FF: Chapter 45: A Girl’s Courage

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A girl’s courage


After finally getting accepted by the transformation stick and activating an energy system, Sui’s able to create water out of her ‘Sailor Mercury’ form without needing the gemstone.


Whenever she uses her ability, the ‘mercury’ mark would appear on her forehead.


Leaving Sui to familiarize herself with her ability, Lin Xii left and went to find Bravo and his friends. Those people placed their hopes on him and joined this massive transfer, it’s not in him to simply ditch them away.


With the help of the soldiers, Lin Xii finally found them.


Bravo, Curly, Glasses and Xiao Lee all survived. Thinking back to Rui that was always following beside him always but had died, Lin Xii felt like sighing.


“Sadly after killing so much monsters yesterday, there wasn’t any ability vials that dropped.”


After the attack of 6 bosses leading their numerous army yesterday, there was only two items that could change a normal person. The ice seed and the Tau King’s soul gem.


Lin Xii thought about the titan’s vial that the abnormal titans dropped.


“I wonder if the scientist in Pearl City managed to make a vial without its side effects?”


Leaving food and water to the university students, Lin Xii left.


As night came, a huge bonfire was burning in the middle of the camp area. It was unlikely that another attack would happen after yesterday’s ambush.


But most likely not many would sleep soundly tonight anyways.


Lin Xii left the crying masses that were annoying him and sat by himself underneath a huge tree slightly far away from the camp area. His back against the tree, chewing on a strand of grass.


He’s currently thinking, as the ‘kinda’ leader of his team he does need to consider a lot of things.


Sui finally had an ability, not a burden anymore. Lin Xii felt like a father watching his daughter growing up.


“Sui’s element is water, Mai’s fire, Qing……even though she doesn’t have one currently but she could be lightning. Three days later I will get my ice element……our team’s elemental distribution is fairly balance, we will definitely be very strong in the future.”


“Annie……from the looks of yesterday’s night, she seems to be a decent person after risking herself to save Qing. En, I remember she cried after killing a person in the anime……but she’s an intruder to our world, I still have to be wary regarding her.”


“If she could really be part of our team, we would finally have a tank with her titan form and crystallization……but could she really be trusted? I hope that I can see more of her real nature in the future.”


“I wonder how would my Frosty Moon staff turn out. I can’t wait……sadly, I have to wait a few days to find out.”


Comparing his beamscythe and the frosty moon staff, Lin Xii finally decided to enhance the staff using the binoche card. After all, a shinki’s definitely more valuable than his beamscythe. He just wondered whether the staff would explode with the opposing ice and fire in it.


To this, Lin Xii’s intuition was most likely it won’t. Because it is made out of mithril after all, if it would explode so easily it wouldn’t be considered as a shinki.


But of course there were changes to the staff.


The explanation provided by the app was: The fiery flames in the card combining with the sister’s staff started a special reaction, the staff is currently undergoing metamorphosis.


The transformation time’s 3 days.


Lin Xii looking forward to a even stronger shinki.


As Lin Xii was thinking about these stuff, he noticed a silhouette coming towards him.


Fi Fi.


As Lin Xii saw the girl fidgeted, seemingly unrest, he asked “Anything?”


Fi Fi’s heart twinge as she heard that. Back then when Sui shown a questioning expression Lin Xii would asked “What’s wrong?”, concerned. Whereas it was just a “Anything?” with her.


“This……back then, it wasn’t that I really needed that shield……what I’m trying to say is……even if I had not take that……Rui……would had given it to Sui anyways……so……I,I……”


Hearing Fi Fi stuttering, Lin Xii asked again. “You are afraid?”


“N, no……” Fi Fi worried even more, her voice started trembling.


Lin Xii nodded understandingly, “I understand……Don’t worry, I don’t blame you. In fact, if there was someone to blame it’s me, I did not protect her well enough.”


“You are afraid, but there’s no need. I understand that seeing Sui changing into an ability user made you anxious due to the fact that you are the only normal person in the team left, but……don’t be afraid, I won’t ditch anyone beside me.”


“As long as you don’t put the group in danger or endanger anyone, I won’t leave you. You can be sure about that.”


Even though Lin Xii’s making a promise, but Fi Fi’s heart was getting more and more desolate.


She understood that just from these few sentence, her place in Lin Xii’s heart was not high at all. She would rather want Lin Xii scolding her for her mistakes and then only consoling her.


Not logically deducing her mistake, and a cold promise.



She bit down on her teeth, and started taking her clothes off.


Her body was very white and clean, after taking her clothes off she covered her breast with one arm and her bottom half with another, blushing. The wind at night was cold, adding on her nervousness she trembled like a buoy in the wind.


