FF: Chapter 42: The Situation of the Night before

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The situation of the night before


No matter how intense the battle was before, it all ended as morning came.


Lin Xii was worried, worrying that he would see corpses littered all around and everyone was dead.


As he reached his destination, he sighed in relieved as he saw there’s still a fair amount of people. This meant that the attack yesterday failed, but the price was a huge one to pay.


There were dead people everywhere.


Corpses covering the ground everywhere, some burnt, frozen, battered, hacked and chewed away. It looks like the goblins and taus managed to break several lines of defense.


There were also a large portion of corpses that were trampled to death, most of them being the elderly, woman and children. Being weak, they easily stumbled and ended up trampled to death.


Those that ended up surviving were finding their love ones in the pile of corpses.


Sobs sounded throughout the area.


Lin Xii’s heart felt like it was tightly grabbed by a hand. No matter how steely one’s heart was, they would still feel something witnessing this scene.


There wasn’t any corpses of monsters in the pile, as they all turned into light particles.


He carefully walked around and not step on any of the corpse on the ground.


After walking for awhile, he finally saw the first evolutionary today in the midst of the bloody area.


It was Zhong Hou.


The guy that once prioritize his hairstyle over anything was now sitting on the ground, smoking while he was in bloodied bandages and his hair in a mess.


Beside him was Wang Wei that was laid sprawling on the ground, tired, and Zhen Tian that was coughing out blood.


Seeing as these guys weren’t dead, Lin Xii was about to walked up and asked what happened last night. But before he could ask, he saw a man in front of the three of them.


“Why didn’t you all, as evolutionaries held those monsters back!”


Even though the man was facing against evolutionaries, he was fearlessly shouting due to his anger and sadness.


“My wife, my son and my 3 months old baby……”


He used his trembling hands and made a caressing motion in front of him, as if his child was there.


“All dead, they are all dead……”


The man choked on his voice, tears and snot mixed together. His trembling hand grabbed onto Zhen Tian’s collar and he wanted to hit him, but his shaking hand preventing him from even forming a fist.


“It wasn’t because that we didn’t work hard enough, it’s just……there’s too much monsters last night. It was an ambush.” Zhen Tian explained patiently.

The man was still muttering “All dead” as if he was insane, using his hands and weakly pounding Zhen Tian’s body.


Wang Wei sat up, silently lowered his head.


“I mean, I’m injured too all right? I’m not in a good mood right now, stop pissing me off!” Zhen Tian was pissed as well after getting harassed by the man, he wasn’t feeling well too as he was nearly a member of the corpse pile too several times last night.


Throwing away his cigarette, Zhong Hou stood up suddenly and walked towards the man.


Lin Xii furrowed his brows slightly, he didn’t think that Zhong Hou would raise his fist against a normal person. From the strength he showed from withstanding against the Tau King yesterday, the man would be dead if Zhong Hou raised his fist against him.




Wang Wei could not help but cried out.


Nobody would expect what Zhong Hou did next.


He kneeled down with a ‘thump’ on the ground! This 40 year old muscular man kneeled down, with his butt facing high up and his head deep on the ground!


“I’m sorry! I couldn’t protect your family!”


The kneeling motion agitated his wounds, bursting them open and blood flowing down from them.


“Leader, what are you doing! You don’t have to……”


As Zhen Tian saw Zhong Hou kneeling, he was first shocked and then angered. He suddenly burst into tears, and hurriedly wiped it away from his fat face.


The man was also shocked from seeing Zhong Hou kneeling on the ground. He stopped his pounding motion and stared at him, stunned. Blood was flowing from Zhong Hou’s wounds and his head that bleed when slamming it into the ground when kneeling.


The man muttered softly and shuffled away, his head lowered as he wiped away his tears and snot with his sleeves.


When Zhong Hou stood up, his face was pale. After all he doesn’t have the same blood control ability as Lin Xii, or his blood regenerating ability.


“Uncle Zhong.”


Lin Xii walked over and greeted him.


“Ah, it’s you. Looks like you survived, I was worried for you.” Zhong gestured behind him as he said, “Your team’s behind there, it’s just a quick walk.”


Seeing as the three of them aren’t well, Lin Xii did not further bother then and walked ahead. As expected he quickly saw Mai, Sui, Qing and the rest.


The girls was sitting on the ground tiredly, even Mai. It could be seen that how fierce the battle was yesterday when a ninja that had intense training since young was deeply exhausted.


The only one standing was the Tyrant. Lin Xii observed that Judgement was bent and the meat hook was snapped into two.


Qing and Annie was sitting back to back of each other. The both of them drinking with each other and talking.


Since when the both of them were so close to each other?


Lin Xii wondered, slightly put off.


