FF: Chapter 48: Xiao Qiang’s Strength

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Xiao Qiang’s Strength


Cadillacs and Dinosaurs could be considered as one of the most iconic arcade cross-action game.


The main plot of the game was 4 protagonist fighting against a bunch of bad guys that made dinosaurs do their bidding.


Lin Xii did not foresee that he would encounter such an opponent in a grocery store in the middle of a secret base.


The muscular man riding on his bike was the 3rd boss of the game, Colt!


The man was injected with genes that belonged to the dinosaurs, whether it was his size, strength or agility it was far superior to the normal human, even more than the Tyrant! But the guy wouldn’t fight hand-to-hand with other, instead he stays on his bike and chuck his high powered grenades.


Actually, not only Hogg was genetically enhanced, the thugs and others too were enhanced with the dinosaur serum.


But the level of their enhancement was low, only comparable to the evolutionaries that had upgraded their attributes a few times.


A shower of grenades came raining down together with the rushing bike.


Lin Xii did not inherit the ghoul’s defense, so of course he dared not take those grenades head on. He hurriedly dodged, as with the same of the others that’s still alive. Wang Wei that’s missing a leg was pulled by Zhen Tian that had rush over to him, the large amount of grenades created a sea of fire as it exploded.


As the rising sea of flames blocked their vision, knives after knives shot out from the flames.


Zhen Tian let out a painful cry, at the very least there were seven or eight knives sticking into his body as he hugged Wang Wei to protect him.


The knives deflected from Xiao Wan’s body, it was the same with Xiao Qiang that had made his muscle comparable to metal. Mai used her bloody rose staff and deflected those that were aimed at her and Lin Xii.


At this moment, Xiao Qiang suddenly took a deep breath in and raised both of his arms up.


As he did this, his muscles expanded like a balloon. The upper half of his body expanded twice its original size, his shirt burst apart.


Heavy Slam!


Both of his fist slammed into the ground, the bricks on the ground of the grocery store suddenly turned into liquid, making waves. The band of hooligans that was surrounding them stumbled and fell onto the ground.


At the other side was Colt that was riding his bike towards them, he rode in the shockwave and it resulted in his bike stumbling as it threw Colt into a rack nearby.


The shockwave did not differentiate between friends and enemies, Lin Xii just felt like static electricity flowing through his legs as he hurriedly stabilize himself.


“Leave the store! It’s too crowded to battle here!”


Xiao Qiang took Zhen Tian in one hand and Wang Wei in the other and rushed out of the grocery store, following behind him was Xiao Wan——Lin Xii could not help but looked at the low-profile girl as he noticed she had took the shockwave head on, standing firmly.


“Maybe she hid her true strength just like me?”


As he rushed out from the grocery store, he noticed other than the thugs, fatty and knives user there was several punks within them too.


The punks was small, hunched back and very agile. They were incredibly annoying in the game! As they saw the evolutionaries rushing out, they came up to them hopping around. Mai hurriedly threw out two butterfly fans but those were dodged completely.


A punk leaped to Lin Xii’s side, curling his fingers and preparing to use his sharp nails and rake Lin Xii’s eyes. Unfortunately, a metal bat greeted him in the face.


The Tyrant that was released from his storage space took Judgement and slammed it into the punk’s face, collapsing it. After that he took placed Judgement onto his back and took out his axe and scythe instead, rushing into the gang and started blitzing through them like a blender; heads and limbs flew into the air.


Letting go of Zhen Tian and Wang Wei, Xiao Qiang also started battling against the gang.


He first used his ‘heavy fist’ and made several thugs started vomiting blood, after that he leaped into the air to intercept a punk; the short hunched back punk was caught in the air by Xiao Qiang.


He flipped the punk upside down, grabbing onto the punk’s head with his knees and slammed onto the ground like a cannon! This was the renowned finishing move of the WWE undertaker: The Tombstone!


Not only that the punk’s head was smashed by the impact, his head was buried into the ground like a plant!


Xiao Qiang half-kneel on the ground, lifting one arm up and expanded his muscle using his ability. The huge arm was starting to turn metallic grey as it expanded larger and larger.


The greyish arm strike forward with just a simple punch, but it was this simple punch that bore a hole through a madly rushing fatty’s chest!


Pale yellow fat burst out, mixed with fresh blood and entrails. The scene of the arm boring through the fatty’s body was a very gory one.


Retracting his arm from the body, Xiao Qiang got up and hugged a knife user beside him and slammed him onto the ground. A dull crunch rang out, snapping the guy’s rib cage and piercing into the heart; a leg stepped onto his throat, crushing his windpipe.


The violent, cruel kills angered Colt. He rushed over with his bike, eyes flaming and ignoring Lin Xii and the others, aiming for Xiao Qiang as he raised the front wheels of his bike and tried to crush Xiao Qiang underneath.


The modified bike pack a much stronger force than the rushing fatty, its most likely comparable to a real sports car. Furthermore, there was the grenades that was thrown by Colt as he came slammed with his bike.


Xiao Qiang rolled to a side, dodging the crushing bike. Shrapnel’s of the grenades came raining down onto his grey looking skin.




