Chapter 117 – The Ultimate Wall

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Dungeon Association, in the reception office.

And facing in front of me was Clint biting on a sugar cube nervously.


Even before when we entered the room, he was biting on it, and when the secretary was giving a report, he was biting on it, even right now when the both of us were sitting on the sofa, he was biting it.

He kept gnawing a shit ton of sugar like a rodent. That amount would probably gave me a heart attack.


[You’re eating a lot more than usual.] (Ryouta)

[I’m sorry for showing you an ugly side of mine.] (Clint)

[So Arsenic is about to die, so do you know anything about it?] (Ryouta)


Clint nodded and during the meantime he crushed another sugar cube.


[Then let me hear it from you. Why do you know that Arsenic would die?] (Ryota)

[…….It seems that talking to Satou was the best option.] (Clint)


Clint stared at me for awhile, then swallowed the whole sugar cube in his mouth, sighed and said.


[Why was it?] (Ryouta)

[That is the question. I know for a fact that the dungeon will die, so I never really wondered about it.] (Clint)

[……Because it is the rule of this world?] (Ryouta)


He showed me a stupefied look.

In a sense it was careless of me. As for that matter——where a dungeon would die wouldn’t cross my mind as I know of Aurum and Nihonium.

So it was a commonplace to accept that [A Dungeon will die].



[If so, you should also know about Bloody Rain. If you don’t know about that then you won’t know why a dungeon would die.] (Clint)

[Bloody….rain…..A rain of blood?] (Ryouta)

[Yes. Bloody rain is a phenomenon that happens inside a dungeon when a dungeon is about to die, as if the dungeon is bleeding itself. Though visually you can look at it, you can’t touch it whatsoever.] (Clint)

[So something like the Dungeon Snow then?] (Ryouta)


Clint nodded.


[It is a set that when a dungeon is about to die, Bloody rain happens. So it’s impossible to know it would do unless one sees the bloody rain.] (Clint)

[So that’s how it is.] (Ryouta)

[Satou is indeed a strange person. If there were anyone here that could stop Arsenic from dying, I believe the person would be you.] (Clint)


I wanted to ask why must we stop Arsenic from dying, but I didn’t need to ask.

A world where everything is drop from dungeons, so a city’s tax revenue is heavily involved with a dungeon.

Thus, it was indeed natural for Clint, as the head of the dungeon association, to try and prolong Arsenic’s life.


On the other hand.


[Is it normally impossible to do so?] (Ryouta)

[…..Aah yeah, not once.] (Clint)

[I understand.] (Ryouta)


I got up and head towards the door.


[Will you do it?] (Clint)

[I can’t guarantee success, but I’ll at least try my best.] (Ryouta)

[Thank you! Really thank you so much for helping me!] (Clint)


Clint stood up, chased after me and took my hands only to repeat saying the same words over and over again.




Arsenic, first floor.

When I entered the floor, I was surprised at the sight around me.


Bloody rain, it was literally raining blood.

Contrary to the Dungeon Snow falling down, making it a kind of a fantastic scenery, but this rain—–was coated in red and was pouring down making it a surprising atmosphere.


I guess the only salvation was that it does not give the same physical influence as the Dungeon Snow.


[Well, first we must meet up with Arsenic.] (Ryouta)


That being said, I turned around.

There were four girls behind me


Emily, Celeste, Eve, and Alice.


The face of Ryouta Family was gathered here today.


[What should we do after meeting her?] (Emily)

[I’m not too sure exactly, but considering Aurum and Nihonium, and factor in the consideration, I guess we would have to defeat the rare monster at the bottom most floor, and a road would naturally appear.] (Ryouta)

[The rare monster at the bottom most floor….So it’s the 30th floor’s <Absolute Rock> ?] (Celeste)

[Do you know about it Celeste?] (Ryouta)

[Yes, it’s quite an annoying opponent to deal with. It’s the same as every other Arsenic monsters where they don’t attack, but it’s tough. There hasn’t been any adventurer who could defeat it till this day.] (Celeste) (TLN: Look who’s gonna defeat it and set a world record)

[As the name suggests huh, the ultimate rock.] (Ryouta)


Can I defeat such an opponent? ……..No.


