FF: Chapter 56: Ice Powers

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Ice Powers


It’s a clear sunny afternoon with a lovely blue sky.


As they left the village, Lin Xii spotted the other evolutionaries. Xiao Qiang stood out from them, clearly used the vial.


Colt wasn’t the strongest out of the four bosses, but the dropped vial of his was definitely the best! It equates to 15 person’s worth of strength, agility and physique each. Not only it enhances more than any other vial, it’s the most balance vial too. In-taking the vial would not mutate the body drastically, unlike Wang Wei and Xiao Qiang.


Xiao Qiang’s currently 2.3 meters tall, akin to a small titan.


Even though the original him was muscular, but it’s not overly muscular if he doesn’t activate his ability. But now, the muscles on his body was almost the same as the Tyrant; he emits a menacing presence just by standing there, with his height combining with his body.


Behind Xiao Qiang was a armored polar bear, with Ling Ling sitting on it while Pikachu riding on her shoulder.


Other than Xiao Qiang, Zhong Hou’s body appearance changed as well. His height remained almost the same, but his body was a whole different story. Muscles coiled and bulged around his body, like the coils around an old tree.


“Zhong, you used the ‘strength’ vial?”




Zhong Hou combed his hair back into his mohawk, with a cigar in his mouth. He was obviously in a good mood. His current attire consist of a knight’s chain mail, with a large white shield on his back; the shield was long and white, with a red cross on the surface of the shield. The shield looked like the symbol of the international red cross organization.


“This is the Crusader’s Shield.”


Zhong Hou smiled as he patted the shield, “With my increased strength, I don’t feel tired anymore wearing the chain mail and carrying the shield. Oh right, thanks for helping Wang Wei and Zhen Tian, allowing them to become stronger.”


“Fatter too……”


Zhen Tian that looked like a meatball sat on the war elephant, unwilling to walk. Wang Wei was on it too, tall and skinny looking.


The huge turtle of team wild continue it’s tough job, dragging the long trail of trucks behind it. Bull’s laying down on one of the trucks——his combat capability is currently zero as he’s evolving into the Tau King Bloodline from his previous Tau Bloodline.


Both Pig and Dog was feeling bummed out as they didn’t get to follow the expedition due to staying behind to guard Bull. Zhen Tian and Wang Wei’s strength that was slightly weaker compared to them increased a significant amount after in-taking the vials, leaving them behind.


A spot far away, was Wu Yan, Xu Ping and Xiao Wang that rode on their hammerhead beast, slowly trodding away. Looking at the 3 of them, Lin Xii wondered whether Xiao Wan ever demonstrated her real abilities in front of them.


The road towards the ration supply base was not a short one, even though there’s no bus this time around but there’s still the hydra. Other than the 5 girls, Lin Xii too went up and rest as he’s still recovering his mental and physical strength after the fight with the Phantom.


Mai knew that he needed the rest, so she offered her thighs for him to rest on.


Laying down on the flat back of the hydra, with his head on Mai’s soft, supple thighs was lovely; especially if he look up in this position, he would be able to witness the lovely underboobs of Mai’s. It was huge, so huge that it gave him an urge to just reach out his tongue to lick it.


Ah……it seems that my nosebleed is starting, better control my blood and stop it.” He hurriedly curb the nosebleed before it could flow down, shut his eyes and calm his mind……


A sweet, flirtatious smile appeared on Mai’s face. She started to use her long, white and slender fingers to slowly massage Lin Xii’s temple, sliding her hands down to his collarbone and rubbed his back gently.


It was just bliss. It was so comfortable. Lin Xii that that had shut his eyes relaxed so comfortably that he almost started drooling.




Qing and Annie that was at the side looked away, showing expression of disgust.


Sui and Fi Fi too focused their gaze onto Lin Xii and Mai, but their expression was slightly weird; especially Sui that was looking onto it with a dazed look, faint blushes crept up her white cheeks.


Lin Xii slowly drift into his dreams, too tired to bother the others that were staring at him……


Qing and Annie look at each other disbelievingly.

This punk managed to sleep under this sort of situation?


As there was nothing to do while sitting on the hydra, Qing couldn’t help but glanced at Lin Xii. She stared at his sleeping face, then at Mai’s. Her gaze could not help but fell onto Mai’s breast, and suddenly a surge of unholy flames burned within her.


“This cow! They will definitely, definitely sagged in the future!”


After an intense cursing session in her heart, Qing suddenly realized that she couldn’t even sag even if she wanted too, losing all of her energy to go on……


She weakly turned her head and accidentally glanced at Sui.


In a certain way, Sui’s more terrifying than Mai, this was because she’s only 14! Other than her chest, she also has an innocent, young face that looked like water could be squeezed out from it if you squeeze it hard enough. Combining those with her snowy white skin……


Qing lowered her head, looking her chest. She could clearly see a flat surface all the way down to her abdomen, without any protuberance.


“Goddammit! I remember folding and stacking my undergarments when I wore it!”


Also, her skin colour was tanning brown due to the overexposure of the sun…….


