Level 1 Guy: Chapter 132 – Harmful and Harmless

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Featured Image Credited: Cerberus from Shadowverse

While holding onto my revolver, I took a closer look at the person.

Although the form was that of a dog, but the size was larger than a St. Bernard, which was already large in size.

It looked to be about the size of a pony.


Because his fur was dirty I couldn’t tell right away, but probably the ground was gray in colour.

His face could be described as either brave or just fierce, it was something of the two, and it’s eyebrows was in a shape of a “?”, I could only described him as a person who was constantly in trouble.


Is it really a monster?


[Don’t kill me. I know, I’ll give you something good.]


As the dog said, he took something out from the cloth. The thing that he took off was a piece of dirty paper.


[I’ll give this to you so please overlook my behaviour. I heard that the humans value this a lot.]

[This is…….a 1000 Piro bill?] (Ryouta)


What the dog took out was a crumbled up 1000 Piro bill that had been dirtied here and there.


[Yes! It was something I picked up a long time ago, I heard that humans can eat rice with this, is that right?]

[Well….you can eat……] (Ryouta)

[If that’s the case I’ll give this to you! But in return please overlook my actions.]


What to do, I’m troubled.

Or more like, I was worried.


I was taken in surprise by the monster-like dog who was able to talk, but the fact that he had absolutely no offensive nature that monsters tend to have, what’s more he was pleading for his life.

The way he was begging was also troublesome. Plus he always had a 1000 Piro bill around.


This person….What on earth is it?




A loud noise was heard that even the surrounding could here.

The hungry sound was coming from the dog’s belly.



[…..Ar, are you hungry?] (Ryouta)

[Yea….but it’s alright! I will not pick up garbage anymore, so I will leave this town as soon as you let me off! It’s true, please believe me!]


A dog that was desperately appealing to me.

I relaxed my arms as I slowly lowered my revolver.


I wasn’t able to shoot.




Me and the dog moved to the back alley.


[Ar, are you sure?]


The dog looked at me with a frighten face.

A meat was placed on the ground. I twas a raw meat that I bought at a nearby store and brought here for the dog.

Judging from the dog’s appearance, I bought around 3kg worth of meat.

The price was around 10k Piros. It was 350Piro per gram but I was given extra.


[Do you dislike meat? Or do you not eat raw food?] (Ryouta)

[Th, that’s not it! I’ll eat anything so long it’s food.]


I remembered the Krypton Onions in the city a while ago, but the dog in front of me had a pitiable face.


[Then eat it, don’t hold back.] (Ryouta)


[Yeah.] (Ryouta)

[Then, then……]


The dog was clearly frightened, but as I urged him to eat he quickly bite onto the meat.

Originally I bought the meat for him in the first place, so i watched him eat normally.


While not bothering on me looking at me, the dog finished the meat after licking his mouth.


[Thank you, it was delicious.]

[Was it enough? If so should I buy some more?] (Ryouta)

[It, it’s alright! I’ve already ate a months worth.]

[A month’s worth?] (Ryouta)

[Yeah, I usually eat waste from human garbage, but inside there’s no such thing as meat.]

[So it really was you who was littering garbage all around.] (Ryouta)

[Ah, I’m so sorry, I’m sorry.]

[But why would you throw rubbish…..well I can tell just by looking.] (Ryouta)


Yes, just by seeing.

The huge dog that might or might no be a monster that I was speaking to, he might be different.

His clothes were tattered and clumsy, while hiding from the eyes of human, he cling to garbage and he only had one bill that he picked up afterwards.

The word [Homeless] came into mind.


[In the first place, what are you? Are you a monster?] (Ryouta)


[Maybe?] (Ryouta)

[I don’t know, it was such a long time ago, but when I came to I was in a different city different from here.]

[Well, you might not be a monster.] (Ryouta)

[That’s what I thought at first. But when people look at me, they are always saying [So the rogue monster Cerberus has come out]. Rogue monster, as in monsters who came out to the city.]

[It’s true but it’s slightly different, but I see.] (Ryouta)


Apparently, the dog seemed to be a rogue monster resembling that of a Cerberus.

Because several people saw him before, so there wasn’t a doubt.


[Because the humans labelled me as rogue monster so I would be killed if I was found, so I went hidden all the time and wondered to various cities. I heard that this city had a lot of humans so it must be easy to find food, so I’d gotten too excited that I was littering around garbages…..]

[So that’s why Frankenstein was popping out recently.] (Ryouta)

[So I thought of finding a job in the dungeon as I followed the human beings, but I heard that rogue monsters will disappear when entering a dungeon, so I was afraid and did not do so.]

[Aah……] (Ryouta)


That’s true.

If this Cerberus was really a rogue monster, then he can’t go into the dungeon and earn an income like the rest of us.

He can’t get the number one most popular job in this world.


[I’m sorry. I’ll leave the city soon, so please do not kill me.]


He was begging for his life.

Even without being told, I couldn’t bring myself to kill him.

He doesn’t even know who he was, and being labelled as a Cerberus he had to live a life of hiding and escaping all the time.


[Thank you human-san. Thank you for the meal. I’ll give this to human-san.]


The Cerberus showed the note that he previously handed to me, putting the 1000 Piro bill in front of me, then stepped forward and started walking.

He held the tattered cloth to hide his identity as he proceeded towards the back alley.


Should I let him go as is? But if I were to stop him what should I do?

I can’t believe I was lost in words.


[Wow wow!]

[Tsk, it’s a rogue monster!]


An adventurer appeared from the other side of the alley.

A male adventurer that was pushing a Magic Cart was holding onto an Emily Modelled Hammer.

