Chapter 118 – Infinite Recovery Bullet

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As soon as the Absolute Rock disappeared, a staircase miraculously appeared.

It was the same back in Aurum, when I defeated the rare monsters of each floor, the staircase appeared at the last floor, leading to the final floor.


[So it did come out after all.] (Ryouta)

[What came out desu?] (Emily)

[Emily can’t see it?] (Ryouta)

[Yes desu.] (Emily)

[How about everyone else?] (Ryouta)


I asked the girls, Celeste, Eve, and Alice.

The three of them tilted their heads to the side in unison.


A staircase that was visible in front of me and unquestionably exists there.

Still, the four of them couldn’t see it.


Only I could see the staircase.


[That means I’m the only one who could go down then. If I remember the owner of the dungeon back then did say that they’ve never seen anyone for the past century or so.] (Ryouta)

[Yeap, I’ve heard of that before.] (Celeste)


Celeste the wisdom answered.


I’ve realized a connection between drops for this world, one was [Only me] and the other [anyone].

The drops that are outside of the dungeon, which basically means the rogue monster’s drops can only be obtained by me.

And the other drop that is dropped inside a dungeon where everyone can obtain.


Take another example, for the staircases we took to get here and the rest above, [everyone] can use it, but only I can see this staircase plus it appeared because of my S Drop Rate.

Probably the reason why the others couldn’t see it was because I was the one who dealt the final blow against the Absolute Rock.


Once I thought through it, I came up with a conclusion.


I turned around and faced the four of my teammates.


[Thank you so much everyone. It’s time for me to go.] (Ryouta)

[Fight nanodesu~] (Emily)


After Emily said that, the the girls nodded in unison.

After being cheered by the lovely girls, I gave a final check for my guns ammunition, and with the lovely girls brimming smiles, they sent me off as I walked down the staircase.


Similar to Aurum, as soon as I stepped foot on the ground, I could only see a white empty space surrounding the entire area, and the staircase behind me disappeared without a trace.

Afterwards, a rock was rolling around in the middle of the space.


The rock looked just like the Absolute Rock that I’d beaten just awhile ago.


[Are you for real—–Repetition!] (Ryouta)


I chanted the magic and fired at it.

A magic that defeats an already once defeated monster.

Though the magic was in contact with the rock, but nothing happened.


[Guess it’s a different monster after all.] (Ryouta)


Afterwards, I held onto my guns tightly, and approached it slowly while prepared to fire at anytime.


I was slowly inching my way towards it from 20 meters away.



Finally I was 5 meters away from it when the opponent suddenly moved.


More specifically it transformed.


Until awhile ago, it did not move at all while staying rock still, but it suddenly grew in mass and deformed.

The size became to bulged as it grew from the inside towards the outside.


The rock remained as, a rock, but it grew to about 2 meters in size.


[A Golem huh.] (Ryouta)


That word emerged inside my head.

A human-sized monster with a body of a rock, a form that at first glance would definitely be a power-type monster.

I don’t know what other names to describe it except a Golem.


That is not only the thing that changed.

Unlike the Arsenic monsters that have never moved before, this moved and attacked me.


It raised it’s arm and striked at where I was, thus I quickly kicked the ground and threw myself beside it.

The punch penetrated the ground and shook the space around us greatly. Sorry, i won’t stand still and let you hit me.


[How about some of this!] (Ryouta)


I pulled the trigger while avoiding it’s attacks.

First it was the Infinite Lightning Bullets together with the Bullet Enhancer.

The bullet flew to the Golem while sparkling.


The Golem stucked it’s hands out and opened the palm of it’s hands and took the lightning bullet.

The lighting hit the golems hands and crackling and roaring sound spread through the empty space.


After the electric light cased, the Golem was still intact.


[Knew it was impossible to OTK(One Turn Kill) it.] (Ryouta)


While dodging the punches, I tried firing various bullets.

From the Annihilation Bullet to the Restraint bullet, I tried the full set once.

But the Golem was still intact.


[Is the hardness the same as the Absolute Rock?] (Ryouta)


While fighting it came to mind, it was exactly the same form as the rare monster that I struggled hard to defeat on the floor above me.

Guess it’s properties would be the same.


In other words, this was the upgraded version of the Absolute Rock, where it could move.


It’s a troublesome—-no it’s an annoying fellow to deal with.

That itself is not too bad to deal with though.


As I avoided several of it’s attacks, I realized that the Golem’s attacks were almost readable.


If it’s hardness was around S or SS, the Strength was probably around B, and let’s just say it’s Speed could barely be at E.

It was just an extremely hard monster.


Though Strength B is a threat as it is, but it wasn’t as bad compared to other monsters I’ve faced.

It was only a negligible ability.


I kept my guns away, and stopped moving.

The Golem shook his arms and released punches, I returned it’s punches with my Full Strength punches.


Roaring sounds surrounded us as if the space was screaming.


As our punches connected one by one, I started pushing the Golem backwards.

There was no damage, it just staggered.


I was convinced that this wasn’t a threat.

It’s Strength was less than Emily, it was just a thing that was hard and could move.


Thus I used the same strategy as I did at the floor above.

I stood firmly as I punched it with my full power.


I kept punching non stop at it.


Continuing to hit the fist of the Golem and landing some hits at it.

Because of my counter attacks, the Golem began to show signs of cracks on it’s body even with just only a few punches, compared to the Absolute Rock that took way longer.


Naturally I won’t let it escape, it will fall.

Over and over again, I released my full power punch into places where the cracks showed—-Pounding at it with a Strength of SS.


The cracks grew larger and spread to the whole body.

And—–The last counter.


As a result of striking with a blow that made the space trembled, the Golem collapsed from it’s arms all the way down to it’s legs.

The clumps of rocks and fallen rocks disappeared without a trace of sound…..

I looked at where it disappeared, stared hard at it.


After the Golem had disappeared completely, a Rainbow Bullet appeared there.

I approached it and picked it up.


————Please pick one bullet to make it infinite.


It was the same infinite bullet back in Aurum.

I immediately gave my answer, and chose the Recovery bullet that I required so much.


The rainbow-coloured bullet slowly changed into the Recovery bullet, and it I became an Infinite Recovery Bullet.

I loaded it into my gun.


I pulled the trigger and fired it.

The Recovery Bullets launched repeatedly.


[With this I would not have to worry about running out of gas when using Repetition.] (Ryouta)


While satisfied with my secondary remuneration, I kept my gun.



[You’ve come, young one.] (???)


Certainly—-It emerged with a hoarse voice, the real form finally appeared.

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