“I…..actually you can……”


Before the apocalypse Fi Fi was a rich missy after all, always going on cruises when she was young and such. Now she was showing of her naked body like a object for sale in front of Lin Xii, she’s ashamed and felt ‘inferior’; not even managing to speak properly.

Lin Xii could not help but deeply furrowed his brows.


“What are you doing?” His voice slightly harsh.


Fi Fi trembled as she hugged him.


A naked girl in his arms, willingly leaping into it. It’s something that he wouldn’t even imagine before the apocalypse, but now that it happened he wasn’t even happy about it.


This action wasn’t done out of ‘love’ or ‘lust’, it was purely due to the girl’s fear.


“Alright, since you want to do this to increase…..the bond between us, if you would feel more assured after doing it between us I don’t have a reason to refuse too. After all I am a male, but……”

He suddenly paused and asked, “Is it your first time?”


“Yes……” Fi Fi wrapped her arms tightly around him, even using her long beautiful legs and wrapped it around his waist.


“Since it’s your first time, then……you sure you want it in the wild, a place with blood reeking everywhere, a forest that even the moon does not shine?”


Fi Fi’s movement stopped.


She had dreamt about her first time, in a grand bedroom with a handsome man, on a huge soft bed; or on the deck of her luxury yacht, blowing the sea wind and under the light blue sky, enjoying her first time while deeply carving it into her mind……


But now……


Lin Xii pushed the girl away, noticing her pale white face and said, “If you want to trust your body to me, there’s plenty of chances in the future……but now, wear your clothes, alright?”


Seeing the girl slowly wearing her clothes one by one while her eyes red and head dropped low, Lin Xii spoke up.


“Oh right, you took the stonetusk boar card after Rui passed away right? When you reached back the campsite, give it and your shield to Sui.”


Tears suddenly sprang from Fi Fi’s eyes, her body shook and her legs felt weak, barely supporting her.


“These cards need mana crystals to activate, even though it isn’t much but there’s no need to waste these points. I will take the three cards from Sui later and sell it to someone else. As for you, I will get you a better item.”


“After all, you are the only normal person in my team left. I don’t want you to die too.”


Fi Fi’s tears streamed down even more, but it was due to the sudden happiness rather than the sadness and hopelessness.




She wiped her tears, turning around after walking a few steps and shouted at Lin Xii. “I know I am a little selfish and a little mean, my personality isn’t good, always jealous towards Sui and a burden. But I will definitely change! Change into a girl that you will like!”


“Really?” Lin Xii smiled, “I look forward to it.”


To be honest, the girl doesn’t really had any weight in his heart. But after today’s action, he saw Fi Fi in a whole new light. Humans comes in all shapes and personalities, but to have the courage and recognize her mistake means that at the very least she’s not weak.


A smart and strong willed person in the person would normally be more likeable to others.


After staying in the wind for 3 hours, Lin Xii decided to head back to the campsite. At one glance he saw Qing and Annie with their arms over each other back, whispering to each other. His head seemed to hurt as he saw that.


Oi, oi, what are you two doing? I hope you two aren’t turning les, kora!


Fi Fi spotted Lin Xii, she blushed furiously and ducked her head in her corner.


“Um, I heard from Fi Fi, here.”


After accepting the cards from Sui, Power of Word: Shield, Stonetusk Boar and the Pit Snake, he went looking for Xiao Qiang. Ling Ling that’s in Xiao Qiang’s group has mana as her energy system, the girl currently doesn’t have any combat ability and in need for items such as his cards.


Ling Lin does not have any points as she could not kill any monster, but Xiao Qiang’s slightly on the richer side.


Understanding what Lin Xii came for, Xiao Qiang nodded and replied, “No problem, I was thinking of getting something for Ling Ling too……these 3 cards, there’s defense and summoned creature, just nice it’s suited for her. Not bad, is it cheaper if I buy it from you?”


“Of course.” Lin Xii smiled, “Just give some points would do.”


Xiao Qiang thought to himself for a moment, “Emmm……3 cards, ten thousand, how about that?”


“No problem.”


Lin Xii originally wanted to sell it for 8000 anyways.

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  1. What i don’t understand is, a supposedly massive amount of points was gathered by the government by previously farming the titans with power users. Wouldn’t you generously hand that out to useful people before you undertake such a large mission. i.e. the 6 star guy and the MC with flying ability. Even when signing on they gave him 5k. Should’ve pooled at least 30k towards him for improved scouting ability and prevent casualties.

    • Those government official that stayed behind hogged it perhaps, the transfer team did have the more higher star evolutionary after all, AI it may be A trade off?

      • It would make sense since the lower star users need more points to get stronger and they might be able to bribe the higher stars to come back at some point.

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