Qing that was annoyed by her thoughts grabbed onto her hair and shouted, “This is pissing me off!”


Suddenly everyone’s gaze was focused onto her, except Lin Xii because he’s sleeping.




Qing raised her fist, seemingly wanting to fight. The others who met her gaze turned away, not wanting to face her demonic anger.


To be honest, her placement in the team is pretty high. After all, she’s the only other evolutionary after Lin Xii, a 5 star talent evolutionary too. Annie surrendered, Mai’s a mercenary and the other 2 girls are normal humans.


After continuing getting pissed off at herself for a little longer, Qing got tired of it and lay down. She decided to sleep on it, not worrying about whatever that worried her any longer.


A good while past, Sui and Fi Fi started whispering to each other. The two of them were originally classmates and after Fi Fi’s talk with Lin Xii the other day, she opened up to Sui and the both of them are much closer to each other now.


“What’s going on with her?’ Sui asked as soft as she could.


“I don’t know……maybe……hormonal imbalance?” Fi Fi mouth the last 2 words silently.




A sound of something snapping rang out, it came from Qing that was still shutting her eyes. In her hand, was a piece of scale from the hydra that had snapped using her bare hand. Seeing this, Fi Fi’s hairs on the back of her nape stood up.


The hydra looked back, staring at Qing with a weird expression.


Lin Xii slept through the whole thing, and as night came they finally reached the ration supply base.


With the soldiers scouting out, they found out that there isn’t anyone at the base. Not a single boss, not a single dinosaur.


With the expert analyzing the situation, there’s only 4 possibilities.


First, the final boss of the Cadillac and Dinosaur world, Dr Simon Fessenden did not befell onto this world.


Second, maybe Dr Fessenden did befell but he’s in another location, leaving this supply base to Colt, Vice, Butcher and the Phantom to look after.


Third, Dr Fessenden escape, scared.


Lastly, Dr Fessenden and the other bosses are currently hiding somewhere near here and are currently preparing an ambush.


Without the bosses present, Wu Yan and the others that were preparing to get some easy vials were disappointed.


Zhen Tian, Wang Wei and the others that were present for the battle before silently scoffed at them. To them, just the Phantom alone would be enough to slaughter Wu Yan’s whole group.


What surprised them, however, was the fact that there’s a huge supply of food in the base; only a small supply was moved away. With these supplies, it was enough for more than a month, something that’s more than enough for the journey to LZ that’s only a few days away.


The largest crisis: food, was finally dealt with.


Each and everyone of them could eat till they’re full, something that’s unthinkable before this.


Of course, the army wouldn’t just take all the food out and pass it down. It’s a good thing to leave a portion here, as a backup plan if anything goes wrong.


There’s 5 huge storage of food, with Elder Lee’s orders 4 of them were sealed back up, using only 1 of them.


Even though it was just 1, it was still more than enough for everyone.


With the lesson learnt from the ambush in the forest, after eating and drinking to their fill the 900 or so soldiers stood guard; most likely all of the evolutionaries except for Lin Xii did not sleep.


It was an uneventful night.


On the second day, the army made a decision as to stay at the base for another 3 more days.


The original 80000 people was reduced by 30000 in the forest, the remaining 50000 was subjected to days of hunger and walked endlessly; their mental strength hit the limits a long time ago.


Thus, a good mental and physical rest was needed to ensure the best condition for the rest of the journey.


It’s the same for the soldiers too, only 900 remaining from the 2000 after the fight in the forest. Rest and psychological help were needed for the remaining soldiers as most of them were young students before the apocalypse.


The evolutionaries too didn’t want to continue the journey at the moment.


The Cadillac and Dinosaurs bosses that could drop super vials are so valuable that they hope the bosses would return to the base, other than that the meat of the dinosaurs are really precious too as they could heal.


Not only it could heal, but delicious too!


The decision to rest for another 3 days was something that was well received by everyone.


Would they be any incident in these 3 days? For example Dr Fessenden bringing his underlings and launch an ambush? But that’s something no matter the army or the evolutionaries would want——an ambush at night wouldn’t work as there’s a vast difference between the terrain here and the forest.


There’s no hidden spot for either humans or monsters.


What if they launch an attack in the day? Well, that’s even better!


Why would they be scared of the bosses that could transform into a dinosaur? The tanks could even blast those phantasmal bosses earlier in the forest, what could a dinosaur do? Furthermore, there’s Hoover the colossal titan and Annie that could transform due to the abundance of daylight.


Sadly, nothing happened during the 3 days even though the army and the evolutionaries waited restlessly.


But there’s 2 things that boosted the overall strength of the transfer troops.


First was that Bull had finish the transformation of his bloodline, changing his 3 star Tau Bloodline into a 4 star Tau King Bloodline. Even though it’s just a 1 star difference in rank, but the actual difference was so huge that he might as well be reborn!


As for the second, well, Lin Xii’s ice powers finally formed.

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  1. I wonder if he’ll be super op or be limited by his “mana/bloodenergy” when he fights now. Well at least in speed with his debuffs and buffs he should be the fastest.

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