Colt demonstrated his superb bike handling skills, making a beautiful drift and continue rushing onto Xiao Qiang without stopping.


This time, Xiao Qiang did not dodged it. Instead he activated a skill that came from the tau beast.




As he prepares to roar, Xiao Qiang’s chest started swelling up like in the cartoons, air could be seen sucking into his mouth.




Sound waves that could be seen by the naked eye blasted out, bursting out and propagating ahead. Several knife users that was in the range of the sound waves was knocked flying away like a tsunami just hit them.


Even though Colt could withstand the sound waves with his muscular body, but his soft eardrums could not and blood started seeping out from his ears.


He lost his balance and fell from his bike, with the time spent getting up and shaking his head Xiao Qiang was already in front of him.


As Lin Xii was watching what was going on while he reap the thugs with his beamcythe, he clicked his tongue. It looks like when Xiao Qiang introduced himself and said that he could use battle skills from games, he wasn’t lying. He picked up Colt that’s larger than the Tyrant and really used a move that was from an arcade game.


Colt that was comparable to the fatties in weight, 150 kg in all was tossed 15 meters in the air like it was nothing.


As Colt fell, Xiao Qiang’s used his freakishly muscular back and tanked Colt head on. As Colt hit Xiao Qiang’s back, bones snapping sounds were heard and Xiao Qiang immediately grabbed onto Colt’s thighs and slammed him onto the ground like a hammer!


Blood gushed out from Colt’s mouth immediately, letting out cries of anger and pain. At the same time, Xiao Qiang raised his left arm and utilize the falling force, using his elbow and slamming it into his stomach.


This was a combo of Clark from King of Fighters:


Super Argentine Backbreaker and followed up with a Flashing Elbow!


Xiao Qiang wasn’t done yet, no. He took Colt that was writhing in pain from the elbow shot, hugged him and leaped into the air.


A huge palm held onto Colt’s shoulder, Xiao Qiang flipped Colt over and used his two legs and held Colt in between his legs. It was similar to the tombstone earlier, but what’s different was instead of placing the head in between his knees he took Colt’s head and placed it near his butt.


Next, Xiao Qiang that’s hugging onto Colt started spinning. The two person in the air started spinning like a top, spinning quickly into the ground below them.




The ground shook, the sudden gust of air blew apart the dust and dirt on the ground. A hole that was one feet deep appeared in the cemented ground, cracks propagating from the hole up to 20 meters wide!


What Xiao Qiang just used was the famous ‘Piledriver’ that Zangief used in Street Fighter!


No normal wrestlers in the world could reenact the move, it was something that only exist in video games. Most probably only someone like Xiao Qiang that had their muscles enhanced to a ridiculous point could reenact the ‘Piledriver’.


Now, Lin Xii has an accurate grasp on Xiao Qiang’s strength. Even though he had only obtained a measly 3 star ability, but that ability was undoubtedly born for battle!


The strength the muscles brings added with Xiao Qiang’s arduous training; even those with a higher ranked ability wouldn’t be able to survive Xiao Qiang’s as he reenacts those terrifying moves from fighting games, as expected from someone with a dream to be ‘the strongest man in the world’.


The Piledriver’s was so fierce and violent that even an man made out from iron will definitely die.


But it seems that Colt with his infused dinosaur genes was stronger than an iron made man.


Blood stream from his head, an eye burst open from the slam with clear liquid seeping out. The extremely tragic boss was struggling and clawing at Xiao Qiang’s leg at the same time, pinning him onto the ground and going on the counter attack.


The clothes of the two men was shredded, exposing their muscles to the outside.


The two muscular men was hugging on the ground, tightly. Muscles rubbed against muscles, their blood mixed together, roars of pain and anger combined, the both of them wrestling to the death as blood stained the ground everywhere.

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  1. Xiao Qiang’s powers are somewhat ridiculous, heh. That being said, I just remembered that Ln Xi is the only one hiding his powers for reasons beyond my understanding. I thought it was a Japanese thing. I remember he hid it because he didn’t want to attract attention. But I can’t help but think that his bloodline would provide tremendous benefits to ordinary people. Yeah, its non contagious. but what if they took some of his blood and started experimenting with it, trying to awaken it and perhaps create an army of Weskers? Sure, Wesker had some issues but he definitely lived for the duration of the resident evil series. Honestly, people are dying like flies and these types of thoughts never even crossed his mind. Fine, not going through with it for some reason or another is one thing. But to not even think about it? Is he being portrayed as dumb? When you think of a virus that strengthens the body, you immediately think of genetic modification and enhancement. It would be the next best thing to evolutionaries. Hell, there’s no risk involved either. in fact, in exchange for samples Lin Xi would probably be fed points from the whole military. Of course this would go against his goal of not stagnating, but its not like he would have to do this forever. Giving it a shot would be the humane thing to do. Instead he’s prancing around as a not-ghoul.

    • Honestly if I was in his position I would hide my abilities as well until I had a way to counter my weakness to fire. which with his ice powers he will get soon. There’s little use in explaining your powers if it exposes an obvious weak spot for others to exploit.

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