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Author’s Note: Happy new years!

Please continue to take care of 「Cut & Paste」 this year too. m(_ _)m

Amy-san, who is a High Elf was now our newest member.


All this time she was using a Magic Tool to disguise herself, but her true appearance was beautiful irrespective of rumours.


……..No, she was way more beautiful than I thought.


Even though I had Sylphy and Aisha as my beautiful wives, I unconsciously fell in love with her beauty.


How can I put it into words, the two wives beauty felt as though it came with their kindness.

Compare to Amy-san whose beauty was perfect like a completed art piece.


Indeed if someone were to see her appearance, it wouldn’t be weird if humans would bound to make mistakes.


「………Myne-kun, what are you staring at so intently?」 Aisha cuts of my train of thoughts with a cough, as she asked me with a serious expression.


「Even though he has us already…….does Husband prefer Amy more?」


This time it was Sylphy that asked.

And as expected, with a serious expression.


…….Aaah, this might be bad perhaps?


「Eh? Eeeh!? I, it’s true that Amy-san is beautiful but……to me, the both of you are special, how do I put it……」


In a panic, I desperately explained and tried apologizing, and the two of them looked at me and suddenly laughed.


「Fufufu, it’s just a joke! A joke!」


Aah! I was being teased!!

……Well, if the both of them are having fun, then I guess it’s fine.


As the three of us were doing a comedic husband and wives dialogue, Amy-san who was looking at us started laughing.


「As expected, newlyweds….I’m jealous that you’re so close to them.」


『Myne–, Myne—, Introduce me to her as well—–』


Aah, that’s right!

I should introduce Waffle-chan to her too!


I gently held Waffle which was on top of my head, and hugged him with both of my arms.


「Amy-san, he is also a part of our family too, his’s called Waffle!

Please get along well!」


Coordinating with my words, Waffle raised his right paws and 「Wafuu!」 greeted her.


「…….Please to meet you as well, Waffle-chan.」


For a moment, she was giving Waffle a strange look, but soon after she smiled and talked to Waffle.


Aah, now that I thought about it……..since we’re at it should I ask her?


「…….By the way Amy-san, why were you captured by the Orcs?」


The question suddenly popped out of my head and thus I asked.


As I asked, she answered with 「I was picking up herbs, but I was caught…..」 with an apologetic look.


……Aah, so that’s how it was.


One wouldn’t expect Orcs to be roaming around in such a shallow area.

With Appraisal I peaked into Amy-san’s status, she doesn’t have any combat skills, so I was glad that I safely rescued her the other day.


Though, how was she living her life all this while?

Since she holds the 【Alchemy】 skill, so probably she makes potions and sold them off as a living……


Plus, the forest that she went to pick up herbs was probably, where Lucas was living.

I can’t bring myself to ask about her family either……


Seemed like it would be a complicated story, so I shouldn’t rush it and slowly talk about it in the future.

If I handled it poorly, it might be possible that it would reopen her old wounds.


After Amy-san had exposed her identity to us, I wonder if it lessen her burden.

As gradually, she started talking to us with a smile.


While talking, another question suddenly came up.

Why, would the Guild Leader and Aisha knew of her being an elf?


Even though she disguised herself using a Magic Tool…..


「I have another question……」


After enquiring about my question, Amy-san answered with a bad look.

It seemed that the Magic Tool had to be filled with magic regularly with a specific equipment.


After being captured by the Orcs, she didn’t fill up any magic, and right after being rescued, it seemed like her concealment melted.

The only fortunate thing was, when that happened it was a place where only the Guild Leader and Aisha was present.


If her disguise had worn off when she was in the Guild Hall, I wonder what sort of uproar would occur.


「……….Well, it should be done?」


After seeing that we had calmed down, the Guild Leader started talking.

We stopped conversing, and everyone focused on the Guild Leader.


「Then, would it be fine for the newly made Clan take charge of Amy?」


「Yes! I’ll take full responsibility!」


Answering on behalf of my team, it seemed that the burden placed on the Guild Leader’s shoulder was lifted.

He obviously showed his relief to me on purpose.


Well, that’s to be given.

Even if it’s a different country, because of the Hume Tribe, the elves have lost their only home.


Moreover, many adventurers in the Guild have rough people like Fjord (I have no idea who’s this) that I used to involve in the past.


Another thing was, if Amy-san’s identity was leaked, then it wouldn’t be as simple as not knowing what to do.

I thought that it was a considerable hard work to deal with.


「Though, when you’re doing your activities in the Clan, will Amy be left inside the Clan House?

What would you do if thieves sneaked in at that time?」 The Guild Leader asked.


「I think it would be fine because the King said that they would arrange escorts and another person in charge of receptionist.」 as I answered, Sylphy hammered in, and the Guild Leader was relieved of my words.


「If you need a helping hand, do call me to give me a request as well.

We will dispatch reliable adventurers.」


For now, I would like to see the progress of our Clan House.

I planned to make places like dorms where staffs can live on the second floor, I think once that’s done, Amy-san could use one of the rooms.


Until the Clan House is completed, would she want to stay at home or to stay at the royal palace?


Either way, the Guild’s requirements have been dealt with.

Shall I return home now?


「Well, once the details are decided I’ll pick you up, so please take care of Amy-san for the time being!」




On the way home, we were received with passionate hospitality.

……..Perhaps all the citizens of Lucas gathered? I thought as it was a lot of people.


「……..I’m back!」


By the time we entered the house, we were tired and thus laid on the bed.


『Wafu! So this is where Myne lives—』


Waffle was the only one who excitedly explored around the house.

Well, it’s not like he’ll need to always stay on my head.


……Does he not get tired at all?


While watching Waffle running around, I was doing nothing and rolling around the bed.

Aisha and Sylphy were obviously not rolling around on bed, instead they were sitting on a chair resting.


……As expected, going to the labyrinth was easier.


Mental fatigue was something I’m not used to, so it wasn’t easy getting it out from my body.


Thus, as I was drowning out, Waffle, with a tremendous momentum jumped on top of me.




I unexpectedly groaned.


『Myne! Myne! Myne!』


『……Wh, what’s wrong? Waffle.』


『I’ve found it! I’ve found the bathroom—!!』


『……Yeah, there’s a bathroom.』


…….A bath, a bath huh.

Aah, it certainly might be good.


I wonder if I should leave checking the Clan House for tomorrow.

It is also important to get tired.


「I’m going to go and take a bath. As Waffle wanted to enter the bath too!」


I rise up and stood up, then head over to the bathroom with Waffle.


It was the usual 【Continuous : Water】 x5, 【Continuous : Heat】 x4 that was set up on the bathtub to boil the water quickly.

At one point, I returned to the changing room and said, “Okay, let’s go in Waffle!” as I took off my clothes quickly and threw it into the undressing basket.


We went in the bathroom with steam rising up already, it was a little warm.


I quickly washed me and Waffle’s body and quickly soaked our bodies into the bathtub.


「Fuuu~♪ After all, a bath is good!」




As usual, Waffle was dog paddling around the bathtub.

Just watching that figure made my tiredness flew away.


「Myne-kun! We’re heading in too!」


Yeap, this was as usual!


……Finally, I felt like I came back home!


「I’m back!!」

Author’s Note:

Thank you for continue reading my books!


Please continue to take care of me from now on.



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