Chapter 124 – Doors that can’t be open

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The mansion’s basement.

There was absolutely nothing at all, just a wide open area full of emptiness.

The location of this basement below the mansion gave off an odd atmosphere of some sort of hideout of a witches secret organization.


And here I was standing right in the middle of it.

While waiting, I might as well check the size of the basement.

It was a rectangular shaped basement with the size of two Tennis Court merging into one.

With this much space, it would come in handy with its various usage in the future.


First things first, with this amount of space, I placed an item at the other end of the basement and waited for it to hatch into a rogue monster.

The placed bean sprouts hatched into Slimes one by one, noticed my presence and jumped towards my direction.

I took out my revolvers and focused my aim before shooting.

One shot, one kill. I landed the shots perfectly at all of the Slimes, penetrating their body and dropping Normal Bullets.


I turned around and looked at the door leading up to the mansion.

I asked my teammates beforehand to wait upstairs. If they heard anything from below, I asked them to quickly come down.

Since they’re not coming down, it means this basement was built with sound proof protection in mind, even negating the gunfire sound.


I once again fired the Normal Bullets, this time I ran at full speed all the way around and caught the bullet.


Speed of SS, if I were to run for a long distance I would run out of breath, but if it was this short of a distance, I would have no problems running and catching the Normal Bullet.


Next, I fired the Trash bullet.

The bullet flew out at a ridiculous speed of 5cm per second.

This time I took my time to catch up on it, and gripping my fist tightly, I punched the bullet with all my might.


The shockwave spread across the area and a loud explosion rang through my ears.

Even with such a high impact punch, the bullet continued moving at a ‘my pace’ attitude.


In some ways this was an incredible bullet, it’s just that there weren’t many occasions for me to use it.


With all that, I’ve confirmed something.

No matter what you do inside this basement, nobody could hear it from outside. Thus, I was convinced that nobody would interfere with me when I’m here.




A mansion of 10L SDK, the Ryouta Family has finally moved into it.

The price of such mansion placed near the center of the city was quite astounding.

2 Million Piro per month. That was the rental fees I had to pay per month which thinking back, staying at a 2 Million Yen place back in Japan would’ve been luxurious.


2 Million…..that amount equates to the annual income at the time of graduation.

Just thinking about staying at such a grandiose mansion……..


It made me reevaluate myself, patting myself at the back saying: “You did good.”


Oh, looks like Emily was the first to arrive.

Emily was carrying a cloth stuffed with a mountain of items.

They were mostly interior stuff like sheets or curtains bundled in.

While carrying that, she went and placed them room by room.


She looked busy…..but she was having fun.

Though Emily was carrying a troubled face while furrowing her eyebrows, but I could see that the corner of her mouth was fixed in the form of a smile.


To a girl who loves to do house chores, I’m sure she was screaming in joy internally with the abundant of new things she could do at this new home.


I can’t wait for tomorrow as I’m sure by tomorrow, the mansion would transformed to be a warm and lovable home with the workmanship of Emily.


Deciding not to interrupt her, I went to the rooms of my teammates and checked out what they’re doing.


I went to the nearest room with a room plate hanging on the door displaying <Eve>.

I knocked, waited for a response, before letting myself into the room.


[Low level has come.] (Eve)


Eve was wearing costume like pajamas.

A pure white with the fluffiness of clouds used as the materials to create the perfect bunny pajamas.

She wasn’t wearing her usual Bunny Suits, but a Bunny Costume pajamas.

(TLN I wish someone would draw this) AND MY WISH WAS GRANTED, THANK YOU SO MUCH F.A.N!!!!

Click to see his Pixiv work!


[I didn’t know you had these clothes. As I’ve only seen you in Bunny Suits, it was the first time seeing you wear something other than that.] (Ryouta)

[A bunny will wear a bunny.] (Eve)

[I feel like I’m gonna misunderstand your words.] (Ryouta)

[Bunny In Bunny.] (Eve)

[Wouldn’t that just be a Matryoshka.] (Ryouta)


Eve is a beastman with her proud ears. The person herself always love to appeal as a bunny. I don’t know whether it’s just her or she just loves bunny that much.

She should just be nicknamed as [Bunny].


[Low level, what’s up.] (Eve)

[I thought of checking everyone whether they’ve familiarize themselves with the new room.] (Ryouta)

[No problem, bunny here has moved all the carrots over here.] (Eve)

[Yeah, I can see that besides the pile of carrots, your room seems to look normal.] (Ryouta)


Just taking a look around, I could see it was a normal room like everyone else.

There was a shelf, a chest drawer, a desk at the window, and beside was a single sized bed.

Though there’s not much in it, it was definitely a normal room.


But half of the room was being occupied by carrots.

Because of that, this [Normal room] has turned into a [Carrot Storage].