[We should dive further down for the time being.] (Ryouta)

[What should rabbit do?] (Eve)

[Help capture them for me. I guess the worst case scenario would be me capturing it from every floor all by myself, but maybe capturing is fine instead of defeating it.] (Ryouta)

[So similar to Aurum right!] (Alice)

[That’s right Alice, well then..] (Ryouta)


I stared at the four girls.


The petite Emily carrying a hammer.

A model body with a long hair, Celeste who looked good even when in the middle of the rain of blood.

The bunny ear with a bunny suits, Eve.

And Alice with her 3 monster companion riding on her shoulders.


I looked at the four of them and lowered my head.


[Please lend me your power.] (Ryouta)

[Leave it to us nodesu.] (Emily)

[If it’s for Ryouta-san, I, I would do anything!] (Celeste)

[Carrots, as high as a mountain.] (Eve)

[It’s a Family-based battle! Uun, I’m getting excited!] (Alice)


The four responded with their respective words.

Friends that I made after coming to this world.

It was reassuring and I was delighted.




Arsenic, the 15th floor.

For the entire 30 floors in this dungeon, Emily, Celeste, and Eve were in charge of the first 15 floors, whereas Alice and I took the 15th floors and below.


The moment we came down, I fired a Flaming and Freezing Bullet at the monsters which fused into an Annihilation bullet.


I’ve heard that the Arsenic Rocks are more vulnerable to the Annihilation bullet than the Infinite Lightning bullets.


Defeating it in a single drop, the dropped flower was carried into the Magic Cart, and was immediately sent of to Elza that was at home.


Though I do not know what the condition is, but I just defeat, collect the drops and sell them off, making it a set of capturing rare monsters and hunting.


[Alice!] (Ryouta)

[Yes! The stairs are here!] (Alice)


The reason why I brought Alice along was not because of capturing Arsenic, but it was because I have no idea where the stairs are.

Even if I could instantly defeat the monsters, if I can’t find my way down it would be pointless, thus I asked Alice to tagged along with me.


Proceeding onward with Alice as our guide, we immediately head down to the 16th floor.

In the rain of blood, the rock that does not move even when faced with the Annihilation bullet was again instantly killed, and the flower which was dropped was put into the Magic Cart, and continued forward.Arsenic Dungeon was far from being [Captured].


Huge rocks, small rocks.

Flying rocks, buried rocks, and transparent rocks.


Though they were various rocks, but all of them had a common trait of not [moving].

The moment I laid my eyes on them, I fired the Annihilation bullets and defeated them all in one fell swoop.


Thus, with Alice guiding me all the way, we have finally reached the 30th floor in the blink of an eye.

I defeated the rock that was rolling around.


[Ryouta ! Over there!] (Alice)


Alice who noticed first pointed to the other side.

In the rain of blood, the rock was standing flat.


It was smaller than the rocks around it, no irregularities.

However, it was clear that [It is different].

And the possibility of being different in a dungeon are two, the fact that there are still around and the possibility is narrowed down to one person.


Arsenic’s 30th floor rare monster ?Absolute Rock.


[Good luck Ryouta! You can definitely meet Arsenic if you defeat that.] (Alice)

[Can I though?] (Ryouta)

[Yes, you can!] (Alice)


Alice replied unreservedly.

This wasn’t a mere encouragement, as she was born in the dungeon, she could sense everything in the dungeon and I’m sure she’d felt something.

That’s why she can say so much without hesitation.


That gave me strength.


One step at a time, I readied my guns.

I shot a Flaming and Freezing Bullet that was loading to the max with the Bullet Enhancer, when the bullets flew out it was fused in the middle, and became an Annihilation bullet, swallowing everything in it’s path.


The Annihilation bullet landed, and it became a black sphere swallowing the space around it—-but.


[It, didn’t work?] (Alice)

[Seems like it.] (Ryouta)


I furrowed my eyebrows.

The annihilation bullet that swallowed everything up till now have conversely been sucked into a shape like a lunar eclipse.


After the bullet disappeared, the Absolute Rock remained there in a figure as if unchanged.


[Ryouta, you alright?] (Alice)

[….Lemme try some other things.] (Ryouta)


I got a lot of things for the Absolute Rock.

