Chapter 123 – 5cm per second

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Before I could find a new home, I should first uncover the effects of the new bullet that I’ve just obtained from the Poison Zombie.

I took out the remaining bullets out from the revolver. In order for me to effects of the bullet as plain as possible, I had to take out the Bullet Enhancers from my revolvers and only then would I load the new special bullet into the revolver.

After that was done, I aimed at a place where nobody was at and fired.


[…….Eh?] I said as my voice unconsciously leaked out.


The bullet did come out from the muzzle—–And was indeed flying out, but at an incredibly slow rate.

As if defying the laws of physics, the bullet floating in space while moving at a pace of 5cm per second.


[This is hilarious!] Alice loudly responded. The young girl walked faster than the bullet travelled and peeped at it from the side.


[It’s moving so slowly! Boney-chan, try riding it and see~] (Alice)


Responding to Alice’s commands, the SD Skeleton, Boney-chan, rattled her bones and jumped on top of the bullet from her shoulders.

Even when standing on top of it, the bullet did not budge at all and continued moving(I wonder how it can stand on top of it when I thought bullets spin when they travel, unless I’m mistaken). The scene was as if Boney-chan was a stubborn old man saying lines like: “This is how I fly!” while standing on the bullet.

5cm per second, that is——


[Ahahahaha, I can hang onto it too. This is seriously fun~] (Alice)


The rider has changed from Boney-chan to Alice.

Though Alice was hanging onto the bullet, it continued to advance forward.


[The heck is this.] (Ryouta)

[I wonder too, but ain’t this interesting/fun to play around.] (Alice)

[Interesting…..It’s indeed interesting, but it doesn’t look like it has any offensive power to it.] (Ryouta)

[It’s progressive power is strong though. Look look, I’m being pushed.] (Alice)


Alice who stopped dangling on the bullet stood before the bullet and placed both of her hands in front.

As though ignoring what was ahead of it, the bullet continued moving forward while pushing Alice at 5cm per second.

Well the progressive power was indeed strong, but as an offensive tool, it seemed rather lacking.


After moving forward for about 5 meters, the bullet disappeared.


[Aaah, it’s gone.] (Alice)

[This wasn’t what I thought it would be. Let’s name it [The Trash Bullet].] (Ryouta)

[Yep~~] Alice agreed with my statement.


The both of us agreed that this could not be used to hunt for anything.




Thus, Alice and I returned to the city and arrived at the Real Estate Agent.

When we went inside, we saw the all so familiar Antonio. He looked up and saw that we entered, dropped what he was doing and came to greet us.


[It’s good to see you again Satou-san. The news of Satou-san’s great successes seemed to travel all the way over here too.] (Antonio)

[My…successes?] (Ryouta)

[Let’s see….The Extortion of Selen, the remodelling of Aurum, and ah, the recent revival of Arsenic. Recently, Satou-san’s Family, the Ryouta Family, has been involved with many big incidents, so everyone was expecting what will they be doing next.] (Antonio)

[Well don’t expect too much from me, it’s troublesome.] (Ryouta)


While conversing with Antonio, we went to the reception space.

Alice and I both sat down and Antonio sat across us.


[So then, what brings you here today?] (Antonio)

[Straightforward as usual….] (Ryouta)


Thus I told him what I had in mind.


[First off, I want a house with at least 5 rooms.] (Ryouta)

[Why 5?] Alice curiously asked while tilting her head to the side.


[Don’t we have 5 person in our team? Since I’m here we might as well have Alice stay together with us.] (Ryouta)

[——-Yes! Aah, how about Eve-chan?] (Alice)

[I’ve already reserved a room for her, it’s up to her whether she wants to stay or not.] (Ryouta)

[That’s true.] (Alice)


After answering Alice’s question, I once again faced towards Antonio and continued our conversation.


[Like I said just now, since my Family has 5 person currently, and it may continue to extend, so the more rooms the better. Oh and also a house that protects users from the Magical Storm.] (Ryouta)

[Judging by your requirements I would say you would need at least a mansion.] (Antonio)

[A mansion huh……] It does have a nice ring to it.


