FF: Chapter 58: A Crisis of Dinosaur

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A Crisis of Dinosaurs


As the group reached near a creek, they stopped.


On the east of it was hills after hills; on the west was a sizable river. Their current position was perfect for them to rest and eat.


The 50000 people started busying themselves; the evolutionaries rested and their pets grazed about.


After Rui passed away, Fi Fi that was originally spoiled took up the menial jobs willingly. Now she’s squatting down, cooking rice on a small campfire.


Her originally white, clean face was now dirty; her hair was simply bound into a ponytail with a rubber band, strands of hair stuck onto her forehead due to her sweat.


No one could relate the her now to the her before the apocalypse, a spoiled rich girl.


Lin Xii peeked at her and nodded silently. He doesn’t like to say much about others but he does take note about their action, he will remember that this girl continuously took action to increase her placing in his heart.


Sui was at a side, creating clean drinking water for everyone. The water that’s created from her ability was sweet and clean, much better than the water from the river.


After awakening her ability, Sui was steadily increasing her control over her powers. Now she could even form an envelope of water over a bunch of clothes and spin them like a washing machine, the girl’s talent was surprisingly good.


If there’s someone that Lin Xii was unsatisfied with, it would be Annie.


The surrendered female titan did not use her ability even once to battle against the monsters, all she does is constantly holding a bottle of alcohol, getting drunk and ask for another as soon as she finished one. She’s just a useless character in his team!


But, it would seem that her relationship with Qing was getting better and better everyday……


The busied creek was a messy and peaceful place. Somewhere far away on top one of the mountain was a man, looking down on the creek coldly.


He’s a short ugly middle aged man, half bald with a monkey-like mouth. He wears a pair of glasses, but they could not filter the cruelty, evil and coldness in his eyes. He also wears a white lab coat, with a red napkin folded on the front of his chest.


He’s the man in the game, Cadillac and Dinosaurs that extracted the Dinosaur’s DNA, made those mutating vials and the one that lead the band of evil doers.


Dr Fessenden!


He continue watching down to the creek with a gaze filled with evil intention, and then he lifted one of his fingers; behind him was a bunch of punks, thugs, fatties and knives user. One of them came walking towards him, placing a box carefully on the ground.


As he opened the box, the inside of it was a head!


The head of a dinosaur!


This place wasn’t lacking dinosaurs, so the head shouldn’t be a surprise. But what’s weird was that unusual thick veins and nerves grew all over the severed head, like the roots of a huge tree; the whole head pulsed red grotesquely.


The veins and nerves that was as thick as the root of a tree moved around as it pulsed.


The eyes of the dinosaur’s head was wide open, flashing red menacingly.


A faint mysterious smiled appeared on Dr Fessenden’s ugly face, as he took the head out of the box, he suddenly slammed it on top of one of the hooligan’s face.


The bundle of nerves and vein suddenly spread open, latching on to the hooligan’s head, leaving only his mouth exposed. Hooks and teeth sprouted from the ‘thing’, cruelly pierced into him.


The hooligan trembled, spasmed and let out a horrible cry. He fell onto the ground, rolling around. It was obvious that he was in great great pain.


He grabbed onto his head and tried to pry away the meat hooks but 2 of the veins latched onto his hand. The veins slowly extended, growing in size and finally wrapping him entirely……


The struggles got smaller and smaller. As he got up, he’s not a human anymore; it was red mutated monster with a dinosaur’s head.




Dr Fessenden let out proud, happy laugh, looking at his proud creation. After that, he took out another 4 vials from the box.


A thug, knives user, punk and fatty was pushed up. Fessenden injected the vial into the 4 of them and suddenly, screams of pain echoed again.


The body of each of the 4 hooligans started expanding after the vial was injected, skin bursting open and blood flowing. The blood the flow out wasn’t red in colour, it was green, a sticky dark green goo.


After 10 minutes, the 4 of them changed entirely.


The thug was now huge and muscular like Vice; the fatty expanded like a balloon, if it wasn’t because he wasn’t holding 2 butcher knives he would be the Butcher reincarnate!


