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<The King’s Perspective>


Aisha proposed a talk about the daughter of Laurel Family who became a daughter-in-law.

That was a story which cannot be hope for for the royal family.


It was already at a point where we don’t know how many Elf survivors left under protection.

…….This was the responsibility the Hume tribe must fulfill in order to atone for their sins.


From the adventurer guild of Lucas, when the report explained that they had to protect an elf, they were seriously worrying about what to do.


If they were kept in the royal palace, their safety would be guaranteed.

However, not everything came with merits, they were demerits to this.


If she was being protected in the royal palace, they will come to know of her true identity.


Her identity as an elf was hidden by a Magic Tool and also she sells medicine for a living.

They had to let such a person live in a royal palace.


Naturally, they needed a reason to justify their action.

…….Which means, as an elf, she needs to be publicized.


Morgue was saying some rather stupid things about making her my concubine, but I don’t want to do that.

In the first place, if I, the king, made an Elf my wife, other countries would not stay silent about this.


If I do not handle this carefully, I might meet the same fate as that Wills King.

It would greatly hurt the nation’s interest.


……I can’t believe it was a suggestion coming from that intelligent Morgue.


……I got a bit side tracked from the story.

In other words, if I were to testify myself and confess to her in the royal palace, besides the merits there would be 2 demerits.


  • Let the public know that an elf is here.
  • She would not be able to leave the royal palace which means losing her freedom.


Well, the royal palace is certainly a fairly safe place to live.

However, if came to asked whether her safety was 100% guaranteed, the answer was no.


The place called the royal palace was a place where people come and go regularly.

Thinking about people walking in and out, there was no guarantee that no one would try and do unreasonable things to her.


Needless to say, we would hire plenty of guards for security, but there are exceptions to everything.

Saying something like it’ll be fine 100% would be impossible.


As if you announce it to the public, it would be as though you’re revealing your identity by yourself as an elf and declare that an elf is here.


The second problem was if publicizing yourself to the world, it meant that she could not move around freely from within the royal palace.

Because there wasn’t any place safer than right here.


Even though she is using a Magic Tool to completely hide her identity, but there was also a flaw to that Magic Tool.

The fact that you’ve specifically told them about her whereabouts would already be carrying a huge risk.


Since these were the problems, simply keeping her in the royal palace wasn’t a viable option.

………If that was the case, what should be done?


While having a headache from this mess, a report came in that Roselia・Claude caught a dragon cild.

With that, I had to put the problem in the shelf.


Though the matter of Claude was solved thanks to my son-in-law, and furthermore, having the case of the protection of elf solved was also thanks to my son-in-law.


Thus, my son-in-law should leave the work to me to support him.


「Morgue, arrange for a rumour stating that “An Elf is being protected in the royal palace” throughout the kingdom.

Afterwards, prepare one room at the back of the Imperial Palace, the person staying would be a female knight so arrange someone to take care of the room on a daily basis.

You can have Aldo decide on the selections.」


With that rumour being spread, the possibility of people watching a close eye on my favourite son-in-law would decrease.

In addition, if there were someone who wanted to do something unfathomable, it would be much safer.


「……..I see, this is certainly more effective.

Should I prepare the substitute girl now?」


「No, that is not necessary. At any rate, spread the rumours.

As the rumours grows, it’ll let them imagine an arbitrary existence of an elf as they don’t have any eye witness.」


Okay, with this it’s settled.


Next was to select a person to be dispatched to the Clan of my son-in-law.


A strong, firm mouth and reliable human…….

Aldo would be a perfect candidate, but it was impossible to dispatch a Prince over there.


What’s more the person needs to guard the elf.

Problems might occur too, so a female or a married person would be better if possible.


「Aldo, do you have any talented person in mind to dispatch for Myne?」


I told my son, Prince Aldo, about the conditions I had in mind earlier.


Aldo returned with an answer in a short amount of time.


「……..Let’s see, how about the Head of the First Knight Division?

I heard that he deepen his friendship with Myine in the game of the Spirit Forest, plus he’s great with swords.

Furthermore he has a family, which means he satisfies all of the conditions Father have asked.」


Head of the First Knight Division, aah Franz.

Indeed, he has a good personality and is skillful so it shouldn’t be a problem.


Plus his child was born not too long ago and I heard he had totally turned into a stupid father figure.

Someone that makes a family cry was also nice.


Fumu, the more I thought about it, the more I think it wasn’t a bad choice.

Well, the problem now was whether or not the person himself agrees to it.


Fumu, would he bring his child that was born recently with him.

Franz was a meritorious person, I would prefer to avoid using my order as a King to force him.


I guess it would be quicker to directly ask about his intention.


「Fumu, I also want to put 2 female knights in charge, who do you think would be great candidates?」


「Hmmm, two person.

Aah, now that I think about it, there were a few female knights in the 2nd Knights Division that adores Sylphy.」


「Hou, can they be trusted?」


「……Well, I’m not so sure myself either. You should check with Sylphy about it.」


Hm, it was indeed desperate to ask Aldo to look for the female knights.

As usual, he seemed to be weak against women.


Though, her sister was married.

It was time for Aldo to man up.


I understand that it isn’t easy to find a partner, but this guy was indifferent about the marriage.

Should I ask about this while I was at it?


「Aldo, don’t say that you’re weak to women, shouldn’t you be thinking of settling yourself with a partner soon?」


When I said that, Aldo slammed his face and turned his face away.


「I thought your partner was the Holy Bow or Saint.

Ah, because the Holy Bow was married to Myne along with Sylphy…..

So how? Would you like to meet with the Saint? Hmmm????」


The Holy Bow, who married Myne was Aisha.

Achievement・Appearance・Skill, whichever it was, she had no problems as a companion of the royalty.


Though, it was already too late.


Which meant that there was only the Saint which was officially recognized by the royal family.


Holding an incredibly powerful Recovery Skill, she treated anyone regardless of their status or remuneration, giving her the nickname Saint.


She was also being requested by the royal family many times, and together with Aisha of the Holy Bow was a woman familiar with the royal family.


「…….Father, let’s hold of this talk for another time…….

There are many things that I have to decide right now, and the other side has to decide too….」


……Phew, can’t be help.

Why is he so against of his own marriage.


Well, it’s fine.


A civilian, and 2 female knights from the 2nd Knights Division.

After listening to the opinions of Morgue and Sylphy, then only I would decide on it.

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