FF: Chapter 51: Dancing on Blades

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Dancing on Blades


The spinning blades of death was the signature move of the Phantom.


The blades kept on the back of the Phantom was different from the curved sabre in his hands. These were made specifically for throwing, blades that were made from the best technology that the Cadillacs and Dinosaurs world had to offer.


Each blade was a fusion of 10 insect-wings-thin blades, fanning back into them as each blade is thrown.


The twenty rotating blades covered a huge area as it fan out. This sort of AoE attack does have a menacing threat to Lin Xii that relies on his superb speed to battle.


If he was standing still as the blades were fanning out, he would have no problem dodging every single one with his speed. But he wasn’t standing still and he’s in a high speed battle with the Phantom, currently speeding towards Phantom as he earlier saw him retreating backwards.


The rushing Lin Xii was heading straight into twenty insect-wings-thin blades that spread from two original blades.


Towards the sudden fans of blades, all Lin Xii could do in the midst of his rush was slightly adjusting his position and altering his center of gravity; it was impossible to change his direction so suddenly.


Wang Wei that was watching, dizzied from the battle, had his heart in his mouth as he saw what was about to happen.


Zhen Tian hand shook slightly the moment he saw the spinning blades of death. He understood the moment Lin Xii perishes was the moment everyone was dead as well.


“Good luck, you have to dodge it!” He silently prayed.


Lin Xii’s irises shrunk abruptly, he felt a scent of ‘death’ coming from the fans of blades.


“I can’t dodge it”


The area of coverage by the blades was just too wide, it was impossible to dodge everything. There was already 6 blades that was directly ahead of Lin Xii, dodging those 6 blades would just get himself into the way of others.


“I have to continue straight forward!”


Just continue maintaining his current speed and momentum, while getting through the 6 blades infront of him.


The crimson glow in Lin Xii’s eyes was like blood flowing out from within.


His concentration was all focused on the area ahead of him, just like the time when he was dodging the bullet. The surrounding space felt like a pool of viscous fluid to him; Lin Xii watched as the blades was coming at him, in slow motion as the blades sliced through the rain droplets.


His head tilted slightly towards the left, a thin blade passed by his cheek, giving off a sound that resembles insect’s wings.


The sharpness of the blade was enough to shave the hairs on his face as it passes through, giving off a cold metallic feel.


Next was……jump!


Lin Xii’s did not jump high up, it was just a foot of the ground. As he jumped he folded up his legs, dodging 2 blades that was aimed at them.


Leaned off to a side!


The jumping Lin Xii leaned off to a side in the air, his face facing the sky. 2 blades that was aimed at his left and right shoulder passes through, slicing his clothes as it goes.


It also left a thin red line on his chest that was almost invisible.


The final blade was aimed at his chest and it was impossible to dodge, but the jumping and leaning Lin Xii was able to deflect this final blade with the handle of his beamscythe.


All of the rotating blades shoot into the ground, disappearing into it with a splash of rain water.


The only one here that could clearly sees Lin Xii’s movement was the Phantom, what he saw widen his eyes,


What Lin Xii had just done could only be describe in one sentence:


He’s dancing on blades.


After successfully dodging all the blades, he continue his rush forward and swung a 270 degree swing with his scythe. He slashed the rain ahead of him, clearing the path to kill his opponent.


In the midst of danger, the Phantom managed to fully utilize his skills and instinct in battle, blocking the swinging scythe on the handle with his curved sabre yet again.


This time, they did not split apart after they clashed. They stood there, looking at each other.


The Phantom was thinking of another way to kill Lin Xii, after his spinning blades of death failed.


Whereas Lin Xii was resting, recovering his mental and physical strength after dodging the blades and using ‘Burst’ for 30 seconds straight. He too was thinking of ways to kill the Phantom.


Normally to kill these speedsters off, was to reduce their speed.


This was something he cannot do at the moment, as his ice abilities would take another 2 more days to manifest.


Then, there’s only one way left.


Restricting the movement space of the opponent!


Better yet, disrupting the movement of the opponent and force the opponent to make a mistake!


Wasn’t the spinning blades of death that the Phantom used earlier a move that was meant to restrict his movement area?


