FF: Chapter 39: The Ice and Fire Witches

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The Ice and Fire Witches


Even though the meteor summoned by the Flaming Witch Binoche from Dungeon and Fighters was far inferior from the meteor summoned by Madara’s Tengai Shinsei from Naruto, and it’s also vastly incomparable to the ‘Meteor’ from Final Fantasy that could even killed gods.


But, it’s still a meteor!


Not to mention that reality isn’t the same as games. These bosses were just low level grind material in the games, whereas they really show their worth as a lord of an area in reality.


The destructiveness of the ultimate fire magic was really horrifying.


Adding on the debris that came from the meteor crashing into the ground it was like a huge grenade, a largeamount of the troops was turned into scraps.


The explosions of numerous meteors turned the surrounding area into a sea of fire.


Under the illuminating bed of flames, Elder Lee’s eyes watered as he witnessed countless civilians swallowed by the merciless flames.


He saw man, woman, the elderly and childrens running with terror plastered on their faces. Witnessing a woman crying as she hugged her child before dying in the midst of the flames……


If the charging Tau King only made the civilians panic——as it was blocked by Zhong Hou after all——now, the civilians was in a chaotic state as they were getting smashed and burned to death by the falling meteor.


This was an attack that even the evolutionaries could not blocked!


The chaotic state spread as the eighty thousand civilians started to run around like headless chickens, people getting trampled to death and nothing could calm them down even though Commander Liu had shouted his throat horse with his megaphone.


Circles within circles of white blue symbols started forming at the ground, symbolizing auras of ice magic.


The Ice Witch Keraha too showed her might, not willing to fall behind her counterpart. Crackling sounds from the forming of ices rang throughout the air, temperature started plummeting and even the rising flames was lowering.


Pillars after pillars of shiny white blue icicle formed, covering a portion of the sky.


Ice magic Ultimate


Icicle Fall.


At this moment, ice started falling like rain and the chill hit them like a waterfall!


The falling icicle was like the reaper’s scythe, mercilessly reaping the lives of the troops. A soldier that was shooting towards a Tau was impaled on the head by a falling icicle.


An icicle impaled itself on the ground near a crowd of running civilians, just the chill emanating from the pillar of ice was enough to freeze the civilians to death and leaving them frozen on the spot.


Fi Fi, Sui and Rui that witnessed these was shivering with fear and even though they had already activated their cards, the Stonetusk Boar, Pit snake and a layer of shield on Fi Fi’s body.


They still felt a bone chilling fear towards these magics that were akin to natural disasters.


Lin Xii too felt his scalp tingling, he had just use his desert eagle and shot at both of the witches. But he found out that the bullets could not even penetrate their skin.


Different from Zhang Lei, the magic in the witches body was constantly strengthening themselves. The white and supple skin that looked fragile was comparable to the strength of the ghouls.


Looking around the battle scene, it was a chaotic mixture of goblins, taus, catsith and soldiers.


Many were running, corpse littered around either burned or froze.


The Tau King Shauta and team wild were engaged in a heated battle. It’s difficult to battle against this boss that had the height of a titan, with intelligence that titans lacked, a humongous axe and a physique that ignore stuns.


Zhong Hou and Zhen Tian was laying beside a car, getting healed by Lu Ling Ling.


Mu Tie was in between the trees, chasing Penril. The old man wasn’t strong, but with the assassination weapons that he redeemed it was an unknown whether he would kill Penril or be killed.


Xiao Qiang with his 3 star Explosive Metal Body had already fully activated his ability. His explosive muscle increased his height from 1.8 meters to more than 2 meters! His shirt was ripped apart by the bulged muscles.


He was currently in a one vs one against the Tau mini-boss.


The both of them are muscular monsters. Two pairs of thick arms coiled around, bulging green veins crawled around like earthworms. Muscles as hard as metal and their forehead mercilessly mashed against each other.


The huge strength by the two started crumbling the ground beneath them.