[In a way it has Eve’s name written all over it.] (Ryouta)

[Even if you compliment me, I won’t give you any carrots, you know.] (Eve)]

[Don’t eat so much till you spoil your stomach okay.] (Ryouta)

[It is my long-cherished ambition to die from eating(overdosing on) carrots.] (Eve)


She put on her usual monotonous tone, but I could see her face slightly flushed.

She’s a force to be reckoned with if that’s her wish.


I excused myself from Eve’s room, and went to the next room and knocked.

The door had a room plate that wrote <Alice> on it.


[Who~ is~ it~] (Alice)

[It’s me.] (Ryouta)

[Ryouta? Come in come in~] (Alice)


Alice invited me with her friendly tone as I opened the door and entered her room.

The moment I entered the room, I was surprised. The room was undergoing a major remodeling with everything being deep blue in colour.


The concept was, a dungeon.

If I were to describe Alice’s room, it would be a miniature dungeon.

And in this miniature dungeon was Boney-chan, Jumpy-san, and Ponpon moving about.

At first glance it was surprising, but seeing her friendly monsters roaming around made me rethink as if it was natural.


I was suddenly reminded of a friend who used to fill his house with Plarail.


[Welcome to my room Ryouta.] (Alice)

[I’m genuinely surprised, did you do this all by yourself?] (Ryouta)

[Yes! I brought all the materials from our previous home.] (Alice)

[I, see. I guess this would make Boney-chan and the rest more ‘at home’.] (Ryouta)

[To be honest, it’s actually to make me feel more at home.] as Alice said that, she laughed out loud(Lol-ed).


[I feel like instead of a normal room, a dungeon-like room gives me more comfort.] (Alice)

[Since you’re born from the dungeon.] (Ryouta)

[Might be!] (Alice)


After looking around for awhile, I bid Alice farewell and went to the next room.

This time it was Celeste’s room.


I knocked and called out to Celeste’s name.


[Ryo, ryouta-san? What’s with the sudden meeting.] (Celeste)

[I just wanted to see how you feel about your new room.] (Ryouta)

[My room? Wa, wait just a second.] (Celeste)


Since I was stopped by Celeste, I waited in front of her door for a while.

I could hear various sounds moving inside her room..


It was a sound I was extremely familiar with.

It was a sound that comes when an opposite sex suddenly comes and you’re cleaning your room in a panic.


It’s not like she’s hiding away her porn stash(wtf but skit skit wink wink)…..was what I initially thought but I stopped right there and waited a little while longer.

After some time, Celeste finally opened the door.


[Pl,. please come in.] (Celeste)

[Excuse me for disturbing.] (Ryouta)


When I entered the room, all I could see was a clean room.

More like, it was a normal and clean room.


It was different from Eve’s mountain of carrots stacked beside, or Alice’s miniature dungeon-esque layout of a room.

Celeste’s room was decent and beautiful.


[It’s pretty.] (Ryouta)

[Eeeeeeh!?! Oh, ah, you mean the room.] Celeste’s voice had a hinge of panic mixed in it before calming down and answering.


[I just took what was in my previous room and placed it exactly like how it was. Though now the room has expanded, I was thinking of how to redecorate it.] (Celeste)

[I see. Well the wider the better I suppose. I’m glad that you liked it.] (Ryouta)

[Of course I do! I have no complains of anything Ryouta-san rents!] (Celeste)

[Thanks. ……Hm? What’s this cloth?] (Ryouta)


I saw a cloth jutting out from her closet.

Was it something she was frantically cleaning up before I came in?


At first I thought it was her panties or something, but looking at the materials, I guess it wasn’t.

The cloth was thicker and was not suitable for making clothes.

I tried tugging it out and…..Pakan! The closet was wide open.


At that moment, an avalanche occurred and something fell off from inside the closet.

Although it was buried inside the closet, it seemed like it was exceeding its limit and a little pull made it burst out.


I was buried by something, I can’t see anything.


[Kyaaaaaaaa!!!] Celeste screamed at the top of her voice. She didn’t even let me have the chance to talk before dragging me out of her room and shutting her doors close, all while still screaming.


Bam! She closed her door. After she shut her door, she hid behind, exposing her back.


[Haaah…..haaaah…..] Celeste was breathing uncontrollably, and held her breath. What’s wrong with her?


[Di, did you see?] (Celeste)

[No I didn’t…..Was there something inside there?] (Ryouta)

[Th, that is……yes! Panties, They’re panties! They were underwears that was lying around and I frantically kept them but was collapsed onto Ryouta-san.] (Celeste)

[…………] (Ryouta)


Is that explanation alright with you, Celeste.

I know that you’re trying to hide something from me, but couldn’t you use some other excuse besides your underwear, as you’re a girl.


