FF: Chapter 49: Dinosaur’s Vial

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Dinosaur’s Vial


The beamscythe swung horizontally in a wide arc, the green light slicing 3 thugs and a fatty into two. As Lin Xii noticed Xiao Qiang falling into a tumble with Colt, he immediately rushed over to help, but the battle was over before he could reach them.


During the struggle, Colt tried to strangle Xiao Qiang, whereas Xiao Qiang used two of his fingers and tried reaching for Colt’s eyes.


As Xiao Qiang neck started creaking under the pressure, his two finger stabbed into Colt’s eyes and burst it; the fingers reached inside the skull and stirred the brain into a mush.


As Xiao Qiang stood up, shaking, he was drenched in blood and holding onto his throat and coughing intensely.


After the Boss was dead, the rest of the hooligans was relatively harmless. Mostly it was due to the beamscythe, cutting and slicing through the fatties with eased even though their fat could even stop a bullet.


The green blade flashed and flashed again, clearing a bunch of them at one time. After Mai dealt with the punks, the rest of the thugs and fatties was cleaned up by Lin Xii and the Tyrant in 5 minutes.


At this moment, Xiao Qiang got a vial from where Colt disappeared.


The vial was made out from glass. 3 colours suspended in midair inside the vial, blue, red and yellow. The three colours was separated in 3 layers, not mixing together even though the vial was shook.


Lin Xii too picked up a total of 3 vials, but these was dropped by the hooligans. There was only one colour in the vials.


Dinosaur’s Vial (Strength)


Dinosaur’s Vial (Agility)


Dinosaur’s Vial (Physique)


The strength vial was dropped by the thug, the agility by the punk and the physique by the fatties. After consuming the vial, there will be a noticeable increase in strength/agility/physique. The most important part of this was that ordinary people could intake these vials!


The only side effect of the vial was that there would be a certain level of mutation on the physical appearance of the person that intake the vial.


The strength vial will add 1 person’s worth of strength, the agility vial adds 3 person’s worth of agility and the physique vial adds 5 person’s worth of physique. Other than minimal changes in physical appearance when consuming the strength vial, the agility vial will change the person into a skinny stick while the physique vial changes the person physical appearance into an obese one.


The side effects was much better than the titan’s vial that turns the person into an unintelligent titan.


No matter what, this was something that a normal person could use and this increases the value of these vials! Lin Xii preciously keeps the 3 vials in his phone storage.


Xiao Qiang that was coughing intensely nearby suddenly let out an hearty laugh.


After seeing everyone looking at him, he showed the name of the vial in his hand.


Super Dinosaur’s Genes Vial (Combination-type)


The vial enhances strength, agility and physique; adding on 15 person’s worth each! This meant drinking the vial would be equal to spending forty five thousand in points on enhancement alone!


In fact, this will not count as enhancing your body using the program. This ultimately means that the double increase in price after enhancing ten times will not take in effect!


This vial would definitely be unable to be used on normal humans, their body would be unable to take the sudden influx of upgrade and they will burst apart. Also, this vial would have some effect on the body appearance.


“OP!” Zhen Tian couldn’t help but lick his lips as he saw the vial, feeling envious.


Other than dropping the vials, the hooligans also dropped food. Mai picked up and counted 10 or so bubblegum, chocolates, donuts, fries, and small pizzas.


As the meat dropped by the dinosaurs would help in recovery, these food too has the same ability.


“So what’s next?”


Wang Wei caught on to the bag of fries that Lin Xii threw over to him and eat it as he asked. His right leg was bandaged, but blood was still continuously seeping out from the severely injured wounds.


“Most likely the ration base is currently occupied by the rest of the hooligans. With the lack of food in the village, we cannot give up the ration supply base no matter what. We currently have two choice, forward and wipe the base out or head back to the village.”


Xiao Qiang kept the vial into his storage, the changes made to the body would take a long time and there would be a need for a huge quantity of food to successfully complete his enhancement with the vial.


“Let us just head back, if there’s a couple more bosses on the level of Colt it would be too hard for just us alone to defeat.”


In the game, these bosses were able to take a couple hits of RPG face on and survive. They looked like humans, but their physique are definitely comparable to the dinosaurs of ancient times!




Wang Wei replied with his face pale white, sweats of pain beading from his forehead. “I played Cadillacs and Dinosaurs when I was a kid, Colt was considered a mid-tier boss in the game. There are other stronger bosses that could change their form like Phantom. We will definitely die if we encountered those bosses now.”


“Let’s head back then!”


Xiao Qiang decided and said, “After I finish enhancing myself with this vial, combining forces with Wu Yan, Qing, Zhong Hou and the others should be good to defeat the base. Not only the ration’s important, the fact that the bosses here drops such valuable vials is something we cannot pass on!”


“Haiz, these soldiers really died a pitiful death.”


Mai sighed as she saw the corpses of the soldiers in the grocery store as they head back and get the rest of the food.


