FF: Chapter 54: Body Changes

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Body Changes

On the bus, the tyrant started munching heavily on rotten meat. The one that had suffered the most injuries was him in the last battle, much worse than Xiao Qiang that fought two boss consecutively or Wang Wei that had his leg squished.

It would be impossible to stay alive if it was anyone else, showing how strong the regenerative powers of the T-Virus is.

Other than the main evolving powers of the T-Virus, such as the fusing with other DNA and evolving into a whole new virus; the arguably most valuable power of the T-Virus is the vitality that it provides.

For example, Wesker was bathe in a pool of lava and survived; Dr. Marcus could even revived after being DEAD.

Or Dr. Cameron, that could take over someone’s else body even with a single cell and resurrect!

The Licker in Resident Evil 2 that was modeled after the Tyrant could continue surviving even after explosions after explosions, it really shows the vitality limit of the T-Virus.

After swallowing a sizable amount of rotten meat, the injuries of the Tyrant stabilized.

Xiao Qiang, Wang Wei and Zhen Tian starting eating those recovery food non-stop.

The amount of food dropped by the hooligans was not a small amount, but most of them were low recovery item such as bubblegum or fries. Most probably that the most effective recovery item was the lobster, and on a side note most of the food was picked up by Xiao Wan.

“Mr. Lin, I couldn’t believe you are that strong!” (TLN: ‘林哥’ Its more like ‘Lin-san’, something you call that you respect or look up to.)

Wang Wei said as his leg injuries healed up a little after eating several bags of fries.

“I’m younger than you, don’t call me that.”

Lin Xii was speechless as he saw Wang Wei was looking at him like an idol, eyes shining and all.

“It’s already the apocalypse, who cares about one’s age? The strongest is the leader! You are our leader now, please take care of us!” Zhen Tian laughed jokingly.

Xiao Qiang couldn’t help but shake his head, “You guys, could it be that you two are leaving from Zhong Hou’s group and joining Lin Xii’s?”


Zhong Hou’s level of strength was definitely lower than Lin Xii. But they have a high level of respect in their heart for middle aged man. During this trip, Xiao Qiang and Wang wei even thought to themselves that the guy was really a real knight.

Humble, Compassionate, Righteous, Fair, Self-sacrifice, Honor, etc.

These virtues that even the knight of the olden eras found it hard to practice was present in a chinese man in an apocalypse, as surprising it may seem.

Even though it may be stupid to be that way in the apocalypse, but no matter who you are you would want someone like that beside you.

“Oh right.”

Lin Xii took out the Colt’s Strength’s Vial and a crystal card containing 19000 points and passed it over to Xiao Qiang. “Now that the battle’s over, here……Thanks for the points earlier, if it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t had been able to bought the weapon.”

“Saving my life isn’t worth this little……”

Xiao Qiang did not accept the crystal card, only taking the vial. “I will take the vial back gratefully as it really is important for me, enhancing agility, physique and strength at once. But for the points, I cannot take it. I’m not lacking points after getting 17000 from killing Vice.”

After humbly refusing another couple of times, Lin Xii accepted it as he saw Xiao Qiang’s adamant.

The points from the Phantom and the Butcher totaled up to 44400, only enough to fully enhance every single attribute 4 times each; far away from his target 100 thousand points.

“Who should i give the physique and the speed vial to?”

Lin Xii thought to himself silently.

The both of them was a super version of the normal vial, something that normal people couldn’t use as their body wouldn’t be able to handle it.

Qing? Mai?

Not mentioning the Physique Vial that changes one’s body to a fatty, just the speed vial alone that changes the body to a skinny stick-like body was not acceptable for the two girls.


Lin Xii looked at the Tyrant on his side, he wouldn’t have any complaints with his body changes as a biological weapon.

But the Tyrant wasn’t suited for the vials. He’s the near-perfect biological weapon made by the Umbrella Corps. His DNA was already in a equilibrium that shouldn’t be change.

Lin Xii’s gaze then fell on Zhen Tian and Wang Wei.

The two of them wanting him to be his leader wasn’t a mere joke, also having more partners in the apocalypse was much better than being alone.

Lin Xii understood that his level of strength was quite good, but also understands that he isn’t unbeatable.

Out of all the bosses in the Grand Flores, he could only handle Keraha alone and almost died; this time, it was thanks to Xiao Qiang’s extra points only that he could get the weapon.

Having more partners that he could trust in a dire situation would make a difference of life and death.

Earlier when he tried recruiting Bravo, Curly and glasses was because he wanted someone that could help him.

Sadly the titan’s vial did not came into use.

As a helper, Wang Wei and Zhen Tian would be much more useful compared to the three university students. Even though their ability are one-star but they are evolutionaries, having unlimited potential in their future!

So how fairs for their personality?

Lin Xii thinks that he could see a person’s personality and how are they like much more clearly due to him living alone for a few years, experiencing the warm and chills life has to offer.

