Cut&Paste: Chapter 105 – A Young Lady’s Secret (2)

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「…….I understand, I will now explain about my circumstances to Myne-san and Your Highness, Sylphid.

If after hearing my story, and the both of you could still forgive me for it, then I would like the both of you to take care of me.」 After finishing her sentence, Amy-san faced the directions of me and Sylphy.


「First of all, this appearance of mine….isn’t really my real appearance.

I’m using a Magical Item that allows me to alter my appearance.」


……Altering one’s appearance?

I see, so that was the magic Waffle was talking about!


Though, why was it necessary for her to alter her appearance?


Pretending to be a woman……?

Depending on the circumstances, I won’t be able to understand why one would do such a thing.


……However, Amy-san who was using magic was originally a woman too.


Mumumu, I can’t imagine it at all.

Probably, the act of disguising had something to do with the Guild Leader, or a direct connection with the King to keep her troublesome secret from being revealed.


But, why would such Great people go through such great lengths?

It’s fine, things would soon make sense.


……This situation, is making me excited(doki doki).


「I’ll now cancel the magic.」


Right after Amy-san said that, she touched a bracelet that was on her right arm, and chanted a magic incantation that I’ve never heard before from her mouth.


Once she’d done so, for a quick moment her body became crystal clear, and she changed into a completely different person.

Then, Sylphy and I who were staring at the completely different person…..was at a lost for words.


「 「 …..E, Elf.」 」


Yes, Amy-san’s true identity was that of an Elf.

What’s more, it was an upper race known as a High・Elf.

Name: Amy
LV: 11
Race: High・Elf
Gender: Female
Age: 121 years old
Occupation: The Head of the Clan’s Only Daughter
Unique Magic・Wood
Magic・Recovery L
【Divine Protection of World Tree】
Blessings of the World Tree

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Elfs are tribes who lives deep in the forest with nature.

Having an appearance of a peerless beauty toppled with a sharp ears that were considered special in this world.


…….And because of their superior appearance, regardless of male or female from other mindless races, many would aim for her.

No… should be said that much would try to aim for her.


There is a country of the Hume called Wills.

No, there was such country as it had already been destroyed.


At that time, The King, Wills, was fascinated by the beauty of elves.

At first, the elves would unfortunately be caught by the Slave Merchants to be turned into slaves and bought of by him to satisfy his desires.


Though as time goes by, his desires gradually grew larger.

If he couldn’t buy any Elves from the Slave merchants, he would order others to capture the elves for him.


However, the King’s desire did not saturate.

Finally using his position, he tried to invade the Elf’s country to make the country his own.


Obviously, the conscientious Kings of other countries condemned the foolish King and gathered together soldiers to stop his actions.

……Although the other countries reached out their hands to help, they never reached the elves on time.


When the soldiers from various countries arrived at the Elf’s country, both the country and Will’s country had already been destroyed.


At the beginning of the war, the elves were being overrun by Will’s country and many elves were captured.

It can’t be helped as the elves would not have thought that a nation would aggressively invade their country with such reasons alone.


It was none other than a surprise attack.

Originally, elves were a race that preferred not to fight.


They tried resisting, but were overpowered and was instressed quickly.

If it had ended there, the worst situation may have been avoided.


But the killing from King Wills did not stop from there.


In the Elf’s country, the World tree, or formally known as the God Tree was there.

The King tried to make that World Tree his own property, as the World Tree would have materials like excellent medicines or weapons stored inside.


Yes, despite it being created by the Gods to help the world, but.


Not only was the king not faithful, he was only faithful only to his own desires.

Therefore, the existence of the World Tree reflected in his eyes was just “A Gold Tree that produces expensive materials.”


Thus, after seizing hold of the elves, he issued a huge order to his subordinates to harvest the World Tree.


Even though the captured elves loudly told him to stop, he paid no attention.


As a result, the country of Wills was destroyed.

A collaboration was made to help the elves gain control.


Yes, in order to protect the World Tree, the Divine Beast, Ymir appeared.


Ymir’s power was tremendous that he annihilated the army of Will in a blink of an eye.


As the army of Wills was spread throughout the elf’s country, the elves were wiped together by Ymir’s attacks.

Of course, there were some elves that survived, but it was a fact that most of them have their lives taken.


Afterwards, Ymir sought after Wills and including all the innocent citizens, made them all to ash before disappearing.


…..Thus was the tragic story of Amy and her elven tribe.


Even till this day, there were still imprudent people that would try to capture the elves and turn them into slaves.

NO, it might not be an exaggeration to say that the numbers of imprudent people are increasing.


The elves who originally had few population because of Wills and the complete wipe out.

If they could make such person as slaves, it would undoubtly be a fantastic prey.


「……..Do you understand right now.

As of right now, I would disguise myself with the Magic Tool, but that itself isn’t perfect as well.

I would not know where or when someone will target me.」


I see, so that was the reason why the king and the Guild Leader were in such a panic.

As the head of the country, it was natural to protect the elves due to the past mistakes.


You could also say it is a cheap technique to announce it to everyone that they were hiding an elf to lure the other imprudent peoples out.


…..I see, that’s why they chose me.

Having fighting experience, and also the existence of 【Unique Magic・Space Time】


I would be able to perfectly hide her.


Maybe that was why the king pondered on whether it would’ve been better to protect her in the Royal Palace, or to let our Clan protect her after receiving the proposal from Aisha.

And the outcome was to choose us which would allow her to live more freely, rather than being cooped up in the Royal Palace and strip off from her freedom.


Surely, he was considering about Amy’s feelings and decided as such.


「………Even after knowing my true identity, would you still invite me?」


Amy-san gave up on everything and looked at me with such expression.


Yes, I had already decided my answer since the beginning.

Looking at Sylphy, she too nodded.


「Yes! Amy-san! Take care of me from now on!」


Thus, we made a new friend.

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