Qing, a team member and a future partner.


Annie, an enemy and a future load of points.


If the two of them are close to each other, it would be a problem if they would have to kill Annie in the future. This was why Lin Xii was slightly put off.


“You are back.”


Mai was happy as she saw Lin Xii. Even though she could feel that Lin Xii hadn’t die, but you wouldn’t know what might happen when luring a boss away. Yesterday, Wu Yan that couldn’t fly did not manage to lure Binoche the Fire Witch away.


The horrifying strength of the fire witch shocked everyone, they all wondered could Lin Xii handle the ice witch alone.


Seeing her contractor coming back alive, Mai wanted to greet him standing up but struggled to do so.


“It’s all right, tell me what happened yesterday night.”


The first news that Lin Xii received was,


Rui was dead.


This was totally unexpected.


The bosses were held back by evolutionaries and with Mai, the Tyrant and their heartstone cards, Lin Xii did not expect that any one of the three girls would die. They just had to protect themselves, not battle.


Towards her, to be honest Lin Xii does not have a strong impression.


Rui was pretty, but not as when compared to Fi Fi and Sui. She was very hardworking during training, even though she was weak even compared to the weakest evolutionary. She’s kind, it could be seen when she took care of Sui, the youngest of the three of them.


Oh right, she could cook well too. The clothes of Lin Xii and the rest were cleaned by her as well.


Before the apocalypse, she would be the best choice as a wife.


Beautiful, but not too much. Soothing, kind, and hardworking.


This kind of gil was suddenly dead……


Lin Xii wanted to grieve, but he find that he just couldn’t get sad enough to do so.


In fact, when he reached here and saw everyone he let out a relieved sigh. He thought that everyone had survived, not even realizing Rui’s disappearance.


He tried recalling her face, but found out that he could barely do so.


Rui dies from a red goblin, she was hit by a fireball when she was commanding her boar. It was in the midst of chaos, even Mai had not noticed, when she had all was left was charred corpse.


After being silent for a long while, Lin Xii finally asked where was Rui’s corpse. He found out that she was cremated and her ash spreaded away.


He could not be there for her final moments.


He wasn’t sad.


There was just a faint feeling of something going away within him……


After Qing and Mai’s explanation, he finally knew what happened in entirely last night.


Wu Yan was on the losing side against Binoche, but with Natasha’s anti-material sniper rifle it was enough to hold their own against Binoche. They were just holding her back barely with his psychic shield.


The turning point of the battle was at Xiao Qiang.


With his ability and enhancing his muscle of 120%, he killed the Tau mini-boss and help Team Wild and finally killing the Tau King Shauta.


Even though after that Xiao Qiang had fainted after overusing his ability, and Pig too due to withstanding two full blows of the Tau King.


But Bull and Dog was freed from the battle, and helped others.


On the other side, Qing, Xu Ping and Xiao Wan also managed to kill Kinoll. But paid a heavy price as Xu Ping was on the verge of death, barely managed to survive after being healed by Ling Ling.


Her armored horse was dead though, having taking the rest of the lightning.


Penril that was being chased my Mu Tie wanted to slowly poison him to death, but unfortunately ran close to Qing when she was using her skill with the execution blade and died.


The evolutionaries that were freed from their battle and helped others turned the battle around.


Finally under the attack of all of them, the fire witch Binoche died under the balls of psychic energy. The boss did not try to escape even until the end, but her final attack before she died ignited all her fire magic in her body and almost killing Wu Yan in an explosion.


The young man was still laying on a rack, even after Ling Ling’s healing and his psychic shield blocking the explosion.


The saddest part was most of his skin was burnt away. Ling Ling’s soul healing couldn’t heal the scars, and the Protoss Bloodline was different from the Progenitor Virus that had ridiculous regenerative ability. His handsome face was all gone.


As for why Annie and Qing was so close, it was because Annie had sneakily followed them and attracted a crucial lightning bolt away and saved Qing.


The thing that attracted the lightning bolt away was the crowbar.


It was the weapon that Qing had gave to Annie when she saw Annie did not own a weapon. She did not expect that this act of kindness would save her life in a twist.

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  1. Out of the three girls, rui was predictably the most mature. I think the author killed her off because he couldn’t think of anything to do with her character.

  2. Aww, poor Rui, now we just have the cute big breasted innocent one and the “elegant” bitch. Well in most stories characters like Rui tend to be the first to break and go crazy, so I guess this could be a good thing?

  3. Holy &*%$. Did not expect that they would kill off one of the girls, like damn. You would expect that they too will become OP or something like that but no, they just flat out killed her off. Well now we know that this isn’t all fluff for the main character.

    The travel continuous with one less girl for the Harem 🙁
    let us grieve this loss for the MC.

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