I have been slowly expanding my home.

From the 20k Piro cheap apartment per month, then the 2LDK new building, and finally the 3 story isolated house.

And now, it was time for a mansion.


My heart was beating in excitement seeing the evolvement of my home.

Oh woops, not good, I’ve forgotten to tell him the most important condition.


[I have an important condition. It also needs an extremely wide empty space.] (Ryouta)

[A wide space you say?] (Antonio)

[Yeah, A wide space where no one can disturb me. The width would be—–from there to there, around a space that I can spawn rogue monsters without any trouble.] (Ryouta)

[Uh-huh, I see what you mean.] Antonio groaned while jotting down on his memo.


[This might be slightly difficult.] (Antonio)

[There’s none with that condition?] (Ryouta)

[There isn’t many mansions with a space that huge. Even if there was, someone’s already living inside. There aren’t many adventurers who wants to live in a mansion either.] (Antonio)


I can sort of relate to it.

All who became an adventurer to earn for a living have one common feature, that was the ability and knowledge to circulate a dungeon steadily, and sometimes bringing friends over.

Adventurers that have the ability to secure a stable route were often precise and cautious.

After being successful, many of them would not come back again.


[Nnggghhh…..] Antonio groaned again.


I had given him many conditions several times before and he would always do it to the best of his abilities.

However, this was the first time the condition was difficult to the point that he was groaning like this.


Can’t be helped, guess I’ll have to reduce some conditions.

What would likely be cut off……


[There’s one….There is one that fits your condition….but..] Antonio hesitantly said it, but he had a complex facial expression that couldn’t be described.

“If you want there is one”, but what did he mean by that?




The mansion that Antonio brought us to was near the center of Shikuro.

There was a garden beside the mansion, and a wall was surrounding the premises.

There is a fountain between the main gate and the entrance of the building, a mansion that was perfectly described in my head.


[This is such an amazing mansion! It’s so shiny, and look so spacious! This can easily fit 10 people inside!] (Alice)

[As the lady said, the floor plan is a 10LLSDK.] (Antonio)

[L….L….S…..that sounds like a lot!] (Alice)


That sure is.

Was the reason why there are two L’s was because there were two living room and had two storey built at once? Well I do understand the DK part but what does the S stand for?

While my mind was wandering about.


[This property was never rented to anyone before, so the inside is as good as new.] (Antonio)

[Nobody tried to rent it, why?] (Alice)

[Could it be….an incident happened inside?] (Ryouta)


A horrible imagination went through my head.


[No no, it’s not like that. Well it’s something similar but then again it’s not.] (Antonio)




Alice and I both looked at each other and scratched out heads.

Though I was curious, I stopped thinking about it and arrived at the entrance.

Antonio opened the heavy doors of the entrance with the keys he brought.


[Please…..enter, but.] (Antonio)

[If I enter?] (Ryouta)

[Once you enter you’ll soon understand. Oh, please do not worry as there are no harm to the physical or mental state by any means.] (Antonio)


With the reassurance from Antonio, I got more and more confused.

I’ll just have to enter and find out. If that’s the case, let’s just go in right now.

I then went in through the door.

In an instant! I could not move forward.


The moment I entered, I felt as though something was surrounding me, and I can’t lift a finger at all.

It’s not as if I can’t move at all, but there was some kind of resistance that was terribly strong, preventing me from moving.

For example, when you’re inside the water—–it’s about several hundred times that amount of resistance.


[What’s wrong Ryouta?] (Alice)

[Come in Alice, you’ll understand.] (Ryouta)

[Let’s see—-AAah.] Alice seemed to be in the same predicament.


She could hardly move her body after entering.


After going outside, strange enough I could move my body freely again.


[The heck is happening.] (Ryouta)

[Looking at it from here, you could see a Crystal over there.] (Antonio)

[You mean that thing in the middle of the entrance hall?] (Ryouta)


Antonio pointed at the crystal.


