FF: Chapter 52: Omnislash

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Chills were curling off from the main body of the Sundae Fusion, giving off a icy cold feeling. As Lin Xii held on to the sword, he felt excited and regretful at the same time.


The excitement was of course due to the new weapon, whereas the regretful feeling came from the loss of his beamscythe.


Also, the him now can’t fully utilize the maximum potential of the weapon. This was due to his lack of ice type energy.


His ice type energy still needs another two day to manifest……but if he already had it, he would need to buy this weapon so hurriedly anyways; his icy aura skill would be enough to hinder the Phantom’s movement.




The remaining energy in his body wasn’t left much, only enough to maintain his current ‘Burst’ for about another 20 seconds; he needs to end this fast.


When the two of them clashed, the Phantom was wary of this new weird weapon that does not even looked metallic. But after hitting against the Sundae Fusion a few times with his curved sabre, he let out a smirk.


Towards the beamscythe, to be honest it was kinda threatening towards him.


After all his sabre would never hold up to a energy-weapon. But after his opponent changes his weapon from a plasma type energy-weapon to a solid type weapon, it was at least ten times as less threatening as before.




The Phantom finalize his battle plan against Lin Xii. Since his spinning blades of death was useless against him, his other plans were most likely useless against the teenage boy as well; he’s left with one plan:


Drag him to death.


The Phantom believes that his stamina is much more than his opponent, with his body enhance with dinosaur’s genes.


The plan was the best against Lin Xii, as long as he could drag the battle for another 10 to 20 seconds he will get his victory.


Sadly, there wasn’t a chance to do so.


Lin Xii pressed on a release mechanism on the hilt of the sword; the sword let out sounds of crystals rubbing against each other; the sword expanded, 5 different blades disassembled from the main body and each shot of to a different direction!


The both of them were moving quickly in battle, so the blades in Lin Xii’s hand were shooting off together with the momentum of the moving Lin Xii; the speed of the shooting blades was very, very fast.


A scene unfold before Lin Xii’s eyes, showing everything clearly.


The five blades shot of to different direction in the rain, surrounding the Phantom in the middle in the five of them.


Each of the blade, the winning sword, the watermelon blade, both of the wafer edges and the chocolates blades surrounded the Phantom in the middle; each of the blade was like a point in a hexagon.


Actually, Lin Xii’s sword skills was not even close to accurately split the 5 blades to their position and perform the Omnislash.


But the Sundae Fusion has the same skill as the original Fusion Blade, the mechanism on the blade would automatically shot the blades to surround the opponent and form a trap.


It was almost the same thing as having the skill, ‘Omnislash’. Of course, you still need the basic requirements such as strength and immense speed to perform it.


The Lin Xii right now that activated his ‘Burst’ does fulfilled the requirement.


What he needs to do is, utilizing his maximum speed during ‘Burst’ and rush to a blade, grab it and perform a slash while turning his body.


As the Sundae Fusion disassembled, the Phantom felt a impending sense of doom. He could see the weapon surrounding him from all direction from the corner of his eyes, whereas Lin Xii was still rushing towards him from his front.


At this very moment, even with his strong mental strength he still slightly panicked.


“What should I do?”


“Move? But there’s a blade at every direction, so where could I move?”


“Right, I just need to deflect one of them!”


The Phantom gripped onto his sabre tightly.


In this level of battle, no matter how small a mistake you made it would be enough to spell the death of you——the slight pause from the Phantom was enough for Lin Xii, how could he not notice? How could he even dare to not notice as he was about to run out of time?


‘Burst’, Full Power!


The red glow in his eyes flashed vigorously as Lin Xii’s speed went to his limit. The speed that he was moving at was vapourising the rain droplets as he pass through them, creating huge cloud of steam that surrounded Lin Xii.


The First Slash!


With the surrounding steam, the splashing water and the flying droplets of water, Lin Xii gripped onto his winning sword and slashed onto the Phantom.


He could not immediately slash a second time in this instant like the ‘Omnislash Version 6’, at least the him right now could not.


But as the slash passed through the Phantom’s body, affecting him. Lin Xii stabbed and used the winning sword into the ground as a fulcrum to swing his body around to face the Phantom; as the winning sword was out of his hand, he grabbed onto a second weapon beside him.


