FF: Chapter 43: Splitting the Spoils

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Splitting the Spoils


To be honest the MPV of this battle belong to Lu Ling Ling that with her soul healing.


The little girl’s battle capabilities were almost non-existent, but her high level healing skills were just too important. It’s just like in a game, you cannot be without a healing character in your party when fighting against bosses.


The healing items available in the Base of Evolution doesn’t have the same effect as instant healing potion in games after all.


If it wasn’t for Ling Ling, at the very least Xiao Qiang would be dead. Maximizing the muscles in his body to 120% of his original would definitely killed him.


Also, those that were severely injured, for example, Zhong Hou, Wu Yan and Xu Ping, would be dead or unable to battle anymore.


Every evolutionary survived, but most of their pets didn’t. Other than the armored horse, Zhen Tian’s felyne cat and Wu Yan’s Natasha was dead.


The felyne cat was killed by a tau, whereas Natasha was killed by a meteor after angering Binoche one too many times with her anti-material sniper rifle.


Today, the troops did not continue moving. One, there were too many dead and they need to bury their corpses as letting them rot in the open would be too cruel for them. Second, there’s a need for recalculating their numbers after the large amount of dead soldiers and civilians.


Third, there were a large amount of vehicles that was destroyed during the battle. They needed to scavenge those vehicles for food and supplies that could be used.


Some of the soldiers gathered and clean the battlefield up. The monsters that were killed after the ambush yesterday dropped a large amount of items, there were horns, leather skins, claws, etc. These items can be given to normal civilians for them to use as weapons or protective equipments.


For example, the claws can be used as a dagger. The horns of the taus would be better than the military grade spike after slightly shaping it. The leathery skin of the tau would be stronger than kevlar when wrapped around one’s body.


Amongst the drops there were high level equipment too, such as clubs and axes.


These miscellaneous tasks were of course not done by the evolutionaries.


Right now all the revolutionaries were gathering around and splitting their spoils, as most of the large bosses were killed as a team.


Even Wu Yan that was severely injured joined, the guy definitely redeemed a high level healing item and crawled up from his rack. He too had gotten a mask to hide his disfigured face.


There is items that could heal his disfigured face for sale, but those were in the hundred thousands range. He definitely could not afford it, at least for now.


Everyone was shocked that Lin Xii managed to kill off the ice witch all by himself.


To that, his explanation was when he was escaping while flying he suddenly swerve back and whirled his beamscythe in a huge circle. The ice witch didn’t managed to ducked and was sliced into half, and he was temporarily decommissioned by the backlash of the exploding ice mana so that was why he couldn’t came back at the very first moment.


Everyone was exclaiming at Lin Xii’s luck.


Can’t believe that he killed the ice witch so easily.


Wu Yan’s face was dark——of course no one could see it as he’s wearing his mask, but even if his mask was off all it would show was a face filled with scars.


“This is fucking fair! My Natasha died, and only then we managed to kill Binoche after surrounding it with attacks, I was injured and even disfigured! And this guy managed to killed that witch so easily! Fuck! Flight! I need to hurry up and learn flight!”


The bosses that was killed were 5 in total.


The huge Tau Beast. (Mini-boss)


Penril the Poisonous.


Lightning Kinoll.


The Tau King Shauta.


Binoche the Fire Witch.


Out of all of them, the Tau Beast was killed by Xiao Qiang all by himself. So no matter the points or the loot, it belongs to him.


The boss dropped a jewelry. The Tau Beast’s Pendant, other than increasing resistant to spell damage and stun effect, it also increases one’s mana and mental strength.


It’s a good item for magic-specialize people, Xiao Qiang gave it to his teammate Ling Ling.


Other than that, was two ability seeds.

Yes, ability seeds!


But of course it’s far inferior when compared to the ice seed. It only awakens a skill after ingesting the seed.


Heavy Slam.




What’s important to note, is that these seeds are unable to be used by normal people. Even evolutionary that does not meet the requirement of strength and physique wouldn’t be able to use it too.


Just nice Xiao Qiang’s strength and physique is his strong point, and he lacked a crowd control skill.


Penril dropped only one item after dying, an equipment named the Penril’s shadow armguard.


Even though it’s only an equipment, but it’s a shinki!


But at least Lin Xii understood that the shinki from DFO world isn’t as rare or powerful as the name sounds, unlike god-tier weapons from other fantasy series.


Equipping the armguard will increase one and a half person worth of strength, four person worth of physique and largely increase magic defense and poison resistance.


Especially poison resistance, you wouldn’t need to be afraid of any normal poison after equipping the armguard.


Penril was killed by Qing, and she gotten the points for doing so. So this equipment was given to Mu Tie.


The most generous boss was the Tau King Shauta.


But it doesn’t means that it dropped a bunch of items, in fact it only dropped one.


The soul gem of the Tau King Shauta.


This gem was a inheritance type item! It’s the same as the ice seed, being able to be used by normal people. A normal people can get the ‘Tau Bloodline’ after using the gem.


With people that originally had ‘Tau Bloodline’, using it will upgrade it to ‘Tau King Bloodline’!


This made Bull happy as a kid. As the Tau King was mainly killed by Team Wild, no one argued with the fact they are taking it. Of course, he took out the points that they had gotten from killing the Tau King and split it between Zhong Hou and Xiao Qiang.


Lightning Kinoll dropped two equipment and one seed.


Shinki: Lightning’s Fury.


Shinki: Lightning Kinoll’s light bracelet.


Ability Seed: Lightning bolt.


Seeing the two equipment, Lin Xii was speechless. Another two bloody Shinki, was shinki a normal equipment now……


In fact, the Lightning’s Fury——the curved sword that Kinoll uses is a very strong weapon, even more that the Frosty Moon. This was due to the passive skill of the weapon, a 7% chance of striking a lightning bolt when swung!


