Cut&Paste: Chapter 111 – Memories that wouldn’t fade away

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「In the past, I was in a team with your parents for some time, I’ve told you about it before right?

Originally, I was actually just a commoner……

My father was a mercenary and before I got married I was a mercenary working with him.」


Eh? The king, was a mercenary……..

But, compared to me right now from when he was young, being a mercenary was amazing.


Even though I had to do all I had just to live on daily…….


「Hm? Aah, I did say mercenary, but I was just helping my father out.

I myself wasn’t a big deal.」


Looking at my expression, the King added some words onto the story.


「…….Anything, being a mercenary in a family means not knowing what would happen tomorrow.

Instead of settling down at a place, we had to move from town to town to make a living.

Thus was my daily life, it was after a while that I got the skill from God.」


Indeed, the temple to which skills were awarded was only offered in big cities.

As what the King said, if he was moving around frequently, he must have gone to a temple after he became an adult.


「So, I got the skills in the Town of Lunawan(ルナワン).

It was exactly the place where my father died, and I decided to become an adventurer…..」


「So, from there you met my father and mother!?」


Oops! I unintentionally cut the story of the King……

What should I do if I were to make him angry……


……But, I really wanted to know about father and mother.


「Let’s see……

When I entered the adventurer’s guild, it was there where I met with your mother, Yukino, and Garnet.

They were friends for a really long time, and they were in a party together.」


I thought that he’d gotten mad, but he continued to talk.


…….Maybe, because he was reminiscing those days.

It seemed nostalgic, yet it sounded fun……..


As I saw the King talking about mother and the Queen, I naturally thought of something.


「…….So dad wasn’t with you.」


In my memory, mother was always next to father.

Father was a person who did not talk much, but mother always stood beside father and were always smiling together.


Though from the King’s story, it seemed that they weren’t together which was somewhat sad.


「Don’t make such a face, it is a while later that Dyne would start adventuring together with us.」 (TLN: Myne, Dyne, I see what you did there author)




「Anyways, meeting Garnet and Yukino for the first time in the adventurer guild, I got to be asked to party together for a request.」


What sort of request was it?

While thinking of it, the King smiled and grinned as he answered.


「Are you curious as to what sort of request it was?」


Apparently, the King saw through my emotions again.

Was I that easy to read?


I felt that something on top of my head was moving back and forth.

…….Apparently, Waffle was also wondering about it…….


Agreeing with Waffle, while recessing forward a little the King stifled a smile as he continued talking.


「The request itself wasn’t hard so as long as the party formation is solid.

Inside a forest that was slightly further away from the town of Lunawan, we had to hunt a certain demon.」


I don’t know how strong the demon was, but if the King was there then it must’ve been easy!

As, it was said that he became a hero afterwards! I can’t imagined the struggles he had at all.


「Though we’re at an exciting part, I’m sorry.

As I mentioned earlier, if “we have a party formation that is solid” right?

I was a swordsman, Garnet was a magician, and Yukino was the healer.

There was no problem if it comes to defeating it, but the forest was vast, so finding that one monster was somewhat of a difficult task.」


Only one!? If that were the case……


「D, don’t tell me, a rare species!? Were you hunting down a rare monster!?」


「Oh, you seem to know it as well.

It was a demon that was suddenly borned from mutation…..

What we had to look for was a bee-shaped demon called the Royal・Bee.」


……It certainly was a nasty request.

In the forest, a bee type….And what’s more it was a rare monster so it means looking for 1 monster.


「Yes, that’s why we needed a person with searching capabilities which wasn’t in our party.」


Ah! I got it!

So that’s why!!


「You seemed to realize as well, that’s right.

We head to the guild searching for people that we can trust to find the monster.

…….And that was your father, Dyne.」


As I suspected! It was father!

Unlike myself, father was a fantastic hunter!


Even his searching capabilities were amazing, and he was skilled in not just dagger but also with the bow.


If they had father, even if it’s a Royal・Bee, it wouldn’t even be an enemy!


「Well, that describes how me and your parents met.

Then, until I became the King of this country, we were always together.

I got married to Garnet, and Dyne and Yukino got married…….

Even now I still can’t believe it, that the two of them are not here anymore.」


From the King’s words, I stayed silent.

That’s right, I thought so too….


「The names of your clan, they(Dyne and Yukino) liked sunflowers, but you probably wondered why?」


「…….Yes, that’s right.

I felt like father and mother are watching over me…..」


「Aah, I think it’s a good name. I’m sure that they’ll be pleased with it.」


After that, I was told many stories about my younger dad and mother from the King.

However, the only thing he did not talk about was when my father and mother passed away.


They’ve saved Lucas, that was all I was taught before they passed away.

Be proud of your parents and live happily so that your parents’ name will not be tainted, that was what he told me before ending the old stories.




「…….Aah, one last thing Myne, I have something to discuss with you.」


As I was about to leave the office, I turned back as the King called for me as he remembered something.


「Yes? What’s the matter?」


「The Teleport Skill that you have, could you connect it to a specific place at all times using it as a door?」


Hmm? I wonder what he meant by that?

For example, if I opened the door from my home, it would would connect to the royal palace?


Something like that, I wonder if it was possible?


「……I’ve never thought of it like that, I’ll try it once I go home.」


「Aah, I’ll be thankful if you could do that.

As of right now, the only way to contact you was to use a fast horse to reach you.」


I made a promise with the king and left the office after bowing down.


Since the King called a maid to lead me out, I was once again walking behind her.


Anyways, this is the end of my errands!


It took more time than I thought, so it was impossible to continue talking with Ary.

I better apologize before going back.


「Do you know where I could look for Princess Ariel?」


When I asked the maid who was guiding me, I got a reply saying 「She is now inside Myne-sama’s room.」.


Eh? In my room?

Perhaps, she had been waiting there ever since?


If that was the case, I felt sorry if I were to go back right now….


Then, after returning to the room I met a servant…..


Hanging a storage bag on her right shoulder, she changed to an easy-to-move clothes, and Ary had a grinned smiling from end to end of her cheeks.


「Well then, Dear Brother! Let’s go to your house!」


…….Eh? What does she mean?


Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading this chapter.

I hope that you would take care of me from now onwards.


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