FF: Chapter 41: The Staff and Seed

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The Staff and Seed


After killing the Ice Witch Keraha, Lin Xii let out a smile.


It wasn’t a smile of victory, instead it was a bitter smile.


The injury he sustained this time around was even more serious than the ones he had during the fight with Su Mei——first freezing his body inside out and using Hot Blood to melt the ice, if it wasn’t because of the vitality of the Progenitor Virus he would be dead ten times over.


The only thing worth celebrating was he had not faint, unlike last time.


The huge lost of blood wasn’t too big of a deal, as he could control his blood flow and also converting his excess biological energy into generating blood.


He did not immediately check his loots, the white blue ball of energy and the golden crescent staff.


What he did was redeeming a blood stopping bandage and wrapping his body up like a mummy——he had already experience the fast action healing powers of the bandages after all.


The price, 1000 points.


Before the massive transfer, Lin Xii offed Zhang Lei and his total points were 11000. The large amount of titans hunting on the road, earned him a crazy total of slightly more than 20000.


Ice Witch Keraha, as a boss gave him 20000 after killing her!


As expected of a boss, worth about two hundred titans!


To be honest, when Lin Xii looked at his points total and found it to be 57000 after redeeming the bandages he was shocked.


He does need to consider his option heavily on how to utilize this large amount of points, as he rested he took out chocolates from his storage space and started popping one by one into his mouth.


The high calorie chocolate immediately digested when it hit his stomach, replenishing his energy. The faint flow of energy snaked throughout his entire body, chasing away the chill in his body after stopped using his Hot Blood.


The Progenitor Virus could even heal a pierced heart, so Lin Xii wasn’t too worried about his current injuries and did not redeem any other healing items.


He stretched out his hand and grabbed onto the staff.


The staff left a strong impression on him from the battle with the ice witch earlier.


So heavy!


That was his initial thought.


“The Frosty Moon, a god-tier weapon, a shinki!”


God-tier, Long Staff.


Mithril made, with a sapphire blue ice gem embedded in it.


It provides a huge amplification for ice-type magic.


When inputting ice-type mana it can activate the pre-written magic in it.


  1. Frosty Snowman
  2. Magic Ice Sphere.


It has a cooldown after activating it once.


Using the staff as a melee weapon and whack will have a 1 percent chance of activating the large AoE spell that’s 30 meters wide. Icicle Fall the ice ultimate magic.


Lin Xii took a deep breath.


So strong!


Other than not having the insane cutting powers of the plasma beamscythe, it was good enough with its mithril made body. Adding on the fact that it can boost ice magic, having two magic pre-written in the gem, and that passive skill——


Ice Ultimate: Icicle Fall!


“How much is this for sale in the Base?”


This thought suddenly popped within Lin Xii’s head, and he went browsing. He finally found The Frosty Moon after awhile through the sea of weapons available.


“Twenty thousand? As expected it’s twice as expensive compared to the beamscythe.”


As he was about to look away, he suddenly saw something that made his eyes instantly turned serious. He noticed the description of the staff in the base was slightly different from his.


‘Mithril Made’ was changed into ‘Mix with Mithril’.


‘Amplification of Ice Magic’ was devoid of the word ‘Huge’.


Only one of the two magics ‘Frosty Snowman’ and ‘Magic Ice Sphere’ was randomly offer after buying the staff.


The AoE of the Icicle Fall was reduced from 30 meters to 10 meters.


“Could it be……that the weapons bought from the base was just a watered down version of the ones that drops from monsters? Only those will have their original capabilities?”


Lin Xii couldn’t help but to speculate that.


So then, how much was the true value of this staff? Fifty thousand? A hundred?


“It’s a shame that i do not have any ice magic or mana to fully utilize this staff. What a perfectly good waste to such a strong shinki.”


He regretfully sighed and touched the ball of light besides the staff.


“A Ice powers……seed!”


Due to over excitation, he did not control his blood properly and this led to the bandages soaking red. Lin Xii hand was trembling as he double checked the ball of light with his phone, he was right, it is a seed! A seed with the power of ice in it!


As an evolutionary, even a 1 star weakling was strongly taken care of by the army. Why?


