FF: Chapter 57: Confirming the Target

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Confirming the Target


The perfect fusion with the Progenitor Virus gave him the ultimate cells, allowing it to generate almost anything with the right condition.


Other than being able to generate kinetic, heat, and RC cells; there’s another option now.


Element (Ice).


As Lin Xii focus mentally and gazed into himself, he noticed that his body was now like an ice crystal. As he churned his biological energy, white mist started flowing.


As the white cold mist started ebbing out from his body, the temperature in the house plummeted. Mai that was at his side let out a cry of surprise as she saw frost started forming on Lin Xii’s skin.


As he increases the churning of his biological energy, more and more mist came pouring out from his skin pores…….


Very quickly a layer of solid ice formed on him, encasing him in a layer of ice.


Mai hurriedly waved her butterfly fan, smashing the ice.


“It’s nothing, I’m just testing out my new ability.”


As Lin Xii assured Mai that nothing was wrong, he continue pondering about his new ice element. It’s true that he’s happy about his new powers, but the thing is he doesn’t have any good way to utilize his powers other than crudely releasing some cold mist and produce some ice cubes.


Utilizing his ice powers to the point where he could freely control it in battle like Keraha…..was something he cannot do.


After all, he’s not a mage. Mental strength isn’t his forte.


Thank god there’s a way around it——


Ability Seed: used.


Finally he could use the seed that he got from the grave robber. This is the first time that Lin Xii got an ability from an outside source. The seed is a special type of inheritance that engraved the methods and ways to use it inside the person’s brain.


Activating the ability, the energy in his cells started resonating to a certain frequency, automatically converting to energies of the ice element.


Mysterious engravings in his mind lit up, cold mist poured out everywhere as a bright blue-ish white 6 star pentagon appeared beneath Lin Xii’s feet. It’s a beautiful aura with crystals of ice and snow.


A pale blue glow started covering Mai’s body.


But as she activated and churned her ‘ki’, the frost melted away from  her body and blocked the blue glow from entering her vicinity.


“Very nice.”


Lin Xii nodded, satisfied. He doesn’t need the icy aura to produce high output of damage, but as long as the blue glow hinders the opponent it’s enough. Usually an instant of misstep would be the deciding factor in battle, like the battle against the Phantom 2 days ago.


Another pleasant surprise is that the icy aura consumed a very small amount of energy.

It was even less than just activating his Ukaku, this would be something that he could use in a normal battle!


The source of Lin Xii strength now is all due to biological energy, without it, there would be no ‘Burst’, ‘Hot Blood’ or even Ukaku. He can’t even heal if he doesn’t have enough biological energy.


The importance of biological energy to him is the same as mana to a magic user.


The range of his icy aura is about 100 in diameter.


As for the target……


Lin Xii’s able to control the aura with the symbols engraved in his mind, as the pentagram turns clockwise, the icy coldness that radiates from it will only affect monsters and humans that befell this world.


As the pentagram turns anti-clockwise, the icy coldness will only affect the humans in this world including normal humans, evolutionaries and mercenaries.


Lin Xii closed off his aura and took out his Sundae Fusion.


As the ice elemental energy was inserted into the sword, the surface of the huge double handed sword glowed icy blue. He tried clashing with Mai’s bloody rose staff with the glowing blue sword, as they clashed he felt a surge of coldness conducting into the staff.


This lead to Mai feeling very uncomfortable, she had to continue churning her ‘ki’ to fight against the chill.


It was much stronger than the icy aura!


Well, that shouldn’t be too surprising as the weapon is a one-on-one and the icy aura affects the whole surrounding.


But for a weapon that can be split into 6 different swords, could accept the influx of ice elemental energy to debuff the opponent, and able to let out an ultimate move like a magic cannon(EX-Caliburrr!) as you charge it with huge amount of ice energy……


What more do you need in a weapon?


But to Lin XIi, the Sundae Fusion isn’t the strongest weapon that he own. It’s because the Frosty Moon finished it’s change.


Metallic gold handle, curved into a crescent moon shaped at the top with beautiful crystals embedded into the top. The only difference is that the original 2 blue crystal at the top change into 1 red and 1 blue.


With the upgrade card ‘Flaming Binoche’, it absorbs the fiery magic of the fiery witch. The name of the shinki is now:


Moon of Ice and Fire!


“Moon of Ice and Fire


-Shinki, Staff


-Mithril made with Ice and Fire Gem embedded


-Greatly amplifies Ice and Fire magic.


-Ice; Fire energy can activated the pre-programme magic in the gems,

  1. i) Icy Snowman

ii ) Ice Boulders

iii) Jack-O-Bomb

  1. iv) Spinning Flame Shield


Cooldown is needed after each used.


-If the staff is used as a blunt weapon, there’s 1% of chance that it will activate the Ice Magic Ultimate, Icicle Fall with 30 meters of range; there’s 1% of chance that it will activate the Fire Magic Ultimate, Summoning Meteor with 30 meters of range;


Lin Xii doesn’t have any Fire type energy, so he could look at the Jack-O-Bomb and the Spinning Flame Shield. But, an extra passive is added to the staff.


Summoning Meteor, an AoE Ultimate Magic with terrifying destructive powers!


With the extra passive skill, the chances of activating a Ultimate Magic change from 1% to 2%! This increased the chances by double, amplifying the usefulness of the staff in battle.