The maxed Bullet Enhancer with Lightning bullets, Penetrating bullets, Homing Bullets, Freezing bullets and Flaming bullets.

In spite of a thought, I tried firing a Restrained bullet fused with Recovery bullet to form a Sleeping bullet and fired at it.


The firepower was too high and I tried just shooting Normal bullets at it.


Everything was useless.

Even if I shot all my bullets, the Absolute Rock did not even bat an eye.


[Yoda-san!] (Emily)


The voice came from behind, and as I turned around I saw Emily, Celeste, and Eve who was left to capture the upper floors.


[The upper floors are all done nodesu~] (Emily)

[So that’s an Absolute Rock.] (Celeste)

[Move, Rabbit will do something about it.] (Eve)


Eve said that and progressed slowly to the Absolute Rock.

She raised her right hand, it was the slowest she’s ever moved—-the chop that was so fast that it looked slow.


[…..Painful.] (Eve)


The Absolute Rock that not even budge, on the other hand Eve’s hands were splashed! It made a noise and it became bloody.


Eve did not even bat an eyebrow to show pain, but I could see the colour of discouragement on her face.

I fired the Recovery bullet at her and it healed her hand.


[I’ll try it now desu~] (Emily)


Emily pulled her hammer and took a distance from the Absolute Rock.

After some distance, she dashed towards the rock.

She jumped high up as flying and raised her huge hammer.


Opposite from Eve, it was a powerful blow.

The cave shook, it was a tremendous shake that even I could not sustained my footing.




[Th, that did not even leave a dent desu.] (Emily)


Absolute rock did not have a single scratch.


[……Hey Ryouta-san, I remember you mentioned something about metal fatigue, what was that again?] (Celeste)

[You heat it then cool it immediately.] (Ryouta)

[Yeah, how about doing that?] (Celeste)


Celeste points out with her wizard like perspective.


I reloaded my guns.

For each side I placed the Bullet Enhancer to the max and place a Flaming and Freezing bullets on both side respectively.

It was the same with the Annihilation bullet, but this time it had to be in order.


The flames wrapped the rock and immediately it was cooled down with the Freezing bullet.

Doing in that order, Eve jumps towards it and released her SUPER CHOP!


Even with all that it was useless, the rock did not even care.


[This child is amazing….it did not even bend.] (Ryouta)

[I had knowledge that it was [hard], but not this tough.] (Celeste)

[This is bad at this rate nodesu, if we don’t defeat this monster we can’t move forward desu.] (Emily)

[……If it’s carrot I can bite it.] (Eve)


My friends were in despair.

It doesn’t move an inch, if it was angry it could escape like every other monsters, but I guess all this while it’s hardness was the strongest thus it doesn’t care.


In a way I can’t think of any way of breaking it, nothing can be done.




Suddenly, the rock seemed like it was crying.


In the Bloody Rain which should not physically interfere with anything, it seemed like it was flowing to the body of the rock and the face was shedding bloody tears.


It’s like, the face of Arsenic, it’s heart.

It felt that way to me.


[Yoda-san?] (Emily)


Emily was surprised that I was going towards the rock.

I kept my gun. Such a thing would not work.


Standing in front of the rock, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.


I grasped my fist—-and punched it with all my might.


The punch had no effect, far from being a crack, not a piece fell at all.

Still, I continued punching it.

Punching it over and over again.


It’s as if hitting a tremendous thing—–as if hitting the mountain itself.

Still, I kept on punching it over and over again.


This was my strongest weapon.

A transported person, and handing the mirror to Nihonium.


I have broken through two limits compare to a human being, thus my SS Strength was my strongest weapon.


I kept pounding at it.


[Do your best nodesu!] (Emily)

[Ryouta-san, you can do it!] (Celeste)

[Fure~, Fure~, L • O • W ?L?E • V • E • L.] (Eve)

[We’re cheering for you!] (Alice)


My teammates were cheering with all their got behind me, while I continued punching.


I had no idea how long I’ve been punching, but I persevered.

Along the way, the tears of the rock stopped.


It was staring at me with it’s expressionless face, the Arsenic monster.

That face, seemed like it was smiling at me faintly.


So I continued BEATING IT.






The Absolute Rock cracked and my fist was stuck inside the rock.

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