This was because of the seed that the evolutionary has, its potential is limitless.


So, one could get seeds from bosses……does this means that even ordinary people could be a evolutionary? Even though they do not have the program of evolution, but they could still train and get stronger once they have the seed!


The seed of Ice powers.


After using it, first your mental strength will be greatly enhanced——the so call metal strength was the strength of one’s soul, the waves propagating from one’s soul is the mental strength.


Other than needing mana during casting a spell, you still have to use your mental strength to shape and control the spell.


There’s tons of benefits brought by strengthening one’s mental strength, the most obvious one was the enhancing of one’s sensing capabilities. The forewarning, mind eye, intuition——all these are powers that showed up in many animes.


Other than these, you will get to produce mana in your body. Of course, ice element in this case.


People that already have mana with have another option to change too. For example, Mai with her ‘ki’ can infuse and convert it into flames; after absorbing the seed she would be able to have another option to change her ‘ki’ into ice.


“What a priceless treasure!”


Who should he give this seed to?


Mai, Qing, Sui, Fi Fi and Rui’s face flashed before him, but after thinking a little while more he shook his head.


Giving Sui and these ordinary girls or even those university students, Bravo would be a waste as their foundation is very weak. The added strength would have pitiful limits.


Giving it to Qing……even though he’s okay with her, she was just a team partner at the end of the day.


Giving it to Mai would be good, having the powers of Ice and Fire would be like a perfect cocktail that would change and skyrocket her battle capabilities——or maybe it would have disastrous effect that would harm her badly.


So he’s using it for himself.


This wasn’t because he was selfish and hogging the loot. But with their journey, the Ice Witch Keraha was definitely not the strongest boss. Only quickly increasing his strength would better protect the girls.


If it was any other ability, then fine. But this was an ice element seed!


Up till now, Lin Xii only has an extraordinary biological energy within him that’s brought by the Progenitor Virus. He could convert it into heat energy, kinetic energy……right, RC cells too due to intaking ghoul’s blood.


But he can’t use these energies and attack enemies.


What he lacked was an energy that could attack, and Wu Yan has it. He could make energy shields and balls with his psychic energy.


All of the attacking method that Lin Xii have now are all physical attacks, with his Hot Blood or Burst.


It’s like a sort of ascension, being able to use energy attacks from just physical attacks.


If he give up on the Ice Seed, who knows how far in the future would he get another chance.


“If I’m strong enough, how would I lack these seeds? If Keraha could get me a seed, other bosses definitely could.”


As he thought about it, he stop hesitating any longer and absorbed the seed.


It was being drenched in ice cold water from head to toe and it made Lin Xii shivered, it felt like his soul was about to freeze. But the icy coldness was different from the fear when facing Keraha’s ice magic, it was soothing and calm instead.


On the surface of Lin Xii’s body was a layer of blue light, flickering.


He was in this icy and quiet state for god knows how long, maybe it was an instant or maybe it was hours long. As he finally retreated from that state, what he first felt was the difference in his perception.


He close his eyes and mentally felt his insides. He could almost ‘see’ the insides of his body, all his organs and blood.


Trying his best to ‘see’ his surroundings, he could make out a blurry outline of what’s around him.


HIs mental strength definitely increased without a doubt.


But his ice energy system wasn’t born yet——this wasn’t the seed that he had gotten in the Room of Fate, he won’t instantly get the ability. It takes time to change from inside out.


The Progenitor Virus inside him allows him to approximately know when his new abilities will emerge, about 4 days.


Thank god it wasn’t like intaking the ghoul’s blood all over again, turning him weak when new abilities are forming.


There won’t be an effect if he had to battle, but it’s better to increase his intake of food during these couple of days.


Lin Xii’s currently still injured, he couldn’t battle much even if he wanted to.


Even though he’s worry about the situation over there, but he doesn’t have any solution——he would be useless going back there in his current state, or even die in such a chaotic battle.


Luckily he does have a connection to Mai, being contractor and contractee.


At least Mai wasn’t dead.


After resting the night and healing most of his injuries, Lin Xii head back towards the central area as soon as dawn breaks.


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    Nice loot. And with this discovery, it’ll be fun to see how our MC will evolve as he acquires seeds.

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