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TLN Note: Hello my fellow readers! As this was my first time translating this novel, it took me quite a while to grasp some of the words in the novel, also how do you even read those words Izzy! Anyways, thank you so much for accepting me for translating this novel! I’ll do my best to translate this as often as I can!(4-5 days depends) Also, there are some changes to the way I’ve written so please don’t hate me for it.


「…….Hmm? So all these fuss was caused by Aisha.」 The guild leader said with a hint of displeasure mixed into his words.


Then, he shouted at the bunch of adventurers frolicking around.


「Ya bastards better dispatch yourselves right this instance! You guys are bloody noisy!」 as expected of the Guild Leader!


With just one sentence, the strong looking adventurers that were making noise became quiet all at once!


「……..So, you must have some business with me to come all the way here? What do you need?」


Maybe it was because the surroundings have quiet down, I’ve somewhat calmed down.

Letting go of our hands, Aisha stepped in front and started talking.


「……..First off, please have a look at this.」


Aisha handed the sealed letter that was entrusted by the King over to the Guild Leader.

Naturally, the letter was tightly sealed with the royal beeswax.


「Hmm, a letter….huh? It’s from……….what!? His Majesty the King!!? This seal is undoubtedly from the royal family, and besides, Aisha wouldn’t try to trick me…..which meant that this is an official letter from His Majesty himself then!」


The person writing this letter is this country’s most important figure.

……Obviously he’ll be shocked.


Even for someone like me, if Sylphy were to sent me a letter before we met, I’m sure I would have the same reaction as him.

No wait, given the position, I’m pretty sure it’ll be even shocking.


「Guild Leader, oh, my name’s written inside.

Even though I received a letter from His Majesty, somehow it doesn’t seem strange at all?」


「Eh? Aah……!? Yo, Your Highness, Sylphid!? Is your Highness present right now!?」


Because Aisha was taking the initiative, Sylphy was a little left behind.

Given the circumstances within the Guild just a moment ago, I guess there wasn’t any room to calmly observe his surroundings.


「……Aaah, I see! Your Highness, congratulations on your recent wedding.」


「Aah, thanks.

More importantly, though I wasn’t informed specifically, but I heard that it was a major story.

I want to discuss about this at an unobtrusive place, would you mind?」


「Certainly not, please follow me.」


Immediately accepting Sylphy’s request, the Guild Leader himself voluntarily guided us.


Then, we were lead to an office which looked like a meeting room that only the Guild Leader can enter.


「If we’re here, nobody would be able to listen to our conversations.

Please have a seat over here.」


When we entered the room, we were given each a luxurious chair for visitors to sit.


Once seated, the Guild Leader once again took out the sealed letter which was given to him by Aisha from the King and proceeded to read the contents out loud.


「……Then, without further ado.」


As expected, even the Guild Leader, when dealing with Sylphy, would change his usual casual tone to a polite manner.

Seeing the Guild Leader, I too should remember to pay attention to the way I deal with others….


Given the aspects of Aisha and Sylphy, our Clan’s representative would probably….be me.

If that were to happen, I bet that I would also have to remember these correspondences and wordings.


That’s why, it’s a rare chance! The way Guild Leader speaks, I should closely observe and learn from it.


「……Mu, I see…….It was a report sent from the capital previously.

Your majesty had also drastically…..put some thought into it…..

Alright, I have fully grasped the situation. Let’s go and get Amy at once.」 The Guild Leader said that, stood up from his seat and went out of the office swiftly.


Judging from what he said, the Guild Leader probably went out to get Amy-san over.


Thus, not even 5 minutes have passed, the girl that I previously saved from the Orc’s Settlement.

Together with the Guild Leader, he and Amy-san arrived back at the office.


「…….Thank you so much for saving me the other day.」


Amy-san walked over to us and thanked us while bowing down her head deeply.

She seemed nervous, probably because she was suddenly called out to meet us.


It has been awhile since I last saw Amy-san. She had her brown hair tied up to a ponytail and a super-thick spectacle that wasn’t there before when we rescued her.


Before this, I was mentally driven when fighting those Orcs, so I wasn’t given the opportunity to closely look at her at that time…..

