Chapter 111 – Circling Magic (Christmas Special Day 4)

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Nihonium’s fifth floor, after defeating the last Red Skeleton, I picked up the seed.

The seed that was on the palm of my hand melted like a snowflake and disappeared.


[With this….It’s finally S.] (Ryouta)


I’ve already felt it previously that I was close to maxing the status out, so this morning while counting the amount of monsters I defeated, my status has finally reached to S.


After killing the newly emerged Red Skeleton, I went back to where I came.

After walking to the entrance, I stood in front of the K-I-A board.


There were no K-I-A board inside Nihonium, probably because it drops nothing hence everyone thinks it’s a shitty dungeon.

At least at the bare minimum, they placed a K-I-A board right in front of the dungeon which I was standing and operating it right this instance.


Level 1/1
Strength S
Endurance F
Intelligence S
Mentality F
Speed S
Dexterity F
Luck F



The Red Skeletons at the fifth floor drops MP seeds which finally upped my MP to S.


This was now my 5th S. Initially all of them were F, but I finally have five of them becoming S.

It seemed like a long journey, but not really either.

I had other abilities up and gathering normal items and cheat items to help, which both had its easiness and difficulties.


… … It was done, but.


[I can’t seem to see the benefits of having MP.] (Ryouta)


Wait that was a misunderstanding, what I was trying to say was I felt that having my MP maxing out did not give me any benefit.


I could feel the benefits of HP and Endurance even at an early stage, the overall damage being taken had drastically decreased and I could feel confident from being attacked by an ordinary monster as I would not die immediately.


I’ve also realised the benefits of Strength and Speed as I could fight without using a gun.


On the other hand, I don’t see a thing for MP.


The magic that I remembered having were two, Wind Cutter and Reservation.

Wind Cutter is a Level 1 wind magic, the very basic of the elementary magic.

On the other hand, Reservation is a magic that applies my drop S stats to any monster and anyone who defeats that monster would get an S drop drop.


For the former it was weak in general, and the latter is used only when facing strong enemies.

For different reasons, my magic had not much use.

Well, if I use Reservation, the effect is good.


In any case, I have used almost no magic and thus maxing MP to S had no benefits whatsoever.


[Should I buy…..another Magic Fruit.] (Ryouta)




In the city of Shikuro, inside a Magical Tool Store.

I stared at the three Magic Fruits.


[I don’t know whether I have to remind you about such things.]


Isaac, the store owner said so while bitterly smiling..


[No matter how many times you look at it it’s useless. I understand your feelings of eating a Magic Fruit and learning a magic, but you won’t know what magic you get.] (Isaac)

[…..It might be.] (Ryouta)


I was still gazing at the fruits to see whether there were any difference to it.


Buying one isn’t cheap either. If you managed to buy one and eat, you can learn one magic for just only 3 Million Piros, and it’s not as if I’m not gonna buy it, it’s just that I wasn’t in a hurry in buying it.


What’s more, even if I know I was buying it, I’m contemplating on which one I should buy as one costs a whopping 3 Million Piro.


[Well, I guess it’s fine to concentrate as long as you want until you decide to buy it.] (Isaac)


Isaac turned his palm upward and shrugged his shoulders.

Perhaps there were other customers like me, thus he had gotten used to it.


[……Muuuu.] (Ryouta)


I gazed at the Magic Fruit so much that a hole has opened from it.


I looked from the front then behind.

I looked at the side and look from top to bottom.


I gazed at it from all angles.


[——!] (Ryouta)


Suddenly, at that instant when I gazed at the three fruits from all angles, I could see something behind the leftmost magical fruit.


I unintentionally squint my eyes.


[What’s the matter?] (Isaac)

[That……] (Ryouta)

[That?] (Isaac)


Isaac stared at the Magic Fruit that I was looking.


[What’s wrong with this Magic Fruit?] (Isaac)

[………..] (Ryouta)


I wanted to say [Can’t you see it?], but I decided to swallow my words.

Perhaps he really can’t see it, and only I could see it.


A woman was standing behind the leftmost magical fruit.

Her body was translucent, and it had a shape of a human which was only slightly larger than the Magic Fruit.

It was like a ghost…….A woman in sleeves.


[…………Give me this.] (Ryouta)

[Please come again—-] (Isaac)


Restraining from wanting to say it out loud, I brought the Magic Fruit with a woman wearing a kimono dress happily smiling.




The suburbs of Shikuro, a place where rarely anyone comes.

I came to the place where I always use to hatch rogue monsters and placed the Magic Fruit on the ground.


After leaving the store, the figure of the woman in kimono disappeared.

Just a while ago, I was having various thoughts on the Kimono Lady, but now it was different.