Lightning Kinoll the goblin had no more time to continue his sneak attacks as Qing with her compound bow, Xu Ping and her armored horse and Xiao Wan with her metallic skin ability all went after it. After all, if Kinoll had continue its sneak attacks with its lightning it would be disastrous in the battle.


Qing with her Weapon Master talent continuously threw weapons out from her storage to accurately intercept and attract the lightning from the three of them.


No matter the course of the battle, at least Tau King Shauta, Penril, Tau mini-boss and Kinoll was contained in battle. But the most deadly ones are the Ice and Fire Witches.


These witches that could fly are not opponents that Xiao Qiang and the rest could defeat.


Other than letting Mai killing monster and supervising Annie, she was also protecting the three girls. Lin Xii also let out the Tyrant to slightly stabilize the battle, with that strength that’s comparable to a small boss.


“Wu Yan, you take Binoche and I take Keraha! We need to lure then away from here!”


Lin Xii shouted out loud while blood wings sprouted from his back, a green beam springing from the metallic rod in his hand.


Wu Yan was in a dilemma right now, as the strongest evolutionary——or so he thinks——it is his pride, his right, and his duty to fight against the strongest boss.


But he doesn’t have the confidence to take on both witches at the same time.


Yes, it is true that he’s very strong, with his Protoss bloodline and being able to utilize psychic powers. But there’s just one small problem, the two witches can fly. This shown that no matter whether their mental capabilities or their fine control in using it was far superior than him.


So Wu Yan was hesitating all this while, but now that Lin Xii had shouted it out that he as a 3 star ghoul weakling, will take on one of the witches he doesn’t have anymore reason to back down.


Furthermore, Lin Xii could unexpectedly hire Mai Shiranui and have a bunch of beautiful girls beside him led him to having jealous thoughts, and treat him as a rival.




As a young man in his twenties, Wu Yan arose his hot bloodedness. His eyes turned white, green energy shield raised and a white energy ball shoot towards Binoche.


“Careful, don’t die in Keraha’s hands!” Wu Yan said while laughing.


“I hope you die in Keraha’s hands, I will gladly keep your companions.” Wu Yan silently cursed.


Lin Xii rushed towards the Ice Witch Keraha, as for why he choose her was because she was slightly easier for him to face compared to Binoche.


Fire is very effective against viruses afterall. Lin Xii’s progenitor virus wasn’t T-Veronica virus either.


Abilities can be countered afterall.


If he was impaled by a pillar of ice, Lin Xii would not die instantly. But if he was to get strike by a flaming meteor or buried in sea of flames, he would be entirely combusted and whether or not his progenitor virus would make it or not it was unknown.


As he got closer to the Ice Witch, he immediately felt a biting chillness.


If he had started the battle right here, who knows how many more would die to stray ice magic. Also, Lin Xii would never willingly show his Burst and Hot Blood infront of all these people, his two skills that could not be explained by his ghoul bloodline.


So his decision was to lure the ice witch away.


It was easy enough to do so.


This was due to her mind being unclear, if it had been clear it would be before she turned into a monster in the Dungeon and FIghters world.


She was wearing a blue bikini, only covering the important parts. Large portion of skin exposed, with a luscious long black hair that measured to her thighs.


Under the constant shooting from the desert eagle to her face, she flew angrily towards the teenager. Even though the bullets did not damaged her, it still hurts.


The flying witch waved her staff and 3 icicles formed and blasted towards him. But it misses as the blood wings extended and thrust forwards, the trees blocking him was sliced into bits by the beamscythe.


Seeing her target accelerating and dodged her attacks, it further angers the ice witch. The blue light in her eyes increase in intensity as she sped forward, chasing after her target relentlessly.

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    Well at least we know that next chapter is gonna have some amazing fights for the MC 😛

  2. Thanks for the chapter! 🙂
    There was so many different names in that chapter that i’m not sure who is who anymore ! hahahaha

  3. ““I hope you die in Keraha’s hands, I will gladly keep your companions.” Wu Yan silently cursed.” Yep, confirmed blood donor.

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