He looked like he was on the way back from the dungeon and on the way to a trading store.


Both of them stopped moving.

The first to move was the adventurer. The guy swung his hammer sideways.

The hammer hit Cerberus, and the pony-sized body blew away beside him, his head crashed to the wall before crashing to the ground.


[Isn’t it sort of weak. You gave me a heart attack.]


The guy was complaining to himself, as he pushed his Magic Cart away.

There were quite a few adventurers who do not knock down rogue monsters even when they met one, as rogue monsters do not drop any items.

They would do it if the Dungeon Association requests or gives incentives, but if they do not, they often find it not necessary to defeat them.

The majority of adventurers in this world, including that man who strike the Cerberus, would leave the place afterwards.


Meanwhile, Cerberus who was beaten by a hammer and fell on the ground wasn’t moving at all.

It wasn’t dead, monster……a rogue monster would disappear as soon as it dies.

So I judged that it wasn’t dead.


My judgement was right. After a while, the Cerberus budged, and stood up.


[Hey you alright?] (Ryouta)


I rushed over and stopped for a moment, and before taking a step I stopped.

At that time I did not think about it, but there wasn’t any sign to it.


But I stopped, and placed my arms on my head like a cross.

You could call it intuition.


This intuition was a momentary comprehensive judgement that came from my accumulated experiences.

It asked me to make a defensive posture.


The next moment, the Cerberus rushed at me with a furious momentum.

The Cerberus blew me away while I was guarding.


And he went straight from my back, and went out of the alley while colliding with the buildings.



[What happened!]


Residents of the city screamed, and the passerby ran in horror.

The Cerberus jumped out of the alley, this time opened his mouth and bit me.

I stuck out both hands, and caught the top and bottom of it’s teeth firmly.

The sharp tusk caught in my palm hurts.


[Garrururururu.] The Cerberus raised a low grunting noise and put more effort into his chin.


[It’s a Cerberus! A rogue demon dog has appeared!]

[Someone call for an adventurer, even the Dungeon Association is fine.]

[Wait, isn’t that Ryouta?Satou!]

[It’s the boss of the Ryouta Family.]

[Is it that rumoured adventurer that got rid of rogue monsters that other adventurers hate to do?]


I heard noises from my surroundings. Some were cheering some lifted their voice, and I saw the figure of that person who seemed to go and call for an adventurer.


This is bad, I’ll have to settle this quickly.

If it was an ordinary adventurer, they’ll most likely not care for a rogue monster, but adventurer who have been called at such times will definitely beat them till the end.


I actually sympathize with the Cerberus who was forced to live in such an incompetent lifestyle, I do not want to see the sight of this dog being killed.

I must do something before the adventurers come.


[Garurururu.] The Cerberus had bloodshot eyes.


Maybe due to him hitting his head on the wall, he has lost his mind.


——-If that’s the case!


I took my hands off from his mouth and jumped away for only a moment.

I pulled out my revolvers and loaded bullets into it.

The Cerberus jumped further, it was fast! The Speed was probably around A.


While ferociously diving, I calmly shot it with my revolver.

With my dual revolvers firing a Maxed Enhanced Recovery Bullet—–A Sleeping Bullet that was fused midair.

The Sleeping Bullet directly strike at the Cerberus who jumped straight towards me.

It’s bloodshot eyes instantly changed into white eyes.


I jumped midair and embraced the Cerberus.

The effect of the Sleeping Bullet was preeminent, Cerberus who was groaning with swelled up eyes until a while ago started to breathing through his nose started falling asleep.


[What, so you’re here.]


It was a familiar voice as I looked up and Neptune appeared.

The leader of the Neptune family, an adventurer who combines capability and fame.

Behind him were Riru and Ran that came together with him. From before it seemed that they were chanting to power up Neptune.


Meaning they were serious.

Cerberus might’ve suffered serious injuries by him if I was a tad bit late.


[If it was you then I wouldn’t have to hurry my way over. By the way, how long are you going to hold onto that.?] (Neptune)

[Eh? Aah…..That’s right…….What should I do…..] (Ryouta)

[It’s more fun and exciting if it’s me who was hugging you.] (Neptune)

[You’re definitely a homo!!!!] (Ryouta)


As I loudly retorted, Neptune laughed heartily.


[That’s not true okay. I do love girls. Right, Ran, Riru.] (Neptune)


Neptune called out his two partners.


[Though what really happened? If it was a rogue monster why don’t you defeat it earlier. If you don’t do so then the gallery won’t be satisfied you know?] (Neptune)

[…….I can’t defeat this guy.] (Ryouta)

[Why?] (Neptune)

[……….] (Ryouta)

[You can’t answer huh. Then keep it.,] (Neptune)

[I can keep it?] (Ryouta)


I was surprised as though it was natural for Neptune.


[It’s a rogue monster you know.] (Ryouta)

[Then tame it for yourself. What’s more it’s not as though we have to absolutely exterminate rogue monsters. You should know it better if you’re involved with making new Magic Carts.] (Neptune)


That’s true.

The calculation and transfer function attached to the Magic Cart were used from the Rock Monsters of Arsenic.

It will definitely not attack, so even if it became a rogue monster, it was just a harmless rock.

It’s only dangerous if the rogue monster went rampant.


[If you can guarantee that there is no danger, what’s more even if it’s dangerous if you can suppress it properly then there’s no problem.] (Neptune)


Neptune smilled from one side of the corner of his mouth.


[I don’t really care about hunting rogue monsters that does not drop anything.] (Neptune)


Though it was common sense, but I felt a scary feeling from his eyes.


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