FF: Chapter 53: 3 Vials

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3 Vials


Even though it specified that it’s a ‘speed’ type, but it also increases the strength and the physique of a person.


This isn’t an error, how can the Phantom only possessed speed?


Without a strong enough body, how could his body withstand the burden of such speed?


But of course since it’s a ‘speed’ type, the main focus of the enhancement was on agility. After using the vial, one would increase 10 person’s worth of strength, 10 person’s worth of physique and 20 person’s worth of agility!


There’s a slight difference between speed and agility, the high speed that leaves afterimages should be a skill that the Phantom possessed.


The attribute ‘agility’ mainly increases one’s flexibility, muscles’ response speed and body coordination; speed too, of course.


Would someone be as strong as the Phantom instantly after using the vial?


Of course not.


But increasing 40000 points worth of attributes enhancement would definitely allow an evolutionary ‘evolve’!


Alas, there’s a certain degree of side effects of using the vial. The high stimulation to the growth of the cells would change the person’s body appearance.


Other than that, there would be some level of effect to a person’s DNA as the vial consists of dinosaur’s genes. This is something that the app reminded Lin Xii as he possesses the Progenitor Virus Bloodline.


It means that if Lin Xii uses the vial, there would be a chance he will develop skills something like ‘change to a half-dinosaur’.


Absorbing lower graded DNA would lower the potential of the Progenitor Virus.


Is dinosaurs considered as a low graded species?




They are just reptiles after all!


Not to mention low intelligence too.


There’s no doubt that there’s a huge risk in consuming this vial. Changing the appearance of his body would be a small matter, but the risk of lowering his intelligence (mental capacity/strength) is a risk that he cannot take.


He’s not lacking speed with his ‘Burst’!


He’s not lacking strength with his ‘Hot Blood’!


He’s not lacking flexibility with his ‘Ukaku’!


The only thing he’s lacking right now is the upper limit of his bioenergy.


Of course, this doesn’t means that the vial is useless to Lin Xii. Whether it was selling to others or giving someone on his team would already be a huge fortune.


Even selling back to the <Base of evolution> app at half price would give him 20000 points!


Now, Lin Xii already has a weapon, skills, a mercenary and pets. His next target should be enhancing his attribute through the app, enhancing one attribute the first 10 times would be 10000 points already.


His current attributes are balance and that’s something that he needs as his ‘Burst’ and ‘Hot Blood’ requires a very strict balance of his body, so this was why he doesn’t want to affect this balance by only enhancing one attribute.


He kept the vial and took out his desert eagle.


He’s not in a state that he can deal with the remaining bosses, but killing small fry’s with his gun wouldn’t be a problem.


Even though the desert eagle was good, but it rarely comes to use in Lin Xii’s hands——except during assassinating Zhang Lei. The stronger their power level gets, the lesser the usefulness of bullets would be. It wouldn’t be a problem to ignore bullets after a certain level of strength.


It was the case for Keraha, and the Phantom too.


But for dealing the hooligans, bullets does work. Shooting them in the head would be a instant kill; on a side note, shooting the fatties anywhere except their head would be useless as it couldn’t even penetrate through their fat into their body.


But no matter what, it lowers a great deal of pressure on Zhen Tian and Mai as he continue shooting with his dun.


The battle between Vice and Xiao Qiang is currently in their climax.


The both of them hugged each other, rolling around the wet ground; sounds like “oh——”, “enn——” and “ah——~” were everywhere.


As for the Butcher, he was being held back by the Tyrant after he wanted to rush over to take revenge for the Phantom’s death.


The ‘Mad’ in his name, the ‘Mad Butcher’ was apparent as he spin like a small blender with his two long butcher blades.


Even Xiao Wan with her iron skin ability had to back off against a berserking Mad Butcher, not daring to take a hit. Of course, this could be that the girl’s ability wasn’t iron skin at all and just a front to hide her real ability.


After holding the Butcher back for another small while, the scythe (hook of the meat hook) finally snapped!


After all this was meant to be a hook, not something to use when clashing against a weapon.


