Chapter 114 – Limit Breaking!

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Holding onto the mirror that I bought, I went towards Nihonium together with Emily and Alice.


[I’m truly thankful to the both of you.] (Ryouta)

[Your welcome nanodesu~] (Emily)

[Me too, and this was the first time I was of help to Ryouta~] (Alice)


Emily smiled gently.

Alice was hopping around delightfully whilst the three SD sized monsters were hanging on her shoulder and were happy for her.


[Yoda-san looked extremely satisfied, you really wanted it it seems desu.] (Emily)

[Yeah, after holding it I knew that it was worth getting it….] (Ryouta)


While we were walking, I held the mirror high up to the sky.

Emotions that couldn’t be explained suddenly accumulated from the bottom of my chest.

I was glad that I got my hands on this, even if I was unhappy but I was glad.


Maybe it was fate, and I felt like if I were to pass this by, destiny would change a lot.

It reminded me of the other time when I confirmed that it was something but there weren’t any reason to proof my explanation.


[Hey, what would you do with that?] (Alice)

[I myself am also unsure, the only thing I do know is it’s related to Nihonium.] (Ryouta)

[Why are you so sure of that?] (Alice)

[I think Alice would understand it though, you remember that I doubled the drop rate of Aurum dungeon right?] (Ryouta)

[Yeah you did.] (Alice)

[That was because I met Aurum, who was the spirit living in the dungeon. This is also similar, when I saw the mirror for the first time, I could see the appearance of Nihonium.] (Ryouta)


Alice opened her eyes widely.


[Is that true?] (Alice)

[Yeah.] (Ryouta)

[I see……so this mirror was something you absolutely had to get right.] (Alice)

[Hence why….and I’m really grateful for your help.] (Ryouta)


While holding onto the mirror, I once again thanked them.


[I’ve already heard it once, so you don’t have to thank me so many times. Aren’t we friends?] (Alice)


Despite saying all that, Alice placed her hands on her cheeks, and she seemed happy enough that her cheeks were slightly blushed.


[Yes nanodesu, we’re happy to be able to become Yoda-san’s strength nodesu ?] (Emily)


Even though she said that, but it seemed like a heart shape appeared at the end of her sentence.

Anyways, it was thanks to them.


Thus in the end we brought the mirror and reached Nihonium.

From the start, this dungeon would not have much adventurers approaching it, but it looked even more sad at night.


[It, It feels like somethings there…..I’m scared.] (Alice)


Alice rubbed her arms with her hands, and was trembling in fear.


[Feels like something’s gonna jump out at any second.] (Alice)

[Jump out?] (Ryouta)

[Well, like ghosts and stuff.] (Alice)

[Ghosts, well it certainly has that kind of atmosphere.] (Ryouta)

[If it that’s we will be fine nanodesu~] (Emily)

[Eh?] (Alice)


What do you mean? Alice wondered as she glanced at Emily, though Emily slowly approached her, with that 130cm height she stretched her body up, and held the SD Skeleton from Alice’s shoulder, and showed it to her.

because I was bored

#tried to draw


[Because Alice-chan is with Kakukaku-chan nanodesu~] (Emily)

[……Oh.] (Alice)

[Certainly there exists undead-type monsters.] (Ryouta)

[I see I see, so if it appears it would only be things like Kakukaku.] (Alice)


Alice said that, and the Boney-chan was rattling her bones just as her name applies.

I felt that it was slightly different, but it seemed to convinced Alice, so I decided to omit my words.


Since we’ve gotten accustomed to the scary atmosphere, we decided to go into Nihonium together.


[The inside of the dungeon is as usual.] (Ryouta)

[There is neither day nor night.] (Alice)

[I has a sense of security like a home nanodesu.] (Emily)


I felt that Emily’s home was more secure than this place, but I decided not to say it.


[Well then, this mirror—–] (Ryouta)


The next moment when I thought of what I should do, the mirror shone.

The light was enough to illuminate the inside of the dungeon and it was floating away from the palm of my hands.


[Ryouta?] (Alice)

[….Well, I wonder if a demon would come out or not.] (Ryouta)


I reached for my double guns. If it was similar to Aurum, then we might need to face something.


Both Emily and Alice prepared themselves.

Emily readied her huge hammer, and Alice made the three monsters into battle stance.


Though the three of us were prepared, no enemy showed up.

Just beside the mirror floating in the air, two items emerged.


[It’s a sword nanodesu.] (Emily)

[And that…what a strange shape.] (Alice)

[……It’s a jewel.] (Ryouta)

[A jewel?] (Alice)


Alice tilted her head as I nodded.

In my head, the words [Three Sacred Treasures] emerged.


That word appeared probably because this is [Nihonium] after all.


The Sword, Kusanagi no Tsurugi

The Mirror, Yata no Kagami.

The Jewel, Yasakani no Magatama. (Reference to this)


You’ll definitely see them in games at least once, even I know of the name as they were super major items.


A woman in sleeves appeared behind the mirror.

Nihonium, it was getting more convincing that it was her.


Nihonium said nothing, she just smiled like an adult.

Afterwards, the sword, the jewel, and the mirror that I bought disappeared.


[Wh, it disappeared?] (Alice)

[Did she take the mirror away nodesu.] (Emily)

[No, this is fine. The item was returned to the place where it was supposed to be. It seems like I’ll have to collect the other two more items before something happens.] (Ryouta)

[I see—] (Alice)

[But it was unfortunate nanodesu, it is a pity that nothing happens unless you collect all three nanodesu.] (Emily)

[That’s not true.] (Ryouta)

[ [ Eh? ] ] (Alice & Emily)


The moment I said that, Emily and Alice was surprised.


[Alice, do you know the locations of the skeletons on this floor?] (Ryouta)

[Yeah, I do know….but why?] (Alice)

[Please show me, I want to hunt them.] (Ryouta)

[I got it. Follow me.] (Alice)


After Alice said so, she returned the monsters back to their SD sized and they were on her shoulders and started walking.


[Yoda-san, what happened exactly desu?] (Emily)

[You’ll find out afterwards.] (Ryouta)


I smiled at Emily, and loaded the Infinite Lightning bullet into my guns before following Alice.




Outside of Nihonium, outside at night.

We were standing in front of the K-I-A board.


[Well then, let’s go~] (Ryouta)

[Okei.] (Alice)

[Yes desu.] (Emily)


After the two of them nodded, I operated the K-I-A board as usual.


Level 1/1
Strength S
Endurance S
Intelligence F
Mentality F
Speed S
Dexterity F
Luck F



The displayed status evolved another step than what I previously saw.

The HP, is now SS.


[What is this, what does this mean?] (Alice)

[HP becoming SS desu……did it increase from the skeletons just now nodesu?] (Emily)

[Yeah.] (Ryouta)

[Oh, so this was the mirror’s effect?] (Alice)

[Strictly, it’s different.] (Ryouta)

[Eh? Why is that so?] (Alice)

[There are 9 statuses right? So, in Nihonium——there are three items in total to collect right. What that means—–] (Ryouta)

[So 3 of the statuses could become SS nanodesu?] (Emily)


Emily who had the longest relationship with me understood the meaning way quicker than Alice.

I nodded.


Yes, it’s 3.

So simple maths would show 3 X 3 = 9. It was the result of handing over the mirror.


HP, Strength, and Speed.

The first three floors of Nihonium could now increase my statuses to SS.

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And please continue the drawing every now and then. As you already stated your drawing is indeed incredible #definitelynotsarcasm :mrgreen:

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