Chapter 130 – Genuine・Mine Story

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Arsenic Basement First Floor.

The entire Ryouta・Family came here.

Everyone came to Arsenic to witness Emily’s Spirit Protection and what it really is.


All of us used the Teleportation Room which brought us to the dungeon, and a rock type monster, Dante・Rock was laying there as Emily carried her hammer and ran towards its general direction. For some reason Alice was beside her pushing the Magic Cart.


[Let’s begin nodesu.] (Emily)

[Whenever you’re okay.] Alice answered with her usual hilariousness while making a ring shape with her thumb and index finger.


Emily took a deep breath before swinging down her hammer, crushing the Dante・Rock.

After the monster disappeared, an item of the first floor of Arsenic, dandelion dropped.


Emily lift her hammer up whilst Alice was crouching down to pick up the Dandelion.


Up to this point was the usual sight, a common scene in the dungeon of this world where you defeat monsters and it produces resources.


However, just after Alice picked up the Dandelion, a light shone which was something out of the ordinary.

What gives, the spot where the Dante・Rock disappeared not too long ago has reappeared again.


[Was it a timed resurrection?] (Ryouta)

[It’s not like that.] (Alice)

[Then how?] (Ryouta)

[Once you see it you’ll come to understand.] As Celeste said so, Emily started moving again.


Emily swung her hammer down again and broke the rock.

Alice then picked up the dropped Dandelion—-and afterwards the Dante・Rock reappeared again.

Immediately after picking up the Dandelion, it resurrected quickly.


[That’s quick!] I was astonished, as EMily continued moving again.


The rock remerges, Emily strikes, Alice picks it up, the rock reappears, and Emily whacks———


Emily struck again, and as Alice picked up the item the next rock came out immediately.

It resurrected in no time.

Emily continued to strike it.


Smashing it in a rhythm, Alice picks up the Dandelion and puts it into the Magic Cart.


They picked up the pace, and the moment Emily raised her hammer, Alice had her hands readied on the Dandelion to grab it.

While Alice grabbed it, Emily was already swinging down her hammer.

Immediately after Alice grabbed it, the Dante・Rock resurrects and Emily’s hammer that had the motion of swinging down had already crushed the rock.


It was a super high pace that I’ve never thought of before.


I then looked around and saw another Dante・Rock and went near it and broke it with my fist.

Dandelion dropped, but the Dante・Rock never resurrected.


I see, so this was the blessing bestowed upon Emily.


Thinking on the perspective of circling around the dungeon, as you become strong to some extent, you would try and find the next efficient way of hunting monster as that is the key in increasing earnings.

For me, I would memorize the structure of the dungeon and the timing of revival of each monsters based on experience, and Alice being born in the dungeon has a special ability to sense where each and every monsters are.

Celeste would gather an abundant of knowledge, and Eve…….well, what does Eve do?


In any case, they would raise their efficiency in their own way.


But none of us had thought of taking the [search] out of the equation, as searching for monsters in a dungeon would inevitably suffer losses as we have to move around.


Thus, this blessing Arsenic gave to Emily was amazing, the same monster revives at the same place just after being defeated. Moreover, the drop would come out properly.

Emily having this must’ve been the best blessing to hunt.


As though finding the perfect environment and condition(A fish that found water), Emily was pounding rocks rhythmically.

Though she was holding a hammer, but the way I see it is as if being in the kitchen every morning and chopping things on a cutting board with a kitchen knife.


My heart felt relaxed as I remembered something nostalgic while watching her.


Emily strucks, and Alice picked up at the side.

Hit it, pick it, hit it, pick it.

This sight was something I was familiar with.


[It looked like pounding rice cakes.] (Ryouta)

[Rice cakes desu?] (Emily)

[Japan—–It was something very similar that we do back in my hometown, one person pounds the rice with a pestle, and the other person would knead the rice right after the pestle was raised up. That technique was similar to this.] (Ryouta)

[That is true.] (Celeste)

[This sound, might become a habit.] While Celeste was nodding in approval, Eve which was wearing a bunny costume was chewing nonstop on a carrot.

