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TLN Note: I’m terribly sorry for confusing people with the Craftsman-san name, as I put Craftsmanship-sama or Craftsman-san sometimes, but the correct one was actually Craftsman-san, I’ve changed it on previous chapter so from today’s chapter onwards I’ll keep that in mind. As for the Clan’s Name, I know that 「Everlasting Sunflower」 might not seem appropriate so I might just put a poll to let people decide, I was actually considering whether putting 「Everlasting」 or 「Eternal」. So yeah, the readers can decide. In my opinion, everlasting sounds powerful as it is something that Myne and his family cherishes so having a sunflower lasts forever would suit it better. I mean both are similar but, I don’t know, I’m rambling for too long.


After deciding the Clan’s name, I hurriedly went to the royal palace and report it at once.


Sylphy had matters concerning with the Clan House, so she was now in a meeting with Craftsman-san.

As for Aisha, she was now heading for a meeting in the adventurer guild concerning the moving of houses for Amy-san.


Both matters were important, so it was only me and Waffle who decided to go to the King’s palace.


「Well then, I’m going out now!」


Saying so, I lightly hugged Sylphy and Aisha and lightly kissed their cheeks.


Then, I used 【Unique Magic・Space TIme】 and headed for the royal palace.


「Aisha……newlyweds of the world are always doing such things right…..」

「Yeah, Princess….it seems like it.」


……..After sending me off, it seemed that the two of them with their faces red were talking about such things.


「Alright, I’ve arrived but, what should I do?」


Through the black hole, we reached the room in the royal palace where we used to live in.


Just so you know, the King had already decided that this was our room, so he’d agreed that we could use it freely though…….

As expected, it felt tasteless to go out of the room and roam around the royal palace sneakily.


While I was drowning in thoughts, Waffle suddenly jumped off from my head.

Apparently, he seemed to be talking telepathically with someone.


…….What on earth was he doing?


While not fully understanding what he was doing, Waffle looked towards me and barked 「Wafu~」 as he climbed back up on my head again.

Apparently, the telepathy had ended.


『What’s wrong? Waffle.』


『Myne looked troubled, so I called—-』


Hmm? What did he mean by that?


Suddenly, I heard footsteps from outside the room.

As the footsteps grew bigger, it seemed that they are heading towards here.


「O, Dear brother! You came here!?」


The door was swung opened which made a bang sound, and the person that came inside the room was my sister-in-law, Princess Ariel.

As she would get angry if I don’t call her by her nickname, I had no choice but to call her Ary.


「Hello Ary!」 As she was still catching her breath I greeted her.


「H, hello!」


I pulled out some cold water from the storage bag and handed it to her slowly.


Then, Ary drank the water she received at once, and let out a 「Phew~~」 sound.

……I guess, because she hurriedly came over.


But, how did she know I was here?


Again, while trying to think about it, I noticed that my head was being struck by something flat.


『I called for her—-』


Eh?……Aah, from just now’s telepathy??




Aah, I see! The 【Contract of the Divine Beast】!

…..I’ve completely forgotten about that.


If it was within a certain distance, you can send a thought to a person you wish who also has the 【Contract of the Divine Beast】.


「…….Gosh, I was surprised you know.

I was staying inside my room when suddenly I could hear the voice of Waffle-chan.」


Aah, I think Sylphy mentioned about it before.

Ary has always been inside her room and she does not come out.


「I’m sorry for surprising you…..

Although I’ve arrived at the royal palace, it would’ve been rude to wander around without permission.」


「It’s alright you know, Dear Brother! What brings you here today?」


「Okay, I have some business with the King….Is he available?」


While I was talking, Ary immediately pushed a doorbell installed in the room.


「Dear Brother, please use this doorbell from now on.

The maid will immediately come!

……However, calling me is also alright!」


Just as Ary said, a maid arrived immediately.


「Princess Ariel, Myne-sama, did you perhaps call for my assistant?」


Afterwards, with a very sophisticated gestured she bowed down to me and Ary.


「Dear Brother wants to meet up with Father-sama, could you please check his schedule?」


Listening to Ary’s words, the maid once again bowed down and left.


「Well, with this it’s fine!

Before she comes back let’s talk for a bit! Dear Brother.」


With that, before the maid returned I had a conversation with Ary.


Should I say because she’s a girl?

She seemed to be really interested in meeting with me and my two wives.


As Ary is also of a royalty, marriage partners were naturally decided based on people with excellent skills.

Because of that, it was a little scary that you could not predict what sort of person will be your companion.


If allowed, she had a burning passion for romance and told me with a slight tint of sadness on her eyes that it would be great if she could get married.


…….For that reason, I was forced to teach her about the ways of a married couple as an example.


However, in our case we got married in a fairly special way, and if I were to put it was rather an irregular marriage.

It wasn’t those feelings of lovey dovey scenario that Ary imagined it to be.


I won’t lie to her, so for now I’ll just talk to her as it is.


While speaking, she went 「Heeeh~」 or 「You serious! Dear sister wouldn’t!?」, but I swiftly brushed the topic for the moment.


While I was talking about the time I went to the labyrinth with Aisha, the maid came back.


「Myne-sama, I’m sorry for keeping you waiting for a long time.

The King would like to see you right now. Allow me to assist you on the way to the office.」


「I understand! Thank you very much.」


As I said so, I thanked the maid and lowered my head.


The maid showed a momentary amazement when I lowered my head, but as soon as she remembered that I was formerly a commoner, she smiled nicely and gave me a bow.

It seemed that a nobleman would not so easily lower their heads to the likes of a maid.


「Dear Brother! Please let me know once you’ve finished talking with my father!」


「It depends on the story with the king, if it takes time, I’ll have to go home right after…….」


Yes, as soon as I replied her shoulders drooped as I could clearly see the sadness on Ary’s face.


For now, I can’t make the King wait for me.


「I’m sorry.」 I said as I hurriedly head to the King’s office with the guidance of the maid.


However, I did not notice at that time.

When Ary looked sad and was thinking of something, she responded with 「That’s right!」 while holding her hands tightly.


I would soon know about the meaning of Ary’s 「That’s right!」 at a later time after the talk with the King was over.




「Excuse me for intruding, but I’ve brought Myne-sama over.」


The maid gently knocked the door of the King’s office, and spoke.


「You’ve came, come in.」


I heard the voice of the King from inside.


After confirming the reply from inside, the maid opened the door whilst saying 「Pardon for intruding」.

Then, she urged for me to go inside.


After entering the room, I greeted with a 「Excuse me for intruding」, and once the maid confirmed that I entered, she bowed down deeply before closing the door.


「Myne, what brings you here?」


The King slowly sat on his chair and as I started speaking.


「I’m sorry for intruding while you’re busy, but I’ve decided on the name of the Clan, so I came here to report……」


「Hou, that was earlier than expected, no it saves me a lot of time too.

So, what name did you decide on?」


I brought my chest out, and told the King our Clan name.


「It’s Everlasting/Eternal Sunflower.」


Energetically speaking, the King showed a surprised expression for a moment and his movement stopped.



I see……I see, that name does suit y’all.」


Aah, is that so!


Now that I thought of it, the King was a team with my father and mother!

If that’s the case, he would know why I chose sunflower as the name!!


「Oh right, Myne……shall we talk about an old old story?」


The King closed his eyes and breathes heavily.


……Then, he started talking.


Author Note:

Thank you for always reading this novel.

I hope that you would take care of me from now onwards.

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