It was a wafer edge that had landed here after shooting out from the Sundae Fusion.


Lin Xii’s silhouette come and go between the weapons so quickly, it seemed that there were a group of Lin Xii running around and slashing. The afterimages of Lin Xii formed a six pointed star if someone were to view from above.


The high speed movement against the curtain of rain was turning it into a sort of steam/mist, forming a six pointed star.


The whole scene was just spectacular.


The battle between Lin Xii and the Phantom was the clinching pin to the whole battle, so everyone was spectating them even though they themselves were in the midst of a battle.


Watching as Lin Xii performing the ‘Omnislash’, flashing through the rain; everyone couldn’t help but feel shock, looking at it with awe. Mai felt a sense of pride well inside her.


The final slash was performed with the watermelon sword, the bright red crystal sword drew a line through the Phantom’s body.


As he finishing executing the ‘Omnislash’ without any mistake, with the opening provided by the weapon and using his ‘Burst’ to its maximum potential, Lin Xii felt so weak that his limbs was trembling as he stood still.


The burden of executing the ‘Omnislash’ was comparable to ‘Hot Blood’.


Adding that to his empty energy resource and the intense battle concentration, he was at his limit. Lin Xii slumped onto the wet ground, small droplets of blood seeped out from his skin pores.


The Phantom that also stood still lowered his head and looked at his body, looked at the 6 weapons sticking into the ground and finally rest his gaze onto Lin Xii.




After this one word, red lines after red lines started to showed on the Phantom’s body. Blood gushed out. The very next second, his whole body collapse and splitted open like a watermelon onto the ground.


“He won?”


Wang Wei was on the verge of celebrating, happiness that could not be describe well up from the crippled young teen’s heart.


The morale of Zhen Tian, Mai and the others surged while their opponent’s morale dipped. Xiao Qiang that was in the middle of a battle to death against Vice let out a smile on his muscled face.


“He really did it! Damn!”


As a matter of fact, the time that had passed from the start to the end of Lin Xii and the Phantom’s battle was only a mere two minute——one of them was spent redeeming the weapon.


Xiao Wan and the Tyrant just started exchanging blows against the Butcher.


After a short two minutes, the entire battlefield situation was totally different from before.


The Phantom’s death affected not only the evolutionaries, the bosses and the hooligans too. Having their strongest boss being done in really damped their morale.


But, whether it was Vice or the Butcher, they were both atrocious criminals before they were modified by the dinosaur’s genes.


The both of them weren’t really affected by the Phantom’s death. They aren’t afraid of death, the concept of fear isn’t present in their brain, only wrath, bloodthirsty, cruelty and the need to kill!


With the two of the still present, the hooligans dared not to escape.


The battle still wasn’t over!


After being silent for a small instant, the Butcher let out a string of angry curse. He raised his two huge butcher knives that’s large enough to diced a small dinosaur up and rushed towards Lin Xii, revenging for the Phantom’s death.


The Tyrant that also held two weapons, the Judgement and the Orge’s axe is currently trying his utmost to hold him back.


As for Vice, no matter how huge his need for revenge was for the death of the Phantom he still isn’t stronger than Xiao Qiang that had killed Colt.


Lin Xii that was sitting on the ground, panting tiredly doesn’t have the strength to help the others even if he wanted to. He’s just spent from the battle, especially after performing the ‘Omnislash’.


Luckily, the two bosses were occupied and the hooligans doesn’t dare to come near him.


After slowly crawling up, he collected all the 6 swords and fused them back into one, keeping it into his storage.


The points awarded for killing the Phantom was 23000, more than what Keraha provided.


Something was left behind as the bits and pieces of the Phantom turned into particles of light.


A vial.


Taking it into his hand, he looked at what the app showed.


Super Dinosaur’s Genes Vial (Speed).

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  1. Great! Now he can use fast speed attacks with it but the demerit is he will be more slim. After two days, he can overwhelm even bosses like the dinosaur bosses.
    Thank you for this chapter release! 🙂

    • Probably unless it changes what he looks like so that would be weird but that is speed and that is what our MC has ben relying towards so most likely

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