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The planned site of the Clan House is 50 meters away from my home.

We left our home to visit the workers that was working on the Clan House.


Fortunately, there weren’t any enthusiastic greetings from my residents like yesterday, so it was possible to reach the destination easily.


If it was yesterday, just wanting to move 50 meters away from my home would take an hour, so everyone breathe a sigh of relief of the absurdity.


「………I’m glad that it has finally calmed down.」


「Yeah, it was impossible to do that everyday as it would cause troubles.」


While we were conversing with each other, the disciples who took care of us when they built the bath greeted us.


「Oh, everyone. Have you all came back?」


「Yes! Just yesterday that we safely arrived home!

I’m sorry to everyone for taking such impossible task again.」


When I said that, all of them replied 「We have no problems at all」 with a smile floating on their face.


「Sorry to interrupt, but is the Craftsmanship-san here today?」


Sylphy asked his disciples, they immediately wanted to bring him here.

I felt sorry interrupting their work, so we decided to visit him after asking for his whereabouts.


By the way, Sylphy did her best to negotiate with the Town Mayor, thus we had secured a considerable site.


It seemed like it would’ve taken more than a year to build such large scale building with regular humans.

However, construction of the Clan House this time was greatly assisted by the Royal Family.


It wasn’t just the financial assistant that the royal family offered, but apparently they would dispatch some Magic Architects where they could use Soil Magic skill to help in the constructions.


The merits of having a Magic Architect lies in the construction period.


Using magic, they could built something on the spot, which uses magic to enhance their strength.

Therefore, the time and effort it took to move building materials, could be prepared overwhelmingly faster with their help.


Besides, they could exert their power in the construction of building materials.


There was also a story saying that if you had 1 Magic Architect, the time to complete a project would be reduced to 1/10 of a normal completion.

Plus it won’t be only 1 Magic Architect, but the royal palace was supposed to dispatched a total of 5 of them.


Therefore, I think that our Clan House will surely see completion not far from now.


Explained by the disciples, apparently there was a temporary hut built in the place where the Craftsmanship-sama was at.

It seemed to be a base built for meetings and meals.


「Oh? If it isn’t Myne, so you’ve returned from the kingdom?」


Someone stepped out of the cabin, and immediately we heard a unique intonation.


Yes, it was the Craftsmanship-sama, Roku-san the Dwarf.

It was him who finished building our bath in a blink of an eye.


The workmanship of the bath that he made was enough to bring about drama from the royal people, and we had full confidence on the Craftsmanship-sama.


「Yes! I’ve came back just yesterday!」


「Ooh, I see I see! I’m glad!

Nn? So that means you’re married already?

Congratulations on Aisha and the Princess too.」


「Yeah, thanks! Also Roku-dono, do you have time to consult about the Clan house?」


When Sylphy said so, the Craftsman-sama made time and said 「Oh, I don’t mind.」


We were surrounding the work desk, and when everyone sat down on a seat, I took out some light snacks from the storage bag and distribute it to everyone.

As the sweets received from the royal palace were too tasty, I heard that a maid was working in a shop that sells those, so I bought a ton.


Because the storage bag was made from <Unique Magic・Space Time>, so time does not move from inside.

Which meant that it will be delicious forever.


Everyone took the delicious sweets and Sylphy started speaking in a relaxing atmosphere.


「In our previous meeting, we’ve decided that the Clan House is two stories…….

But the circumstances have changed, so I would like to change it to three stories…..」


Talking about the circumstances of whether we can change it to a 3 story building, the Craftsman-sama closed his eyes and folded his arms while thinking for a while.


「Luckily, the foundation of the work hasn’t started yet.

However, as we have to redraw the floorplan again, it might take some time.

Well, it might troubling the Magic Architects too……」


It seemed like it might trouble the Magic Architects, but we could still make changes.

There isn’t any problem if it takes a little longer to complete.


Yes, no problem, I’ll leave it to you!


Afterwards, Sylphy and the Craftsman-sama had a meeting on the design of the second and third floor, and afterwards a rough sketch of the Clan House was confirmed.

Together with the Magic Architects that are coming tomorrow, they would do some final adjustments before the final drawing.


「…….Because we have to add the 3rd floor, it would take a little over three months until completion?」


That quickly! What!? I understood the amazingness of the Magic construction again.


…….In conclusion, in about three months we could make a home for our Clan.


I have to think about doing various stuff from now on!

First off, I was assigned by the King to search the dungeon and the destruction of the core.


Let’s start from there.




Well then, the prospects of the Clan House have also been…..

Oh, I have to decide the name of the Clan soon.


……That’s why!!


「The 3rd family meeting~~~~~~~~!」


The moment we returned home, we decided to consider the name of the clan.


「Because of me, the name of the clan was delayed for quite some time…..」


「The name of the Clan huh……

Prince Lewis’s Clan name expressed the content of their activity.」


That’s true.


The Clan of his Highness Prince Lewis was called 「Alchemy Library」.

I heard that the name was given due to many talented people in the clan that were good at alchemy, including his highness.


Although I have never met them before, the name 「The Circle of the Devil」 was also understood of what they do.


On the contrary, Cashew-san’s name 「The Dancing Dust」 had no relation with their activity.


I think that our clan was somewhat similar to Cashe-san’s 「The Dancing Dust」’s activity.

So it might be difficult to associate the name with what we do.


「Yeah, our clan does not do specific things so it’s hard to name it after what we do.

It might be a good idea to think in words that are related to us.」


Aisha spoke first when I asked.


「How about the Circle of Happiness?

Because I wish that we will be happy forever.」


Yes, I certainly thought it was a good name.

I hope not just for us but for everyone else to be happy!


『This time, Myne・Su—Per will be the name!』


…….Waffle, why is he chipping in too? Plus…

Moreover that would be a little….


「Let’s see… about Sunflower?

Because that flower is my husband, father, and mother’s favourite flower.

I think that there is no name as suitable as this.」


…….It certainly has a special meaning to me.

I see, it feels like a really great name.


Afterwards, having various candidates with three people (+1) but overall Sunflower seemed to be the final vote.


However, if it was only called Sunflower, there would be a possibility that it would be mistaken for the name of the flower rather than our clan name.

So we settled with 「Everlasting Sunflower」{TLN:I feel like this was the closest meaning for 永久なる向日葵).


It felt like father and mother were watching over me.


Okay, I’ll have to report it to the King!

Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading!


So the name of the Clan has become 「Everlasting Sunflower」

I will write the reason why this became the final vote for the name.


Thank you so much and please take care of me from now on.

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Quite a lame name? Doesn’t really roll off the tongue well… What’s the romaji for that?

    Shiro · 16th February 2018 at 10:25 AM

    The Kanji for the name is ??????? which is Eikyuunaru Himawari, the word ?? could mean eternity, or permanent, or forever, and adding the word “??” would roughly mean to become. So I see that the other word choice were quite unbefitting, so in the end I chose Everlasting instead.

    Sorry if you think it’s weird or lame.

      ryuukun17 · 16th February 2018 at 10:29 AM

      The romaji sounds cool…
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Anonymous (curious reader) · 8th July 2022 at 6:33 AM

It wasn’t just the financial assistant that the royal family offered, but apparently they would dispatch some Magic Architects where they could use Soil Magic skill to help in the constructions.


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