FF: Chapter 46: Deinonychus

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After selling the cards, his totals points went up to thirty two thousand.


Regarding the girls that’s on Lin Xii’s team, first of all Qing does not need anyone worrying for her as she’s a evolutionary herself.


Lin Xii’s wearing the full set of the Jedi’s clothes, but the outer robes were given to Mai. Also, she had already gotten a shinki, the bloody rose war staff.


The Tyrant’s Judgement was smashed till it was slightly bended after yesterday’s battle.


But of course, even though it’s bended it’s still usable. The broken chain of the meat hook could still be used as a whip and the hook as a small scythe. Lin Xii gave his Orge’s axe to the Tyrant too, since the Tyrant isn’t picky anyways.


The 2.3 meters tall Tyrant, wearing a green army coat, black chains wrapping around his waist; the chains clinking as he moves around.


In his leather gloves were a huge grey axe in one hand and the meat hook in the other, yet another heavy and huge bat slinging on his back.


Under the shining bald head was a pair of piercing brown eyes and a sheer cold expression. The Tyrant’s mouth was biting onto a stick of cigar, something that Lin Xii had gotten from Zhong Hou.


Due to the Tyrant never ending silence, the cigar would never drop. But of course due to the Tyrant not knowing how to smoke, this cigar will never be lit.


Fi Fi, she lacks a life-saving equipment.


Sui too——she could block fire attacks with her water controlling abilities, but towards physical attacks she too would be helpless.


After digging through the Base of Evolutionary, Lin Xii finally decided on two defensive equipment. The name of the equipment is: Portable Defense S. After activating it, it will deploy an outer electromagnetic shield and block all offensive attacks.


Of course the shield isn’t infallible, it has an bar that indicates how much longer the shield would last. The stronger the attack, the faster the bar goes down.


Also, the shield works in two ways. The person inside would be unable to attack from the inside, because their attack would just be nullified by the shield and reducing the shield life. This is why it was unsuitable for evolutionaries.


After using up, the shield needs to be recharged with electricity. Just nice they could ask Qing to help, asking her to drop a thunderbolt onto the charging port will do.


Ling Ling’s pikachu would be a stable charging source as well.


Two Portable Defense S costs a total of ten thousand points. There is Portable Defense L too, but the price was just too high.


Getting one for Sui and Fi Fi, this would allow them to have a certain amount of protection.


With the remaining twenty two thousand, Lin Xii bought a large sized pet.


In fact the other evolutionaries too had bought large sized pet, spending ten to twenty thousand in points. This was due to the remaining surviving cars were needed to carry the food, water and injured personals.


The evolutionaries weren’t selfish enough to continue hogging their special rights.


The evolutionaries bought their large sized pets for three reasons. One, riding on it. Two, able to fight together with them. Three, using them as large trucks and pull their family, friends, supplies……not all of them are like Lin Xii, not having any attachments with him.


Wu Yan’s group got a large beast from Avater, Hammerhead Titanothere.


This is a beast that lives in Pandora, similar to the rhinos on Earth but with a ‘T’ shaped head.


Purple flaps grow on the side of the neck, it is 6 meters in height and 12 meters in length. It’s weight is tremendous, needing 6 legs to support it.


The beast has the same load as the huge turtle, but with an added ferocity. But of course it lacks the defensive capabilities that the turtle has.


Zhong Hou’s group bought an humongous war elephant that’s 5 meters tall and 14 tons in weight! The elephant stem from the movie ‘300’, it’s ridden by the Persian. It highly resembles the ancient mammoths with its 1 meter long tusks.


For Xiao Qiang’s group, they bought the Armored Polar Bear from ‘The Golden Compass’. The huge white polar bear is a ferocious warrior, equipped with an armored made by special metals. Of course the polar bear is a different one from the movie, it’s a low intelligence polar bear, unlike the one from the movie that could talk.


As for Lin Xii, he bought a Hydra. A minion from ‘Might and Magic 5’ The hydra’s 10 meters tall, green in colour and owning three heads. The head looked like a snake, mixed with dragon.


The four limbs of the three-headed hydra was a thick as a short stone pillar. The back of the hydra was perfectly flat, lovely for sleeping and rolling around. It was perfectly enough for 5 girls to sit on it.


The price of the pet was thirty thousand points. Lin Xii took out twenty and Qing paid the additional ten.


The army’s only left with two tanks, so the newly gotten pets of the evolutionaries were the ones that’s responsible for creating a path through the forest. The hammerhead uses its head and the elephant plowed with its tusks tp knock down trees after trees, whereas the polar bear and the turtle dragged the long chain of trucks behind them.