The punk did not change much, just having furs growing out of his entire body including his face.


As for the knives user, he became taller and skinnier.


The Phantom!


The 4 of them turned into bosses.


But, their skin was dark green, like the dinosaurs. Also, their face was blank, like walking zombies; it was obvious that they had lost their self.


But no matter what, the fact that Dr Fessenden was able to create the 4 boss again with just 4 vials in matter of minutes was just shocking.


The Ruffian(Vice), Butcher, and the Phantom was huge big time bosses in the game. As for the ‘Savage’ that the punk had became, he was also considered a small boss; his combat ability was well above average equipped with an ability to spit poisonous acid from his mouth!


Adding on the ‘Tyrog’ that the Doctor create with the Dinosaur’s head, this batch of monster was a formidable force!


But Dr Fessenden still thinks it’s not enough, he wouldn’t had escape the base if he was satisfied.


Behind a hill nearby, is a sleeping dinosaur.


The length of the dinosaur was already more than a hundred meters long as it laid down sleeping, it already looked like a small mountain!


If you had played the game, this was the only dinosaur that did not showed its full body. The screen of the game could not fit the whole body of the dinosaur, only showing one leg.


The dinosaur’s a T-Rex.


A normal T-Rex is about 10 to 15 meters in height, 10 times smaller than this T-Rex! More accurately, the height of the T-Rex from the head to the tip of the tail is 115 meters; 40 meters in height standing upright.


This is the T-Rex that Dr Fessenden had successfully mutated in the Cadillac and Dinosaur world.


As he brought his band of hooligans away from the base, he managed to locate the supersized T-Rex that befell this world. So, he took the opportunity to take revenge.


He knew that with the openness of the creek and the presence of the river, the troops will definitely stop to rest at this location.


After waiting for 3 whole days, he finally found his moment.


“Awake it!”


Under Dr Fessenden’s order, the green mutated Butcher shook his obese body and slowly stomped towards the T-Rex. He lifted his fists, started punching the dinosaur with all the strength that he could muster.


The fists did nothing to the ultra thick and rough hide, but after several tens of punches, the sleeping monster finally felt some pain.


Eyelids that were bigger than gates slowly opened up, showing a pair of eyes that were burning with fury. Two stream of air jets shot out from its nostrils, buffeting a gust of air, dirt and soil alike.


It slowly rises from the ground, showing its mountain-like, muscular body. As it stood upright, the supersized T-Rex let out an earth shocking roar!


The clouds was blown apart just from the roar!


How’s this a dinosaur anymore?


It’s a bloody Godzilla!


The dinosaurs that’s present at the hill wasn’t only the T-Rex, but 5 other——


A huge, violent Giganotosaurus!


An Acrocanthosaurus with huge spikes from the head to its tail!


Carcharodontosaurus, its teeth sharper than a shark, much more bloodthirsty too!


A Stegosaurus with huge sword like spikes growing on it!


3 horns sprouting from its head, looking like a rhinoceros. A Triceratops!


These are all the experiments that Dr Fessenden managed to capture and control during this past month.


As the T-Rex continue its roar, all the dinosaurs in the vicinity crawled onto the ground, trembling in fear.


The mutated giant dinosaur widen its jaw, wanting to swallow whole the Butcher that awoken him. At this moment, Dr Fessenden pressed a button on a remote control.


No way Dr Fessenden would make such an amature mistake of not thinking how to control such a beast when he create it.


There’s a chip in its brain that allows him to control it, destroying anyone that he like!




With the laughter of Dr Fessenden, the huge T-Rex turned its body and started walking towards the creek, grounds trembling. The other dinosaurs that’s about 10 meters in size followed behind, they too are control by a chip.


Lin Xii that was resting suddenly opened his eyes, he saw the ripples vibrating on the surface of the river, getting larger and larger.


The flames of his bonfire trembled, signalling obvious signs. Slowly but surely, trembles across the ground shook, thundering sounds echoed.


Lin Xii tuned his head abruptly to the hill near him.


What he saw was a huge dinosaur, stomping down every single tree in its way! It came rushing like an avalanche, unstoppable and destroying everything in its path!

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