[That, is a monster. Or more specifically a rogue monster.] (Antonio)

[A monster?] (Ryouta)

[It’s called a <Reject Crystal>. It’s a monster that once established it’s territory, would refuse and eliminate everything, preventing anyone to come close to its territory. Though it does not attack like the rocks of Arsenic, that was why I said it’s sort of safe.] (Antonio)

[So that’s why no one wanted to stay here.] (Ryouta)

[The first owner decided to install that because he does not want anyone other than himself to stay at the mansion, but because of that the owner himself could not live there either.] (Antonio)

[Guess he got his priorities backwards, hilarious.] (Ryouta)

[Besides him, no one else has ever rented this property since then. Oh before I forget, the space that Satou-san wanted is an underground space, there is an underground basement of about the same size as this mansion.] (Antonio)


That’s great. It’s nice to have your very own basement.

If there was a space as big as this mansion, then I could hatch any amount of rogue monsters as I like without worrying that others could see besides my friends staying in the mansion.


Next would be….


[Is it okay if I destroy that Crystal?] (Ryouta)

[Sure, but no attack has gone through it thus far.] Antonio bitterly said.


Attack huh.

I pulled out my two revolvers. I thought of which bullets would work best to penetrate such invisible wall.

First, I loaded one Normal bullet into each revolver, and filled the rest of the chamber with Bullet Enhancers.


I fired the Normal Bullets and it fused together on the way to become a Penetrating Bullet.

The Penetrating Bullet flew…..but stopped at the boundary of the entrance.

Just before entering slightly, it lost it’s power and fell to the ground.


[Seems like this is no good.] (Ryouta)

[Even with the enhanced Penetrating bullet, it’s not good?] (Alice)

[So even Satou-san can’t do it…..I thought maybe you could do it based on the rumours, but.] Antonio said it with a disappointed face.


It somewhat made me disappointed too.


[Aah.] (Alice)

[You have any ideas Alice?] (Ryouta)

[There’s that, isn’t it?] (Alice)

[That?] (Ryouta)

[The Trash Bullet.] (Alice)

(TLN: Y’all might hate me for this, but I can’t resist!)

[……Oh yeah.] (Ryouta)




I hurriedly went to the 6th floor of Nihonium dungeon, and after turning into the stone similar to an Absolute Rock, I knocked down some Poison Zombies, and raised more Trash bullets.

After that was done, I hurried back to the mansion and loaded a Trash Bullet.


[Well, let’s give it a try shall we?] (Ryouta)

[Good luck Ryouta~] Alice cheered for me. Let’s try one shot first.


The trash bullet that flew out from the muzzle at a nonchalant pace, advancing at an astounding speed of 5 centimeters per second.

Initial D music intensifies

After reaching the boundary of the entrance….


[Ooh, it’s continuing to move.] (Alice)

[And the speed doesn’t change at all.] (Ryouta)

[That’s amazing Satou-san. It’s still going forward. Amazing. This was the first time seeing something advancing through the mansion.] (Antonio)


I’m sure Antonio had introduced countless guests in the past.

Although the trash bullet went into the mansion, it progressed at the same speed, but after 5 meter it disappeared.


It disappeared after leaving a 2 meter gaped from the Crystal.


[Ku, that’s too bad. Hey, now try with the Bullet Enhancer.] (Alice)

[That’s what I’m gonna do.] saying that to Alice, I loaded another Trash Bullet and loaded the rest of the chambers with Bullet Enhancers.

And I fired.

The bullet shot out——It was even slower than before!


It was about ten times slower than the 5 cm per sec.

It was so slow that it might as well not move at all.


[It went even slower with the Bullet Enhancer?] (Alice)

[No, probably in return of being slower, the pushing force will be stronger.] (Ryouta)

[Is that how it works?] (Aliec)

[That’s just my speculation.] (Ryouta)


We closely observed the Trash Bullet.

The bullet entered the mansion just as before but disappeared after 5 meters.


[The distance did not change.] (Alice)

[Yeah. I just have to make up for that 2 meters.] (Ryouta)


I thought of various things, and took a distance from the entrance.


[Ryouta?] as soon as Alice cried for my name, I fiercely dashed.

