Illustrations for Cut & Paste



  1. Yooo i’m soo happy you pick this one.

    And if you can please continue it from where junk burst left it, so from chapt 104.

    Again thank you so much ( ̄人 ̄)

    • Nope, this means nothing.
      But the translator note at the end of chapter 124 of “Although I am only level 1…” does mean what you hope.
      Written there is:

      Drum roll please! ba dum tss

      Okay…that wasn’t what I expected but oh well, so! The novel that I will be picking up is………..


      • Just..,. increasing your tension. ;-p

        Of course written there is:

        Cut and Paste Novel

        (including a link to novelupdates when clicking it)

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