As they left the grocery store, drizzling rain started fall from the sky slowly. After a short moment, the drizzle turned into a downpour. Mai’s robes was soaked wet from the rain, showing the line of her body; luckily her robes was black in colour, preventing the awkward scene of her clothes turning transparent from the rain.


As they reach back to the empty area where the bus was, Lin Xii felt someone or something watching them again.


He wiped the rainwater off his face, closing his eyes and sensing his surroundings. Alas he was still unable to sense where the peeping tom was, after all his strong point isn’t in his mental strength.


The road back to the bus wasn’t long, as they reached it they stopped in their tracks. This was because next to the bus was a pile of corpses, blood flowing from the pile due to the rain. A total of 20 corpses of the soldiers that was supposed to be on standby.


“Commander Liu……”


The round face, always smiling commander was lying down on the ground as well. Dead.


The rain poured down even heavier.


Beside the bus was a large amount of hooligans, lining up neatly. Punks, thugs, knife users, fatties……all of them lining up neatly under the rain, looking at them with a strong killing intent.


On one side was five evolutionaries, Lin Xii, Xiao Qiang, Zhen Tian and Xiao Wan. They were joined by the Tyrant and Mai.


The other side was a total of 300 or so hooligans.


The both of them stared at each other, under the rain.


The leader of the hooligans was a tall man of 2.5 meters, a muscular upper half with biceps the size of a normal man’s waist.


The man was similar to Colt, blonde hair in a fiery style, a tall nose, wearing a purple leather jacket with black furred shoulder pads. His left hand holding an umbrella with a roll of cigar in his right hand.


The cigar was like a toothpick in his curly and thick fingers.




The black umbrella was thrown onto the ground by the huge man, his cigar flicking into the rain by his right hand. His eyes was filled with murderous intent as he looked onto Xiao Qiang, he shouted in a voice that rumbled like the thunder, “I will personally kill this man!”


He’s the first boss in the game, Vice. He’s usually so violent that even his subordinates is afraid of him.


The pouring rain couldn’t put out the fiery anger in his eyes, no one knew exactly how furious he is right now. Colt that was killed by Xiao Qiang was his brother.


“No problem, but the rest is mine! I want to chop them into bits and make jerky out of them!”


The wall of the perking lot was burst open, a enormously obese man walked out from the hole.


The fatty was wearing a read tank top, a leather skirt apron on his waist with a necklace made from skulls hanging from his neck. His head was shiningly bald, flaps from layer of fats on his face. He’s equipped with two long black butcher knife that’s bright shining white on the edge.


The butcher knife was used to butchered those dinosaurs!


He’s the mad Butcher, the second boss of Cadillacs and Dinosaurs!

“It’s the butcher! Shit! There’s two bosses here, we will definitely die here!”


Wang Wei was about to collapse mentally as he’s still young, different from Lin Xii that had lived by himself for several years and matured. Encountering two bosses with a whole bunch of hooligans was just too much of him, especially with his wounded right leg.


“Don’t fret!”


Xiao Qiang said loudly, “Leave the big guy to me. Lin Xii, Mai and Xiao Wan deal with the Butcher. Let Zhen Tian and the Tyrant handle the hooligans, there’s still a chance for victory!”


Explosive Metal Body is a skill that allows the ‘bursting’ and releases one’s muscles, but the bursting will deal a great deal of harm to the user’s body. Even though his base attribute was already pretty solid and adding on another 10 enhancement on his physique, now he could just barely manage bursting to 80% of his original physique.


Previously he dared to burst up to a 120% of his physique was due to Ling Ling and her healing skill.


Now if he even dare reached a 100%, he will definitely die!


“If that vial would instantly take effect after consuming it……”


Xiao Qiang thought about the vial that he had gotten after killing Colt, wondering on how he can use it in this precarious situation.


“A possibility to win? Is there any? Haha…..”


A laughter that’s laughing to their naivety rang out, a long silhouette came rushing to them with afterimages trailing behind it. The person reached the parking lot in a second, countless afterimages combined with the person after he stopped moving.


A tight skin short sleeved shirt with leather pants, outlining his muscular chest. A head filled with red hair in a Mohawk, a couple of short knives sheathed in his back. This was a tall, big yet slim man with a cold and cool looking face.


“The Phantom! It’s over, we are definitely going to die!”


Wang Wei clutched onto his head and shouted out, freaking out. Zhen Tian that’s beside him sat down on the ground, giving up.


When speed reaches a certain degree, it’s unbeatable. The strength of the Phantom was inferior to Vice, his physique was much weaker than the Butcher. But just with his speed, moving in the air while leaving behind afterimages, it’s enough to kill everyone here!


Whether it was Wang Wei or Zhen Tian, they do not think they still have the chance of leaving here alive after seeing Phantom……


The feeling of despair was so deep, so deep that it soaked into their bones!


Even Xiao Qiang that does not give up, ever, felt helpless.

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  1. See? I said that all the troops will be killed off without exception. Now they have vials useable by normal people, i wonder if they’ll give em to the troops?

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