As usual, Eve was biting on the delicious looking carrots, but surprisingly she was interested in Emily’s rock splitting.


[I get you. The timing is always constant which resembles a metronome.] (Ryouta)

[The sound that you want to hear fuoeveee~…….] (Eve)

[Don’t suddenly fall asleep!?] (Ryouta)


Eve that was holding on a carrot with both hands had her neck shaking around like a cuckoo.

Her eyes that was focusing on Emily until then were semi-closed, and she was drooling onto the carrot that she was holding.

As she wasn’t wearing her usual bunny suits but instead her “my-boom” costume, she looked pretty cute.


[———–Hah! Bunny will never sleep!] Eve who realized that she was about to fall asleep immediately snapped out of it and gazed at her carrot and started chewing again.

It was obvious that she was tricking us into thinking she was asleep.


[No no, you were sleeping alright.] (Ryouta)

[No such thing. Sleeping Magic will not work on bunny.] (Eve)

[That’s not magic, it’s just a sound.] (Ryouta)

[Even if that’s the case it will not work. As long as there are carrots hweree—–] as Eve was saying that while chewing, but soon after she fell asleep again.

Emily’s rock splitting technique is preeminent for it’s hypnotic effects.

If this was made into a movie called [Sleeping BGM], I’m sure it’ll hit millions of hits!



At night, in the mansion.

While I was relaxing in my room, someone knocked on my door.


I responded, and Emily came in.

Emily who came back from outside changed into a dressing gown went inside my room while her face was slightly dyed red.


[What’s the matter Emily.] (Ryouta)

[I came to thank Yoda-san nodesu.] (Emily)

[Thank me?] (Ryouta)


While I was wondering what it was, Emily came in front of me, as her cheeks became redder and redder she looked me in the eyes.


[THanks to Yoda-san, I was able to earn lots desu.] (Emily)

[Well that’s also Emily’s own effort.] (Ryouta)


Breaking those rocks continuously, and also bringing food to that old grandpa Arsenic which gave her the blessing.

It was all Emily’s efforts.


That’s what I thought.


[It’s different desu, If Yoda-san weren’t here, then I would still be living in Teruru’s first floor fighting Slimes desu. My level being max and also having such amazing hammer, plus receiving the blessings from Spirit-san. All of it was all thanks to Yoda-san nanodesu. What’s more——] (Emily)

[What’s more?] (Ryouta)


Emily presented something to me.

I confirmed what it was, it was her passbook.


[This is?] (Ryouta)

[Look inside desu.] (Emily)


Peeking at other person’s passbook is a violation, but since Emily gave me the permission to see it, it was fine.


I opened it up and looked at it.

It had lots of money deposited inside but rarely any withdrawals, it was a housewife-like passbook that suited Emily.

The balance was gentle compared to mine, but the number has certainly increased.

And for today’s earnings.


The balance came up to 10 Million Piros.


[Congratulations Emily!] (Ryouta)

[It’s all thanks to Yoda-san nanodesu. Thank you nanodesu.] (Emily)


I was being thanked once more.

I see, that’s why she came to my room.


Emily earning 10 million…….

Lodging in the dungeon, and living in such a hard condition, barely scraping by daily, that Emily having 10 Million.

It felt like my tears might overflow with emotions.


I handed the passbook back to Emily and looked at her.


In total there are 118 Dungeons, and 116 Spirits still remained unseen.

We…….can still become stronger.


[Emily.] (Ryouta)

[Yes desu?] (Emily)

[Let’s aim for 100 Million next.] (Ryouta)

[———–, Yes desu!] (Emily)


Emily, who was holding onto her passbook nodded with her face brimming with smiles.

This smile appeared to be her most pleasing smiles after meeting her.

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It looked like pounding rice cakes.] (Ryouta)
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[Japan—–It was something very similar that we do back in my hometown, one person pounds the rice with a pestle, and the other person would knead the rice right after the pestle was raised up. That technique was similar to this.] (Ryouta)

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