Thinking about it, even Zhen Tian with his ‘Fat’ defensive ability almost died with a strike of lightning bolt!


When battling against the enemy, and having a lightning bolt suddenly striking out of the blue. How strong is that? This was a weapon that could decide the course of a fight, it does live up to its shinki name.


Kinoll was killed by Qing, Xu Ping and Xiao Wan.


Qing wanted the weapon, but she couldn’t get it as Xu Ping and Xiao Wan was team members. Xiao Wan doesn’t really want the weapon but Xu Ping wants it badly, the reason for it being her armored horse died in battle.


The light bracelet was taken by Xiao Wan, so Qing could only get the ability seed.


Using lightning bolt needs an energy system.


Luckily, after the shock from seeing Mai’s body back in the university Qing had activated an energy system for her Weapon Master. Touki.


The hardest boss, Binoche the fire witch had not dropped her trademark staff.


Only a skill seed, and a card.


A skill that allows summoning of flaming goblin!


This skill too need an energy system, such as mana, reiryouku, psychic energy, etc.


The summoned goblin is tanky, high hp, a meat tank that will self explode before it dies. It’s a really good summoned creature, Wu Yan’s satisfied having it after losing his mercenary Natasha.


The card name is ‘Flaming Binoche’, a magic card that allows you to combine it with your weapon and gives it fiery damage attribute.


Binoche was killed with the combined efforts of everyone, so Wu Yan couldn’t hogged all the items by himself. The card would be sold to the highest bidder and the points will be splitted. Lin Xii thought that it would be nice for his beamscythe or Frosty Moon to have a fire attribute so he decided to buy it.


Xu Ping too wants it as adding the fire attribute to her lightning attribute weapon would be good.


But as the both of them bidded, she gave up after Lin Xii raised the price to 7000 points.


After getting the item, he inspected it carefully. The size of the card was about the same as a yu-gi-oh card, it has a picture of the fire witch raising a fireball with her hand and a small line of text below it. ‘Burn! Destroy! My Fate! My Soul!’


Everyone was also curious as what the ice witch dropped.


Lin Xii did not hide about the drops as he planned to use his ice powers in the future, after showing what he got and showing the stats on the Frosty Moon it was an uproar.


Having a weapon as good as the Lightning’s Fury was good enough, adding on a energy seed? How much was it worth?


Wu Yan almost pissed himself off to death.


Working his butt off and killing the fire witch, getting a summoning skill and thinking it wasn’t too bad. But after comparing to Lin Xii’s, it was like comparing glass to diamond.


“This isn’t fair!”


Wu Yan’s face behind his mask was twisted, his heart cursing evilly.


As they were counting their spoils, the soldiers send the high level equipments from the battlefield here. These were all either too heavy or require energy that normal people could not use.


Zhong Hou gotten himself two weapons.


Knight’s chainmail and Black Tea Wood Cross.


The chainmail comes with a ‘block’ skill, suitable for people like him that uses a shield defensive character. The Cross comes with a slow healing skill. The slow healing not only heals outer wounds, it also slightly raises the target’s strength, mental strength, defense and resistance.


It will also glow a green hue that blocks a certain amount of damage when activated.


Just with this skill alone it would be enough to compare this cross to those shinkis—— of course it’s the shinki in DFO——if it wasn’t due to this cross only applicable to ‘holy’ attribute users, he wouldn’t get it anyways.


With his knight talent and awoken ‘holy’ strength, Zhong Hou could be managed to be considered as a ‘holy’ attribute user.


A glory’s robe and a magic ring was given to Ling Ling.


A whole set of ‘the wind chasing’ leather armor finished with breast plate, calf guard, shoulder pads was taken by Wu Yan and given to Xu Ping. Wearing the set of armor, the Na’Vi showed off a certain kind of exotic beauty.


A pair of gloves with the skills ‘Overhead slam’ and ‘Knee Blow’; A fiery arm armor that requires a fighter style user to utilize, both of them were taken by Wang Wei that can fully utilize it with his ‘ki’ and ‘Rising Dragon Fist’.


A dark red ‘fiery wooden rod’ was given to Zhen Tien. Sadly, the skills ‘Wave Slash’ that comes with the rod requires a swordsman to activate.


Xiao Wan gotten two jewelry, a necklace and a bracelet.


Other than these high grade weapons, there was a shinki in the pile too. Bloody Rose Baton. It’s a wonder which monster dropped this weapon, or there is the possibility that it could be a drop from Binoche that had exploded and flung this weapon away.


Everyone was mesmerized by the weapon when it was brought in by the soldiers, it was just too beautiful!


The baton was like a rose, the top was the flower and the body of the baton was shaped like the stem of the rose. It’s about 1.8 meters long, suited for females as it would really looked weird if a guy were to use it.


Xu Ping had already gotten her Lightning’s Fury and wind chasing armor. Giving it to Ling Ling would be useless, Qing doesn’t have any interest in the rose as she prefer more scary looking weapons——Lin Xii wondered whether it was due to her less than normal female hormones.


Xu Wan for some reason did not asked for it, so it ended up in Mai’s hands.


Even though Mai and the Tyrant did not face against any boss, but they killed a large amount of monsters and contributed heavily to stabilizing the battlefield. Even though there might be some that were against Mai taking the shinki, but they did not voiced it out.


After splitting the spoils, the average level of strength of the evolutionaries were increased.


Normally evolutionaries doesn’t even have enough points to enhance themselves, where would they find the points to get high grade weapons?


Even though they paid a heavy price for this ambush, but they also got a pretty hefty harvest from it.

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