[A, anyways I’m extremely happy about the room, thank you. So bye!] Celeste finished her sentence and immediately stood up and went back inside her room.


Oh, I noticed that something has fallen down the ground.


I picked it up, it was a stuffed doll.

It was a puppet-sized stuffed doll which was common in claw machines.

Wait, this was a stuffed doll of me.




I was reminded of the frantic look of Celeste, remembering the excuse of underwears she gave and the expression she took while saying so.

Let’s pretend that never happened, yeap.

Thinking as such, I placed the stuffed doll where it belong, and gently walked away.




[Yoda-san!] (Emily)

[What’s up Emily?] (Ryouta)


While I was walking around the mansion, Emily called out my name.


[It seems like there’s a strange room inside this mansion desu.] (Emily)

[A strange room?] (Ryouta)

[Over here desu.] (Emily)


Emily then lead the way. What kind of strange room would that be, was what I thought as we arrived at the room.


We arrived in front of the room which was located at the back of the mansion.

It was a room with double doors.


[It’s here nanodesu.] (Emily)

[What’s wrong with this room?] (Ryouta)

[I can’t open it nodesu.] (Emily)

Can’t be opened? Let’s see…..] (Ryouta)


When I tried to open the door, I noticed something abnormal.

I tried touching the door and looked at it from top to bottom.


[Yes desu, there’s no door knob or even a keyhole on this door desu.] (Emily)

[A flat door with nothing attached, there’s door like this? It’s as if someone just drew a door on a wall.] (Ryouta)


Thus I tried pushing the door but it didn’t even budge at all.


[This, isn’t it just a wall?] (Ryouta)

[That’s what I thought but…..] (Emily)


Emily stood in front of the door, and with all her might strucked the door.


Because I often dive into the dungeon I understood with just one shot.

The sound she hit was light, it was a sound as if there was something—-a space beyond this wall.


[There’s a room inside it desu.] (Emily)

[Seems like it…..] (Ryouta)


Just in case I pushed it again, nothing moved.

I tried pressing it against my shoulder, but again nothing happened.


Isn’t it just a wall? Was what I thought when suddenly.


[Aaah.] (Emily)

[What’s wrong?] (Ryouta)

[When Yoda-san was using his body to push, I saw a gap opened just now desu.] (Emily)

[NANI?] (Ryouta)


I was surprised and thus I looked at the door, but of course there wasn’t any gap.

I pressed my shoulder onto the door again and tried to open it with my whole body’s force.

Then, as Emily said, a few gaps opened.

When I stopped putting any force, the gap was closed.


[It really opened just a little.] (Ryouta)

[Is it just a really heavy door nanodesu?] (Emily)

[Maybe, let me try pushing it more.] (Ryouta)


I dropped my waist and pushed it with my full power.

The gap could fit a coin in it, which was more space than before.

That was the limit.

Even if I pushed it with my full Strength that my blood vessels was popping out, the gap was only opened that could fit one coin.


[It’s too heavy nodesu, because even with Yoda-san’s SS Strength, it won’t open at all desu.] (Emily)

[If I can’t push it then why not pulling it——well there’s no handle or anything.] (Ryouta)


In the first place, the door can only be pushed because there was no such thing as a handle.


I tried pushing it with Emily for the time being.

Even with the Strength of A and SS, the limit of the gap was about one coin gap.


A door that can be open with force, but with our strength it wasn’t enough.


[This is troubling desu…..It’s not good to have a room that can’t be used nodesu….] (Emily)


Emily’s head drooped down and was depressed.

It seemed like that was quite a stress for her to not have a place to open and clean.


I thought of what to do in this kind of situation.


[Ah right, there’s that.] (Ryouta)

[Yes desu?] (Emily)


I took out my revolver and showed it to Emily as she tilted her head to the side.

I loaded the Trash Bullet in my double revolver and pressed it against the door before pulling the trigger


The door slowly but gradually opened and eventually it was wide open to allow people to pass.


[That’s amazing desu! It’s open Yoda-san~] (Emily)

[Welp, seems like it’s opened, let’s see what’s in store for us inside?] (Ryouta)


After struggling to open the door, I was excited to see what was inside.


[Please specify the dungeon and the floor.]


I heard a voice coming from inside the room.


[Who is it? Where are you?] (Ryouta)

[Please specify the dungeon and the door.]


Even when I asked for it’s name, it repeated the same dialogue.

What do you mean by designating a dungeon?


Anyway, doesn’t hurt to try.

Since I don’t know what would happen later on, I loaded the special bullets inside my revolver—-and replied.


[Nihonium Basement First Floor.] (Ryouta)


In an instance, the scenery in front of my eyes changed drastically.

I was in the room, but I was now in a dungeon.


A dungeon that looked like a limestone cave, and a Skeleton was coming from the other side.


We seemed to have warped to the first floor of Nihonium.!

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