FF: Chapter 44: Sailor Senshi

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Sailor Senshi


When afternoon came, the amount of people were totaled up.


The original eighty thousand civilians were reduced to fifty thousand, there were thirty thousand dead! How huge is thirty thousand? Back in the olden days, a small Europe country wouldn’t even have thirty thousand people!


The two thousand soldiers was only left with nine hundred, most of them emotionally unstable.


Elder Lee the leader of this massive transfer was silently being questioned whether he was right or not——if it wasn’t due to him normally being right, the army would have already strike a mutiny.


Almost half of the cars, trucks and tanks were destroyed by the explosion that was caused by Binoche.


Also two of the helicopters were ruined.


What’s worse was the lack of food. Originally food was already scarce, but now only a small part was salvaged after the fire. The food that’s left was only enough for two more days.


The worst was the lack of water. After losing a huge supply of the container of water, drinkable water was a problem for the soldiers and the civilians. Only walking out of the grand flores forest, then they could get more water.


The amount of injured personals are uncountable.


Most of the injured personals needed clean water to clean their wounds——Ling Ling couldn’t heal them all as her mental strength was limited.


Facing those moaning soldiers, Lin Xii and Qing took out the water in their storage and donated them.


The mostly unscathed van was also given to the military for them do operate the injured.


After donating 20 or so containers of water, Lin Xii needed to think for a new water supply for his team. He redeemed a eight thousand points worth magic gem.


It’s a magic gem from Final Fantasy that has an embedded magick in it.


To activate it, one just need to utilize their mental strength. Mana is not needed.


The thought waves that propagate from one’s soul will resonate with the runes in the gem and activate it.


As for why mana was not needed, this was because the magic gem was a natural absorber of mana in the surroundings and this will suffice for the supply of mana that this gem needs.


A low level magick was embedded in the gem, making water.


Lin Xii held the gem in is hands and focus, pouring his mental strength into it. The gem glowed brighter and brighter as a steady flow of water flow out, Qing that was beside him hurriedly placed a bucket underneath the gem and collected that stream of water.


He was slightly dizzy, but still manageable.


After filling the bucket full, he let go of the gem and took a sip of the water. It’s better than the cleanest water he had in his life.


“Let me try.”


Qing was eager to try it out, but after holding the gem for what was like half a day, nothing came out. It seems like her mental strength wasn’t strong enough to resonate with the gem.


Mai tried it after her and only managed to produce a small bowl of water before going to rest, she was too dizzy to stand up straight.


Annie produced slightly more, but it was under half a bucket.


Fi Fi and Sui was sitting beside them. Rui’s death was a huge blow to the both of them, especially to Sui that was usually taken care by Rui. She just sat there, not uttering a word for several hours straight.


“Why not you two try it out?”

He invited the both of them to try it out to liven their mood out, as he doesn’t expect normal people to activate the gem.


Even Lin Xii couldn’t do it if he hadn’t absorbed the ice seed.


Fi Fi accepted the gem with her hands trembling slightly, the girl was still afraid and scared. She held onto the gen and concentrated, but of course nothing came out.


Sui took the gem like a emotionless doll, but……her emotion changed slightly, as if wondering about something.


“What’s wrong?” Lin Xii asked.


“I feel……that this stone’s……very familiar to me……” Sui tilted her head cutely, with her brows scrunched up. “I feel very safe holding this stone, it gives me that feeling from within the stone.”


“Familiar? Safe?” Qing expressed her question.


The very next second the blue gem lighted up, a stream of water burst out and gushed in front of her. The water drenched Lin Xii’s whole body.


What’s unexpected was the fact that the water doesn’t wet Sui, it surrounded her like a bubble.


“This……high mental strength? Or is it her hidden talent? Physique? Ability?”


Lin Xii wiped the water off his face, surprised and happy. “I didn’t expect this! That’s lovely, this is like adding an ability user in to our group!”


Qing thought to herself, “It looks like even normal people does have hidden talents, but it would be hard to discover as there’s barely a chance.”


“Do you feel any dizziness?” Lin Xii asked.


“No.” Sui shook her head meekly.


“Good! That’s good! It must be a hidden talent with connection to water then, not high mental strength. Sadly we couldn’t use the evolution program and determine what you did that attracted the water magick.”


Sui was someone that followed him almost from the very start, one of the three girls that saved him. Adding on the fact that Rui died, he felt regret and guilty so he turned his attention on the girls.


Since she shown her talent with regards of water, Lin Xii wouldn’t be stingy.


Water’s an important resource, it’s the drink of life.


Lin Xii decided that he will nurture Sui as a partner! He took out his phone and start finding high grade stuff for Sui.


As he saw an item, his eyes lit up.


“Twenty thousand……slightly expensive, but it’s fine.”