Aurum of Aurum, a spirit of the dungeon, might have some association with it.

Nihonium, a woman in kimono.


[……Wouldn’t that just be too easy?] (Ryouta)


With that in mind, I left the Magic Fruit and waited for it to hatch.


Even if you eat the Magic Fruit normally, you would only gain one magic, but if you hatched it into a rogue monster and drop it again with my S Drop, it would give you the effects of the Magic Fruit twice.


While waiting for it, it made me feel like a chef cooking in a fine dining.


After a while the Magic Fruit hatched into a rogue monster..

It was a Liquid Metal monster similar to before, and right after it hatched it changed into the same figure as me.

The monster with an ability that retains 80% of the ability of whoever they transform to.


[She’s there again.] (Ryouta)


A woman in kimono appeared on his shoulder for only an instant.

It was similar to Alice’s monsters standing on her shoulder.


After smiling a little, she disappeared, and the monster started attacking.

Just like before, I fired a Restraint Bullet with the max amount of Bullet Enhancer, and defeated it by repeatedly firing the Infinite Lightning Bullets in succession.


It was good to have the Infinite Lightning Bullet, or else it would take a ton of bullets to defeat this guy.


It’s not just this monster, but it was the same with Rare monsters or Dungeon Masters.

It’s not that I can’t defeat it, but it’s troublesome and there are monsters that would not turn around for anything.

In order to fight such monsters, I thought that I wanted to be a bit stronger.


While thinking about it, the rogue monster collapsed and dropped Magic Fruit.


The Magic Fruit which originally had one hexagonal star now became two hexagonal stars.


I ate it and at that moment, two Magic emerged from within my head.


The first one was Magic Force. It is a spell that consumes MP each time you attack but in return your Physical Damage increases.


The other one was——



[Uwaa!!] (Ryouta)


My name was suddenly called out and I was surprised till I jolted up.

The one in front of me was Rat, one of the ninja knights who was always around Margaret.


[Wh, what is it?] (Ryouta)

[Please lend me your power.] (Rat)

[My power……? Wait, are you injured?] (Ryouta)


I was surprised to hear his request, but looking at him closely I could see he was quite shabby.

His armor had been torn from various places and the torn place was bleeding out his blood.


[What exactly happened?] (Ryouta)

[Margaret-sama is in danger.] (Rat)

[What?(NANI!)] (Ryouta)




Nihonium dungeon, the first floor.




As soon as I entered, the old man who was selling the air called out for my name.


[Where’s Margaret?] (Ryouta)

[Over there!]


As soon as he said that, I looked at the direction he was pointing, and saw Margaret and the three knights protecting her.

And the figure of the monster as well.


A 160cm tall monster with long hair.

The translucent body made it look like a ghost.


It was a Dungeon Master of Nihonium.


[So you’ve encountered it.] (Ryouta)

[I can’t believe it appeared….Satou, please do something about it.] (Rat)

[I’m on to it.] (Ryouta)


I moved forward one step.

Beside me was Rat, and he called for me.


[I’ll do anything, just say the word.] (Rat)


I caught a glimpse of him.

Even though the armo was hiding it, but I could tell that the wound wasn’t light. The wound was dripping out blood nonstop.

Still he had no fear in his eyes.

His face only showed a [If it’s for Margaret].


Admiring….no, it’s more of a respect to him.


[It’s fine, I can handle it by myself.] (Ryouta)

[……Can you do it?] (Rat)

[Yeah.] (Ryouta)


I nodded, and after feeling something, Rat left it to me without saying anything.


After running towards it, I saw her appearance.


It wasn’t Margaret, nor was it the Dungeon Master.

But it was that woman in sleeves.


She then smiled at me sweetly, and with that I confirmed.


[I have another 4 more floors to go, so please wait for me.] (Ryouta)


After saying that, she smiled with satisfaction and disappeared.


I then chant a spell.


[Repetition.] (Ryouta)


The moment I casted it, my body suffered a tremendous burdened, my magic—–MP felt like it had been sucked up dry.


It should be like that, as my opponent was the Dungeon Master.


Repetition, a magic that instantly kills a monster that you’ve defeated before in exchange for MP.


The Nihonium Dungeon Master was burned to crisp, as I defeated it in one hit in exchange for my S rank MP.

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Huh??? · 28th December 2017 at 12:14 AM

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Sirved · 28th December 2017 at 12:15 AM

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Yoshi · 28th December 2017 at 12:16 AM

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Shield Loyalist · 28th December 2017 at 9:38 AM

Only Ryouta can use the stat-increasing seeds because the seeds become intangible for the rest.

Nihonium might do something about it though. She seemed too pleased of Ryouta.

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