Lin Xii thought back to the battle with the Ice Witch Keraha, even though his speed with the Ukaku was slower than his ‘Burst’ but it was still a speed that was fast enough to elude Keraha.


Furthermore, it was high speed movement in the air, moving in 3D and not 2D.


So how did the Ice Witch almost killed him?


She used the shocking factor that her staff was able to block his beamscythe, that small instance that Lin Xii was shocked to trap him in a small space with 12 ice pillars!


The trap made by Keraha needed a total of 12 pillars because Lin Xii was able to fly, now he needs about half to restrict the Phantom that’s could only move on ground.


“It looks like I really have to get that weapon……”


Taking the chance that both of them are not moving, Lin XIi took out his phone, going into the app.


There was cellphones in the Cadillac and Dinosaurs world, so the Phantom looked at Lin Xii and just had to wonder what could a mere cellphone do in this situation.


He was cautious, so he decided to wait and observe.


Taking the chance, Lin Xii redeemed a weapon.


This was a weapon that he noticed when redeeming the ‘Defense Shield S’ a few days earlier. He really wanted the weapon back then, but just couldn’t buy it as the price was ridiculously expensive.


Now, he has the points from Xiao Qiang, 19000 in total. Adding on the remaining 2000 that he already had and 4000 or so that he gotten from Mai and the Tyrant killings right now, his points totaled up to 23000.


But it wasn’t enough! This was because the weapon was 30000 in total!


How is he going to fill the hole of 6000 points?


Lin Xii firmly decided and sold his beamscythe, the Base of Evolutionary would buy back undamaged item for half of the price. So the buyback price of the scythe would be 7000 in total with a original selling price of 14000.


The lost was huge, but it’s something that he can accept if it meant victory. He could even take selling the morphing shinki, the Frosty Moon for half of the price, much less the beamscythe.


After all, there’s no weapon more valuable than his life!


Everything would be for naught if his life is forfeited.


30000 points, redeemed!


A weapon appeared into Lin Xii’s hands. It was a huge double handed big sword, the body of the huge sword was pale yellow with a ‘当たり(Atari, you win)’ written on the tip of the sword. This was something usually printed on the the stick of an ice cream in Japan, it meant that you have won another ice cream that you can redeem.


The inside of the sword was a whole different story, there was red, chocolate, yellow, all different sorts of colour that showed on the side of the blade.


It’s name is, The Sundae Fusion!


The original design of the sword was the Fusion Sword that’s wielded by Cloud in Final Fantasy 7.


The Fusion Sword is a fusion of 6 individual swords, in the movie ‘Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children’, Cloud performs the ‘Omnislash’ a technique that disassembled the 6 fusioned sword in an instant and perform a succession of multiple slashes on Sephiroth. (TLN: Watch it here)


Whereas the Sundae Fusion was the sword of the strongest warrior in Touhou! The beloved sword of Advent Cirno! Disclaimer: Also known as ‘A Cirno’.


It’s also a fusion of 6 different swords!


The main body of the sword was a stick of an ice cream, the Winning Sword; The inside of it was a watermelon sword that’s shaped as a watermelon; two chocolate Edges and two Wafer Blades.


All of them isn’t made out from metallic material, instead, from special crystals. It was beautiful, also as hard as the crystals that Annie could produce.


Now, the six swords are combined into one. The outer appearance of the sword only shows the Winning Sword, the ice cream stick.


As a side note, the price of the Fusion Sword was only 6000.


Reminder, the Sundae Fusion is 30000!




Because this is a weapon that you can infuse energy into!


A weapon that you can infuse energy into is different from energy-weapons. Sundae is a sort of ice cream dessert, the Sundae Fusion that A Cirno uses can be infused with ice type energy and giving it extraordinary physical damage with added ice type attributes.


The strongest warrior that is A Cirno, could pump large amount of ice energy into it and let out a huge light cannon-like beam named ‘Extreme Absolute Zero’!


Due to having ice type energy, Lin Xii had already took notice of this weapon earlier on.


Sadly it was just too pricey to purchase it.


Now, with Xiao Qiang’s wealth and selling the beamscythe; Lin Xii finally bought the Sundae Fusion!

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