The hydra that has the 5 girls on its back is currently spitting acid, melting and weakening the huge trees and knocking them down. One of its head spitting, one knocking and the other swallowing the occasional young trees.


Strictly speaking even though the hydra is an omnivore and it mainly eats meat, but Lin Xii doesn’t even have enough rotten meat for the Tyrant; of course there isn’t more for the hydra. In Fact, even the polar bear that diet mainly consist of seals and dolphins is currently eating young trees’ barks and grass.


After an arduous two days of trekking, they finally made it through the forest. On the way, they encountered a few other monster and a boss.


A bone-hell grave digger.


The zombie’s level of strength is comparable to ‘Corpsefire’ from Diablo 2.


Following it was hordes of hungry zombies and mutated forest zombies. The bone digger caused some damage to the troops, especially with the icy aura underneath the zombie’s leg. Anyone that get close to the aura will be subjected to icy damage, normal civilians would just instantly turned into ice statues.


But, the strong boss doesn’t have any other bosses helping it.


So the bone digger was killed by the evolutionary surrounding it with attacks, it dropped an ability seed: Icy aura. It can only be used by someone with ice-type energy, so naturally it belonged to Lin Xii. As for the other monsters, one of the normal zombies dropped a soul gem.


Zombie soul gem:


With the dark corrupting magic inside this gem, it could turn a person into a zombie.


It can change an ordinary person into zombie with a one star bloodline. But as it doesn’t have the same side effects as the titan’s vial that would make the person loses their intelligence, so everyone wanted it even though it’s weak and slightly disgusting.


Finally, Wu Yan gotten the soul gem and changed his grandfather that’s about to die to an undying zombie.


Currently the most important task for the troops that had just gotten out of the forest was undergoing a reassembly, at the same time find some way to get more food and water.


Luckily, they found a village nearby. Even there the village was empty, devoid of any food and human bones lying everywhere; but at the very least the water problem was solved, there’s a small drain that leads to a river.


Elder Lee and the army analyze the map and confirmed where the village was. The army’s officials were very excited as the village’s near a secret military ration supply.


Of course, they first have to check whether the supply was still there.


The soldiers started cooking, cooking the remaining food into thin watery porridge. Lin Xii took the Tyrant and followed Xiao Qiang to patrol the outer perimeter of the village, preventing any ambushes.


“What’s that?”


Lin Xii suddenly spotted a monster burrowing out from a small mount nearby. The monster’s covered in dark green scales, the head’s triangular shaped and walked on two legs; the two short front arms were long scythe-like claws.


The jaw of the monster was filled with long, thin and sharp teeth. It was like a saw made out of long daggers.


“It’s a Deinonychus!”


Lin Xii saw the animal from a movie and recognized it. It was at this moment where the predator looked over with its eyes gleaming with cold blood lust, it started rushing over towards them.


“Let me try.”


Xiao Qiang took a deep breath and started sprinting. HIs steps were heavy, imprinting deep footprints in the ground as he ran.


His right arm raised, the muscles on it bulged comically. It harden part by part, he leaped into the air, his fist slammed heavily onto the deinonychus skull as it rushed and tried to bite Xiao Qiang.


A heavy dull blast!


The 4 meter long deinonychus was squashed head first into its neck with that blow, the force of the blow was enough to send it blasting away to a fence nearby.


The scene reminded Lin Xii of the Kung Fu movies that he had watched.


Yet another few deinonychus appeared, with Lin Xii’s order the Tyrant took up its ace and scythe and rushed forward. The scales of the dinosaur was extremely tough, the axe and the scythe only left a slight gash with the strength of the Tyrant.


After spectating from the side, Lin Xii concluded that a single deinonychus was no match for the Tyrant. But if 3, 5 or more of them surrounded the Tyrant it would be enough to bite the Tyrant to death!


“It’s more dangerous that the Titans, goblins and taus.”


After Lin Xii joined the Tyrant in killing the deinonychus, Xiao Qiang went up to him with his face frowning, “I wonder where these dinosaurs pop out from.”


Lin Xii shook his head, “We can’t know that just from a few of them, since dinosaurs are all over the place in games and movies. Just the Jurassic park series alone there’s already so many different scenarios”


“Anyways, let’s head back and report to Elder Lee. The village isn’t safe anymore, we have to be more alert.”

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  1. hmm, if wu yans granddad is already a zombie, would the progenitor virus from lin xi be able to interact with it despite it’s non contagious state?

  2. Yes, the next ambush should be a Dino Horde! Then Lin Xii tames a young dino then the next grounds. Lol
    Thank you for this chapter! 🙂

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