Zhen Tian and Wang Wei wasn’t bad, even though they aren’t as ideal as Zhong Hou but they are more towards the simple and not scheming type; they aren’t lacking the hot bloodedness that young men in their 20’s have too.

If Zhen Tian with his ‘fats’ ability take the physique vial and Wang Wei taking the ‘speed’ vial with his Rising Dragon Fist, the strength of the both of them will go into a growth spurt.

But, Zhen Tian and Wang Wei isn’t his teammate, not his helper too.

Giving both of the vials to them for free would be a no brainer. It doesn’t means that they wouldn’t betray him in the future when they wouldn’t now, you never know what might really happen.

So, Lin Xii finally came to a decision.

Since there isn’t anyone that could use the vial on his side, selling these vials to the <Base of evolutionary> would a waste anyways; he decided to sell them for 20000 for each vial, the same price as selling back to the Base.

As Lin Xii told them that he would sell them the 2 vials for the same price as selling back to Base, which is half price; Wang Wei and Zhen Tian leaped up with joy, thanking him to the point of almost kneeling down.

Was it worth it buying a super type vial for only 20000 points?

Damn right it’s worth!

Adding 10 times strength, 10 times agility and 20 times physique would already be worth 40000 points.

The more important point was that it doesn’t take up the number of enhancement.

As you know by now, enhancing your body attributes will double up after every ten times on the same attribute. First it’s only 1000 points for 10 enhancement, 2000, then 4000! If the same vial applies to during the late stages of enhancing your attributes, the points would be astronomical!

This is a huge favor for the both of them.

But Wang Wei was hesitating. The cheerful hot blooded young man, slightly handsome was finding it hard to accept to change his body even though the changes when using the speed type vial was smaller than using the physique type vial.

Seeing this, Zhen Tian took out a picture.

In the picture was a young ‘cute’(?) man in his 20’s, looking like a legal shota. The young man was wearing a cheeky and sweet smile, with dimples of his cheeks.

“What a cute boy……but, why are you showing me this?” Wang Wei asked curiously.

“This is me before the apocalypse.”

“You must be fucking kidding me!”

Wang Wei’s eyes widen, looked at the picture again and looked at Zhen Tian’s fat face. His face was so filled with fate that you barely could see his nose.

“Back then I was nicknamed ‘Lil’cutie’ by the girls……” Zhen Tian looked up into the sky in a 45 degree angle, with a hint of sadness forming. “Sigh, who would know that lovely young man would become an evolutionary in the apocalypse and turn into a fatty……”

“I had already come into terms with it, whereas you can’t even take a slight chance by the speed vial? Is your appearance more important or you life more important?”

Zhen Tian raised his hand, slapping it down onto Wang Wei’s head. “Look at you! Getting ambushed by a mere fatty and almost died, I feel ashamed for you! You have to know that with our low rank ability and low starting point, we have to rely on miracles to chase up to others.”

“Now, Mr.Lin is offering a miracle to you and you are hesitating?!”

“What’s more your leg’s useless now, even the bones are grounded into pieces. Did you think using bandages and eat a few bites of recovery food would heal your leg back?”

“With your ability to combat gone, I would say reaching to LZ city would be almost impossible. The super dinosaur’s genes vial are able to stimulate and excite your cells, healing your leg at the same time as it enhances you. If you are not planning to use this, are you preparing to redeem those full recovery items that’s above a hundred thousand? Do you even have the points for it?”

Wang Wei was hesitating at first, but after getting lectured by Zhen Tian, he understood. He understands that strength is everything in the apocalypse, even turning deform would be worth it.

Now, another problem arises.

20000 points is not a small amount, it’s an amount that Zhen Tian and Wang Wei could not forked out right now. To this, Lin Xii didn’t really care as he let the both of them owing him the points first.

After getting the vial, Zhen Tian hurriedly used it; following suit was Wang Wei, gritting down on his teeth as he used the speed vial as well.

The changing and enhancing of the body by the Super Dinosaur’s Genes Vial didn’t took very long, only 20 or so minutes. It’s just that the enhancing was not an easy process, bring them pain so intense that they almost broke their voice cords from screaming.

The modification ended.

Wang Wei that was originally 1.7 meters tall shot up to 2 or so meters, gaining some muscles too as the speed vial also enhances 10 person’s worth of strength and physique. But compared to his height, he still looked skinny and long.

As for Zhen Tian, his round figure expanded even more, turning him into a giant fatty.

But as the vial enhances 10 person’s worth of strength and agility as well, there was a little less jiggly fat on the outside and more harden muscles. His height also shot up, to 1.9 meters tall.

No matter what, the changes of the both of them was massive! It was especially bizarre as the both of them stood together, one tall and skinny and another round and fat.

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  1. Wang Wei raised his hand, slapping it down onto Wang Wei’s head. “Look at you! Getting ambushed by a mere fatty and almost died…..
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