a smile that looked exactly like Older brother-san and placed her right hand on my back, and with her other hand pointed at me with her index fingers and declared.


「It’s alright! I’ll stay for the night!」


Eh, eeeeeeeehhhh!?

I haven’t made a guest room for people yet though!


Would it be similar when Older brother-san came and visit, where I have to let him sleep on my bed……

No No no no, having another girl besides my wives sleep on my bed is a definite no!


Plus, it’s a Princess!


I’ll have to figure out a way to refuse this!


「Well, having a princess stay over, wouldn’t you need an approval!」


「That’s alright too! I’ve received permission from Mother-sama and Elder brother’s!」


Wait! Older brother-san! Why did you approve of this!?

And Queen, wouldn’t that be bad! Letting a Princess that is soon to be coming of age to stay at someone’s place!!!


…..If anything,


『If it’s Brother-in-Law’s『Myne』 place then I’m sure it’s fine.

Sylphy’s there, and Aisha-dono’s there too! What’s more isn’t it safer compared to here?

Worse comes to worse, if her condition is bad we have Aisha-dono, and Brother-In-Law『Myne』 can contact us immediately too right.」


Was what Older brother-san said.

……Wasn’t Ary’s condition weak to begin with? Would it be alright!?


「No No No no no! A bed, YES! There’s no extra beds!

Our home isn’t that huge to begin with, so we don’t really have a room for a royalty to stay!」


If it’s this, how’s that!

If it’s a girl that is marriageable, it must be tough for her!


「It’s alright! I have placed a bed inside my storage bag!

Only when I’m sleeping in the same room as elder sister-sama, will I use it so it’s no problem!」


Sylphy’s room…..but, wouldn’t the Princess’s bed be really huge!

I don’t think it’s possible to fit such a huge bed in such a compact house!


「We don’t have enough space to fit a bed that is put in Sylphy’s previous room!」


「Again no worries! I’ve already confirmed with elder sister-sama the other day!」


……Everything is as planned huh.


While thinking of other excuses to give her, Ary then went in front of me and stared at me.


「…….Does brother-in-law, hate me?」


Her eyes were about to burst into tears as she was saying those words.


…….This is, bad.


「……..Then shall we, Ary………」


「Thank you ! brother-in-law!!」


Waffle was patting on my head as usual to comfort me as we went back to my house with the 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】.


In contrast to me who was feeling down, Ary was hyped and smiling brightly.


While showing the opposite facial expression, the two of us dived into the black vortex.




「Welcome back, Myne.」


The first person to greet me was Aisha.


And shortly after I came out, Ary came flying out of the black vortex.


「Good Evening!」


Aisha was puzzled for a moment from the appearance of the princess, but soon after greeted with 「Good evening, Princess Ariel.」 with a smile.


Seeing such scene, Waffle who was on top of me suddenly jumped off from my head and ran.

Then, he jumped towards the shadow behind Aisha.





Hm, Who? …….Wait Amy-san!?


Why was Amy-san here? Thinking such, I looked at Aisha.


「Before the Clan House is complete, I should stay at your place for the time being, didn’t Myne-kun said so?

Thus, I tried inviting her over to stay.」


I see, it is certainly a good idea.


Even if it’s the clan, our family will end up being together with her, so it wasn’t a bad thing for her to get to know the atmosphere of our house in advance.


「……By the way, why is Princess Ariel accompanying you for today?」


Aisha asked while looking at my face and Ary’s face alternately.


「Ufufu, I came to play as promised! The preparations to stay is also perfect!」


Eh? Which meant, I hurriedly looked at Aisha’s expression.


「…….Yes, seems like it.

I’ll have to tell Sylphy? …….Wait where’s Sylphy?」


Now that I looked around, Sylphy isn’t here? What’s the matter.


「The Princess, she has not come back from the Craftsman-san’s place yet.

Perhaps because it was a meeting with Mage Architects, it might take some time.」


……Was what she replied.

The Mage Architect might be troubled over the addition of the 3rd floor…..


「…..Well then, shall I cook dinner?

Before Sylphy comes back, we should make a hot dinner for her to quickly eat.」


I agreed with Aisha’s proposal as I decided to cook dinner for the first time in a while.


「…..Brother-in-law, can you cook?」


「I can, but not as good as Aisha.」


「…….That’s amazing! Amazing !!」


……Eh? Where did Waffle went?


Speaking of, Amy-san suddenly appearing, I guess he was rushing to see Amy-san….

Aah, Waffle is crawling on top of her head…..


…….Well, I guess Waffle took a liking to Amy-san?

Though the usual Amy-san was dizzy on her feet.


『Waffle, for the time being, I’ll leave it to you.』


『Wafu! Leave it to me!』


Leaving Amy-san and Ary to Waffle, Aisha and I head towards the kitchen.

I hope the level of 【Cooking】 increases today……




The meeting took longer than what I’d originally thought.

After all, it was quite hard to redraw something from scratch.


「I’m home.」


When I returned home, I got up to the front door and I was greeted by an unexpected voice.


「Welcome home! Elder sister-sama!」


「!? Why are you here Ary!?」


「Brother-in-law brought me here! So I’ll be staying tonight!

I brought a bed too! Elder sister-sama, I want to hear a lot of stories from you tonight!!」


…..Aah, I see.


Did she follow Dear husband home from the royal palace?


Until now, because of her body, she could rarely go outside.

If husband’s skill could move around without consuming stamina, it might be a good change.


「I see, good job coming.

I don’t mind sitting up late at night talking but don’t strain your body okay.」


As I was talking, I entered the house together with Ary.


Then, in the living room, it wasn’t a family, but an unexpected person.


「Sylphiette your highness, sorry for disturbing your night.

I was invited by Aisha so I will be staying the night with you from today.」


Letting Waffle sit on top of her, and the person who was talking was none other then the elf Amy-san.

…….Fumu, seems like tonight’s gonna be a fun night.


「By the way, where’s husband and Aisha?」


「The two of them are cooking dinner together! I wonder if they’re almost done….」


Before Ary could finish talking, the two of them came to the living room with cooked meals.


「Welcome back Sylphy.

Good work as always, we’ve made a feast for tonight!」


Aah, I felt like I’ve come back to life after hearing husband’s voice.


Well then, let’s start eating their cooking that they take pride in!

Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.

Please continue to take care of me from now onwards.

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