FF: Chapter 50: The Battle Against Phantom

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The Battle Against Phantom


The rain continue pouring heavily.


The cold rain soaked Xiao Qiang’s body wet, snuffing the last flames of battle intent in him. Xiao Qiang breathed heavily, his gaze passed through the thugs, knives users, fatties, punks, Vice and the Butcher.


Finally, his gaze rested on the Phantom.


Even though there’s 300 hooligans in total, but they are fine with enough time and energy.


Vice that’s strong in strength is a strong opponent, but he’s not scared of that. He has the confident that even after using more than half of his energy in the battle against Colt, he would still be able to win a bloody battle against Vice.


Whereas against the Butcher, he doesn’t know whether who will win in a one-vs-one fight, but at the very least he can hit a fatty with two butcher knives with his fists.


But, against the Phantom……


No matter how strong he is, if it doesn’t land it’s still useless. No matter how sharp Lin Xii’s beamscythe is, what can it do against someone that could leave afterimages as he moves?


Xiao Qiang couldn’t help but think of his parents, his wife and his daughter. He wondered do they still have a future if he die here. Strike that, if they couldn’t get the ration from the supply base here, they don’t have any future anyways as normal humans.


Wang Wei kneeled down on the ground, crying as he’s experiencing a mental collapse.


Zhen Tian laughed to himself bitterly, “If only we had come her two days later, at the very least Lin Xii’s ice abilities would have already form. There would have been some chance after using the icy aura seed.”


An icy aura that slows and freezes an area would be the perfect counter to the Phantom that relies on his high speed battle.


“Lin Xii, just escape.”


Xiao Qiang spoke up.


It was pointless to split up and escape in this scenario, this was due to the Phantom as his speed was enough to kill everyone before they could escape anywhere far. But, Lin Xii can still escape!


Because he can fly!


A vial was thrown over.


Lin Xii raised his arm and caught it, realising it was what Colt dropped: The Super Dinosaur’s Vial.


“This would be a waste on me anyway, take it and I hope that you can slightly take care of my family.”


A crystal card was thrown over as well, it was a crystallization of points that ease transaction between evolutionaries. 1000 points to a crystal stone and a crystal card as it hits above 10000.


The card has 19000 points and it was obviously the entirety of Xiao Qiang’s fortune, including the points of the bosses that he had killed.


“Can you deal with Vice?”


Lin Xii asked.


“I can.”


Hearing that, Vice held his forehead and laughed. It was a heavy laughed, filled to the brim with killing intent.


“All right……but, I will keep it for the time being incase you die.”


Lin Xii isn’t the type that goes after his team partner’s stuff. It’s just that it was much safer to keep the stuff on him in this deadly situation, he will just return them to Xiao Qiang if he survives this battle.


If he doesn’t, then Lin Xii wouldn’t hesitate to take it.


“Xiao Wan, I know that you hid your true strength. The Tyrant will assist you as you deal with the Butcher, as for Mai and the others, they will deal with the hooligans.”


“What about the Phantom?” Xiao Qiang turned his head and asked, looking at Lin Xii. It couldn’t be that he still wants to battle and not run?


“Of course……leave him to me.”


Lin Xii’s irises lit up. It was crimson, it was bright, it was luscious, it was the colour of blood.


“You guys done talking? If you’re done, let’s send you all to wherever you should go, be it Heaven or Hell!”


As his words died down, Phantom flashed, disappearing. He moved like the wind, leaving afterimages as he gripped onto his curved sabre. The way he moves was beautiful, artistic even.


Yes, it was artistic. This was because the very next second, the curved sabre of the Phantom will slit a throat; red hot blood will flow, like the flowers that blossoms just before they wilt.


The hairs on Zhen Tian stood up as he saw the way Phantom disappeared. He doesn’t know who the Phantom was targeting, but he understood that no matter who it was, the person will definitely die.




A crisp clean sound sounded out.


The movement of the Phantom was cut short, a silver handled green beamcythe clashed into the curved sabre of the Phantom. It was Lin Xii that was infront of the Phantom, the sudden high speed movement too left afterimages behind Lin Xii.


“What?!” Zhen Tian shouted out.


“What?!” The Butcher exclaimed as well, one of his butcher knife fell on the floor as his grip went slack.


“It’s impossible!”


The Phantom widen his eyes, his face twisted with disbelief. This was the first time that he met someone that could move at the same speed as him.




Xiao Qiang raised his head and let out a loud hearty laugh, it could be seen how happy he is right now from the hearty and loud laugh. He did not think that he would have a chance to get out from this sure-death situation!


Lin Xii, just really how strong are you? The strongest evolutionary in the transfer is definitely not Wu Yan, but you!”


He thought back previously when Lin Xii lured the Ice With Keraha away by himself.