As expected from a Shinki!


As expected from a Shiki that undergo change!


Lin Xii couldn’t help but feel happy as he held on the staff.


The civilians recovered after 3 days worth of rest and ate to their fill, the army even recruited some of them and the amount of soldiers increased to 1500.


Due to the shortage of bullet, most of the guns were just decoration. But luckily the monster in the forest dropped a bunch of weapon, goblin’s club, Tau’s Axe, etc. These weapon were handed down, and some of the materials that came from the same monster were made into equipment.


Dagger made out of Tau’s horns, leather armor made out from Tau’s leather……


Everyone was in high spirits as they continue on their journey, with high hopes towards their future. There’s no shortage of food and only 5 days worth of journey left to LZ.


Lin Xii that’s seated on the hydra hugged 2 of his short swords.


The Sundae Fusion is a fusion of 6 swords, but that doesn’t means you have to use the huge double handed sword everytime you fight. You could disassemble it and only use either 1 or 2 swords out of the 6.


The orange yellow wafer blades is about half a meter long, when the 2 of them are held in each hand, it gave him a feeling of Archer from Fate.


On the other end of the hydra was Qing that’s with her silent temper. She’s not mad towards Sui or Mai——Qing has a simple personality, forgetting things easily that are unimportant; the reason she’s angry was due to Lin Xii.


She really loves the Sundae Fusion, so she spent 6000 points to the original Fenrir Fusion Sword.


But even with her ‘Touki’, her high enough attributes and the high speed provided by her Weapon Master talent, she still couldn’t perform the ‘Omnislash’……


“How could a mere man-eating person manage to use it, but a Weapon Master can’t?! It couldn’t be that I’m not stronger than him, damnnittt!”


“Oi, don’t start spouting lies. I don’t eat human meat.”


Continuing the trip, there’s a ton of dinosaurs that was attracted to the huge group. They were the evolutionary hunting prey, most of them were Deinonychus and Pachycephalosaurus. The few Pterosauria were shot by Xu Ping with a weapon named ‘The Crow’s Claws’.


‘The Crow’s Claw’ is a longbow, but in the hands of the 3 meters tall Na’Vi, it was like a shortbow. The arrows shot from this bow are able to explode.


Wait, this isn’t a bow and arrow.


It’s just a bloody rocket launcher!


Even though Lin Xii’s very confident in his strength and his growth rate since the start of the apocalypse, but he do have to admit that he’s not the only strong one in this transfer group after watching Xu Ping.


Wu Yan with his energy shields, energy bombs and high mental strength as his forte. He’s definitely strong.


There’s no way that he doesn’t have any trump card.


Xu Ping that could shot arrows like an RPG was shocking——she could even control the animals from Pandora with her connecting nerves like her arms and legs!


In the future she could even hire the flying Pterosauria from Pandora, riding on that and shooting RPG with a high DPS!


Lin Xii still couldn’t see through Xiao Wan’s real ability, but he’s damn sure that iron skin isn’t her real one.


There’s no need to elaborate further with Qing and her Weapon Master talent together with Xiao Qiang and his Explosive Metal Body. How could Bull be weak with his pure battle capability 4 star bloodline? As for Dog and Pig, their auras alone would be damn useful in a massive battle.


Zhong Hou, Wang Wei and Zhen Tian that drank the strength, speed and physique vial also leaped in terms of strength.


Out of all of them, the weakest is Ling Ling. But just with her high level healing spell and her capability to use items that require mana already guarantees her future.


This, was just a part of the total evolutionary of Pearl City, how many more strong evolutionary there is in the state? In their country? In the whole world?


There’s definitely people that had gotten 7, 8 or 9 star abilities from the 100000 total evolutionaries. If the goal of being an evolutionary is to reach the top of the mountain, these people starts at the middle of it!




There will be many that dies on the road of this continuous evolution. But as long as they are alive then one by one, they will grow and get stronger as time goes on like fierce gales creating larger and larger waves on a turbulent sea!


There will never be a shortage of the strong.


The apocalypse that fell with the monsters along it created a new era.


Who’s the one leading it this time?


Lin Xii threw away the smugness that he had after getting his new ice powers and his shinki staff.


The him after the apocalypse fell was always aimless, directionless——he doesn’t have any family, no friends, no strong need to protect anyone unlike some of the other evolutionaries.


He doesn’t desire much as well, he doesn’t really have any special urge to wealth, political power, woman……he’s more introverted, low-key, not treating others’ humiliation as his own enjoyment.


This was why even with Sui and Fi Fi that needed protecting and are both beautiful girls, Lin Xii was still lacking a target to move forward. It could be said that this whole month he was just drifting along with the flow.


Now, he finally figured it out, his target.


To get stronger!


Become stronger than anyone!


Chasing up to the 7, 8 or 9 stars evolutionaries……and leaving them behind in the dust!


The road of an evolutionary is always continuing forward, overcoming obstacles. He wants to gauge the depth of his hidden potential; try standing on top of the mountain and see the view; figure out what’s behind the hill; feeling what does it feel like to be the top, looking down on the rest.


It was alike to what Xiao Qiang said:


To become the strongest in this country, Asia, and even the whole world!


As he sat on top of the 3 headed lizard,enjoying the light breeze as he gazed into the fluffy clouds on top of the blue blue sky, he finally felt free.

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