If the spectacles weren’t there, I thought that she has a pretty cute face.


She could’ve just taken off her spectacles……


Well, since I have Aisha and Sylphy which were renowned as beauties on my side, I won’t fall in love with others.


While thinking of such trivial things, Waffle suddenly talked to me through telepathy.

Judging from the looks of Sylphy and Aisha, it seemed like he was only speaking to me.


『Myne, she looks like—– she’s using magic—』


『Are you talking about her?』


『Oou, that’s right—! Gao—』


『Do you know what kind of magic she could use?』


『Hmmm, I do not know that much—–』


A person using magic…..was he talking about Amy-san being able to use magic?

Or was someone using magic on her?


…….Irregardless, I should be a little wary of her.


But, as expected of Waffle! You’re amazing, Waffle!!


I wonder if he heard my thoughts.

But he was wagging his tail at a tremendous speed.


Speaking of which, he was obviously on top of my head, so his tail was hitting against the back of my head.

It’s not like it hurts or anything so there wasn’t any problem with it.


Aah, it felt like the wagging increased greatly……..


After Amy-san introduced herself, I gently held Waffle down from the top of my head, and briefly bowed.

It seemed that a bit of the tension was lifted as she looked at Waffle desperately sticking to me.


「Well then, since Amy has arrived, should we continue our discussion.」


The Guild Leader spoke towards Sylphy..


Sylphy then informed the Guild Leader, and prompted Aisha to proceed with the story.


「First off, I should talk about our current situation.」


Aisha started talking about our marriage.

The establishment of our Clan has been official recognized by the country, and the making our base at the Town of Lucas to conduct our activities.

And the construction of our Clan House.


She spoke slowly about the stories thus far in order.


And, the topic finally shifted to the main subject.


「……..The situation is as talked about thus far.」


After finished speaking in one go, Aisha looked at Amy-san and wanted to hear about her opinion.

Maybe it was because of the effects of Waffle’s appearance, she wasn’t particularly nervous as she nodded.


「The King and I knows about your circumstances, so we wanted to have you to join our Clan as an official member

……This was what we came up with, but I have not told this matter to Myne and the Princess yet.

The decision is ultimately based on the person herself, so we understand the circumstances.」


「……I understand what you said.」


Amy-san started talking slowly while choosing her words.


「I think that the situation that I’m in currently isn’t necessarily bad, but I am still very grateful from what you said.

……However, this would just cause trouble to everyone….so this talk…..」


Hmm? What troubles was she talking about?


「Amy-san, have you forgotten?

My husband was the one who defeated the Orc・King and rescued you?

Wouldn’t being on the side of Myne the safest?」


Aisha then glanced at me, and started talking again.


「The trouble that you speak off….Of course, I’ve already assumed that and still brought this story up.

Rest assured, we will absolutely protect you.」


With all this in mind, Aisha closed her mouth.


「……I understand, I will talk to Myne-san and her Highness Sylphid about this.

On top of that, If the both of them could forgive me after listening to my story, then I wish for them to take care of me from now on.」 as Amy-san said that, she faced towards Sylphy and I.


…….Well then, what sort of story would she bring up including the matter of the magic that I heard from Waffle?

I have to listen to her firmly, right!

Author Note:


Thank you very much for reading.

Please continue to take care of me from now on.


We are currently looking for Myne’s Clan Name.

If it’s fine with everyone, please write down a good name for me!


The deadline is until the 31st of December on 23:59!


Thank you very much.

TLN Note From Shiro-kun: Thank you so much for reading this chapter, I’m looking forward to translate more of this, it was seriously interesting and got me hooked for 3 days reading it nonstop! My vocabulary might be rather lacking compared to Izzy-senpai, but I’ll do my best to improve!

Also, for anyone wondering what this is, it’s a new series I started recently called <Living In this World with Cut&Paste>. You can check it out on my table of content down below, or you can head over to JunkBurst Translation to read the previous 103 chapters~ As for the other readers, thank you again for the lovely suggestions! I appreciate every single one of your comments and it really took an absurd amount of determination to pick out 1 novel from like 15+ other novels.

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