FF: Chapter 40: Mistakes

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Lin Xii and the Ice Witch Keraha flew and left the battlefield quickly.


It was pitch black in the forest, but there’s illumination from the blood wings, the beamscythe, the magic aura from Keraha and her crescent staff.


Lin Xii that was at the front suddenly flew straight up and dove down at an angle. His beamscythe dragged a circle, showing his trajectory.


This attack was a premeditated one.


To be honest when he was luring the boss away, Lin Xii was preparing to activate his Burst or Hot Blood and one shot his opponent. But as he was flying, he just realized how was he going to do that with him still flying?


Using his special skills with the activated Ukaku……


He doesn’t know whether he could convert his biological energy to RC cells and other energies at the same time……


But he did not worry much as he has the beamscythe. The beamcythe was infallible, it could even slice a gundam in half, not to mention a mere Keraha.


Seeing as Keraha did not dodged his attack and decided to use her staff and intercept it, he smiled.


A mere metallic staff, and you are going to try and intercept a high energy bound plasma weapon?


This battle is over!


Lin Xii could almost see that Keraha and her staff being sliced in half.


But at the very next second, his eyes widen in disbelief.


The beamscythe and the staff collided, but blue sparks and green sparks flew and exploded instead of slicing into half.


“Wha……it blocked it?!”


He doesn’t knows that the Ice Witch’s staff was made out of the infamous Mithril.


Not only Mithril was stronger than any other metals, but it also has an strong affinity with magic. A fist size fireball would be the size of a head when using a Mithril staff.


That’s not including the jewels on the crescent staff!


These jewels stores magic spells, like those scrolls in games. It can be used as a magic firing gun with magic as bullets in the jewels!


It was considered as a god-tier weapon in the Dungeon and Fighters world.


The staff has a very beautiful name.


The Frosty Moon!


Even though it is the lowest of the lowest in god-tier weapons, it is still a god-tier weapon.


When you made a mistake, you must pay the price for doing so. Especially during a battle where the smallest mistakes means death!


Lin Xii defiinitely made a huge one, looking down on his opponent weapon.


As a Lord in a dungeon, how could it be that she doesn’t have a good enough weapon?


The beamscythe is strong without a doubt, but it isn’t unbeatable. It’s about the same as a lightsaber in Star Wars.


Having the price of 10000 isn’t low, but there are weapons that are in the range of hundreds of thousand in the Base of evolution. Some of them are even in the millions!


Everyone makes mistakes, the only difference was is there still a chance to fix that mistake?


Facing a Lord type boss, the chances are slim indeed.


The Ice attribute jewel on the top of the staff gleamed. It absorbed Keraha’s magic and started activating the magic in it.


The whole staff was covered in a layer of mystical white blue light.


With the gathering of magic, an icy pentagram glowered the surrounding.




Lin Xii ushered his Blood wings and was about to fly away, but he could not find a direction to fly to. All of a sudden he realized he was surrounding by icicles, pointing to him from all angles.


Keraha’s face shown a hint of pride, even though she was polluted and turned into a crazy, chaotic monster. But her battle sense and intelligence was still there, as she collided her staff into the beamscythe, she sneakily set up a trap.


A total of twelve large icicles, each of them at a different angle and direction but pointing towards the same prey and capturing it.


But the real attack was——


A huge ice ball 1 meter in diameter, about the same size as the meteors before hovered in front of her staff.


A Magic Ice Sphere!


This wasn’t a skill of Keraha’s ice magic, but purely from the etched runes in the staff, shaping Keraha’s pure magic output.


The floating ice sphere slammed towards Lin Xii, he had no choice but to take it face on as he had nowhere to dodge.


A loud crack rang out, sounding his ribs snapping. Not only the ice sphere has kinetic energy in it, but its chillness too.


Icy coldness flowed within Lin Xii’s body, slowing his blood down and snuffing his blood wings out. As his heart started to slow down, his skin started to form a layer of ice.


So this is the end?


No, of course not!


The blue light in Keraha’s eyes shone. Her hair floated as she let out a huge amount of magic, large amount of magical symbols floated in the air and finally forming into a snowy light, bursting forward like a dam exploding.


The twelve icicles exploded at this very moment, being absorbed into the white light.


The ice witch did not cast any special magic, it was just her converting all her magic in her body into an icy wind, blowing and freezing everything in its path!


The icy wind blew, trees after trees turned into ice and broke apart. Wherever the evil merciless icy wind blew, it all turned into a white landscape. Even the pitch black night could not cover the pure whiteness of the dead.


Frost flowers formed everywhere, including the insides of Lin Xii’s body.


It was like a chain wrapping around his body, from inside out.


He turned into a pale white icy statue.


Not only he was frozen from the outside, but the inside too.


The ice statue fall towards the ground, if it wasn’t due to the soft soil below it would have broke into pieces.


But as the ground was slightly covered with a sheet of ice, the statue cracked a little as it landed on the ground.


Lin Xii looked like he was smashed into bits and piece together into ice, it was horrifying looking.


The Ice Witch Keraha’s icy cold face finally shown a small smile on it, she was happy that she finally killed this weird blood user with her intelligence and magic.


Now it’s time for her to collect her spoils.


She flew down towards the statue and was prepare to take the beamscythe away from his hand——the plasma weapon was still glowing green even with the chill surrounding it.


She stretched out her hand and grabbed onto the handle of the beamscythe, the icy coldness of the silver metallic handle felt good to her.


She tried lifted it up, but……why couldn’t she lifted it up?


Lin Xii’s frozen hand had a deathgrip onto the handle.




Keraha was angered and she suddenly raised her crescent staff, preparing to smashed the statue into pieces!


The swinging staff stopped abruptly.


A single hand, grabbed onto the handle of the staff.


“Tak, tak.”


Red blood dripped continuously onto the ground.


The Ice Witch could not believe her eyes——blood started dripping from the cracks on the surface of the ice, it started from drips into a small stream.


The blue white ice statue turned blood red!


The flowing blood was obviously steaming hot as the ice on the ground was melted instantly. The ice statue started sublimating as the blood flowed within it.


“How could mere ice freeze boiling blood?”


Lin Xii that was covered in blood and steam surrounding his body looked at the ice witch, his eyes gleaming with red light.


“My fiery heart will never freeze.”


“Thump, thump, thump……”


His heart pumped furiously, circulating boiling blood throughout his body. A large portion of it gushed out from his wound, melting the ice. Keraha felt a slight fear as she gazed upon the monster that was Lin Xii.


She wanted to back off, but can’t as both of Lin Xii’s hands grabbed on to her.


With his biological energy converted into heat energy, giving him unnatural strength; even a huge Tau beast wouldn’t be able to free itself from his grip, not to mention Keraha that specialize in magic.


The Ice Witch too made a mistake.


She looked down on the surviving powers granted by the Progenitor Virus, she did not double checked whether Lin Xii had died and went to his side.


Therefore, she was grabbed by Lin Xii that had activated Hot Blood!


The difference between the two was Lin Xii had made a mistake and paid a heavy price, but he didn’t die.


And she, died.


Lin Xii did not kill her in any cruel way, like bashing her into a pulped with his strength. He simply just hugged her like a love one.




The neck snapped, and the ice witch let out a torturous cry. A white light shone from within her and turned her into a ice statue.


This was her magic going berserk after she was killed.


At the very next second, the ice statue crumbled.


The pieces of ice turned into particles of light as it falls. Finally, a small bundle of blue light was left, and beside it was a weapon stuck in the ground.


The Frost Moon.

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