I ran right towards the entrance and dive into the mansion.

Using the jump with the momentum of running, I managed to pass through the door, but I immediately felt a tremendous resistance and stopped dead in track.

I could only earn a meter even with running at full speed.

I extended my hands to the utmost limit and fired the Trash bullet.


The fired Trash Bullet went at the same slow speed again.

It then disappeared around 50cm before the Crystal.


[So close! Just a little more.] (Alice)

[Yeah, just a bit more.] (Ryouta)

[You can do it Ryouta~] (Alice)

[Ou!] (Ryouta)


As Alice encouraged me, I challenged it a couple of times.


I jumped in over and over again and fired the Trash Bullets.

However, the Crystal’s repulsive power was too strong, and I could not move forward anymore than a meter.


No matter how many tries, I just couldn’t break through that measly 50cm.


[Haa….haa….Damnit, even though it’s just a little bit more.] (Ryouta)

[Aren’t there any ways to earn that remaining 50cm.] (Alice)


Alice and I crossed our arms and wobbled our heads.

But nothing came to mind.

I was already doing all I could to earn a distance. Can’t believe this was the second time after coming to this world that I encountered a hurdle without any ideas.


Suddenly Emily appeared out of nowhere (TLN:like an angel descending from heaven).


Wait wrong one, tehepero. OH and NSFW?

Bearing her hammer, she was pushing her Magic Cart.

Her dressed indicated that she was returning from her dungeon run.


[Yoda-san, what are you doing at such a place?] (Emily)

[Huh, no wait……Emily?] (Ryouta)

[Yes, Emily desu~] (Emily)

[Huh, that reply was strange. Wait instead of that, what’s is with that look Ryouta.] (Alice)

[EMILY !!!] (Ryouta)

[YES DESU!!!] (Emily)


I crouched in front of Emily, took her hands and looked straight into her eyes.



[I can only rely on Emily and Emily only.] (Ryouta)

[Wh, wh, what do you mean desu…..] (Emily)




After the explanation was over, Emily stood beside the entrance.

Doing what I just did before, I took a distance from the entrance.


[Lesh go!] (Ryouta)

[Yes desu!] (Emily)


I signaled Emily and dashed at full speed.

I jumped into the entrance fiercely.


At that exact moment when I went through the entrance, Emily readied her hammer.

Together with the momentum, she did a full swing to the side.

The hammer hit me.

The moment it knocked me, I changed my body to the Absolute Rock stone state.


The body with an absolute defense, being hit by Emily’s home run class hammer swing!

Added with Emily’s power, my momentum increased.


The moment I entered the mansion I felt a strong resistance.

Still my body was able to move forward.

Even after exceeding one meter, I continued moving.

Gradually, the pace weakened. Even with the power of Emily I still could not reach the Crystal.

But—–this much was enough.


Together with my full power dash and Emily’s full power home run.

I could earn nearly two meters.


I took out my revolver and fired.

The Trash Bullet was fired and went forward at a snails speed.


I was pushed out of the mansion by the unknown force and my colleagues were intently watching the bullet.


Wobbly~ Wobbly~


The bullet went on—-and it hit the Crystal!


[Oooh!] (Alice)

[Beat that!] (Ryouta)


The Trash Bullet hit the Crystal and continued advancing at the same speed.

It drilled a hole into the Crystal and continued.

To penetrate.


The Crystal which did not move was penetrated by the Trash Bullet which pushed forward till the end and disappeared as it is.


Wind blew and a gust wiped out from inside the mansion.


The wind made it hard for my teammates to stand properly.


After awhile it ceased.


[Ooh, I can normally enter now~] Alice who jumped first into the mansion, danced with her fellow monsters.


[Awesome……I can’t believe it was resolved….] Antonio gasped in awe while admiring me at a distant.

I’ve erased the Crystal, and got myself a pimping new mansion.

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Novels that was suggested to me so far #SHIROPLEASE or #ShiroPlox
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My vote is Cut & Paste~

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    DarkoNeko · 6th April 2018 at 2:29 AM

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