What’s the most reliable kind of people?


It definitely isn’t the Wu Yan kind of people that owns a high ranked bloodline! Also it definitely isn’t him that only has muscle for brains; it’s the type of the people that stands up and leads, bringing others out from a desperate situation and give them a path to hope!


This is the second time.


During the first time, if it wasn’t for Lin Xii luring Keraha away from the battlefield, the chances of the whole troop getting wiped out from the joined force of the two witches was high!


“All right! Since you stood out, I cannot disappoint you too can I? Vice is mine all alone!”


Muscle Explode 80%!


To be honest, Xiao Qiang is currently on the verge of death. The moment he enhance another 1% on his muscle, he will just enter into a stage where his body starts to self destruct and ultimately end in his death.


After exciting all of the muscles in his body, veins bulge out from the surface of his skin like earthworms. His body increased in size, gradually getting larger and larger and finally reaching to a size comparable to the Tyrant!


Letting out an enraged roar, Xiao Qiang rushed towards Vice. Both of them slammed into each other like a meteor slamming into earth!


Xiao Wan took a glance at Lin Xii and then at Xiao Qiang. She then took out a black straight sword from her storage space, standing together with the Tyrant that came up next to her.


The two of them rushed towards the Mad Butcher.


Meanwhile, Lin Xii and the Phantom was already in the midst of a high speed battle.


Phantom specialize in agility after infusing himself with the genes of dinosaurs, of course he would prefer using his high speed and utilize it in battle.


Lin Xii with his ‘Burst’ too!


The sounds of metal clashing into each other rang out constantly, the shadows of the two of them overlapped and pass each other times after times.


The clashing of the two of them in the pouring rain resulted in a long corridor that’s devoid of any rain forming! This was due to the two of them moving at such speed, not even letting any rain replacing the previous place of the raindrop that had splashed away!


Wang Wei that could not participate in the battle due to his wounded leg witnessed onto the battle, feeling dizzy after watching a few seconds of the high speed movement that Lin Xii and the Phantom are moving in.


The battle of the two of them was almost impossible to make sense about, they could only see clashing of two figure again and again. They could only see the merging of a few afterimages that shows the two of them clashing in a stalemate for a few instances at a time!


“So strong, if it was me I would only last a second long! So this is Lin Xii’s true strength……”


Zhen Tian swung his fiery wooden staff, battling against the incoming hooligans. But his focus was on Lin Xii’s battle, this was because he knows that the result of the battle between Lin Xii and the Phantom was the clinching pin in the overall fight.




The silver beamscythe clashed yet again against the curved sabre. The shockwave from the clash exploded the surrounding water droplets like smashing pearls with a hammer.


The very next second, the two of them retreated to a hundred meter away and yet another fierce battle was commencing. The raindrops surrounding them like a huge white bubble, visualizing their battle arena.


It was actually an evenly matched battle!


This was something the Phantom cannot accept! He was someone that infused himself with several dinosaurs genes and his position was just slightly under those bosses that had infused with total body merging dinosaurs vials, he still thinks himself better than them.


Now, he was in a draw with a teenager?!


This was something Lin Xii cannot accept too.


Because his ‘Burst’ cannot last for long!


Even though he’s converting all his biological energy into kinetic energy right now, matching against the Phantom, but what happens after his energy runs out? He will definitely die, as he is unable to activate his ukaku without his energy


The Phantom doesn’t only have speed, his strength wasn’t something to laugh at either. He would always strike against the silver handle of the beamscythe, avoiding the beam every single strike.


The sharp beam of the scythe was just a decoration at this point!


“It’s already 20 or so seconds, I can’t continue down this path. I need to find something that can break this stalemate……”


As Lin Xii was silently worrying, the Phantom abruptly retreated away, trailing a long corridor devoiding of any rain. At the same time, he reached his hands to his back.


Ear splitting metallic slicing noises rang out, the curtain of rain between the two of them was sliced into pieces by tens of blades that’s rotating in a insane speed. The rotating blade covered an area of hundred of meters square, reaching for Lin Xii.


It was the spinning blades of death!

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  1. Then the ice power that is welling up ended up being used in this disadvantage fight and it truly awakens the 3rd ability, ice control. Is this right? Hmmmm. Nah
    Thank you for this chapter! 🙂

  2. So our OP MC is finally standing out… I can’t decide if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Of course he could totally die right now totally.

    • all it means is that he’s going to be given more responsibilities, nobody is planning on eating him. Except maybe the six star guy.

      • But our MC is the strongest there (imo) since he can gain literally every power… Well an offshoot of every power that exists due to the progenitor (I think that’s right don’t really know resident evil that well XD) virus being able to forever adapt. It will be interesting to see what happens when/if he gets fire magic.

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