Cut&Paste: Chapter 108 – Thinking about the Clan House

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……..Morning came.


I’ll have to check on the completion of the Clan House today.

Honestly speaking, I was supposed to head there yesterday…..but I was too tired that I K-oed on the bed.


I still can’t believe that I was blessed to be married in the Town of Lucas.


…….I was happy, but that welcome still took a toll on me mentally.


On the evening, with what little energy me and my two wives had, we went and took a bath, and immediately went to bed.


Because of that, all the tiredness left my body this morning, and I was wide awake.


Though, as usual, my two wives were still sleeping.

Today, they were properly wearing their sleeping pajamas, so there weren’t any eye candies.


…..It can’t be helped that no matter the time we’ll still relax, so I did my customary bathing time to refresh myself.


I rustled out of the bed whilst trying not to wake the two of them up, and took a peek into the basket that Waffle was in.




Yeap, I knew he was awake.

As if waiting for me to speak, he raised his right hand and showed me his paw, which was his usual greeting?


『Waffle, you wanna bath together with me?』


The answer was obvious even if I did not say anything, but I asked just in case.


『Bath time~~, Bath time~~』


Responding with that, he hurriedly crawled out of the basket, and climbed on top of my head.

This was also the usual scene where he patted on my head with his paws as if asking me to hurriedly go.


After confirming that Waffle was firmly put on my head, I quickly headed for the bathroom.





Surprisingly Waffle did not dog paddle around the bath, instead he had his body open widely in a “大” character floating around.

It seems that he used his tails to steer around while floating in the bath so as not to hit his head against the edge of the bathtub.


『Waffle, aren’t you gonna swim today?』

『Floating, feels good~~♪』


…..Seems like he found another new way to have fun.


I heard that there were people who believe in the Divine Beast, I wonder what those people would think if they saw the appearance of Waffle right now, their faith would be shaken……

Well, it’s adorable so it’s fine!


While Waffle was floating around, I was also enjoying myself soaking in the bath for quite some time, and my two wives arrived.


「……What an adorable figure.」


Looking at Waffle, the two of their movements stopped.


Aah, I figured this would happen.


In the end, my two wives, before Waffle was able to escape from them, we never left the bath.

……Being forced to partake in their game of interest in Waffle, but just a bit, it was a secret that we were in there for too long and my head was kinda dizzy.




「……..I’m sorry, Myne-kun」

「I’m sorry! Dear husband…..I was too caught up that I’ve completely forgotten…」


Though just recently I found out, that the two of them really loves adorable things.


We are now eating our breakfast that Aisha made, and the two of them were apologizing towards me.

It’s not really a big deal to begin with, and I wasn’t angry at the two of them or anything so it was unnecessary of them to apologize to me, but thinking of their feelings on apologizing to me, I have to be the adult to accept it.


「……..Okay, I understand.

I don’t really mind it that much, it’s not as though I don’t understand your feelings?

So next time when we go into the bathroom, just remind yourselves and this talk can be over.」


After speaking my mind out, the two of them looked at me with relieved expressions, and smiled at me.


「Anyways, Aisha’s cooking has become even better than before.

I’ll have to work hard in order to not be left behind……」


「It’s as what my husband said, I’ll have to learn how to cook as well.」


Yep, Aisha’s cooking skills have already went up to LV7 just a few days ago.


Just before, when I was appraising the chefs of the royal palace, their levels were around 5~7 and they were considered experts in their field.

Even I wasn’t confident in my cooking skills anymore as it was only at a LV2, thus I had to work hard from now on.


Compared to my cooking and Aisha’s cooking, the taste was pretty apparent.

Hence, we gradually left cooking to Aisha so the difference won’t shrink all the way.


On the contrary, we separated the task daily.


In any case, I want the two of my wives and Waffle to eat delicious foods.

This is fine and all but it’s not good……


If possible, I would like Aisha to rest once in a while….

Well, I’ll discuss with the two of them at a further date.


「If the two of you are happy, that’ll bring me the most joy.

Will Princess also make something together with me next time?」


……..It seemed that while I was contemplating on it, the opportunity for me to cook had drastically decreased.


While mourning in my mind, Waffle was stuffing himself with food, he stopped halfway and walked towards me.

Then, after staring at me, he pat on my knees while going back and eat his food.


…….Was he trying to tell me not to be let down?

The thought of Waffle immediately calmed me…….




「Hey, Sylphy…..I have something I want to talk about.」


「This is rare for my husband to make such change, whatever it may be, if I can be of help please tell me.」


It was about the design of the Clan House that was written by Sylphy and the craftsman-sama.

I wanted to consult with Sylphy about making dormitories for Clan members to stay.


「Are you making a dormitory for the members at the Clan House?」


「Fumu, I see…..for now you wanted a place for Amy to live right?

However, doesn’t Amy have a place to stay previously?」


「That’s true too, but don’t we have to protect her?

If that’s the case, we’ll have to keep an eye on her so I thought why not let her stay in the Clan House.

Depending on when the Clan House will be completed, we can ask her to stay at my home for the time being.」


Sylphy nodded again in my explanation and started thinking for a while.

After thinking for a bit, she nodded heavily and told me what she’d concluded.


「I don’t know whether it’s realistic unless I consult with the Craftsman, but for the time being, how about having a three-story building?

There’s also the nobles dignity, so I do not want to change the two-story plan as much as possible.

Though I think it’s best to build a third floor…..」


Indeed, that’s true.


Plus we won’t know how much more members will we have in the future.

As the King told me that he would arrange several people, the number of rooms will be needed depending on the number of people.


If we use the second floor as a lodging place, it will obviously become a small facility for the Fortuna Family.

Then, I think that the third floor Sylphy proposed made sense.


「Yeap, that sounds great?

In the meantime, shall we go and meet up with the Craftsman-sama.」


I called Aisha and Waffle and explained what I had in mind, and all of us started moving to the construction site of the Clan house.

…….Well, even If I said we’re moving, it was just next to us.


Well, what would the Craftsman say?

In the first place, can we change what we had right now?


Well first things first, let’s ask him!


Author’s Note:


Thank you for reading.

Please take care of me from now on as well.


I’ll be announcing the clan name for the upcoming chapter.


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