After another 10 seconds, the Orge’s axe snapped too. As the skill that adds half a person’s worth of strength disappears, the Tyrant could barely keep the Butcher back with his Judgement; even that was chipping.


It was hard to withstand the onslaught of the Butcher with just one weapon, so the Tyrant was constantly taking hits.


The dark green jacket of the Tyrant was in rags, deep gashes cut into the grey mutated flesh of the Tyrant.


At this moment, a blast of air burst from the Butcher. Obviously it was a skill that the Butcher activated, rushing forward.


It was similar to the rush that the fatties had, of course the Butcher that had undergone a superior enhancement to the fatties would have them.


The Tyrant was slammed, flying and crashing onto the ground. The Mad Butcher leaped high up in the air, slamming down with his body that’s about as hard as metal!


The ground trembled tremendously, waves of water splashed everywhere. It was like the Butcher had slammed into a pond and not a concrete surface.


If it was a human, even an evolutionary, would definitely get squished to death. Their internal organs would expelled through their mouth, killing them instantly.


Even with the Tyrant’s huge mutated muscles and regenerative powers, he almost couldn’t get up after taking that blow. The Tyrant crawled away with difficulty, tearing away the jacket that was restraining him.


The T-Virus started going out of control, berserking and releasing it’s true powers!


The Tyrant that had enter his second form threw the Judgement away, as his hand mutated into huge claws. Bones that were half a meter in length sprout of from each fingers.\


As the black butcher knives left another huge gashed on the Tyrant, cutting a slab of meat out; the Tyrant stuck his ten claws into the Butcher’s stomach, boring out a huge hole!




The Butcher’s eyes turned blood red, spiraling further down into insanity as he swung his blades faster and faster.


As for the Tyrant, he continue his impaling movement with his claws calmly like a programmed machine. The flesh, blood and fats from the both of them mixed together in the rain, turning the ground into a sticky mess of flesh and blood.


Lin Xii watched at the sidelines, understanding that after a few minutes the Tyrant would be killed if this continues.


Whereas the Butcher would be only severely injured, something that doesn’t really matters to a boss that specialize in his physique.


If there were no further disruptions, that would be the case. But as Lin Xii continues shooting his desert eagle and minusing the hooligans’ numbers, Mai went over and helped the Tyrant.


She relentlessly uses her ‘ki’ and form it into a butterfly fan, tossing it like a grenade.


The fan that explodes like a grenade was not something that could be ignored. Getting bombarded continuously with grenades would definitely kill the Butcher.


she wouldn’t win if it was a one vs one between Mai and the Butcher, but with the Tyrant’s holding him back from reaching Mai it was enough to slowly grind him to death——furthermore there was Xiao Wan at the side.


Finally, the Butcher let out a final roar of anger as he collapsed like a small mountain.


Almost at the same time, Xiao Qiang got up from the blood soaked ground. His head was bashed out of shape by Vice, his eyes blue and puffy, his nose completely broken. But he did it, he fulfilled his earlier declaration of killing Vice in a one vs one.


Some of the remaining hundred or so hooligans escaped as most of them died, if it wasn’t for the ‘turning into particles of light after death’ there would be a whole pile of dead bodies.


Unsurprisingly, Vice dropped a ‘Strength’ type Vial and a ‘Physique’ type from the Butcher.


Something worth mentioning was that Mai took the last hit on the Butcher, using her ulti and blew the Butcher up as it was about to die.


Taking the points for kill the boss, a total of 21000.


Also, as the Butcher dropped the Vial, Mai kicked it into the air as she snatched it.


Xiao Wan looked at her, not saying anything as she went to the other stuff littered at the parking lot.


Other than the bosses, the hooligans also dropped a fair amount of items. There were 20 or so normal ‘strength’ vials, large amount of healing food: bubblegum, chocolate, fries, burgers……there was even a plate of lobster, steaming hot too.


If it wasn’t for a golden protective layer on these food, it would have been destroyed under the heavy rain.


After picking up all the items, they hurriedly left the place, fearing more bosses appearing. They left on the same bus, Xiao Wan that could drive drove them out of this place.

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