Now Lin Xii’s loaded——he originally have fifty seven thousand points, after spending seven thousand on the Binoche card and another eight thousand on the gemstone, he’s left with forty two thousand.


The amount was enough to hire another mercenary on the level of Mai.


But the one’s on this price level that he wants to hire are less and less, Lin Xii’s very picky. First she must be a very beautiful girl, and next only considering whether the mercenary’s strong or not.


Yuri Sakazaki that’s also from the same world as Mai and slightly stronger too, but he doesn’t even considered hiring her. (TLN: Ehhhhh, Yuri’s pretty too tho…wtf mc.)


So this was why he doesn’t have any plan on hiring anymore mercenary soon.


Lin Xii’s target is those above a hundred thousand, and his ultimate target is the one that almost hungry for donation money that’s above a million points……(TLN: Reimu, for those that doesn’t know.)


Twenty thousand points paid, and redeemed!


A metal rod that’s about 10cm in length.


The bottom half of the rod’s blue in colour and the top half’s golden in colour, the tip of the rod was decorated with a golden star and a mark in the middle of the circle.


The shape of the mark looks weird, it resembles a girl with braids.


It’s the transformation stick of the sailor senshi, Sailor Mercury in particular!


Of course not everyone can use this stick. First, the user must be a female and second, the user must be acknowledged by the stick——or in other words, a very good affinity with the water element.


“Sui, this is for you. I hope you can unleash the power in it.”


Lin Xii gave the stick to Sui and told her about the Sailor Senshi and Sailor Mercury, also informing her about the effects of using the stick.


Qing that was beside them checked the price of the stick and exclaimed, “Twenty thousand! You are loaded!”


After yesterday’s battle and getting the points from killing Penril and adding up her previous points, Qing currently have less than twenty thousand in points. She plans to use these points and enhance her body, and leaving a small part of it to purchase weapons.


Giving another person twenty thousand points was something she will not even think of!


Sui’s hand jerked violently, almost dropping the stick onto the ground.


Whereas Fi Fi was as still as a statue, her face paled white.


After following Lin Xii for all this while, she’s quite familiar with most of the stuff regarding the evolutionary. She understood clearly what twenty thousand points represents, her leather armor was only one hundred points after all! Even Mai’s hiring price was only forty thousand!


She touched her waist, feeling the power of word: shield card that cannot be used again after exhausting her mana crystal and she wanted to cry.


Frankly speaking, Rui’s death was devastating to her.


Even though normally she slightly looked down on Rui, but she still takes up a great deal in her heart as an elder sister type friend. After Rui’s death, Fi Fi’s felt lost and afraid, afraid that Lin Xii would turn his anger on her for Rui’s death; blaming her for choosing the shield at the very first.


Fi Fi understands that she’s slightly selfish, but who isn’t? After all, a beautiful girl does have some rights.


But, comparing her to an innocent girl like Sui; of course others would like Sui even more, right?


Seeing everyone gathering around Sui, garnering their attention and seeing her fluster about it; Fi Fi lowered her head dejectedly, wiping her eyes quietly.


“Don’t have any stray thoughts, focus your heart onto the stick. If you can connect with the gem, you can do it too with the stick——it’s fine if you can’t use it, I’m rich, losing twenty thousand is nothing.”


Seeing the stick not reacting after a long time, Sui was starting to panic and on the verge of crying. But she calmed down after hearing Lin Xii’s words.


“Water……what is water……”


Sui took a deep breath and held on the stick with both of her hands, she shut her eyes and focus her entire being onto the thing between her hands.


She fully calmed down, and went into a ‘zen’ state. She could feel a cool feeling transmitting from the stick, like flowing water. The water enveloped her body, caressing her mind and slowly, slowly her entire body was fused together with the water.


“Pure, clean, inclusive, devoting……so this, is water……”


Surges of feeling welled within her, and a mark appeared on the middle of her forehead while the stick glowed with faint blue light.


“Mercury power!”


At this very moment her clothes turned into particles, showing the silhouette of her curvy, petite body.


The thin blue light cocoon her body and blocking the beautiful view of her body, but the feeling of almost seeing makes it even more erotic. A long strip of cloth sprouted from the top of the stick, wrapping around the young girl’s body and changing into a set of sailor clothes with shining blue light of hopes and dreams.


The skirt of the sailor clothes were short, exposing the young girl’s white thighs, together with her small thin and beautiful arms.


A large blue butterfly knot appeared on the front of her large cleavage, while a blue gen shining in the middle of the ‘V’ headband.


“It worked!”


What Sui doesn’t knows, was the power of her cute face combining with her exposing sailor clothes.


So as she leaped into Lin Xii’s arms and as he felt the softness of the perky, elastic meatballs sticking into him, something flow from his nose.


This time, Lin Xii stopped his hand. But he didn’t stopped his blood.


As this was something that even his blood control couldn’t stopped, unlike the previous situation with Mai.

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